Old Testament Bible Chronology

by M.J. Agee

God's Plan Not Always What Some People Make it Out to be

Since it is thought that 6,000 years would go by before the sabbatical millennial Day of the Lord begins, some people have thought that the 6,000th year since Adam's creation would be about 2,000 A.D. I have heard it said that from Adam to Abraham was 2,000 years and from Abraham to Christ was 2,000 years. There is a certain ring of truth there, but compared to the actual time clues in the Bible, this scheme is overly simplistic.

This would be such an ideal plan, it sounds right to our ears. You would have Adam + 2000 = Abraham + 2000 = Christ + 2000 = the Rapture + 1000 = the Great White Throne Judgment. The problem is that when you examine the scriptures minutely, they do not support this completely. As it turns out, though, this Great Week is a rough sketch. It is close, but not perfect. It is as if God started with this plan and then refined it a bit.

Another plan of time has been presented by Ernest L. Martin. He thinks there are 4,000 years between Adam's creation and 27/28 A.D., when Jesus began his ministry. Adding another 2,000 years, he would have us think that Christ could not return until 2027/2028 A.D. Then the millennial Day of the Lord brings the grand total to 7,000 years.

Since these plans differ, they cannot both be right. Personally, after a lot of Bible study, I do not think either one hits the nail on the head. We should compare these with Scripture to be sure what it really indicates.

Ernest Martin's Figures

This totals 4000 years. Look over the list. We have heard of 430, 480, 70, and 483-year periods of time. Therefore, at first glance, this seems reasonable.

Twenty-four Year Error

However, we can find a 24-year error right away. Ernest Martin started running very well and then stumbled. He thought that Abraham was promised the land when he was 99 years old. Yet, at 75 years of age, Abraham left Haran, after his father died, and entered Canaan because he was promised the land. He was actually promised the land when he was 75. That promise was reinforced when it was repeated when he was 99 at the time he was promised a son by Sarah.

The 430 years to the first year of the Exodus started with the Call of Abram when he was 75. This makes Martin's time from the 99th year of Abraham to the Exodus wrong. He is not alone. Others have made this mistake too.

Key Scriptures

Acts 7:4,5 helps us understand this correctly. It says,

Then came he out of the land of the Chaldeans, and dwelt in Charan (Haran): and from thence, when his father was dead, he removed him into this land, wherein ye now dwell. And he gave him none inheritance in it, no, not so much as to set his foot on: yet he promised that he would give it to him for a possession, and to his seed after him, when as yet he had no child.

Abraham was given the promise when he had no child. Ishmael was born when Abraham was 86, thirteen years before the Lord told him he would have a son by Sarah. Therefore Abraham was given the promise prior to his 86th year.

Genesis 12:1,2,4 show that this promise was given to Abraham when he was 75. It says,

NOW the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house (in Haran), unto a land that I will shew thee: And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing...So Abram departed...and Abram was seventy and five years old when he departed out of Haran....and into the land of Canaan they came.

This makes Galatians 3:17 easier to understand:

And this I say, that the covenant (the Abrahamic Covenant), that was confirmed before of God in Christ, the law (given at the time of the Exodus), which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect. For if the inheritance (of the land) be of the law, it is no more of promise, but God gave it (the land) to Abraham by promise.

The law given Israel at the time of the Exodus was 430 years after the Abrahamic Covenant when the Lord promised Abraham the land when he was 75 years old.

What About the 430 Years?

Exodus 12:40,41 says,

Now the sojourning (Moshab, population, assembly, from Yashab, continue, i.e., continuance) of the children of Israel (i.e., Abraham and his seed from the time he entered the land that would become Israel), who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years. And it came to pass at the end of the four hundred and thirty years, even the selfsame day it came to pass, that all the hosts of the LORD went out from the land of Egypt (the Exodus).

It was 430 years from the Call of Abram to the Exodus, which was at the time of Passover. This call of Abram, when he left Haran to enter the promised land, was in 2083 AH (Anno Hominis, year of man). The Exodus was in AH 2513. (2513 AH - 2083 AH = 430 years)

Details Of the 430 Years

Abram (Abraham), 75 years old, is promised the land that is now Israel. This is his Call, Promise and Covenant. From this, we count

Subtotal 1st section, 24 years (amount of Ernest Martin's error)

Subtotal 2nd section, 406 years

Grand total from the Call of Abram to the Exodus, 430

Therefore, this Call of Abram, when he left Haran, was in 2083 AH

Total from this Call of Abram to the Exodus was 430 years (2513 - 2083 = 430). Therefore, from Abraham's 99th year to the Exodus was actually only 406 years, 24 less than from the Call when he was promised the land when he was 75. From the Call to the Exodus was 430 years.

The 400 Years

Genesis 15:13 is a check on these figures. It says, "And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not their's, and shall serve them; and they (the Egyptians) shall afflict them (the Israelites) four hundred years." AH 2113, when wild Ishmael, son of Hagar the Egyptian, was cast out, + 400 years = 2513 AH, the Exodus. It was 185 years from when Ishmael was cast out, and Isaac weaned, to the entry into Egypt and another 215 years before the Exodus. They were afflicted 400 years. (185 + 215 = 400)

Basis of My Chart

The following is a chart of Old Testament chronology as I understand it. I am indebted to Dr. Martin Anstey, who wrote "The Romance of Bible Chronology," and to David Cooper, who wrote "Messiah: His First Coming Scheduled." Cooper checked Anstey's work thoroughly and said, "Not being infallible, however, he did make several errors, but not one of them affects his final results. My special contribution to the development of the chart is to be found in the sabbatic scheme throughout the period of the disruption of the kingdom. This added feature lends absolute confirmation to the correctness of the chronology as worked out by Mr. Anstey." (For Cooper's "sabbatic scheme," see "Messiah: His First Coming Scheduled.")

Many years ago, for my own use, I started with Anstey's chart and have added a few things over the years, mainly the Dispensations, the 1000-year Days, the three 2000-year Ages, and the double checks. However, the basic years from Adam to the end of the Old Testament record remain essentially the same in spite of all the checking I have done on my own. I have more faith in Martin Anstey's chronology than in Ernest Martin's. The following chart will show you why. (AH = Anno Hominis, Year of Man. To convert to BC years, subtract from 4043.)

Bible Chronology, First Adam to Second Adam

Ante-diluvian Patriarchs

0 AH = 4043 BC = -283 on Jewish calendar. Adam created on last day of 0 AH. New moon was Fri, 17 min, 2 parts, after 4 PM. Since new moon was after noon, New Year Day would have been shifted to Sat., when the Lord rested the 7th day.
1 A.H. = 4043/42 B.C. Beginning of the 40-year Dispensation of Innocence. According to Jewish tradition, Adam was created on Tishri 1, but it seems to me that he was created Friday, September 18, equal to the Jewish Elul 29, the Preparation for the Feast of Trumpets. It could have been just minutes before Tishri 1 began at sunset. I think that God rested from creation Saturday, September 19, equal to the Jewish Tishri 1, the Jewish Sabbath, New Year and Feast of Trumpets. Thus with creation finished, the new "kosmos" began to operate on the Jewish New Year that began Friday evening.
    (4042 AH = 2/1 BC, 4043 AH = 1 BC/1 AD, there is no zero year)
40 AH = 4004/3 BC = -243 Jewish. Adam expelled from the Garden of Eden. Beginning of the first 1000-year Day, the 2000-year Age of Gentiles, and the 1616-year Dispensation of Conscience.
130 AH = 3913 BC Seth born when Adam was 130 years old (Genesis 5:3)
235 AH = 3808 BC Enos born when Seth was 105 (Gen 5:6)
282 AH = 3762/61 BC = -1 Jewish
283 AH = 3761/60 BC = +1 Jewish, Jewish calendar began Oct 7, 3761 BC
325 AH Cainan born when Enos was 90 (Gen 5:9)
395 AH Mahalaleel born when Cainan was 70 (Gen 5:12)
460 AH Jared born when Mahalaleel was 65 (Gen 5:15)
622 AH = 3421 BC Enoch born when Jared was 162 (Gen 5:18)
DOUBLE CHECK: "And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam" (Jude 14). None are left out. None can be added.
687 AH = 3356 BC Methuselah born when Enoch was 65 (Gen 5:21)
874 AH Lamech born when Methuselah was 187 (Gen 5:25)
930 AH = 3113 BC Adam died when 930 (Gen 5:5). (He would have passed on the information the Lord gave him to Lamech, who would have passed it on to Noah.)
987 AH = Enoch's Rapture when 365 years old, 669 years before the Flood
1040 AH = 3003 BC. Beginning of second 1000-year Day
1056 AH = 2987 BC Noah born when Lamech was 182 (Gen 5:28)
1558 AH Shem born (Gen 11:10). (Noah born 1056 AH. He was 600 when flood began. Flood was in 1656 AH. Shem was 100 two yrs after Flood, so was 98 when Flood began. Therefore, he was born 1558 AH when Noah was 502)
1651 AH Lamech died at 777 (Gen 5:31), 5 yrs before the Flood
1656 AH = 2387 BC The Flood after Methuselah died at 969 (Gen 7:27), when Noah was 600 (Gen 7:6).
Beginning of the 427-year Dispensation of Human Government
DOUBLE CHECK:Methuselah lived 969 years and then the Flood came, Genesis 5:27. (687 AH + 969 = 1656 AH).
DOUBLE CHECK: Noah was 600 yrs old when the Flood came, Gen 7:6. (1056 AH + 600 = 1656 AH).
DOUBLE CHECK: Adam lived 930 yrs. Methuselah lived 969 yrs. Their lives overlapped 243 yrs. (930 + 969 = 1899 - 1656 to Flood = 243, making any changes difficult)

Post-diluvian Patriarchs

1658 AH Arphaxad born to Shem 2 years after the Flood when Shem was 100 (Gen 11:10)
DOUBLE CHECK: Shem was 100. (1558 AH + 100 = 1658)
1693 AH Salah born when Arphaxad was 35 (Gen 11:12)
1723 AH Eber born when Salah was 30 (Gen 11:14)
1757 AH = 2286 BC Peleg born when Eber was 34 (Gen 11:16)
1787 AH Reu born when Peleg was 30 (Gen 11:18)
1819 AH Serug born when Reu was 32 (Gen 11:20)
1849 AH Nahor born when Serug was 30 (Gen 11:22)
1878 AH = 2165 BC Terah born when Nahor was 29 (Gen 11:24)
1996 AH = 2047 BC Peleg died when 239 (Gen 11:18,19). "in his days was the earth divided," the continents split apart.

Hebrew Patriarchs

2008 AH = 2035 BC Abram born when Terah was 130 (Gen 11:26-32; Gen 12:4; Acts 7:4).
DOUBLE CHECK: Terah was born in 1878 AH and lived to be 205. At his death, Abram left Haran, so he died in 2083 AH when Abram was 75. AH 2083 - 75 = 2008 AH, when Abram was born when Terah was 130. AH 2008 - 130 = 1878 AH, when Terah was born. Dr. Arnold D. Ehlert, head of BIOLA library when I began my studies in earnest, in his "Syllabus of Bible Chronology," said, "Up to this point there is perfect agreement in arriving at the date 2008 A.H. as the date of Abram's birth by Anstey, Panin and Ussher."
2040 AH = 2003 BC. Beginning of third 1000-year Day and 2000-year Age of Jews, during which God will call out a people to inherit his land
2083 AH = 1960 BC Call of Abram, left Haran when 75 (Gen 12:4), Terah died at 205 (Gen 11:32) This was when Abram was promised the land of Canaan/Israel. Gen. 35:12: "And the land which I gave Abraham and Isaac, to thee (Jacob/Israel) I will give it, and to thy seed after thee will I give the land." Beginning of the 430-year Dispensation of Promise
DOUBLE CHECK: Terah died when 205. (1878 AH + 205 = 2083 AH)
2093 AH Abram married Hagar when he had been in the land 10 years (Gen 16:3)
2094 AH = 1949 BC Ishmael born 1 year later when Abram was 86 (Gen 16:16)
2107 AH Abraham was 99 (Gen 17:16,17) 13 yrs later,when promised a son by Sarah
2108 AH = 1935 BC Isaac born 1 year later when Abraham was 100 (Gen 21:5) and Sarah 90 (Gen 17:17)
DOUBLE CHECK: Abraham 100. (2008 AH + 100 = 2108 AH)
2113 AH = 1930 BC Ishmael cast out (Gen 21:8-10) and Isaac weaned when 5. Call of Abram in 2083 AH + 430 = 2513 AH (Gal 3:17) the Exodus. AH 2513 - 400 = 2113 AH (Gen 15:13)
2145 AH Sarah died 32 years later when she was 127 (Gen 17:17; 21:5; 23:1) and when Isaac was 37 (127 - 90 = 37)
2148 AH = 1895 BC Isaac married Rebekah 3 yrs later when he was 40 (Gen 25:20)
DOUBLE CHECK: Isaac married when 40 (2108 AH + 40 = 2148 AH)
2168 AH Jacob and Esau born 20 years later when Isaac was 60 (Gen 25:26)
DOUBLE CHECK: Isaac was 60. (2108 AH + 60 = 2168 AH)
2183 AH Abraham died 15 years later at 175 (Gen 25:7)
DOUBLE CHECK: Abram died at 175. (2008 AH + 175 = 2183 AH)
2208 AH Esau married 25 years later when he was 40 (Gen 26:34)
DOUBLE CHECK: Esau married when 40. (2168 AH + 40 = 2208 AH)
2245 AH Jacob left home 37 yrs later for Padan Aram when he was 77 (Gen 30:25). When Jacob was 91 and had served Laban 14 yrs, Joseph was born. (91 - 14 = 77)
2252 AH Jacob married Leah and Rachel. He served 7 years before marriage for Leah and 7 years after for Rachel (Gen 29:21-28,30; 30:1,22,25,26; 31:38-41)
2259 AH Joseph born 7 years later when Jacob was 91 (Gen 30:25; 31:38-41). Jacob had served Laban 14 yrs when Joseph was born (91 - 14 = 77) (Gen 30:25)
2265 AH Jacob returned to Canaan 6 years later when he was 97 (Gen 31:41) and Joseph was 6.
DOUBLE CHECK: Jacob said, "Thus have I been twenty years in thy house; I served thee fourteen years for thy two daughters, and six years for thy cattle" (Gen 31:41). (2245 AH + 20 = 2265 AH)
2276 AH Joseph sold to Egypt 11 years later when he was 17 (Gen 37:1)
2288 AH Isaac died when 180 (Gen 35:28)
DOUBLE CHECK: Isaac died when 180. (2108 AH + 180 = 2288 AH)
2289 AH Joseph stood before Pharaoh 13 years later when he was 30 (Gen 41:46)
2296 AH End of 7 years of plenty (Jos 37; Gen 41:47). Joseph was 37 (Gen 41:29,30)
2298 AH = 1745 BC Jacob went to Egypt after 2 yrs of famine (Gen 45:6) when 130 (Gen 47:9), Joseph 39
2315 AH Jacob died 17 yrs later at 147 (Gen 47:28). Joseph was 56
DOUBLE CHECK: Jacob died at 147. (2168 AH + 147 = 2315 AH)
2369 AH Joseph died 54 yrs later at 110 (Gen 50:26)
DOUBLE CHECK: Joseph died at 110. (2259 AH + 110 = 2369 AH) Dr. Ehlert said, "The result arrived at is characterized by the accuracy and certainty of an exact science.It cannot be one year more. It cannot be one year less. This is so mathematically exact and so absolutely certain, that since Ussher proved that Terah was 130 when Abram was born, no chronologer, who accepts the text of the Old Testament, has ever made the period covered by the Book of Genesis from the Creation of Adam to the death of Joseph anything else but 2369 years. The only exception is R.G. Faussett, who supposes that Abraham left Haran, not as Scripture says, when his father Terah died, but after an interval of 2 years....Panin agrees with Anstey on all dates up to birth of Moses. He dates the 430 years from Abraham's 2nd covenant and gets 2457 AH instead of 2433 AH for birth of Moses" (a 24-year mistake.) (Earnest Martin followed in Panin's footsteps.)
2430 AH Aaron born
2433 AH = 1610 BC Moses born 64 yrs after Joseph died
2473 AH Moses fled to Midian 40 yrs later (Ex 2:11-15; Acts 7:23-29)
2513 AH = 1530 BC Exodus 40 yrs later when Moses was 80 (Ex 2:23; 7:7; Acts 7:29-30) in 1530 BC. Beginning of the 1559-year Dispensation of Law
DOUBLE CHECK: The Law, given at the time of the Exodus, was given 430 years after the Promise was given Abram, Ex 12:40,41; Gal 3:17. (2083 + 430 = 2513 AH)
DOUBLE CHECK:From the time Ishmael was cast out unto the Exodus was 400 years, Gen 15:13; Acts 7:6. (2113 AH + 400 = 2513 AH). Also see Gen 16:12; 17:20.
DOUBLE CHECK:On page 83 of Wm. Whiston's Works of Josephus, Josephus said that the Israelites left Egypt on the fifteenth day of the lunar month 430 years after Abraham came into Canaan (2083 AH + 430 = 2513), 215 years after Jacob removed to Egypt (2298 AH + 215 = 2513) in the 80th year of Moses (1433 AH + 80 = 2513) and the 83rd year of Aaron (1430 AH + 83 = 2513). It all checks out.
2553 AH Moses died when 120 (De 34:7) (2433 AH + 120 = 2553 AH). Entry into Canaan after 40 years in the wilderness (De 29:5; Jos 5:6: Acts 7:36)

Period of the Judges

2560 AH Division of land after 7 years of war Jos 21:43: "And the LORD gave unto Israel all the land which he sware to give unto their fathers; and they possessed it, and dwelt therein." Acts 13:19,20 says, And when he had destroyed seven nations in the land of Chanaan, he divided their land to them by lot. And after that he gave unto them judges about the space of four hundred and fifty years, until Samuel the prophet." From 2560 AH, the period of the Judges extends to 3023 AH, when Saul became king, a space of 463 years (or about 450 yrs).
2562 AH 49th year of first Jubile cycle. (2513 AH + 49 = 2562 AH)
2563 AH = 1480 BC First Jubile Year and also the first year of the second Jubile cycle, a 49-year cycle
2573 AH Beginning 1st servitude under Chushan after 13 years (Jg 3:8) (Joshua-Judges chasm: there are 13 years between the end of the book of Joshua and the beginning of Judges. Joshua and the elders ruled 13 years.)
2581 AH Rest by Othniel after 8 years servitude under Chushan-rishathaim (Jg 3:8)
2621 AH 2nd servitude under Eglon after 40 years of rest by Othniel (Jg 3:11)
2639 AH Rest by Ehud after 18 years of servitude under Eglon (Jg 3:14)
2719 AH 3rd servitude under Jabin after 80 years of rest by Ehud (Jg 3:30)
2739 AH Rest by Barak after 20-year servitude under Jabin
Judgeship of Shamgar (Jg 3:31) included in 20 years of 3rd servitude under Jabin (Jg 5:6,7)
2779 AH 4th servitude under Midian after 40-year rest by Barak (Jg 5:31)
2786 AH Rest by Gideon after 7-year servitude under Midian (Jg 6:1)
2826 AH Usurpation by Abimelech after 40-year rest by Gideon (Jg 8:28)
2829 AH Judgeship of Tola after 3-year usurpation by Abimelech (Jg 9:22)
2852 AH Judgeship of Jair after 23-year Judgeship of Tola (Jg 10:2)
2874 AH 5th servitude under Ammon after 22-year judgeship of Jair (Jg 10:3)
2892 AH Judgeship of Jephthah after 18-year servitude under Ammon (Jg 10:8)
2898 AH Judgeship of Ibzan after 6-year Judgeship of Jephthah (Jg 12:7,8)
2905 AH Judgship of Elon after 7-year Judgeship of Ibzan (Jg 12:9)
2915 AH Judgeship of Abdon after 10-year Judgeship of Elon (Jg 12:11)
2923 AH 6th servitude under Philistines after 8-year Judgeship of Abdon (Jg 12:14)
(Judgeship of Samson 20 years (Jg 16:31) incl. in 40 years of 6th servitide) (Jg 15:20)
2963 AH Judgeship of Eli after 40-year servitude under Philistines (Jg 15:20)
3003 AH Judgeship of Samuel after 40-year Judgeship of Eli (I Sam 4:18).
3023 AH End of the period of the Judges
3040 AH 1003 BC. Beginning of fourth 1000-year Day

Period Of The Kings

3023 AH Reign of king Saul after 20-year Judgeship of Samuel (I Sam 7:2)
3063 AH Reign of king David after Saul reigned 40 years (Acts 13:21)
3103 AH Reign of king Solomon after David reigned 40 years (2 Sam 5:4,5; I Chron 29:27)
3107 AH = 936 BC Temple begun
The 480 theocratic years--God's clock running: I Kings 6:1 says, "AND it came to pass in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month Zif (Iyar 2, II Chronicles 3:2), which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the LORD." These 480 years were Theocratic. The remainder of the years constituted the periods during which Israel was out of fellowship with God. Hence these were not Theocratic years. God's clock stops when Israel is out of fellowship. Some do not agree with this concept, but God's clock obviously stopped in Daniel 9:26. Also, the Exodus in 2513 AH + 480 + 114 years of Servitude = 3107 AH, when the Temple was begun, and this agrees exactly with the listed years for the Judgeships and the Servitudes.
3113 AH = 930 BC Temple finished, Solomon's house begun
3143 AH Reign of Rehoboam and Jeroboam after Solomon reigned 40 years (I Ki 11:42; II Chronicles 9:20)
3160 AH Reign of Abijam after 17-year reign of Rehoboam (I Ki 11:43; 14:21)
3163 AH Reign of Asa after 3-year reign of Abijam (I Ki 15:1,2)
3204 AH Reign of Jehoshaphat after 41-year reign of Asa (I Ki 15:9,10)
3229 AH Reign of Jehoram 25 years later, Sole-Rex (4 years Co-Rex with Jehoshaphat, 1 year reckoned to Abaziah, = 8 yrs) (I Ki 22:50; 2 Ki 1:17; 3:1; 8:16,17)
3232 AH Ahaziah Sole-Rex after the 3 years Jehoram was Sole-Rex
3233 AH Reign of Athaliah after Ahaziah was Sole-Rex 1 year (2 Ki 8:25,26; 9:29)
3239 AH Reign of Joash/Jehoash after Athaliah reigned 6 years (2 Ki 11:6,12-16)
3279 AH Reign of Amaziah after Joash/Jehoash reigned 40 years (2 Ki 12:1)
3308 AH Interregnum after Amaziah's 29-year reign (2 Ki 12:21; 14:1,2; 17:22)
3319 AH Reign of Uzziah after 11-year Interregnum
3371 AH Reign of Jotham after 52-year reign of Uzziah/Azariah (2 Ki 14:21; 15:1,2)
3387 AH Reign of Ahaz after 16-year reign of Jotham (2 Ki 15:32,33)
3401 AH Hezekiah Co-Rex with Ahaz 2 years
3403 AH Hezekiah sole king after 16-year reign of Ahaz (2 Ki 15:38; 16;1,2)
3430 AH Reign of Manasseh after 27-year reign of Hezekiah (2 Ki 16:20; 18:1,2). (Hezekiah's total reign was 29 years (II Ki 18:2), but 2 of these were Co-Rex with his father Ahaz)
(Anstey has 3429 AH, Cooper has 3430 AH)
3485 AH Reign of Amon after 55-year reign of Manasseh (2 Ki 20:21; 21:1)
3487 AH Reign of Josiah after 2-year reign of Amon (2 Ki 21:18,19)
3517 AH Reign of Jehoahaz (3 months) (II Ki 24:31)
3518 AH Reign of Jehoiakim after 1 year (II Ki 24:34). The 31st year of Josiah (2 Ki 21:23-26;22:1) included the 3 months of Jehoahaz' reign

The Captivity

3520 AH Nebuchadnezzar beseiged Jerusalem while he was Co-Rex. Beginning of 70 years of servitude.
3521 AH = 522 BC First year of Nebuchadnezzar as Sole-Rex, 4th year of Jehoiakim
3528 AH Reign of Jehoiachin, 3 months (II Ki 24:8), after first 10 of Jehoiakim. First year of epoch of Jehoiachin's captivity
3529 AH Reign of Zedekiah after 1 year (add 11th year Jehoiakim (2 Ki 23:36), which includes the 3 months of Jehoiachin's reign (2 Ki 24:6-8)
DOUBLE CHECK:Jehoiakim reigned 11 years, II Ki 24:36. (3518 AH + 11 = 3529 AH)
3536 AH Beginning of 70 years of indignation
3539 AH 11th and last year of Zedekiah (2 Ki 24:17,18) in which Jerusalem was taken by Nebuchadnezzar and Zedekiah's captivity began (2 Ki 25:1-21) in 19th year of Nebuchadnezzar. Same as 12th of Jehoichin's captivity and 20th of the 70 years of servitude, 4th of 70 years indignation. Temple burned.
3564 AH Reign of Evil-Merodach after 25 years (from 12 to 37th year of Jehoiachin's captivity
(2Ki 25:27), 45th year of the 70 years of servitude, 29th of 70 year indignation.

The Return from Captivity

3589 AH = 454 BC = 1st yr of Cyrus, Sole-Rex, end of the 70 years of servitude (inclusive reckoning), return from captivity under Zerubbabel; Year 54 of the 70 years of indignation (Zech 1:7,12,16).

(Update 1-10-08 - 457 BC was a Sabbatic Year and the beginning of the 70 weeks of Daniel 9. The 483 years ended with the Sabbatic Year of 27 AD. To me, 27 AD is locked in by Jesus reading Isa. 61:1,2 in 27 AD. On the Day of Atonement, he was announcing the Jubilee that would start the following Nisan 1, in 28 AD (Luke 4:16--21). The year 27 AD was the Hebrew 3787. It divides evenly by 7. )

457 BC, beginning of 483 years of Dan 9:24-26:

(Update 1-10-08 - Cyrus gave the initial command, but the work was delayed by those who did not want Jerusalem rebuilt. The final command was that of Artaxerxes, in 457 BC. Then the work was completed. The 483 years ended in 27 AD.)

Anstey said, "The true date of the 1st year of Cyrus is therefore B.C. 454, not B.C. 536, which makes the chronology of this period 82 years too long." He explained that Ptolemy made a mistake in the Persian period and said, "But in chronology he (Ptolemy) was only a late compiler and contriver, not an original witness, and not a contemporary historian, for he lived in the second century after Christ. He is the only authority for the chronology of this period. He is not corroborated. He is contradicted, both by the Persian National Traditions preserved in Firdusi, and by the Jewish National Traditions preserved in the Sedar Olam, and by the writings of Josephus."
DOUBLE CHECK: The captivity lasted 70 years by inclusive reckoning, where the first year is counted. (1 + 3589 AH - 3520 AH = 70)
3605 AH Last of the 70 years of indignation (2nd of Darius) after 16 years in which these reigned: Cyrus (Ezra 1:1), Ahasuerus (Cambyses) (Ez 4:6), Artaxerxes (Pseudo-Smerdis) (Ez 4:7), Darius (Darius Hystaspes) (Ez 4:5). Foundation of 2nd Temple laid
3609 AH 2nd Temple finished
3610 AH Ezra returned to Jerusalem after 5 years, in the 7th of Artaxerxes (Darius Hystaspes)
3615 AH = 428 BC (Ez 7:8,9). Esther saves her people
3623 AH Nehemiah comes to Jerusalem after 13 years (Nehemiah appointed as Pekah of Judah in 20 Artaxerxes (Neh 2:1; 5:14)
3635 AH Nehemiah returns to Babylon after 12 years, in 32nd year of Artaxerxes (Nehemiah's administration from 20-32nd year of Artaxerxes) (Neh 5:14; 13:6)
3637 AH Nehemiah's reforms after 2 years for Nehemiah's visit to Babylon, and return to Jerusalem after spending certain days there, vis. 1 year (Neh 13:6)
3638 AH End of 49 years of Dan 9:25. (3638 AH - 3589 AH = 49)
4024 AH = 19 BC Construction started on Herod's Temple
4038 AH = 6/5 BC
4039 AH = 5/4 BC = 3757 Jewish. Jesus was probably born on Sept 4, 5 BC, but because he was born on the Feast of Trumpets, he would have been born in the early hours of 4039 AH. This is because AH years start with Tishri (our Sept/Oct), not January as BC years do
4040 AH = 4/3 BC = 3758 Jewish.Beginning of fifth 1000-year Day and 2000-year Age of Church. Wise men visit the Christ child when he is around 2 years old.
4041 AH = 3/2 BC = 3759 Jewish
4042 AH = Tishri 1, BC 2 to Tishri 1, BC 1 = 3760 Jewish
4043 AH = Tishri 1, BC 1 to Tishri 1, AD 1 = 3761 Jewish. (There is no zero year between BC 1 and 1 AD)

The Messiah "Cut Off"

4071 AH is the 483rd year (inclusive reckoning) from the 1st of Cyrus in 3589 AH. Jesus died for us as prophesied in Dan 9:24-26, which said that "after...(the 483 years) shall Messiah be cut off (Hebrew, killed), but not for himself." AH 4071 is our 29 AD. It ended as Tishri 1 began. Jesus was crucified the following Nisan 13.

4072 AH Nisan 13: the Crucifixion, April 6, 30 AD, when the Passover lambs were being slain; Nisan 16: the Resurrection, on the Feast of Firstfruits; Sivan 6: Pentecost, birth of the Body of Christ, the Church. Beginning of the Dispensation of Grace

God is a terrific mathematician operating from a preconceived Plan of the Ages. His plan is not as simple as some would make it. We must always check everything with the Scriptures to see if it is true or not. Only the Bible, in its original editions, is pure truth.

The 6,000th Year

The 6,000th year since Adam was cast out of the Garden of Eden in 40 AH is the Jewish 5758, which was our 1997/1998 AD, probably the beginning of the "space to repent" in Rev. 2:21, and maybe the beginning of the four years in the parable of the barren fig tree in Luke 13:6-9.

The Proof

Adam was created the last day of 0 AH, probably late in the afternoon. At sunset, or about 6:00 PM, this "kosmos" began to operate on its own. The Lord rested. It was then the Saturday Sabbath and the Feast of Trumpets. That day's date was Tishri 1, 1 AH; 4043/42 BC on our calendar and -282 on the Jewish Calendar.

In the Bible, the number 40 means probation and testing. Adam spent 40 years being tested in the Garden of Eden before he was cast out just as Jesus, "the last Adam" (I Cor. 15:45), was tested 40 days in the wilderness and Israel was tested 40 years in the wilderness. Saul, David and Solomon each reigned 40 years. It was their time of testing also. David earned the right to rule again. During the Millennium, he will be a Prince under Christ the King of kings. At the end of the Dispensation of Innocence, Adam was cast out of the Garden of Eden in the 40th year

If you draw the chart of the Ages and the chart of the Dispensations to scale on clear acetate and superimpose one on the other, you will see that the Dispensation of Innocence lies outside the chart of the Ages. It will also show you that the duration of the Dispensation of Innocence was 40 years. (See my book, "Exit: 2007: the Secret of Secrets Revealed" for more details on this.)

The year 40 AH was 4004/3 on our calendar and -243 on the Jewish calendar, which began with 1 in 283 AH, our 3761/60 BC. The year 40 AH plus 6000 years is 6040 AH, our 1998.

  The Mind-boggling Catastrophe Before Adam's Creation

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