Of course, I do not agree with all views on these links, but it is interesting to see what others think. When you check them out, just be sure to search the Scriptures and see if these things are so, the same thing you should do with my work or anyone else's. Only the scriptures in their original editions are without possibility of error.


M.J. Agee's Books

World Time Zones

Global Metric Time Service

Local times around the world

U.S. Naval Observatory Lunar Eclipse Computer

U.S. Naval Observatory Lunar Eclipse Computer

Calendars, incl. Jewish - calculate days between two dates


Perpetual Jewish/Civil Calendar. Look up equivalent dates

Hebrew/Gregorian Calendar

Another Hebrew/Gregorian Calendar

See the sky on any date you choose

Your Sky

Online Bibles

E-Sword Free Bible program, with several Bibles and Strong's Dictionaries available--other goodies too, all free. My favorite.

Contact Plus Corporation has a free Bible program (KJV) available for all Windows.

Many links for Online Bibles. Great resource.

Christian Sites To Visit

Read important, new prophecy book, "Be The Bride", FREE!

interesting studies by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

After the Rapture

The Christian Index

Watching and Praying, by Kirk and Cindie Lang (please read their "Watch and Know" file)

Children's Bread

1 Sealed Prophecy

Virtual Church

Bob Ware: 1998 Marked by God. Why?

Jim Bramlett's Home Page

Chris Lingle's article on the crucifixion and resurrection chronology

Jews for Jesus

Wyatt Archaeological Research web site

5 Doves site


Christian Research Ministries (Open Scroll)

The Ultimate Deception

Prophecy Starting Point

Cyberspace Harvest Network

Back To Prophecy

The Computer Bible Student

The Final Countdown

End Time Prophetic Vision & Scriptural Insight into the End Times

In Christ Ministries

Livingston's Place

The First Fruit Rapture--Our Hope

End Time Prophetic Vision

Life*Design Creation Ministry, explaining how sudden creation is vital for Christians



Christian Screen Savers

Mayim Hayim Ministries

Sure Foundation Ministries

The EndGame

Who goes in the Rapture

Mark of the Beast (666) Info: Bible quotes & Web links

Ex-Jehova's Witnesses site

The Jesus Page plus links

The Promise

The Rapture ProCon Mailing List

The Sycamore Tree

Come Sail Away

Lanee's Gospel Music

Bible Prophecy

Hislop's "Two Babylons" online

Christ's Earthen Vessels Ministries


R.B. Thieme, Jr. Bible Ministries

Online Web Ministries

Phil Cardwell's Evangelistic Site

Rapture Ready

For Your Glory, Barbara Richmond

What Saith Scripture?


Israel - Discover Israel

Fishnet Christian Web Sites


Anointed Christian Links

Jewish And Christian Religion Links


Kronia Communications

Search Sites


Exact Phrase Any Keywords All Keywords


Cajun's Home Page


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