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On May 12th 1998 my father --- and I were at home trying to recall the exact scriptural quotation concerning "the pearl of great price". Then strangely enough, on May 13th 1998, I saw a copy of your book, Revelation 2000 at Sav-On Drugstore on Perris Blvd. in Moreno Valley, CA (Riverside County). There are now 2 copies at that store & 1 copy at Target on Perris Blvd. Time is very short for reading, I only got half-way thru the book before loaned it to my neighbor --- to read also. She works for the ---, and I thought that would be the quickest way to "go out to the highway..." and spread the news....

My reply

Thanks. I did not know stores like that had the book. I live in Orange Crest, Riverside, and go to Moreno Valley often. May 13 is the day the flock of sheep and their shepherd disappeared in the field near us....

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Regardless of what happens, thank you for your tireless efforts. I have been moved to live a more holy lifestyle by pondering the ramifications of future events as you (and the Bible) depict them. Certainly that is some reward in itself--and I am only one of tens of thousands you have touched. God bless you, and I look forward to meeting you in Heaven.

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I read through yur site two days ago and have printed most of it and have come back several times since. Thank you so much for your work. For the first time in 20 years of Christian life, I am reading and understanding a description of the rapture(s) as I knew they had to be, yet had never been able to find. At last a clear presentation that is consistent with God's word, and yet simple to understand once it's presented.

The church throughout the world needs to read this and be prepared, but that leads to a question. What are your thoughts on this: If someone (myself) has been a Christian for years, and has done very little for the Kingdom as far as spreading the gospel or wittnessing on behalf of Jesus, and has comitted his fair share of sins - can such a one in the few short remaining days get his life in the kind of order it needs to be in to make the first rapture?

I hope you'll be able to get the time to answer me, but in any case, thank you again for your brilliant Holy Spirit-filled work. It has changed my life - and for the better!!!

My reply

Thanks for telling me, "It has changed my life - and for the better!!!" That is wonderful. I want to be everyone's wake-up call.

Incoming Email

Wow!! that is really something about those disappearing sheep!! Praise God. Well, I was doing some study this morning on the omer, and came across some interesting information on a website called Virtual and thought you might be interested in these two little tidbits.

Here is a quote from this site:
The tension increased as the days passed, but so did the anticipation of GOING UP to the temple on the upcoming festival of Shavuot (Pentecost). Shavuot was the religious climax of the counting period. Since Shavuot also commemorated the Giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai, observanc of the holiday continued even in the post-Temple period when the offerings were discontinued. The period of the Omer thus became the natural bridge between Pesach and Shavuot. For what reason did the Children of Israel leave Egypt if not to receive the Torah? Thus the Jew counted the Omer AS A BRIDE AND GROOM WOULD COUNT THE DAYS TO THEIR MARRIAGE; as each day passes the anticipation grows."

Also, here is the blessing that is said each day as the omer is counted:
The Compassionate One! May He restore to us the service of the Temple to its peace, speedily in our days. Amen. Selah

Thought you might be blessed by this.
I have one question that I hope you can answer, I understand that the bride of Christ will be those who are ready to go when he calls us, the wise virgins who have oil in their lamps and are watching and waiting for their bridegroom. I also understand that the "lukewarm" ones will be left to go through the tribulation and upon repenting and probably being martyred will be the friends of the bride. My question concerns people who were "lukewarm christians" and have already died. What group will they be included in? I hope you can answer this one for me. I appreciate all of your hard work and study! Thanks a bunch.

My reply

Thanks for sending the information on Shavuot. Its interesting, and I have no time to go out on the net and hunt for things myself.

> "lukewarm christians" and have already died. What group will they be included in?

I don't remember any place that answers this specifically, so I'll just try to reason it out in my own head. One thing, we know that one of the attributes of God is perfect justice. I think that one gets what one earns, no matter when he/she lives, dies or is raptured. There are last that shall be first and first that shall be last. All judgment is given to the Son. Jesus Christ will decide in each individual case. However, it may be that the lukewarm will be raised on "the last day." It doesn't seem to make sense that they would be raised with the Bride. Each is raised in his own order or rank.

Incoming Email

I have read your information on the web this week and I am so excited! I am a born again Christian and am extremely excited about your information and about Christ returning for His Bride! I have been telling everyone I know about your web and about the Bible code about the Rapture of May 98. Do you really believe that we will be raptured this year? What about Jesus saying no one knows the day or hour of his return, not Jesus or the Angels ,only the Father knows! Does this not mean that no one will know? I am sort of confused that God would give us a date in the Bible code for the rapture of the Bride when he says no one will know the day or hour. Can Satan alter the Bible code on the computer? I sure wish I knew if God was telling us the time. Because if he is I want to tell everyone I can, and jump around for joy at this news!!!!!! Please Email me back as soon as you can.

My reply

I feel confident, but am not a prophet. I can't say, "Thus saith the Lord." This is the way it looks to me. Time will tell. The important thing is to be ready just in case.

I will include an attachment on the No Man Knows bit that will explain a lot more, but take a look at Rev. 3:3: "If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief (at the second Rapture, just before Armageddon, Rev. 16:15,16), and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee."

Turn it around. What will we know if we watch? That's right. We shall know what hour he will come upon us.

Mark 13:23 says, "But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you ALL things."

No Satan can't alter the Bible Code. God knows how to protect his Word.

Incoming Email

There is a strong likelihood that you may be just plain wrong concerning your timing of the date of the rapture. As a Bible fundamentalist, I just believe that signs, miracles, and wonders passed off the scene with the apostles. Miracles are NOT being done today the same way they were when the apostles were still living. That should say something to you about using a "light on a verse" as proving anything other than perhaps having had a little too much pizza the night before.

However, there is a good chance that major events will take place shortly, perhaps even beginning with this year when the y2k problem begins to manifest as companies move into their 1999 fiscal year starting in July. If there is a "Crash" of the world economy, it just might be that that is the event that will precipitate the one world monetary system.

Would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks. God Bless.

My reply

Of course, I could be wrong. I have always said that. I am no prophet. However with things stacking up in favor of this year as the year of the Rapture, I think the chances are exceptionally good that I could be right too.

By your mentioning that your are a Bible fundamentalist (which I am not knocking, for I consider myself basically a fundamentalist), I want to warn that we must guard against being as rigid as the Pharisees. Their inflexibility may be a type of what will happen at the end of this age. Remember, they rigidly adhered to what they had been taught in spite of miracles going on all around them. They thought they had all the answers and even took away the key of knowledge (Luke 11:52).

To avoid being a modern Pharisee, we must be open minded and search the scriptures to see if these things are so. Things just might be a bit different now that we are living in "the latter years" (Ezek. 38:8).

> Miracles are NOT being done today the same way they were when the
> apostles were still living. That should say something to you about using a
> "light on a verse" as proving anything other than perhaps having had a little
> too much pizza the night before.

I was awake. Got up from my typewriter and threw myself down across the bed with my closed Bible in my hand. What would pizza have to do with it? which I did not eat, anyway. Also, what did I try to prove by using the verse that had light on it? Here is what Jer. 50:2 says, "Declare ye among the nations, and publish, and set up a standard; publish, and conceal not: say, Babylon is taken, Bel is confounded, Merodach is broken in pieces; her idols are confounded, her images are broken in pieces."

As for miracles, I have experienced several, but agree that they "are NOT being done today the same way they were when the apostles were still living." That does not shut them out entirely. You know as well as I do that miracles happen when God decides to pull one off. He is not limited by what we think should or shouldn't take place in a certain well-defined era.

I'm curious to see what you think about the Lord waking me up in absolute terror, then saying to me, "Be still and know that I am God," and my heart quieting instantly. Are you brave enough to say that this was not God when he said that he was God?

Are you brave enough to say that the 40 days and 40 nights of rain here in Southern California were not in answer to my prayer for the Lord to show me how long Armageddon lasted? I have "The Savage Storm" printed by the Santa Ana Register with the beginning and ending dates on it. Also, here is what it says under "Great Disasters," page 431, in The 1986 Information Please Almanac": "1969 Jan. 18-26, Southern California: floods and mudslides from heavy rains caused widespread property damage; at least 100 dead. Another downpour (Feb. 23-26) caused further floods and mudslides; at least 18 dead." It never stopped raining lightly between these two huge and most unusual storms. On page 2 of "The Savage Storm," it says that President Nixon designated "the state a federal disaster area." The last page of this publications says, "Wednesday February 26th. PEACE RETURNS TO THE VALLEY."

At the end of the 40 days and 40 nights of Armageddon, true peace will return to the whole world. It will last the rest of the millennial Day of the Lord. As I figure it, This day will be May 31, 2008, the anniversary of the Rapture this coming May 31, 1998, on our calendar. Strange, my brother's birthday just happens to be May 31.

I think Christ, the Son of David, will return on Nisan 1, 5768, our April 6, 2008, the anniversary of the Crucifixion, on our calendar. Strange, my son David's birthday just happens to be April 6. I had no way of controlling these things. Who did? And why did he do it? Another nice touch, my copy of "The Savage Storm" arrived in the mail on Nisan 1.

My son David also heard the voice of the Lord telling him that we must be perfect to go in the Rapture. This was the same week that I had my first words come out in caps without the shift key or caps lock key being down. (It has now happened over 25 times.) Here is a copy of what I typed as I copied it into a file to save:

"Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: FOR THE FINE LINEN IS THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF SAINTS. And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. (Rev. 19:7-9) (Immediately, I understood that the righteousness of saints determines which Rapture they go to Heaven in. The same week, my son David stepped out in his hall and heard the Lord speaking to him. What stuck was that to go in the Rapture, we must be 'perfect.' Therefore, we must confess all our sins and be wearing the white wedding garment if we want to be part of the Bride of Christ)."

The caps start and stop on their own. They are either a complete word or phrase. They do not start or stop in the middle of a word.

You can throw this out if you want to. However, I think we should all take it to heart and make sure we are not foolish Laodicean virgins.

Remember that Jeremiah was raised up out of the pit with cords (which probably represent the righteousness of Christ) wrapped with rotten rags (which represents our righteous acts). Just in case I am right about the Rapture being this coming Pentecost, shouldn't we confess our sins and stay in fellowship with our holy God? The wise virgins that go with the Bridegroom have enough oil of the Holy Spirit. We need to be sure we have enough too.

Incoming Email

When Jesus was asked when the kingdom was going to be restored He replied:

"It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority."

What Jesus refused to tell His disciples in person you believe He somehow has revealed to you in Spirit. Or did figure out this date all by yourself ? Either way I expect an apology will be forthcomming in about a month. I just hope that you will be wise enough not to "re-calculate" your date like the Jehovah Witnesses do.

My reply

I figured out all the end-time dates of major events. Of course, I had the Lord's help.

Most of it finally gelled in 1968 one year after the Sign of the End of the Age, the Six-Day War. I had been studying hard ever since before 1960. After 7 years of reading a stack of books about 18" thick every week, I was frustrated because I could find no answers to certain burning questions. I opened my Bible, laid my hands on it and said, "Lord! you'll have to show me. I want to know everything you want man to know about the Bible, all the deep things--everything." Some time after that, the Lord woke me in the night. My heart was racing for I was more terrified than I could ever remember. Then I heard a masculine voice say, "Be still and know that I am God." My heart quieted instantly. Since that, he has helped me to find not only the answers to my questions, but has helped me understand things that even after all that study, I did not even know were in the Bible. I did not realize what I was asking, how very much was packed into that one small book. It is mind boggling. No man could ever have produced the Bible. It is truly God breathed.

(Note: Jeremiah 33:3 says, "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.")

I am not saying that the Rapture has to happen when I think it will. It just looks that way to me. Examine the scriptures and see what you think. I'll attach a file since I have answered the no man knows bit so many times before.

His Incoming Email and My Reply

> Marilyn, sorry, I had to hurry last email. Got to thinking that I may
> have sounded rude, did not mean to be. I really wanted to list these
> things.

***From Marilyn: Don't worry, I didn't take it as rude. We agree about Christ, the important thing. The rest we can be wrong on and still make it to Heaven. We can agree to disagree agreeably too.

> Matthew 24:36 "No'one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels
> in heaven, not the Son, but only the Father". My King James study bible
> says this about that particular verse: The text warns against
> predictions about the time of Christ's return and cautions believers
> that not knowing the the time of His return demands we stay ever
> prepared.

***We can't go by notes, only Scripture, and "knows" is present tense. It was true the day it was stated. It did not mean that we would never know.

> Matthew 24:44 So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will
> come at an hour when you do not expect Him.

***Here, he is talking to the goodman of the house, i.e., the leader of a church. Pastors are largely afraid to get into dates because they are afraid of being wrong and ruining their reputation. Yet, their houses will be broken up because they did not know the time to watch.

> Matthew 24:34 I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not
> pass away until all these things have happened. 24:35 Heaven and earth
> will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

***The generation that saw the fig tree grow leaves is now 31 years old. The end-time events must take place between now and when they are 40. This leaves us 9 years for the Rapture and the shortened Tribulation.

> I know that Gods word is never changing. I believe this on faith, plus,
> I today look for answers tp problems, questions, etc. and His word
> answers me. Gods word was just not for those times, it is for all times.
> "My words will never pass away". His word is never changing, and no'one
> means no'one for all times! This was Gods way of leading and warning us
> to be right with Him always, not just the day before His coming, which
> is what would happen with alot of people, if His coming was known.
> Again, it says:
> Matthew 25:13 Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or
> the hour.

***He is talking to the foolish virgins, "Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us, But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not. Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man Cometh" (Mt. 25:11-13).

> This means all of us, including you. Are you more special than the Son
> of God, that you would know and He does'nt?

***He knows the time of his coming. Jesus is the "Sun of Righteousness" (Mal. 4:2), and Psa. 104:19 says, "the sun knoweth his going down." He is God. He planned the whole thing before the world began. In his human nature, he did not know that day. As God, he always knew.

The church is warned, "If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee." What will we know if we do watch? Turn it around. It would then say that if therefore thou shalt watch, I will NOT come on thee as a thief (just before Armageddon, Rev. 16:15,16, i.e., at the second Rapture), and thou shalt KNOW what hour I will come upon thee.

> I realize that this
> particular writing has been reported in some bibles not to include the
> Son. The fact is, Gods word was meant to guide all generations, from
> then until the end. I guess if God was not talking to us when He said
> these words, but only the people of then, we could say that none of His
> word was meant for us, only for those back then.

***"Now all these things happened unto them (Israel) for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, UPON WHOM THE ENDS OF THE WORLD (ages) ARE COME" (I Cor. 10:11).

> So, I guess we can just
> disregard the ten commandments too, and I guess Jesus only died for them
> back then, so we should disregard that too. I would guess that some
> would say under that philosophy, we should just toss the whole works in
> the trash, it was'nt written for us, He was only talking to those who
> lived back then! I would be so afraid of making predictions, he warns us
> about changing His word, adding to, or taking away from. Do you realize
> how many people have date set? I can remember someone setting a date
> back in 1982, and it is now 1998. Do you know how many people are
> predicting dates right at this moment? Have you visited the other sites
> like yours? They are all different dates, and I have talked to a few of
> you, and all of you say you are right.

***They are all trying hard to figure out what the Lord has told us. It is not easy, but someday someone will be right. And, according to logic, if 1000 are wrong, it does not make the next one wrong.

> You all believe that you have
> been given some divine revelation, by His word, by the Holy Spirit, by
> doing the biblical numbers, on and on, and you can not argue with any of
> you. I stand on Gods word, I live my life by it, and God says "No'one
> will know!"

Rev. 3:3 indicates that if you watch you will know the hour. Sorry, but some will not watch, not be ready, and will be left behind at the first Rapture and have to go in the second Rapture that is close to the time of Armageddon.

I can speculate that God did not even set a specific date,

***God planned everything out before the world began. He set the feasts on the dates that important events would take place. He has told us that he will keep Pentecost. Jeremiah 5:24 says, "and he keeps for us Shavuot, appointed for the harvest."

> because He knew all of you throughout the years would be setting them,
> and to stay true to His word, he would have to avoid all of the date
> setters dates. Of course, I have no doubts that God has known all along
> who the date setters would be and the dates they would set, as He knows
> everything before we ever do. But, I am assured ethier way, He has'nt
> chosen any of the dates anyone here on earth has chosen because His word
> is truth! We are nothing, we cannot even think about having Gods
> knowledge and wisdom, and saying that you have even a remote idea of His
> knowledge is not very humble, and He wants us to be humble. I don't know
> about you, but I am nothing, I thank Him everyday for the very air I
> breathe and everything else in my each and every day of existance,
> because I only have it because He provides it, only by His grace do I
> exist period. I do my very best to never even question God, let alone
> think that I can guess His plans. I do concede that Jesus will probally
> return by the year 2000, but we cannot even be sure of that, only God
> knows and He wants us to be alert and ready at all times, because we
> don't know, if we live His word and walk everyday right and according to
> His will, we do not need to worry about it,

***That is right, but when people think it might be way off, like in 2028, or something, they do not have much incentive to be ready right now. They need a wake-up call.

> that is what He wants from
> us, that and to spread His word and the news of Jesus is our Saviour.
> Like I said, and I did not mean it rudely earlier, I will eamil you in
> 38 days, save that God has not sent His Son by then, and I do not mean
> on your date, but any date between now and then that has not been set by
> mere man.

***God set the date on a feast.

Incoming Email

I suspicion that the United States has not yet fully filled up its cup of wrath against the Almighty, in that a law mandating Sunday worship has not yet appeared. That is, the ancient Sabbath of YAHWEY is still permitted by the country, and not yet officially changed with force, to the "veneable day of the sun", i.e. Sunday, by the highest legistlational people.

I feel that Sunday worship was NEVER mandated by the Creator, and that His SABBATH day is very much still appropriate, for all mankind (and womankind :)

Sunday worship just plain "crept" in, over the years, and is a contribution of the catholic church, along with the idea that people "go to heaven" at death. How can this be, seein that Paul states that if the dead are not RESURRECTED, then we are of all -- most miserable, and to be pitied?

You see the problem, don't you? If the righteous dead are ALREADY with Jesu in heaven, how could we be miserable if there is no resurrection?

Conclusion, (as in Acts 2) David is NOT ascended into heaven, nor any of the other saints of God, but must await the resurrection day. You see, if there is no resurrection, we are INDEED most miserable and to be pitied....

My reply

> I feel that Sunday worship was NEVER mandated by the Creator, and that His
> SABBATH day is very much still appropriate, for all mankind (and womankind :)

Col. 2:16 says, "Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days." Most of my life, I have gone to church on Sunday, however, for the last month, we have started worshipping with a group on Saturday night. It does not matter. Any day will be ok.

> the idea that people "go to heaven" at death.
> How can this be, seein that Paul states that if the dead are not
> RESURRECTED, then we are of all -- most miserable, and to be pitied?
> You see the problem, don't you? If the righteous dead are ALREADY with
> Jesu in heaven, how could we be miserable if there is no resurrection?

No. I see no problem. II Cor. 5:8 says, "We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord."

If (hypothetically) there was no resurrection, we would die and that would be it. We would have sacrificed some pleasures on this earth to earn rewards in Heaven.

> Conclusion, (as in Acts 2) David is NOT ascended into heaven, nor any of
> the other saints of God, but must await the resurrection day.

David is ascended into heaven, plus all the saved of the Old Testament days. Jesus took them to Heaven the day he was Resurrected. Acts 2:34,35 says, "For David is not ascended (i.e., had not yet ascended) into the heavens: but the saith himself (i.e., while he was still living), The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand Until I make thy foes thy footstool." This was quoted from Psa. 110:1: "THE LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool."

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