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Information on Noah Troyer: 1878 is when Noah Troyer, while ill and in a coma stood up 19 times, I think spread over several different days, and said that man had but another 120 years. It made the newspaper that year. There are exactly 120 years from 1878 to 1998, when I expect the Rapture, which is as the days of Noah (Mt. 24:37), when man was given 120 years (Gen. 6:3). That year, 1878, was also the year that the first two Jewish villages were established in Palestine. That alone could signal the countdown of the end times.

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I spoke with you on the phone on Tuesday. I had asked you to pray for me because my pastor and myself were planning to visit a young couple that night who did not know Jesus as their Savior. I am overjoyed to report that the young man (26) gave his life to the Lord. His wife did not commit to anything while we were there, but I believe there is a good possibility that she did after we left. I will be checking back today to be sure. Thank you for your prayers. I thought you would want to know this. Praise the Lord! Your brother in Christ

My reply

We agreed to pray about this young man and the Lord used you both to save another. Praise the Lord. He deserves the credit. Now, let's agree on this: Heavenly Father, we pray for his wife to come to the Lord also. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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My Presby. minister son in law is a chaplain in the army reserves.I asked him if he knew anything about the report that the new recruits were recieving the MARC. This is his reply.

"Thanks, Mother, for the information about the implant.

I haven't heard about this, but I do know that the new ID card (the size of a regular credit card), which was fielded in the last couple of years, holds one's whole personnel file in a small portion of it. That's sobering, too!

We look to the Lord, don't we? May we be ready.

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I was thinking about the upcoming rapture (this weekend I hope!) and was wondering why so many believers don't want to hear about it. I started to think about graduations which happen this time of the year (coincidence?). Maybe those Christians that don't wish to hear about a possible rapture are not in the graduating class. Who gets excited at graduation time in a high school? The seniors of course! I think all believers are part of the same "school" (Body of Christ) but not all are graduating soon. Maybe those of us who can't wait for the rapture will be getting our diplomas soon. It's a little sad about leaving friends when graduating high school (I seem to have that same feeling now) but yet exciting about the future that lies ahead. Maybe our loved ones who have gone before us are watching us from the stands, waiting for our name to be called in this soon coming graduation ceremony.

My reply

Good thoughts. I'll try to post it. See you in the graduation ceremony.

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Dr. --- wrote:

Yet another rapture date comes and goes. (Well, to be honest you've still got 6 hours by my timezone) When are you people going to wise up and get a life?

My reply

I don't understand you. My Rapture date is Pentecost, 5-31-98, probably at midnight Jerusalem time. (If I remember right he had 5-24)

His reply

> Marilyn, Thank you for the correction, I obviously misread your website. Your URL
> was sent to me by a friend, and I was so amazed at the audacity of the
> claim, that I didn't take the time to read carefully. So I went back and
> read again...

> I assume I am correct in understanding that the rapture of which you are
> predicting for the 31st is the one in which the true believers will be
> caught up in the air with Jesus, disappearing from us schmucks down here,
> right?


> As a non-christian, that would be an AMAZING thing for me to behold. In
> fact, if a significant part of the population (I assume you are not
> counting the televangelists) does disappear, I for one would immediately
> become a christian.

***Psalm 40:1-3 says, "I WAITED patiently for the LORD; and he inclined (bent down) unto me, and heard my cry. He brought me up also out of an horrible pit (as Jeremiah was taken up out of a pit), out of the miry clay (our bodies of clay), and set my feet upon a rock (Heaven), and established by goings. And the hath put a new song (sung after the Rapture in Revelation 5:9) in my mouth, even praise unto our God: MANY SHALL SEE IT, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD."

Try to be with someone that loves the Lord and is really ready. There is a chance that one who saw it take place would receive a double portion of the Holy Spirit. Elias saw Elijah taken up and got a double portion.

> Of course, If I ever managed to win the Lotto (not
> that I really play it) I would immediately quit my job as well. Personally
> I think winning the Lotto has a better chance of happening. But if the
> disappearance does occur, there is NO way I could consider myself logically
> honest (which I certainly do) and deny it's implications. Fortunately I am
> not too worried.

***If it happens, that will the time to really worry. The Tribulation will be the worst seven years since Adam was put on Earth. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when people realize the chance they had to get out of here early and lost it. What have you got to lose anyway? There is everything to gain and nothing to lose. Why not take a chance and accept the Lord while there is time.

> But I am reminded over and over again of the flocks of the faithful who
> waited in a field (like the Millerites who did it twice) to be whisked away
> and it never happened. Remember the group in Texas who was sure the God
> would address them on channel 18 on a certain date? Or the SEVERAL dates
> given by the Jehovah's Witnesses? (Last one being in 1975) I even received
> an email earlier this year from an excited gentleman who assured me that
> the end was here (instead of near) because 1998 is 666 times 3. Woooooo
> scary. At least your ideas (from the little I have read so far) try to go
> a little deeper than shallow numerology.

> My question to believers is what possible difference does it make when the
> end comes? As long as you live for Jesus as you should today, you are
> assured your place in heaven (or the new Jerusalem, or wherever) when the
> time comes. It should not make a BIT of difference how soon or even how
> distant that time will be. Would you feel differently about the Lord if
> you discovered it would be another 2000 years before the end was coming?
> To me it seems like the setting of a date is an effort either aimed at
> non-christians (hurry up and get on the boat or you'll miss it!) who if
> they worried about such things then they weren't really non-believers in
> the first place; or it is aimed at yourselves to give some kind of
> justification for all of your years of belief. Nobody likes to do all the
> work and not have sight of the goal, so saying that it is coming soon is
> the carrot you dangle before yourselves to carry on. (And sell books....)
> That is just my outside perspective.

***The big difference between believing now and later is the chance to win the prize and be part of the Bride of Christ. They get the crowns.

> What is important to me is that you are happy and that you hurt no one.
> This is how I live my life. If waiting for some immanent, spectacular end
> to this mortal coil gives your life purpose, then so be it. I personally
> prefer to hang around a while.....

***And you probably will. I feel deeply sorry for all you will face. However, why are you so stubborn? Why wait and chance going through the chastisement. Satan will do all he can to make you wait, but please call on God for his help in understanding. He is real, and he is just waiting on you to make a decision to accept Christ. Do it, and He will pour out such blessings on you, you will be surprised. Satan will test you to see if you will let it go. Hang on. Tell him to get lost. Resist Satan and he will flee from you. There is spiritual warfare going on for your soul. Choose Christ or Satan will get you by default.

In the love Christ has bestowed on me for his own glory

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From Peter Michas' Forum: Mary announcement

--- Begin Forwarded Message ---
From: Mark R. Ensign, To Peter Michas,

Shalom, Peter.

Check this one out!

Pope to declare Mary Co-Redemptrix on May 31st!!!? By Cheryl Marie Source: Weekend Discussion Groups

Tue May 26 , 1998 -- There is mounting evidence that Pope John Paul II may declare Mary the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate of humanity as the fifth official Catholic Marian dogma (article of faith) on Pentecost of 1998! According to Dr. Mark I. Miravalle of the Franciscan University of Steubenville, organizer of the "Vox Populi Mariae Mediatrici" movement, the date for the promulgation of the dogma has definately been set for May 31, 1998, which was formerly the liturgical feast of Mediatrix of All Graces, which was established by Pope Benedict XV. See the article at the NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER. For more information on the Marian feast day of May 31st, see the article OUR LADY'S FEASTDAYS in the EWTN library.

Catholic lay representatives from all over the world have been called to Rome for the World Congress of Ecclesial Movements, meeting May 27 to 29, immediately prior to the Pentecost festival, and Catholic anticipation is running high that Pope John Paul II may indeed announce Mary to be the Coredemptrix of all humanity to this assembly in St. Peter's Square, perhaps as early as Saturday, the 30th of May. Some 150,000 people are expected to attend, representing 56 Catholic lay movements.

Shalom b'shem Y'shua, Mark

(My note: Think of the "Jezebel" in Rev. 2:20.)

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Pope's Announcement on Pentecost

Thank you, sincerely for all your work. Yesterday while websurfing, I came across some information that blew me away. I was shaking. The National Catholic Voice, NCR July 18, 1997 -- Pope may declare Mary 'c... I'm including their website address so you don't have to take my word for it... announces that on Pentecost, 5/31/98, the Pope is going to announce that Mary is Co-Redemptrix! This is so serious. I log on to your website each day....and I hope you are right, when I read this Pope business....I'm beginning to believe we you are right on. I do have to thank you, that whether the date is correct or not, I'm living as though it is... I've been wittnessing like crazy. Hope to meet you in Heaven REAL soon. Thank you, you are such a blessing.

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I like to play with sounds and believe that the Holy Spirit uses puns to get messages across.

We know that Lot prefigures the lukewarm end time church who both have one foot in the world and one foot in deliverance. Although Lot was living in the world (Sodom and Gommorah), God rescued him just before the fire fell down.

We know that a large portion of the church today is made up of Laodiceans - those also with one foot in the world and one foot in church. They too will be rescued but only after the tribulation period and before the Day of God's wrath.

After the first rapture I believe there will be many that realize that the first rapture is indeed not a free gift but one that can only be attained by living a holy life and being filled with the Holy Spirit. Those who miss the first rapture will be weeping and gnashing their teeth.

There is an Old Testament character who I think also represents the end-time church from the book of Hebrews:

Hebr 12:16 (NIV) See that no one is sexually immoral, or is godless like Esau, who for a single meal sold his inheritance rights as the oldest son. 17 Afterward, as you know, when he wanted to inherit this blessing, he was rejected. He could bring about no change of mind, though he sought the blessing with tears.

So you see that it was too late for Esau to receive his blessing. He had many tears that flowed due to his foolishness (foolish virgins).

If you put both Lot and Esau together you get Laodicea!

Lot + Esau =Lotesau =Laodicean

I think the Holy Spirit uses this pun to teach us about the importance of walking the narrow path as I'm sure nobody wants to go through the tribulation. Maranatha!

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I just thought I would let you know that I have been checking out photos of the planet Saturn and so far it looked a beautiful Gold color. But they just posted new pictures of Saturn from the hubble telescope at website: and Saturn is a beautiful white like I have never seen before and when I first saw the picture I was awed by it. It has now two openings in the clouds on exact opposite sides of the planet with a beautiful golden light escaping the two openings. Could God be opening the gates for the Bride to enter this May 31. I thought you would love to take a look at this. These openings in the clouds have never been seen in any other previous photos of Saturn.

My reply

I had seen this picture. Here is the explanation:

"Girdling the second largest planet in the Solar System, Saturn's Rings are one of the most spectacular sights for earthbound telescopes. This recently released image, from the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope's STIS instrument, offers a striking view of another kind of ring around Saturn - pole encircling rings of ultraviolet aurora. Towering more than 1,000 miles above the cloud tops, these Saturnian auroral displays are analogous to Earth's. Energetic charged particles in the Solar Wind are funneled by the planet's magnetic field into polar regions where they interact with atmospheric gases. Following the ebb and flow of Saturn's aurora, researchers can remotely explore the planet's atmosphere and magnetic field. In this false color image, the dramatic red aurora identify emission from atomic hydrogen, while the more concentrated white areas are due to hydrogen molecules. In 2004, NASA plans to begin making close-up studies of the Saturnian system with the Cassini Spacecraft."

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Thought I'd get in early with a 'See you in Heaven' message!! Thanks for all your discoveries and other posts on your site - they have helped me spread the news of His return - particularly my Pastor!

I was asleep one night last week and I awoke and became conscious of a rushing wind and the feeling of moving at immense speed. I wasn't buffeted by the wind but the sensation was brilliant, the wind was like nothing I have experienced before! when I opened my eyes it stopped but I knew it was a taster of what we will experience! See you soon

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From Abraham Forum, from: RUSSELL RANKIN
Nancy,...Comparing laws given to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and followers of Mishiach is a comparison of different laws. Law exists because YHVH exists. Sin exists only when law exists. These two principles are what Paul said in Romans 5:13-14. So Adam and his descendants sinned before the Law of Moses came into existence [v.14]. Paul concluded man could know G-d and His Divine character just by observing nature [Romans 1:20]; therefore, knowing G-d's character is itself knowing G-d's law. Gentiles "which have not the law [of Moses] do by nature the things contained in the Law [of Moses]; these having not the law [of Moses] are a law unto themselves" [Romans 2:14]. Paul reasons that Gentiles could be righteous only by understanding G-d's character, without ever knowing that God gave only Yitsrael a law at Sinai. In chapter 7 Paul concludes G-d counted Yitsrael "dead to the law of Moses" so they could be "married" to Mishiach [7:1-4].

Jan makes an interesting observation about angels that "sinned"--who sinned before God gave any law to man. This shows law exists because YHVH exists. The angels did not conform to the righteous character of G-d.

Paul finds two common words which describe living before the living G-d: "faith" and "righteousness" [Romans 1:17, "For therein is the righteousness of G-d revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, 'The just shall live by faith']. Abraham was righteous because he "believed G-d" [4:3]; because he had "faith" in his G-d [4:5]; because he "was fully persuaded that what HE had promised HE was able to perform" [4:21]; because he "obeyed" his G-d [Hebrew 11:8]; because his "faith" produced acceptable "works" and "by works was faith made complete" [James 2:21-24].

In answer to your question about my statement that "some requirements were the same" I meant that Abraham and Yitsrael lived under different laws. But because YHVH spoke to both, there would be naturally some similarity in those laws. But this does not mean we should seek to live by the laws given Abraham or the laws given by Moses. In fact, Moses told Yitsrael to "hear" the words of "the Prophet from among you of your brethern like unto me" [Deuteronomy 18:15]. Moses said, "...unto him you shall hearken". YHVH told Moses, "I will raise them up a Prophet...and will put MY words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him" [18:18]. We are to live according to what the Prophet Yeshua HaMishiach taught. "Therefore, he that hears these sayings of mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man...." [Matthew 7:27].

We need not attempt to decipher all the laws YHVH required Adam and his descendents down to the Flood. Nor do we need to know all the laws YHVH gave Noah. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob lived under the laws YHVH gave Noah [we know this because they ate meat, unlike before the Flood, Genesis 18]. Abraham did not live under the law of circumcision as dictated by Moses [we know this because Abraham was not told to be circumcised until he was 99 years old and, when Isaac was born, Abraham circumcised Isaac the eigth day but did no sacrifice redeeming his firstborn, Genesis 17:1,10-12,23; 21:1-5]. Abraham did not follow 'some' of the Law of Moses; he only lived according to what YHVH had spoken [Genesis 17:1ff; 18:18-19]. We need only to have the "faith" of Abraham and be "fully persuaded that what HE promised, He is able to perform" [Galatians 3:29; Romans 4:21].

In the "last days" of the Law of Moses, G-d "has spoken unto us by His son...." And what was spoken by the Lord Yeshua HaMishiach "was confirmed by those who heard him" [Hebrews 1:1-2; 2:3]. We need only "to observe all thing whatsoever I [Yeshua] have commanded you [Yeshua's disciples]" [Matthew 28:19-21]. This law is "the law of the spirit of life in Mishiach Yeshua" and it made Paul "free from the law of sin and death [Moses--Romans 8:1-3; 7:9-14]. The question then is: What did Yeshua Mishiach command?


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Re: I'll see you there!

Don't waste precious time responding to me. I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts for the Lord. You stand to gain a rich inheritance! I am a Good News Club teacher, too and God has blessed me and my family so abundantly! I praise His Holy Name! I'll be happy to meet you when we get there! God bless all you do for His Glory.

Incoming Email

I know how buried with e-mail you must be but I had to write to tell you one quick praise. I found your site about a month ago and immediately wrote to you asking for advice. I'm the one in full time children's ministry who got caught up (not literally ha!) in the '88 fiasco and told you about my pastor who has since left the ministry because of it. You quickly wrote back to encourage me which I really appreciated. (I have since come to learn how busy you are and how many people you are ministering to and I really respect that you took the time to respond to my first e-mail.) Here's why I'm writing today: I have been talking to the Lord constantly asking Him for confirmation that this is "of Him". Being a ministry leader in our town and having gone through the '88 mess (I was interviewed on TV back then) - you can understand how cautious I am about all of this. Well as I looked over your Pros and Cons I saw where you had been a Good News Club teacher. My heart soared. We (my husband and I) are the directors of Children's Outreach Ministries (formerly CEF) in our town. We recruit and train teachers for after school "Kid's Clubs" (formerly Good News Clubs). We were in 17 schools this year and reached over 550 kids for Jesus. We were with CEF, but the Lord led us to leave that organization because of their policy regarding charismatics. It stated that anyone who "spoke in or aspired to speak in tongues" could not work with us. Even though I do not speak in tongues nor feel the desire to, my husband and I (and our entire Board) felt that it was divisive to the body to restrict them from working with us. Anyway - I was very excited to hear that you at one time taught club. That means you have a heart not only for us adults, but for the children as well, and I am so blessed. I related so well to your testimony of wanting to know your Lord as deeply as possible. Most Christians seem to worship their Christianity more than the real Jesus. I just want to know Jesus and Him alone. It's so hard to find people I can connect spiritually with because they all seem to have one foot in this world. Anyway, I feel I already know you because I feel your heartbeat for the lost and your great love for Jesus and your desire to be with Him soon. I don't expect you to reply because I know how very busy you are in these last days, but had to share my heart with you. When I see you in a few days I want to hear all about your Good News Club and the many children you brought into the Kingdom. God bless you dear sister.

My reply

Thanks for sharing this with me. The way I got into teaching Good News Club was this. My children went to Good News Club at another lady's house in our tract. My daughter had already accepted Christ at Bethany Baptist Church, at the girl's club there. My son accepted Christ at this Good News Club, stayed afterward and prayed with this lady. I got acquainted with this dear lady and actually worked for her when she was dying of cancer. She gave me my first Scofield Bible. It was her huge library of books that later became the start of their church's library. She let me read them all. When she could no longer have the Club meet at her house, she wanted me to take it over. I went for my training, we made our garage into a room for it, she gave me her flannel board and other materials and I started teaching. I was the only one in my area that was able to hold on to those kids after they entered Junior High. I made a tape of songs for us to sing and made papers for each with the words on it. We enjoyed the singing as well as the lesson. As for how many I actually brought into the Kingdom, I do not know. They all prayed and said they accepted Christ. How many already had believed before, I don't know. They all prayed to rededicate their lives to Christ too. There is only one of them that I am not sure really meant it. I can only hope that he did, but his later actions certainly did not reflect it. I feel confident about the rest.

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Idaho. SNOW 5-26-98. I just thought you would like to know that we had snow to the 4000 foot elevation. Up to 15 inches at 6000 feet!

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I was reading a religious web site and was shocked to read that the POPE IS LIKELY TO ANNOUNCE ON MAY 31 THAT MARY HAS BEEN MADE A CO-REDEMPTRIX WITH JESUS! A gathering of over 100,000 people is scheduled to be at the Vatican May 30 and 31. People were e-mailing that if this happens they expect the Rapture of the Church to take place immediately before or after the Pope's announcement. I also read that the Pope has scheduled a trip to Iraq (to Babylon?) in January of 2001. Every day this week is bringing news that re-enforces the Rapture happening very soon. Weather patterns are upside down across the world. Here in Texas we have smoke every day. Love in Jesus,

My reply

Now its for sure to be announced May 31.... And, more snow at Donner Pass...

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I was reading in my local paper yeaterday and noticed an article out of Washington, which contained the following....some banks and merchants are now requiring people to use their finger print as a signature to conduct banking and buying of goods....mmmmm sounds like we are just one step closer to the Great event known as Rapture!!!

I also would like to state I love this site, keep up the great work...This is a great additive to my daily readings...

My reply

We are being led in every little way Satan can devise. This Mark is his big trap he is herding us into. I thank the Lord for giving us a way out.

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