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Posted 10-18-04

Incoming email, Re: Fw: Rahab the planet

During this article it is mentioned that Rahab is a planet that God detroyed and shattered. This piece of information has come to cause great conflict in my life. it seems as though there is no actual scriptual evidence of Rahab being referred to as a planet itself.

This brings me to this letter. Can you provide scriptural evidence that Rahab is a planet? It would really help me at this time as it has proven to be a challenge and I was unable to find actual reference that proves Rahab was a planet when the only references to Rahab were as the prostitute and Egypt?

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

My reply

Here are some verses that help us understand what happened to Satan's planet Rahab (meaning proud, strong, quarrelsome, reflecting Satan's attributes). What is left of it is now our Asteroid Belt.

Job 26:11-14 (JB) says, "The pillars (uprights, i.e., the righteous) of the heavens tremble, awe-struck at his threats. By his power, he has whipped up the Sea, by his skill, HE HAS CRUSHED RAHAB. His breath has made the heavens luminous (the blackness of space lit up by the impact explosion), HIS HAND TRANSFIXED THE FLEEING SERPENT (Satan). This is only a fraction of what he has done and all we catch of it is the feeblest echo."

The NASB puts it a little differently. It says, "The pillars of heaven tremble, And are amazed at His rebuke. HE QUIETED THE SEA with His power, And by his understanding HE SHATTERED RAHAB. BY HIS BREATH THE HEAVENS ARE CLEARED; HIS HAND HAS PIERCED THE FLEEING SERPENT" (Satan).

Isa. 51:9 (KJV) says, "Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the LORD (YHVH of hosts, the Redeemer, Isa. 44:6; the pre-incarnate Christ, Isa. 52:10; 53:1; John 12:38); awake, as in the ancient days, in the generations of old. ART THOU NOT IT THAT HATH CUT (CHATSAB, HEWN DOWN, SPLIT, HACKED IN PIECES) RAHAB, AND WOUNDED THE DRAGON (Satan)?"

Delitzsch put that plainly. "Awake, as in the days of ancient time, the ages of the olden world! Was it not thou that didst SPLIT RAHAB IN PIECES, AND PIERCED THE DRAGON?"

Psa. 89:10,11 (KJV) says, "THOU HAST BROKEN RAHAB IN PIECES, as one that is slain; THOU HAST SCATTERED THINE ENEMIES with thy strong arm. The heavens are thine, the earth also is thine: as for the world and the fulness thereof, thou hast founded them."

A stone hit Earth and dug the Moon out of the Pacific Basin. It may have been a piece of Rahab or whatever hit Rahab. Gen. 1:9 (NAB) says, "'Let the water under the sky be gathered into A SINGLE BASIN, so that the dry land may appear.' And so it happened: the water under the sky was gathered into its basin, and the dry land appeared."

Job 38:8-11 (KJV) says, "who shut up the sea with doors, when it brake forth, as if it had issued out of the womb? When I made the cloud the garment thereof, and thick darkness a swaddlingband for it, And BRAKE UP FOR IT MY DECREED PLACE, and set bars and doors, And said, Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed?"

Psa. 104:4-9 (NAB) says, "You make the winds your messengers, and flaming fire your ministers. You fixed the earth upon its foundation, not to be moved forever; With the ocean, as with a garment, you covered it; above the mountains the waters stood. At your rebuke they fled, at the sound of your thunder they took to flight; AS THE MOUNTAINS ROSE, THEY WENT DOWN THE VALLEYS TO THE PLACE YOU HAD FIXED FOR THEM, You set a limit they may not pass, nor shall they cover the earth again."

Psa. 87:4 (KJV) says, "I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon to them that know me."

This is because Babylon will be destroyed by the asteroid of Rev. 8:10 and 18:21. Thus, we know how Rahab was split apart, by getting hit with a stone. Agape

The Star of Bethlehem

Some historians have speculated that the Star of Bethlehem mentioned in the New Testament might have been a close planetary conjunction that occurred in 6 B.C. Let's see for ourselves. Set the Observer's location to Jerusalem, the Universal time to 16:00 UTC February 25, -5 (6 B.C. as historians reckon it), and observe, shining as a beacon in the Western sky at dusk, a rare (not to repeat for 800 years) conjunction among Jupiter (traditional king of the gods), Saturn (ruling planet of Judah), and Mars, occurring in the constellation of Pisces the Fish (the House of the Hebrews) where the equinox had just entered, crossing the border from Aries where it had been since the Greeks. You'll recall that the early Christians recognised one another with the sign of a fish....

Jupiter and Saturn remained within three degrees of each other, from late April of 7 BC until early January of 6 BC.

Incoming email, Re: Vatican buries the hatchet with Blair and Bush over Iraq

By Julian Coman and Bruce Johnston in Rome -10/10/2004)

...Now, in light of the post-war chaos, Cardinal Sodano has announced a newly hawkish line on Iraq from Rome. "The child has been born," he declared recently on behalf of the Vatican. "It may be illegitimate, but it's here, and it must be reared and educated."

Despite the Vatican's vociferous opposition to the war, the bloody terrorist attacks and the continuing insurgency have convinced the Pope that only an increased military presence, including Nato troops, can secure peace.

"There is a feeling that there really is no going back," said a Vatican adviser.

In a trenchant interview in the Italian newspaper, La Stampa, Cardinal Sodano said that as the crisis in Iraq deepened, the time had come to forget past differences over the decision to invade.

His comments appear to be part of an orchestrated campaign to galvanise military and financial support for a democratic Iraq among critics of the war such as France and Germany....

Incoming email, Re: "His Star"

While awaiting your clarification of dates around the Christ birth time, I felt compelled to mention some of my own research about the 9/11/3BC birthdate that Martin so strongly believes (me too). I know you are familiar with his details, so I'll just add some of mine that add a little to the story I hope.

His Star?- I discovered in my research and have not seen mentioned in any other article/book etc. that the star Zubeneschamali, beta Libra, and Spica, alpha Virgo both rose in the morning Eastern sky at the EXACT azimuth of 90d, due East as seen from Jerusalem and Bethlehem. When the Magi and the Bible (Matthew) mention "His star" in the EAST, perhaps they/it means exactly what it says, due EAST, not close but perfectly at 90d. The importance of the star Spica and Zebeneschamali (the "price that covers") are as you know from your own articles quite significant. Zubeneschamali, now a 2nd mag. star was in earlier days said to be the brightest in the Scorpion (combined constellation Scorpius/Libra) and brighter than Antares. Libra has been identified not only as the scales/balance/altar/etc. but was also early seen as a "man" (Christ) holding a balance weighing thescales and man who is "found wanting" (Zubenelgenubi) and in need of the Christ/King as savior who could and did pay the price (His blood). I will also note, a little later in the day, a third star comes very close (91.5d East) at rising, it is Alphard, the heart of the Hydra and symbolic of Satan, as usual trying to be the Christ but only getting close as so often happens. There is much more, but when time permits later perhaps.

When "Heaven Stands Still":
Just a little note about your Saturn planet, it will come to a stop (before retrograde motion) between Nov.3-11, 2004 just on the edge of Gemini and Cancer (not entering Cancer till 7/1-2/2005). This is a very important week with the US election occurring and a special Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo. As I said previously, the coming month or two seem to be especially full of special events, signs, and all that we still don't know about to be revealed in time.

ps: The Rev. Billy Grahams birth day is Nov. 7th when the Sun is conjunct with Zubenelgenubi, as great as he is, still man the price deficient as are we in our efforts to understand it all.

My reply

Thanks for this information. Spica is very interesting. In Latin, it means an ear or seed of corn. The Hebrews called it Zerah, the same word meaning the seed in Gen. 3:14,15. It could easily be called "his star," as in Mt. 2:2, but its rising would be as usual--unless it was especially bright.

Here are some things I have found. The Lunar Eclipse of March 13, BC 4, had to come at the time of the Full Moon, and it did, according to Fred Espenak's Catalog of Phases of the Moon -1999 to + 3000.
Nasa/Goddard Space Flight Center

Allowing for the 0 year astronomers use, it shows that in BC4, the Full Moon (Eclipse) was March 13, at 00:39. It also shows that in BC 5, the New Moon was Sept. 1 at18:03.

According to the US Naval Observatory's "Star of Bethlehem" (, there were conjuctions of Jupiter and Saturn in BC 7. (Somewhere, I read that they were on May 29, Sept. 29, and December 4, in BC 7, and that their dance was in Pisces, Simeon's sign.) There was a clearly visible massing of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in BC 6. There was a comet in BC 5/4, and a nova (exploding star) in BC 5.

Just as there will be signs in the Sun, Moon and constellations before the Rapture (Luke 21:25,28), those unusual things in BC 7-4 were probably signs. There were three comets in the sky September 15, BC7. That surely would have been noted by the Wise Men.

The Chinese recorded a new star in Capricorn that lasted March 10 to April 7, BC 5. Maybe this was what the Wise Men called "his star" in Mt. 2:2. Since Jesus was born in September, there would have been time for the Wise Men to travel from Babylon to Jerusalem. The trip is thought to have taken about four months.

According to Tuckerman's Planetary, Lunar, and Solar Positions, Mars and Saturn were in conjunction February 20, BC 6, when the longitudes of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun were respectively 351.2, 358.6, 352.0 and 329.8 degrees at 7 PM, Babylon time. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were visible above the horizon after the end of twilight.

I have read that the comet, bright and broom-tailed, was seen 70 days. Planets traveling east to west along the ecliptic could not suddenly turn south, but a comet can arc in from any direction. However, I can't see how anything short of a miracle could point the Wise Men to a certain house in Bethlehem.

I think Herod the Great died March 18, BC 4, five days after the eclipse of March 13, which took place on the same day that Herod had Antipater killed. The 37th, and last, year of his reign was BC 4/3.

Josephus said that Herod bequeathed money to Caesar and his kindred, then died. He said, "When he had done those things, HE DIED, THE FIFTH DAY AFTER HE HAD CAUSED ANTIPATER TO BE SLAIN; having reigned, since he had procured Antigonus to be slain, thirty-four years; but since he had been declared king by the Romans, THIRTY-SEVEN" (Ant. XVII. VIII.1).

In VIII. 3. Josephus showed that Herod died before Passover. He mentioned, "the approach of that feast of unleavened bread, which the law of their father had appointed for the Jews at this time, which feast is called the Passover..." In X.2, Josephus also mentioned "the approach of Pentecost."

The proof of the BC 4 death of Herod is to be found in collections of ancient Roman coins. Herod's three sons, Antipas, Philip II and Archelaus all started to reign in BC4, so there are coins dating their reigns. Antipas ruled 43 years, as coins also authenticate. He was banished in 39/40 AD.

Also, don't forget that Herod began the temple construction in 19/20 AD. It was 46 years in building (John 2:20) at the first Passover of Jesus' ministry, in 27 AD. Agape

His reply

By the time the new moon gets to the feet area under Virgo (and actually in Libra) on your date of Sept. 5 in -4 (5BC) that you propose for the birth time it is Tishri 3, 3757 according to fermilab's web site and SkyWatch. Check your actual Julian Day Number in SkyWatch and enter that in fermilabs calendar program and you will see. A day earlier, the Moon is near Spica and not at all in the right position vis a vis Revelation 12. There are more errors which I will get to later.

Even fermilabs web site does not properly calculate the Hebrew day and is off by about 6 hrs. as they change the Hebrew day at 12:00 UTC.

Surely GOD is laughing at our feeble efforts to get HIS calendar straight even with the worlds "super" computers. The 5BC birth time and Herods death near the 4BC lunar eclipse has been the accepted norm for some 600 years until EL Martin destroyed the theory. Do not think you are breaking new ground, this idea has been hanging on for years until he brought up the Jan 10, 1 BC eclipse that fits so much better and further confirms the 9/11/3BC (JDN 1720581.18097) more likely birth date with the Moon in Virgo at/under the feet as it should be and is as described in Rev. 12.

ELM's date and my agreement could still possibly be wrong; but, I can assure you the 5BC date you are considering is most certainly wrong. IMO

My reply

Would you be so kind as to give me the URLs to check at Fermilab and SkyWatch? I went to Fermilab's new web site and had no luck. Since I couldn't turn up SkyWatch there or with a Google search, I decided to compare Ernest Martin's info with the Bible and YourSky.

In "The Star that Astonished the World," pages 228-230, Ernest Martin said,

"1) Joseph and Mary's journey to Bethlehem for the 'census' occurred at the very close of the Jewish civil year--an apt time for a registration of peoples to happen. It was in the Summer season and before the rains set in that would have made it difficult.

"2) Jesus was born in a stable in the twilight period of September 11th, the Day of Trumpets, 3 B.C.

"3) He was circumcised on September 18, 3 B.C. (the eighth day for the circumcision rite is reckoned inclusively).

"4) He was dedicated in the temple on October 20/21,3 B.C.

"5) Luke says: They returned into Galilee, to their own city Nazareth (2:39). This means they did not go to Egypt after the birth of Jesus. After all, they had only gone to Bethlehem for the 'census,' not to move there. So, the family returned to Nazareth in the latter part of October, 3 B.C.

"6) Then for some reason, they decided to move to Bethlehem. This could have been in the Spring or Summer of 2 B.C. They set up house, having no need for the temporary type of shelter they had when Jesus was born (Matthew 2:11).

"7) On December 5th (Kislev 7) of 2 B.C. the youth tore down the eagle from the east entrance to the temple.

"8)Then on December 25, 2 B.C., when the King planet Jupiter came to its stationary point in mid-Virgo the Virgin, it would have been 'stopped over Bethlehem' as viewed from Jerusalem. The Magi then went to Bethlehem and gave the child the gifts they brought from the east. Jesus was now a paidion (Greek: toddler) not a brephos (Greek: infant, as in Luke). He was old enough to stand and to walk. In the papyrus codex Bodmer V of the Proto-Evangelium of James written in Egypt in the fourth century, it even states that the Magi were able to see Jesus "standing by the side of his mother Mary" (21:3). this shows early opinion that the visit of the Magi to give gifts to Jesus was long after his birth. This giving of gifts by the Magi would have occurred during the days of Hanukkah when Jewish fathers were accustomed to give gifts to their children. This would have appeared quite proper to Jewish people.

"9) With the warning of the Magi, Joseph and Mary immediately took Jesus to Egypt in late December of 2 B.C.

"10) Immediately after this, Herod killed all the male children 'from two years old and under' (Matthew 2:16). This matter of killing children two years old can now make better sense. If Jesus was born on 11 September, 3 B.C., the slaying of the innocents was about 15 months after his birth. If the conception period were also considered, it comes to 24 months exactly. This may be a helpful clue that Jesus was indeed born in September, 3 B.C. and why the Magi saw Jesus "standing by the side of his mother Mary.'

"11) Soon afterward, the two illustrious rabbis were tried and sentenced by the Sanhedrin. This could have been in early January or 1 B.C., and then a few days later (on January 10th) the eclipse of the Moon occurred that Josephus mentioned.

"12) Herod then died about January 28th (Schebat 2) in 1 B.C.

"13) Later, in the Spring of 1 B.C., the Passover occurred during which 3000 Jewish worshippers lost their lives in the temple."

To me, this schedule of events does not agree with Scripture.

Martin said, "2) Jesus was born in a stable in the twilight period of September 11th, the Day of Trumpets, 3 B.C."

I think Jesus was probably born the night of September 4/5, BC 5. The YourSky chart of Sept. 11, 3 BC, below does not show the sliver of the Moon under Virgo's feet. Rev. 12:1 says, "there appeared a great wonder (sign) in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon UNDER HER FEET."

The YourSky charts below for Sept. 4 and 5, BC 5, show how the the sliver of the Moon moves under Virgo's feet. Remember that only the crescent was visible, not the dark part in the symbol.

Martin said, "3) He was circumcised on September 18, 3 B.C. (the eighth day for the circumcision rite is reckoned inclusively)."

I think the circumcision was on Sept. 12, BC 5.

Martin said, "4) He was dedicated in the temple on October 20/21,3 B.C."

I think his dedication was on October 14, BC 5. A block of years is reckoned inclusively. Running time is not.

Martin said, "5) Luke says: They returned into Galilee, to their own city Nazareth (2:39). This means THEY DID NOT GO TO EGYPT AFTER THE BIRTH OF JESUS After all, they had only gone to Bethlehem for the 'census,' not to move there. So, the family returned to Nazareth in the latter part of October, 3 B.C. (emphasis mine)

This doesn't agree with Scripture. Mt. 2:13 says, "when they (the Wise Men) were DEPARTED; behold, the angel of the Lord (i.e., YHVH, king of Israel and the Redeemer, in his pre-incarnate state, Isa. 44:6) appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, "Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt."

The Wise Men visited BEFORE they went to Egypt, and they didn't go to Nazareth until they came back from Egypt.

Mt. 2:14,15 says, "...departed into Egypt: And was there until the death of Herod".

"6) Then for some reason, THEY DECIDED TO MOVE TO BETHLEHEM. This could have been in the Spring or Summer of 2 B.C. They set up house, having no need for the temporary type of shelter they had when Jesus was born (Matthew 2:11)."

There is no Scripture I know of that shows that they moved to Bethlehem a second time. After the Wise Men visited Jesus, they left Bethlehem for Egypt.

"8)Then on December 25, 2 B.C., when the King planet Jupiter came to its stationary point in mid-Virgo the Virgin, it would have been 'stopped over Bethlehem' as viewed from Jerusalem. THE MAGI THEN WENT TO BETHLEHEM and gave the child the gifts they brought from the east. Jesus was now a paidion (Greek: toddler) not a brephos (Greek: infant, as in Luke)."

After Herod died, they moved to Nazareth. They were afraid of Archelaus in Jerusalem, and Bethlehem was only 5 miles from Jerusalem.

Mt. 2:19-23 says, "when Herod was dead, behold, an angel of the Lord appeareth in a dream to Joseph in Egypt, Saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and go into the land of Israel: for they are dead which sought the young child's life. And he arose, and took the young child and his mother, and came into the land of Israel. But when he heard that Archelaus did reign in Judaea in the room of his father Herod, he was afraid to go thither: notwithstanding, being warned of God in a dream, he turned aside into the parts of Galilee: And he came and dwelt in a city called NAZARETH: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, He shall be called a Nazarene."

The Magi visted and gave Jesus gifts while he was still in Bethlehem before he was taken to Egypt. Thayer shows that "PAIDION" CAN MEAN AN INFANT JUST BORN or a half-grown child.

John 16:21 demonstrates this. It says, "A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child (paidion, infant), she remembereth no more the anguish."

Martin said, "12) Herod then died about January 28th (Schebat 2) in 1 B.C.

I think Herod died March 18, BC 4. Josephus said, "HE DIED, THE FIFTH DAY AFTER HE HAD CAUSED ANTIPATER TO BE SLAIN" (Ant. XVII. VIII. 1). The eclipse was the very night that Antipater was slain. Therefore, Herod died five days after the eclipse of March 13, BC 4. Then "Archelaus paid him so much respect, as to continue his MOURNING TILL THE SEVENTH DAY...and left off his mourning" (Ant. XVII. VIII. 4). So Archelaus mourned until March 25, BC 4.

Martin said, "13) Later, in the Spring of 1 B.C., the Passover occurred during which 3000 Jewish worshippers lost their lives in the temple."

On page 368, Whiston, translator of "The Complete Works of Josephus," said in a footnote, "THIS PASSOVER, when the sedition here mentioned was moved against Archelaus, WAS NOT ONE, BUT THIRTEEN MONTHS AFTER THE ECLIPSE OF THE MOON, already mentioned" (page 368).

When Arachelaus finally went to Rome after the Passover, that was 13 months later, and the killing of the 3000 at that time, Caesar "charged him with his neglect of the funeral mourning for his father, and with having merry meetings the very night in which he died...And what he most aggravated in his pleading, was the slaughter of those about the temple, and the impiety of it, as done at the festival (the 2nd one since the lunar eclipse of March 13, BC 4); and they were slain like sacrifices themselves, some of whom were foreigners, and others of their own country, till the temple was full of dead bodies" (Ant. XVII. IX. 5). Agape

His reply

My apologies for using the term "fermilab" to describe the "fourmilab" web site, I was sort of spoofing the term a little because both use and rely on computers which are programed by humans and therefore subject to errors/mistakes, the fermilab site in batavia, IL is a major national (super computer)science research center with perhaps the most powerful computers outside WashDC and LosAlamos, NM. You have, I am sure, access to the fourmilab web site since you use it routinely.

As I mentioned, there is a small problem with their ( used for determining the Hebrew/Jewish date changes as their software is keying on the UTC time of 12 00 00 hrs. to advance the Hebrew date by one increment. Obviously, UTC 12 00 00 is GMT or London time and is only 14 00 00 hrs. (2:00pm) in Jerusalem, IS. If you do not watch for this error and account for it in your work, mistakes will enter into your calculations....

I will address your other comments later when time allows.

My reply

Thanks. Sorry the images at YourSky don't come through in e-mail. However, they will show up on my Pro and Cons. Agape

Sky Calendar, October 2004, By Larry Sessions

Wednesday, 10/13
New Moon, 10:48 p.m. EDT
No one can see the "New Moon," but you may be able to glimpse a very thin Moon before dawn on TUESDAY. The Moon technically reemerges into the evening sky on THURSDAY, but the shallow angle of the Ecliptic this time of year in the evening Western sky will make it difficult to see until FRIDAY or SATURDAY.

My comments

In 2004, the crescent Moon may be seen any time Tuesday through Saturday, hmmm.

Sept. 1 through 5, BC 5, could be the same kind of thing. Then it's not impossible.

Newfound Comet Set for Winter Display

By Joe Rao, 9-17-04

When Machholz first picked up the comet officially designated c/2004 Q2 it was a fuzzy 11th-magnitude object in the constellation Eridanus and drifting slowly southeast in the direction of the constellation Lepus....

Incoming email, Re: My Apologies

Just to clarify, the text portion of the prior msgs came thru, it was just the YourSky images that did not. Not a problem, however, as I can reproduce the images using YourSky or one of the other astronomy software packages I use routinely. Do you just rely on the YourSky online program for your analysis and do not have any of the astronomy software programs such as TheSky, Starry Night, Red Shift, etc.? If so, you are going to be unable to be as flexible in working with some of the details of analysis that I mention in my msgs. One also has to be careful in using these software programs as they also have certain "bugs" that alter results and so need to be double checked until the corrections are made by the manufacturers.

My reply

I do not have TheSky, Starry Night or Red Shift. I can't afford to buy them. I keep trying to find another program on the Internet to compare with YourSky, but the need to find one that will show the sky in BC years has prevented my finding one. YourSky has one thing going for it, it is put out by fourmilab, just as the fourmilab calendar program is. I hope their calendar and sky agree with one another.

If you could tell me what your programs show for the first crescent Moon of Tishri and when the Moon is under Virgo's feet at twilight in BC 5 and 3, I would sure appreciate it.

Below is what I have put together for my own reference so far. Besides the fourmilab calendar and YourSky, I went to Tarek's calendar converter. It gives the age of the Moon. I checked Calendar Home's converter for BC 5. Tarek's agreed with it.

My list covers BC7 to 3 AD, for comparison of Tishri 1 and the age of the Moon.

Also, on Pro and Con 1068,
I posted a chart and instructions to figure the New Moon of Tishri, 5 BC, mathematically from the First New Moon of BC 3761, used for constructing and checking the Jewish Calendar. My conclusions may differ now from what I said then. I keep learning.
BC 7

TISHRI 1, 3755, common, reg 354 d.
Fourmilab Calendar
uses 0 year, uses UTC 12:00 (noon) to go to next Heb. day
Jerusalem time is UTC + 2 hrs
= Gregorian, Sept. 22, -6 (BC 7), Thur.

Tarek's Calendar, Sept. 22, BC 7, Thur.
doesn't use 0 year, "Info Should be correct at 0:0:0 UT," midnight
For beginning of the actual Hebrew day, Jerusalem time, subtract 4 hours.
The Hebrew day starts 6 hrs before midnight. Jerusalem time = UT + 2 hours.
= Julian, Sept. 24, 7 BC, Thur.
= Julian Day (JD) 1719132.5
Moon Age 0.12 days
(The Crescent Moon is visible when the Moon is TWO DAYS OLD)
Moon Synodic Period Fraction 0 %
(The Synodic period is 29.531 days, average, or 29 days, 12 hours, and 44 minutes, New Moon to New Moon. We use the Moon's Synodic period to calculate when it will go through its phases.)
Moon Illumination Fraction 0.0007

Sept. 22, -6 (7BC) = before the conjunction
Sept. 23 = conj.
Sept. 24 = crescent Moon between Spica and Feet of Virgo
Sept. 25 = crescent Moon under her feet
(The amazingly thin crescent is seen when the Moon is 2 days old, or 2 days past New. Tishri 1 is when the Crescent Moon is visible in the evening. Then is Sept. 25 the real Tishri 1?)
BC 6

TISHRI 1, 3756, common complete, 365 d
= Gregorian -5 (BC 6) Sept. 11, normal, Mon.

Tarek's Sept. 11, BC 6, Mon.
= Julian, Sept. 13, 6 BC
= Julian Day (JD) 1719486.5
Moon Age 29.06 days (then it can't be Tishri 1)
Moon Synodic Period Fraction 98 %
Moon Illumination Fraction -0.003

YourSky, Sept 11, -5 (=BC 6) (=Tishri 1) 15:41 UTC = No Moon in Virgo
Sept. 12 = no Moon in Virgo
Sept. 13 = conjunction of Sun and Moon (dark New Moon)
Sept. 14 = Moon under Virgo's feet Tishri 4 (probably the actual Tishri 1)
BC 5

TISHRI 1, 3757, LY complete, 385 d
= Greg. -4 (BC 5) Aug 31, LY, Sat.

Tarek's, Aug 31, BC 5, Sat.
= Julian, Sept. 2, BC 5
= Julian Day (JD) 1719841.5
Moon Age 0.23 days (i.e., not the Crescent Moon)
Moon Synodic Period Fraction 1 %
Moon Illumination Fraction 0.0006
Calendar Home
Hebrew, Gregorian, Julian, and Julian Day number all agreed with Tarek's

YourSky (updated later in the day) Aug 31, -4 (BC5) (= Astronomer's Tishri 1) 15:41 UTC = Moon still in Leo Sept. 1 = Astronomer's Tishri 2 = conjunction of Sun and Moon in Virgo Sept. 2 = Astronomer's Tishri 3 = Dark Moon between Sun and Spica Sept. 3 = Astronomer's Tishri 5 = thin crescent Moon at Spica Sept. 4 = Astronomer's Tishri 6, actual Tishri 1 = crescent Moon just to feet Sept. 5 = Astronomer's Tishri 7, actual Tishri 2 = crescent still under feet
BC 4

TISHRI 1, 3758, common deficient, 353 d.
=Greg. -3 (BC 4) Sept 20, normal, Sat.

Tarek's, Sept 20, BC 4, Sat.
= Julian, Sept. 22, BC 4
= Julian Day (JD) 1720226.5
Moon Age 1.45 days
Moon Synodic Period Fraction 5 %
Moon Illumination Fraction 0.0204

YourSky, Sept 20, -3 (BC 4) (=Tishri 1)15:29 UTC = conj.
Sept. 21 = dark Moon not yet to feet
Sept. 22 = very slim crescent under feet on Tishri 3
(Sept. 22 was probably the actual Tishri 1)
BC 3

TISHRI 1, 3759, common reg, 354 d.
=Greg. -2 (BC 3) Sept 8, normal, Tue.

Tarek's, Sept 8, BC 3, Tue.
= Julian, Sept. 10, BC 3
= Julian Day (JD) 1720579.5
Moon Age 0.46 days
Moon Synodic Period Fraction 2 %
Moon Illumination Fraction 0.0026

YourSky, Sept 8, -2 (BC 3) (=Tishri 1) = no Moon in Virgo
Sept 9, conj
Sept 10, dark Moon Mid-body, at Spica
Sept 11, slim crescent, not yet to feet
Sept 12, crescent under feet on Tishri 5
Sept 13, past Virgo
BC 2

TISHRI 1, 3760, LY, 385 d.
=Greg. -1 (BC2), Aug. 28, normal, Sat.

Tarek's, Aug. 28, BC2, Sat.
= Julian, Aug 30, BC 2
= Julian Day, 1720933.5
Moon Age 0.32 days
Moon Synodic Period Fraction 1 %
Moon Illumination Fraction 0.002

YourSky, Aug 28, -1 (BC2) (=Tishri 1) = no Moon in Virgo
Aug 29, conj.
Aug 30, dark Moon halfway between Sun and Spica
Aug 31, slim crescent at Spica
Sept 1, crescent half way between Spica and feet
Sept 2, crescent under feet Tishri 6
BC 1

TISHRI 1, 3761, common complete, 355 d.
=Greg. 0 (BC 1) Sept 16, LY, Sat.

Tarek's, Sept. 16, BC 1, Sat.
= Julian, Sept 18, BC 1
= Julian Day (JD) 1721318.5
Moon Age 1.42 days
Moon Synodic Period Fraction 5 %
Moon Illumination Fraction 0.0259

YourSky, Sept 16, 0 (BC 1) (=Tishri 1) = no Moon in Virgo
Sept 17, dark Moon little past Spica
Sept 18, crescent Moon under feet on Tishri 3
! AD

TISHRI 1, 3762, LY def, 383 d.
=Greg. 1 (1 AD) Sept 6, normal, Thur.

Tarek's, Sept 6, 1 AD, Thur.
= Julian, Sept. 8, 1 AD
= Julian Day (JD) 1721673.5
Moon Age 1.87 days
Moon Synodic Period Fraction 6 %
Moon Illumination Fraction 0.0517

YourSky, Sept 6, 1 AD (=Tishri 1) = conj. in Virgo
Sept 7 = very thin crescent Mid-body near Spica
Sept 8 = crescent under feet on Tishri 3
2 AD

TISHRI 1, 3763, common reg. 354 d
=Greg. 2 (2 AD) Sept 24, Tue.

Tarek's, Sept 24, 2 AD, Tue.
= Julian, Sept 26, 2 AD
= Julian Day (JD) 1722056.5
Moon Age 0.82 days
Moon Synodic Period Fraction 3 %
Moon Illumination Fraction 0.0113

YourSky, Sept 24, 2 AD (=Tishri 1) = no conj. in Virgo yet
Sept 25 = conj.
Sept 26 = slim crescent under feet on Tishri 3 __________________________________________________
3 AD

TISHRI 1, 3764, common complete, 355 d.
=Greg. 3 (3 AD) Sept. 13, normal, Sat.

Tarek's, Sept. 13, 3 AD, Sat.
= Julian, Sept. 15, 3 AD
= Julian Day (JD) 1722410.5
Moon Age 0.15 days (this would be too soon)
Moon Synodic Period Fraction 1 %
Moon Illumination Fraction 0.0013

YourSky, Sept. 13, 3 AD (=Tishri 1), 15:22 UTC = before conj in Virgo
Sept 14 = 15:22 is before conj.
Sept 15 = dark Moon at Spica
Sept 16 = crescent under feet on Tishri 4

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