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Incoming Email, Re: Wheat harvest

Hello, I live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (Amish country!). I just wanted to let you know, they harvested the wheat fields this morning!!! (6/6/98)

My reply

Thanks. I wonder if you meant to write 6/5 instead of 6/6. My computer tells me it is now Fri. 11:38 AM, 6/5/98. That is like 5-6 (June 6) if you turn it around. Look up, harvest is nigh. Yeshua said "Many are called, few are chosen." We have to be chosen. Keep the faith...

(Note: The wheat near us has not been harvested yet, but they have tire tracks on one side through the wheat as if a truck drove in there. They have put soil at the curb to make a ramp for trucks and dug some soil with big earth-moving machines--to make a dirt road or a level spot to work?. I can't see that part unless I hike, because it is lower than near the street. Harvest is coming soon.)

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Rare June snowstorm blankets northern Plains, Weekend News Today, New York Times

Wed Jun 3 , 1998 -- A rare June snowstorm blanketed the northern Plains, from Wyoming to western South Dakota, with up to 10 inches Wednesday, while temperatures reached 100 degrees in the South. Rapid City, S.D., reported 3 inches of snow overnight, one of the latest snowfalls ever recorded, AP reported. The last time the city received snow in June was in 1969. This is only the third time since records began in 1888 that snow has fallen there in June. Around Sundance, Wyo., from 3 to 8 inches of snow fell. Seven to 10 inches fell in Lead, S.D.

Incoming Email

I just came across a very interesting article in J R Church's magazine "Prophecy in the News"(Feb 98). As you may know 1998 is the year 5758 in the Hebrew calendar, and is spelled with the hebrew letters tahv, shin, nun, and chet and can be pronounced ta'shanoach, "you shall rest." It's final two letters,nun and chet, are the spelling for the Hebrew proper noum,Noach. In English, we read this word as Noah,the name of the man chosen by God to bring humanity across the flood. His name is the Hebrew word for "rest." It looks as if God has chosen 1998 to be "as the days of Noah!" I'm sure you'll find this information as exciting as I did! God bless you and I hope to see you soon.

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Fwd: A Delayed Rapture

From Psalm 90 to 98 the only occurence of the shortened version of the Hebrew phonetic equivalent or our English word rapture is in Psalm 95- 96 at an ELS of 14. One other place that it is found at this ELS is in Zechariah 9:3-4. The name Zechariah is actually found in Psalm 94 to 95 at an ELS of 84. Note that the gematria for Zechariah is 242 and that 2 x 42 = 84. This precise finding of the name Zechariah leads me to believe that this placement is here on purpose, as if pointing to the book of Zechariah.

When the word rapture that is found in Zechariah 9 is graphed, some very amazing things show up. On the graph, the word rapture starts on the fourth line and runs down. On the top line, counting every fourth letter, is the word May with the number 31 in the middle. In the fourth column, running parallel to rapture, is the Hebrew word moshahah which means delayed. The letters in red below that are the date June 7th.

Putting this all together, this code seems to say that the rapture of May 31 has been delayed until June 7th. According to Elihu Ripps and Michael Drosnin, many of their finds were associated with the word "delayed". Perhaps the Lord delayed this rapture to test our faith. Let's continue steadfast in the faith and keep looking up. Just a few more days left! Maranatha

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Fwd: Zechariah 9 and Sivan 13

Hi Again Marlyn, this work was done by Bill Singleton of Greenville S.C. The only part I played was asking him a couple of days to look for the word Delayed because Drosnin in his book said they found the word Delayed in regards to the death of the P.M. of Israel... Only they found it 4 or 5 times and it appears to him that the PM would be killed in a July and not by an a lone killer. He thought it meant in a battle...

Have you read the book by Drosnin, the Bible Codes ?" I wish I could get in touch with him. I would like to tell him about Jesus. He said in his book he was searching and reporting the Truth.

My reply

Thanks for all your input. Every step up in faith all our lives, we are tested to see if we will hang on to it or let it go. We want to be the good ground in which the seed can take root and grow. We have to resist Satan, and he will flee from us. This could be the greatest test. Just in case, I am standing pat. As I said before, what does it hurt to be ready? As for me, I'm on record, I choose God and Jesus Christ, no matter what else happens.

Yes, I read Drosnin's Bible Codes. I could not understand how he could write that book and not accept Christ. Do you suppose he will listen now? Maybe if the Rapture takes place, he will pay attention.

Incoming Email

Hi Marlyn, here is another post I received from Bill Singleton. I also just spoke with him on the phone and he had only told me of this find about 15 minutes ago...
Notice, Jewish and English dates found...

"It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter." (Prov 25:2 KJV)

Subject: Zechariah 9 and Sivan 13

In Zechariah 9:14 we read " And the LORD shall be seen over them, and his arrow shall go forth as the lightning: and the LORD GOD shall blow the trumpet, and shall go with whirlwinds of the south". This is the only place in the Old Testament where the phrase "the LORD GOD shall blow the trumpet" occurs. Perhaps this is a reference to the Lord Jesus blowing the trumpet at the rapture of the church.

The word Sivan is found at an ELS of 54 running through this verse. On the graph the word Sivan runs from top to bottom. Next to it in red letters is the number 13. To the left are the letters vav, vav, tzadai, and chet forming the date 6-6-98. Due to the different times zone aound the world and the international date line, the rapture will take place at different times and on two different days. Therefore in this chapter we have both the Hebrew and English dates corresponding to Pentecost 1998. Keep looking up! Maranatha

(Note: July 7 is Sivan 13. The sheep and shepherd in our field near the house disappeared on the 13th.)

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Fwd: Job 14 and the Appointed Time
More Findings From Bill Singleton...

In Job 14:14 we read "If a man die, shall he live again? all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come". The Hebrew word that is here translated appointed time is tsaba. In this passage the dates of June 6 and June 7 are found in an unusual way. On the graph, the word tsaba runs horizontally. Joining it in red letters is the date 6th of June. The tzadai above it forms the date June 7 with the four letters directly below it.

Here is yet another reference to the rapture on June 6-7 or Pentecost. Let's hope that this is truly the "appointed time".

In answer to the criticism concerning using English words in the Bible codes searches, I would like to say that, according to my Hebrew translator, the Hebrew spelling for the month of June is yod vav nun yod. This spelling is not of personal origin. Surely our Lord is fully capable of knowing in advance the English words and their spelling in Hebrew and making allowances for it. Maranatha

Incoming Email

Re:Rapture June 7. We see that the original rapture prediction has been changed to this weekend. Is that correct? And if so, why?

My reply

Don't give up yet. Just stay ready and watch as before, just in case. Lyn Mize is the first one I know of to see that the Talmudic Jewish Calendar is not in accordance with Leviticus.

I now expect the Rapture June 7, 1998. There is a calendar I did not know about. Someone sent me the URL. "The Calendar of the Orthodox Church" by Lewis Patsavos, says, "Jews originally celebrated Passover ON THE FIRST FULL MOON following the vernal equinox. Christians, therefore, celebrated Easter ON THE FIRST SUNDAY AFTER THE FIRST FULL MOON following the vernal equinox."

This year, since the full moon was Sat., April 11, that would have been the Jewish Passover. The Feast of Unleavened Bread would have been Sunday, April 12. The Feast of Firstfruits would not be the same day as Unleavened Bread. Thus, The Feast of Firstfruits would have been on the following Sunday, Apr. 19. In the countdown of the Omer, day one would have been Apr. 19. This places the 50th day, Pentecost, on June 7, and it is to be kept June 7 by the Orthodox Church.

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DRESS REHEARSAL ( (Sher bond), Tue 10:24 AM)

Marilyn,you said Revelations was like a play....Looks like we just had dress rehearsal.

(Note: Another told me *ahead of time* that it would be a "dress rehearsal.")

How appropriate for TRUE PENTECOST TO FALL ON THE GREEK ORTHODOX DATE, THE TRUE BIBLICAL DATE. COUNTING OF THE OMER ACCORDING TO LEVITICUS 23, NOT MANS TRADITION...And the last 7 words of the bible have a Gematria of 8991 (or), right to left =1998)

Marilyn, with God as my witness, I was only going to Put "TRUE PENTECOST" in caps above, but I could not get my typewriter out of caps till I completed my thought.....God Is In Control. Glad to be in the family. Please sign my name to your website as I have been blessed to have found you. Sherry Ann Bond (Sher A. Bond) Paris, Texas.

PS. Marilyn, yesterday I wrote you that I was typing TRUE PENTECOST and then I could not get my keyboard out of caps...I could not even delete what I had typed...until I finished with NOT MANS TRADITION, now I realize that when I typed LEVITICUS 23 (in all caps) the 23 should have read @# but it printed out fine! Also as I was typing and trying to erase/delete the caps while hitting my delete key the numbers 07 appeared on screen....I was able to hit delete again and erase that....Wow.

Waiting And Watching And Praying.

Incoming Email

I've tried to commit suicide many times in my life. There simply was nothing to look forward to. I had been saved since I was 7 and believed in Jesus with all my heart, but I truly hated this world. Reading the Bible every day gave me insight to the fact that God had a plan and purpose for my life even though to me it looked useless. With the rapture to look forward to (no matter when that is) its made sense out of life. I think the rapture is very close, I've talked to my friends and they feel as I do that we are in some kind of dream! We feel somehow detached from ourselves. Like in a state of not here nor there. I had a terrible dream on May 26, that really frightened me. I believe it has to do with the rapture. I believe as you do, (because of my dream) that there is some kind of sifting going on right now. I pray that everyone hold tight to their faith and I believe that we should be praying for our Christian brothers and sisters.

My Dream:
We hid from the evil behind all sorts of objects. Behind an old car in a narrow alley. We were so frightened. We were sure that our hearts could be heard. The blood was pulsing through our veins so loudly that it was deafening. It was a tight squeeze fitting the both of us behind the car. The others hid behind other objects and I worried about their safety. We were sure that parts of us could be seen, but he was busy chasing someone else and ran right past us, though I was sure that he knew we were there. We left right away knowing full well that he would be back and quickly. It was even frightening to come out from our place of hiding, even though we knew that he knew we were there and that he would be back for us. He was wearing a black cape and a hood. It seemed he had no feet, he was gliding slickly and smoothly and so silently. He was hard to see, he matched the black of the night sky, only shadows and glimpses could be seen of him. He seemed to be lurking everywhere. We finally made it home and to our own bed, but the fear still gripped us. Suddenly two others were in our bed. Two women, one more mature than the other. The less mature lady had a dust pan with kernels of corn in it. She spoke in a Mexican accent. She said "I tried to save the corn in the pan but as I was running many were being lost. They were flying out of the pan as I ran to save myself. I felt so bad that in my getting away so many corns were escaping my grasp. I could not hold on to them and it broke my heart as the wind carried them to the ground behind me. Finally when we made it to your bed the pain in my heart left me."

[While this was happening to them I had my own problems.]

The evil thing that jumped in my chest was the same thing that had jumped in a couple of months ago. Now my heart is pounding as it was when I was running and trying to hide from the evil thing. This time Instantly I started calling out pleading the blood of Jesus before it was all the way in my chest like last time. The words were hard to verbally speak but once the words left my mouth it pulled out and left as quickly as it entered. As I was binding the devil fighting him from entering me I heard the lady with the sweet Mexican accent say "Look, Look at the dust pan all the kernels of corn are here. I saw them dropping out but it must have been to trick the evil one, because look the pan is full." I was awake now and shaking all over and my heart was still pounding. I laid my head back down on the pillow and began to pray for all the Saints around the world that God would put his largest angels to encamp around us all until His return. I prayed for His hedge to hold until His arrival.

Mrs. Agee, You are a beautiful person, and I thank the Lord for your persistence in keeping all of us close to Him. When I visualize you I see you as a mother duck and we the ducklings all behind you, as you lead us to the river. Thank you! P.S. ice works the best on muscle pain.

My reply

Thanks for all. I'll use cold pack.

Incoming Email

Marilyn, my daughter was terribly dismayed come late Saturday evening. It had only been three days before the 31st, that I finally had got through to her, the importance of being ready for Our Lord and Savior. It didn't take me long, however, to realize that, PRAISE THE LORD, Our King didn't come and just happen to leave us behind. What a beautiful and glorious thought. Who knows, maybe I can get through to my husband, before the Bride is caught up to be with her Kinsman Redeemer.

Before checking your site this evening, it had crossed my mind about any other possible date setting. There would have to be more Biblical information brought to light, before I would allow my expectations to be raised that high again. You know what? I can't possibly imagine anyone else that could comb the scriptures any finer than what you have. The Lord God Almighty didn't bring forth all this knowledge, through you, for it all to be brought to naught.

Signed, ever-so-grateful to still be here.

My reply

There was a piece of the puzzle missing. (omitted because it is above.)

Incoming Email

I just read the updates to your website regarding a June 7th Rapture and have a question: since by using the "orthodox" methodology of reckoning does this mean that Pentecost is always on a Sunday which would therefore negate the initial reason for distinguishing this year's Pentecost from subsequent year's ones which do not fall on a Sunday when calculated by the "traditional" method. If this is so then 1999, 2000 etc. are equally valid dates for the Rapure.

My reply

Yes. You are right. There has been a segment all along that figured that Pentecost always fell on Sunday. I was not able to get a copy of their calendar.

However, since Luke 13:6-9 shows us the four Jewish years between the Rapture and the Tribulation, and since the calendars I could check converged on the same date this year, I thought May 31 most likely. Now, I think I found the missing piece of the puzzle.

Incoming Email

A quick question.  This new date, June 7th, is this to be the rapture with the waiting period built in from May 31?  Or is this to be "the date" with a new waiting period on top of that?  I am starting to get confused with all this new information.

My reply

I read Gen. 7's account of Noah and the Flood in different versions. Maybe there was no 7 day waiting period. In the NIV, it does not sound like there is. I'm not sure about a waiting period. Maybe the true Pentecost is June 7. We'll soon know. Just stay ready and watch.

Incoming Email

I hope this email finds you well and with your shoulder and mouse hand feeling better.

I have been doing some studying on the feast days as mentioned in Leviticus 23. Although all of the calendars that I have found seem to count the omer starting on the second day of Passover, it seems that according to Leviticus 23:11 the omer should be counted after the sabbath following the week of unleavened bread. Counting it this way would put this years Pentecost on June 7. The only thing that didn't work in my mind about this was the statement that I have always understood that Jesus died on Passover, was buried on unleavened bread, and rose on firstfruits. However, if firstfruits didn't take place until 7 days after the feast of unleavened bread this couldn't be, since of course we know Jesus rose again on the third day. I went to bed with this on my mind and woke up thinking about Mary Magdalene going to the tomb on the first day of the week, and Jesus telling her to "Touch me not, for I am not yet ascended to my Father; etc." He also appeared to some of the disciples on that day, but we see in John 20:24 that Thomas was not among them. Vs. 26 says AFTER EIGHT days again his disciples were within and Thomas among them, this is when Jesus allowed Thomas to touch Him. Obviously He had during that time ascended to His Father.....could this be when He went to present the wave offering for Firstfruits?

Just a thought. Would appreciate your comments on this. Love you

My reply

I was up at 3:30 AM Thur. We drove over 100 miles to take Ed's mother to her doctor. Got home and as soon as we ate, I had to nap awhile. One good thing, her Dr. told me to take Aleve, that it was stronger than Motrin. Pain is still there, but not as severe. That arm is just strained from overwork. I put ice pack on it while Ed drove there. I drive back because lots of times, it is after dark and I see better at night than he does.

> The only thing that didn't work in my mind about this
> was the statement that I have always understood that Jesus died on
> Passover, was buried on unleavened bread, and rose on firstfruits.
> However, if firstfruits didn't take place until 7 days after the feast of
> unleavened bread this couldn't be, since of course we know Jesus rose again
> on the third day.

I had the same thoughts. Maybe it is different in some years, according to how the New Moon and Sunday line up. In AD 30, it had to be the Sunday after the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This year, if the full moon had been Fri. instead of Sat., it seems that Firstfruits would have been on the third day. Because the new moon was Sat., that would not work out. I knew nothing of this way of figuring it until now. That is why I got up at 3:30 AM, to work on it. I prayed to be able to think it through correctly before I went to sleep.

> "Touch me not, for I am not yet ascended to my Father

I think Jesus took those O.T. saints that were waiting in Paradise to Heaven on his Resurrection Day. Before it, he did not want to be touched. Afterward, it was ok to touch him.

Note: Those with enough faith saw the Lord right away after the Resurrection. Doubting Thomas was not present. He SAW the Lord after eight days. After eight comes nine. I think it is nine years from Rapture I in 1998 to Rapture II in 2007. That is the day the Lord is seen when the heavens are rolled aside like a scroll. Mark 13:24-27 says, "But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light (the sixth seal is broken, Rev. 6:12-14), And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they SEE the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory. And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the earth (Rapture II) to the uttermost part of heaven" (those already caught up in Rapture I).

Mt. 24:30 calls this seeing the Lord "the sign of the Son of man." Ezek. 38:23 mentions it: "Thus will I magnify myself, and sanctify myself; and I will be known in the EYES of many nations, and they shall KNOW that I am the LORD (YHVH)."

In John 21:28, Thomas then said, "My Lord and my God."

Incoming Email

I just wanted to let you know how excited I was this past 31st and how thrilling it was to wait through the night. I was in Denver and the wind was gusting and swirling very intensely throughout the night. Every time I heard it blow hard, my heart just raced. I think my veins were half blood and half adreneline as I heard that "great rushing wind" almost all night! But,I knew that after 9am in Israel, I could finally go to bed. As I lay there in my bed (actaully feeling pretty exhausted) I had an incredible intuition that the 31th was not neccesarily Pentacost. It was great because in knowing the date and the hour, we didnt know the date or the hour(paradoxically both true). I re-evaluated the reasons I believed your prediction was scriptural. The sign of the end of the age seems to be such a solid marker in time. We must be so very close, even if last week has come and gone. I continue to believe that our expecting was not in vain. Will continue to pray for your health and well being (and sanity sometimes I'm sure : ) )...

ps. you know, there were times in the night, as i lay there waiting that my heart was filled with fear, actually pure terror, as i contemplated the thought of in the next moment meeting my God in His glory. I was initially very scared when I first read your "message" and it struck me as scriptural because I wasnt completely ready. But after putting things right, I was very joyfully expecting for several months. I was joyfull and terrified at the same time sometimes through the night. After that expirience, today I am almost completely at peace, although i dont know how I'll feel again this saturday night. Of course, feelings, what are they really good for anyway, right? : )

My reply

My sanity is fine. My faith is stronger than anything I can think of to compare it to; it can't be dented, bent, sawed, melted or destroyed. What I am is tired--two over 100-mile drives this week, staying up late, getting up at 3:30 AM yesterday, trying to put HTML on the Pro and Cons, answering as many emails as I can manage, doing the washing, answering the phone, etc. I am running as hard as I can to accomplish as much as possible.

Incoming Email

In the parable of the ten Virgins, when the call goes out, the Bridegroom is not there yet. The call is ³ The Bridegroom Cometh². The friends that go with the Bride Groom to retrieve the Bride, run ahead and announce his coming.  The ten awaken and begin to trim their lamps. The 5 foolish have no oil. The 5 wise tell them to go buy oil for themselves. All this would indicate that all ten felt there was a little time left before the Bride Groom actually arrived. In other words the Groom didnıt come and knock the door open and have a little play fight with the father of the bride (Old Jewish custom). This was the  wake up call, ³The Bridegroom is Coming.²  So maybe this first date of  May 31st. was that wake up call for us. Many people over the last year have been looking forward to this date and have prepared themselves through faith. More still have prepared in the days since itıs passing. Perhaps those who have heard this call, will find themselves filled with His Glory on the Biblical Pentecost on June 6-7th. I urge all of you who read this to share it with others and to be prayerfully seeking the Lord own voice and direction about this. I believe He will speak to us very clearly before He arrives.  If this does not happen on June 6-7th, then keep praying because we know that it will be very, very soon!

Incoming Email

Even if the date of May 31, 1998 was off by a week, time will tell. Thanks so much for your obedience to the Lord. Because of your web site my daughter has left a life of sex and drugs so as not to be left behind. God bless your efforts. This family will be eternally grateful no matter when our Lord decides to return. Thanks again.

Incoming Email

Good news reportI
Sunday May 31, 1998 a Pentecost rally was held in Muskogee OK. I was filled with the Holy-Spirt along with numerous others who attended the rally and there were also several people who were added to the body of Christ. The Lord did visit the Earth on May 31, 1998 PRAISE THE LORD!!! I'll see you in Heaven...SOON.

Incoming Email

Blessings. The parable of the ten virgins, as was pointed out in your Pros-and- Cons-#114, precedes Yeshua's (Jesus') going to the Garden of Gesethemene to pray, where all of his disiples fell asleep (as did all ten virgins). "Gesethemene" comes from the combination of two Hebrew words, and its Greek meaning is "oil-press." The Matthew occurances of this word are the only ones in either the New or Old Testaments, even though "Jesus went there often to pray" and that is how Judas knew where to find him to betray him.

May we all be praying Friday and Saturday "Thy will be done," just as the master was, in accordance with how he taught us to pray. Prayer is the oil press that will help us have enough for our lamps. Perhaps this is where Peter went wrong, although scripture had to be fulfilled with regard to all of the L-rd's followers leaving him alone that night.

Marilyn, thank you so much for putting the time and effort on His behalf into your books and into your web-site. May the love and peace of G-d rest upon you and may his face shine upon you! With love in Yeshua!

Incoming Email

Shalom. Erev Tov!

YHVH has softened my heart. I repent of my harsh words. As I was getting ready to shoot-off another condemnation I saw the picture you posted of the girl standing in the wedding dress watching those praying at the Wailing Wall. Then a voice spoke to my heart, "Which one are you? Are you the young woman or are you one of those with your back to the bride and eyes towards a wall?

If you are right and Y'shua comes on the Orthodox Pentecost, I hope to see you in person to ask for your forgiveness in person.

My reply

You don't need to. You are forgiven already. Members of the Bride must have the love of God in their hearts, for God is love. The Lord and his Bride must have a love relationship. The brethren should have fellowship one with another. The world does not understand Christian fellowship. It is the Holy Spirit that draws us to one another, not because we all believe everything alike, but because we all belong to Christ; we believe the right things about Christ. All else is secondary.

The date is not what is important. We are just doing what the Lord said to do--watch. What is important is what takes place in our hearts.

I knew that when Jerusalem was "one united whole," it was a "sign," the Sign of the End of the Age. Why didn't I think of the date--6-7-67, June 7?

See you in glory whenever the Lord comes.
In the abundant love of the Lord

Incoming Email

WOW! Marilyn! Have you seen all these SNOW reports? I am half expecting to wake up in the morning in Louisville and see SNOW on the ground! And In JUNE!!!

And isn't JUNE the Month for BRIDES anyway? Awesome things are "coming down"!!! [or going up! hah!]

My reply

June Brides!!!! Thanks.

Her reply

Yes, BRIDES, Marilyn! JUNE is the month all the BRIDES want to get married in!!!

And isn't the PEARL the birthstone for JUNE????* WE are the "Lamb's PEARL!" Brides wear WHITE! Pearls are WHITE! SNOW is WHITE!!!! [Lamb's are WHITE!] AND Pentecost SUNDAY is called WHITESUNDAY!!!

*[as in "PEARL" of great price!?] :-)

According to my calendar the "traditional" FLOWER for JUNE is the ROSE! [as in "Rose of Sharon" - in OUR case?] For May - it is the "LILY of the VALLEY"!

SO - for our 7 days warning in May, we got the "Lily of the Valley" and In June - WE get the ROSE of SHARON! YES!

My reply

Wonderful!!! Thank you. Thank you. Had not thought of these things. Told ya two heads were better than one.

Incoming Email

Marilyn, Forgive me if I was presumptuous but having just read your 6/5 uploads I took the liberty of ordering you one of those logitech trackballs (I requested the one for a Mac).  It should arrive at the Sugar Gum Rd address by Tuesday.  It's paid for so if you get more than one or if it doesn't work for you, please exchange it for something you can use (got it thru Cyberian Outpost).  I realize keeping up the website must be both exhausting and expensive so I thought maybe you could use a little help.  I was going to call you but I was afraid you might be resting.  Anyway, if the Lord comes (as we all hope He will!), you won't need it anyway.

God has blessed me so much--not in the usual ways but in extraordinary ways.  Due to a genetic flaw, it was necessary to amputate both feet when I was 4 yrs old.  Despite many surgeries and obstacles, I wear high heels, have a wonderful full time job at Progressive Insurance and drive a fire engine red sports coupe.  Mom and I are heading for Israel this year if He tarries!  One way or the other, we'll see Jerusalem! Love from Tampa, FL

My reply

Bless you. Thanks so much. Thanks for sharing your story with me too. We each have a different cross to bear. Love your determination to see Jerusalem either way. Love

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