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I got all your emails. Will post this one as soon as I can, but will wait on the others. I have been gone all day. Ed had Dr. appt., so did his mother (that part is a 140-mile drive). I was so sleepy before starting home from my mother-in-laws that I was sitting waiting, watching a traffic signal that had already turned green and I didn't know it. Had to go get a couple cups of regular coffee to be able to drive home safely. Got here, and 28 emails came in. Have scanned them. I prepared the rest of the Pro and Con for this this morning before I left, but your email had not yet come when I had to leave. I'll post it and go take a nap.

Next morning: Couldn't get on server last night. Will try again.

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As I saw on pro-con 125 time of Saturns rise on June 21 - I checked it too - it is 02.18 Jerusalem time (daylight saving). That night before Saturn only one planet has risen - Jupiter (at 00.40 am).

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Marilyn, The "rapture" obviously did not occur. What next?

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First, there was an Eastern Orthodox calendar I knew nothing about until after May 31 passed. The Jewish calendar I have is the Talmudic Calendar. Pentecost figured the Eastern Orthodox way is more in line with Lev. 23 because it is always on Sunday. Their Pentecost was June 7.

Here is a copy of an incoming email that makes it seem that June 7 was the correct Pentecost date. I have had automatic caps on my keyboard when neither the shift key nor caps lock key were down. This is the first time it happened to Sher Bond.
DRESS REHEARSAL ( (Sher bond), Tue 10:24 AM)
Marilyn,you said Revelations was like a play....Looks like we just had dress rehearsal.

(Note: Another told me *ahead of time* that it would be a "dress rehearsal.")

How appropriate for TRUE PENTECOST TO FALL ON THE GREEK ORTHODOX DATE, THE TRUE BIBLICAL DATE. COUNTING OF THE OMER ACCORDING TO LEVITICUS 23, NOT MANS TRADITION...And the last 7 words of the bible have a Gematria of 8991 (or), right to left =1998)

Marilyn, with God as my witness, I was only going to Put "TRUE PENTECOST" in caps above, but I could not get my typewriter out of caps till I completed my thought.....God Is In Control. Glad to be in the family. Please sign my name to your website as I have been blessed to have found you. Sherry Ann Bond (Sher A. Bond) Paris, Texas.

PS. Marilyn, yesterday I wrote you that I was typing TRUE PENTECOST and then I could not get my keyboard out of caps...I could not even delete what I had typed...until I finished with NOT MANS TRADITION, now I realize that when I typed LEVITICUS 23 (in all caps) the 23 should have read @# but it printed out fine! Also as I was typing and trying to erase/delete the caps while hitting my delete key the numbers 07 appeared on screen....I was able to hit delete again and erase that....Wow.

Waiting And Watching And Praying.
In the parable of the ten virgins, Mt. 25:5 says, "While the bridegroom TARRIED, they all slumbered and slept." I had not thought about this indicating that there was to be a delay, but there obviously is.

There was a delay at Mt. Sinai too. Ex. 19:10,11 says, "Go to the people, and sanctify them TO DAY and TO MORROW, and let them wash their clothes, And be ready against the THIRD DAY: for the third day the LORD will come down." Washing their clothes indicates that we should confess our sins so the Lord can cleanse us from all unrighteousness, as per I John 1:9, so we are wearing white wedding garments. "TO DAY and TO MORROW" and the next day being the "THIRD DAY" shows us that the count is according to Jewish inclusive reckoning. They count the first day as number one.

This delay seems to be a test, during which time Satan is allowed to sift us as wheat. In Luke 22:31, Jesus told Simon Peter, "Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat." Jesus asked Peter if he loved him THREE times. We may have to prove our love for the Lord three times too. The delay also gives us a chance to get ready ourselves and to tell others about Christ, to give them one last chance to be included in the Pre-Trib Rapture.

There are several other scriptures that mention the third day, which could be types of the third Lord's Day.

Joshua 1:11: "within THREE DAYS ye shall pass over this Jordan, to go in to possess the land." This is the promised land, and our promised land in Heaven.

"Destroy this temple, and in THREE DAYS I WILL RAISE IT UP...HE SPAKE OF THE TEMPLE OF HIS BODY" (John 2:19,21). We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the Body of Christ.

If we start the countdown with the Orthodox Pentecost, three Lord's Days (as per Rev. 1:10) would be June 7, 14 and 21, counted by Jewish inclusive reckoning.

I am now hoping for a spring Rapture, when the spring wheat harvest season is FULFILLED, June 21. It's still spring on the 21st in Israel until 5:00 PM. Song of Solomon 2:11 says, "winter is past," not spring is past. June 21 will be the last Sunday this spring. According to Song of Solomon 2:13, it is also a time of green figs and the firstripe grapes.

In the parable of the fig tree in Mt. 24:32-34, it says, "summer is nigh: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it (the Rapture) is near, even at the doors." Door is a symbol of the Rapture in Rev. 3:8 and 4:1. Let us all be sure we have accepted Christ and have confessed all known sins since that time so we stand ready, whenever it happens.

Hoping to see you in glory. In His love

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The "yet other" and the "yet other 7 days" seems to be after the 40 days of rain and after the ark was lifted up high above the earth, after the rapture, if you will. The "yet others" may apply to tribulation examples.

I believe the rapture will be 40 days after Iyar l7 and 21 days after Pentecost, 3 sabbath days after Pentecost, June 21st.

I find more and more references in the 20 and 21st verses that consistently say "lift up, birth pangs take hold, deliver, redeem, go up, escape, stole away, fled, that day, this day, 3rd day."

Phrases from Genesis 50: 20-21.....".bring to pass as it is this day to save much people alive......fear not, I will nourish you and your little ones, he comforted them." Sound like the rapture?

Genesis 40:20..."and it came to pass on the 3rd day, ......made feast, lifted up....21 restored."

Jeremiah 23: 20...."in the last days you will clearly understand it."

There must hundreds of verses in 20 and 21 that indicate those days....20/21st which is sounding right. And the 20th seems to be more directed to the church and gentiles and our time zone, while the 21st seems show a view from the Jewish time zone and revelation. And the lst rapture would be in the 20th century, while the second rapture would be in the 21st century.

And in reference to the lifted up, rose up being in past tense, they were for examples, types, and kinds.

Really finding many verses along this line. Really get my hopes up for June 20/21!! Ready to fly!!

Also, "summer is nigh" (next to, side by side, adjoining, nect, contiguous, abutting, to approach next, nearly, almost).

Love in our Lord

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Thanks. I'm looking for it to happen on June 20/21 also.

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Second email of the day: So, have you decided on another date when 6/21/98 doesn't pan out. Remember, I believe in a rapture. If God is really leading you, then why hasn't the rapture happened? I think that God is working in your life here, but what He's telling you is something that you don't want to hear.

My reply

The church was to receive strong meat when it was old. It is now white haired. If it is ever to get strong meat, it is now. On this Web site, we are working together as a team to stay ready, watch and try to figure out what the Lord has foretold, things we did not see before because we had not realized that Mt. 25:5's "While the bridegroom tarried" meant that there would be a delay. In Mark 13:23 he told us that he has foretold all things. We believe that to be the truth. According to Dan. 12, in the latter days, knowledge shall be increased. None of the wicked will understand, but the wise shall understand. We want to be wise virgins that understand, and we are working hard at the task set before us.

Why don't you join in the search for information out of the scriptures on why the Rapture has not happened instead of emailing me about each failed date--as if I didn't realize that myself. How is that constructive? Is that the way the Lord would act? In our family, we wear "What would Jesus do?" (W.W.J.D.?)bracelets. We try to think of this in every situation. Did Jesus go around casting accusations hither and thither? I think not. Examine yourself and see if you are acting Christlike.

> what He's telling you is something that you don't want to hear.

Or something that you do not want to hear.

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What did you do to your thumb, or should I say what did the enemy do to it?

What are we calling the third day?

My reply

I did NOTHING to weaken my hand, or thumb. It happened the same day I installed my new track ball where I use thumb motion instead of wrist motion--several hours BEFORE I installed the software so I could use it. My handwriting is even shaky. At first, I could barely turn the key hard enough to start the car. I was starting to put up my other hand to help. It was impossible to use small fingernail nippers.

That's ok, I have had all kinds of attacks because of what I am doing for the Lord. I know that the Lord will see me through. Using the track ball instead of my old mouse is helping my arm. I just have to be patient in this also. Every time I am attacked, I get more determined, not less, so it does the enemy no good at all. It actually works against him. I can use my finger on the track ball if necessary. It is very easy to roll.

Until I had some information I had not had before, I thought June 14 the best bet because I thought it was the last Sunday in spring. However, now that someone told me that in Israel, spring does not arrive until 5:00 PM on the 21st, that is actually the last Sunday in spring.

Either this Sunday or next Sunday fit three time periods. However, the Orthodox way of figuring Pentecost seems more in line with Lev. 23. I had wondered why it was not always on Sunday, but had no information on how anyone else figured it. The calendar I have is the Talmudic calendar. I did not know any other existed until after I was on the Internet.

Anyway, it will happen as the Lord planned from the first. We just have to stay ready and wait patiently, whenever it is. I think Satan, like the raven Noah sent out, is going to and fro through the Earth. He is sifting the wheat in a sieve. It won't last forever. Like any test, the time is limited and cursing turns to blessing if we stand firm. We have to have the patient endurance of Job and stand firm in our faith. Job was not right in everything, but he was right in what was important. In the end, he was given twice as much as he had before. He is a good example for us. Here is where we show what we are made of.

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I don"t see the strange letters. I read your web site everyday and love it. Looking forward to meeting you.
Thanks. I guess my old equipment is the reason. I'm glad to find out for my arm and hand were just getting to where I could hardly keep rubbing over so many spaces to take them out.

I can't wait to meet you all. There's my Tennessee accent coming out. Originally from Indiana, I lived in TN during my High School years, Ed's college years at UT and several years in Oak Ridge before we moved to CA. See you in glory, soon, I hope. In His love

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I enjoy your site. Recently I've seen "three days" mentioned quite a bit. Before May 31st, I asked the Lord if the rapture would come within the next three years. If it were, could He have me dream about birds. First night, nothing. Same with second night. During the THIRD NIGHT, I dreamt of 4 bluebirds, a Mom, Dad and two baby bluebirds (note: intellectually I think they should have been bluejays, but my dream insisted upon them being called bluebirds. Bluebirds of happiness perhaps?) Anyhow, just thought that I'd pass this along. Keep watching. If not today, or tomorrow, or June 14, or June 21st, then probably soon. Keep watch!

My reply

Thanks for sharing this with me. I'm watching, and I'm in for the long haul if that is what it takes. World events alone show that it can't be long. It is the blessed hope and I'm hoping for this spring.

I was looking up the story of Ruth and Boaz because there was a delay there and noticed something else. It set me thinking. Do you know why she "uncovered his feet" (Ruth 3:7)? I think the feet of the Body of Christ are (1) the Bride and (2) the rest of the Body of Christ.

We are down to the feet of Nebuchadnezzar's image. Aren't we also down to the feet of the Body of Christ? Are the Philadelphians one foot and the Laodiceans the other foot? the wise virgins one foot and the foolish ones the other? Remember Jacob's ladder that reaches to Heaven. We climb a ladder one foot at a time just like the two Raptures.

Back to Ruth. In verses 17 and 18, we see that Boaz gave Ruth "six measures of barley," then Naomi told Ruth, "Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall: for the man will not be in rest, until he have finished the thing this day."

Six seems significant, for this is the six thousandth year. Finished the thing (finding out if he would marry her) this day could suggest this year. It fits the same pattern as 5758 (our 1997/98) meaning the season of Noah.

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Yesterday I finally succeeded in getting my CD "The Bible: multimedia experience" (by World Library, Inc. Irvine CA.) working. I stumbled on it months ago in a food market. But it didn't install only said "Illegal function call". However yesterday I learned how to operate it. (Not the way said in instructions). It is wonderful if you are searching for certain words, sentences etc.

I did a scan of snow and wheat harvest and picked up the following. You are probably familiar with at least a majority of them, but there just might be something new.
Now first I tried snow. There were 24 "hits". (King James Bible)
Here are those that I found to be most interesting:
proverbs 26:1
proverbs 31:21
lamentations 4:7
Job 37:6
psalms 147:14 - 16

Out of some of them you could get the idea of very surprising snowing ( or storm ) In the heart of the summer maybe??

Then I checked wheat harvest ( 8 hits )
exodus 34:21 - 22
Ruth 2:21 - 23
Samuel 6:13
1 Samuel 12:16 - 17 (very interesting)
Joel 1:11
Mathew 13:30 ( How do you understand that the tares are gathered first)

An other thing to strike my eye was (where it speaks of flock taken to rest at noon) Also compare with 1 Thes 5:4 - 5.

If you have the time to look into these and tell your impression, I would be greatful.

My reply

I've been looking them up. In I Sam. 13, I also noticed "he tarried seven days, according to the set time (the wheat harvest of 12:17?) that Samuel had appointed: but Samuel came not to Gilgal; and the people were scattered from him." The tarrying was to test Saul, and he failed. If not, "the LORD (would) have established thy kingdom upon Israel for ever" (13:13). David won what Saul lost here.

We are being tested too, and the winners are to be kings and priests (Rev. 5:10).

The tares are gathered and bound in bundles to be burned, but the wheat is gathered into his barn before the burning of the tares.

> (where it speaks of
> flock taken to rest at noon) Also compare with 1 Thes 5:4 - 5.

The latter is in a section talking about the Day of the Lord (v.2). We are "not in darkness, that that day (the Day of the Lord) should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day...but let us watch and be sober."

I John 1:5f says, "God is light, and in him is no darkness at all...If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth from all sin." Darkness represents evil and light the absence of evil.

However, the Day of the Lord begins with "thick darkness" (Joel 2:2). That day is the time of Rapture II, when the Lord comes as a thief near the time of Armageddon (Rev. 16:15,16). I think that is the main thing referred to in the passage in I Thess. On that Day of God's Wrath, the asteroid impacts Earth at noon--both pieces, the "mountain" and the "star" of Rev. 8:8,10).

In Song of Solomon 1:7, "thou makest thy flock to rest at noon." I can see a connection there. The entire Body of Christ is safe in Heaven as the impacts take place. Verse 10 says, "Thy cheeks are comely with rows of jewels, thy neck with chains of gold." It seems to be the day rewards are handed out at the Judgment Seat of Christ. In Daniel, we see that chains of gold represented being put third in command. We are to be made kings and priests. This fits right in.

As in Rev. 1, Song 1 seems to have a Preview, then go back and start telling about it in detail. Verse 4 says, "the king hath brought me into his chambers," then in 2:10-14, we are told how she got there.

The Bride rests with the Son of David at noon on the first day of the Millennium. The Marriage of the Lamb takes place after Christ's coronation and before the Judgment Seat of Christ on that first day of the Millennium.

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Thank you, sincerely. I'm still here, but honestly, maybe you or others aren't. Doesn't matter, you've done a wonderful thing for me... I'm living my life as though it will be any moment, I wasn't before. I've started witnessing to my family and friends. I truly believe we are in the last days and the Rapture will be soon. I hope you will take a well deserved rest. You are a wonderful woman....and He will come! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your work.

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You go to a long length to promote what is a false doctrine: the pretribulation rapture of the church. It cannot be supported by an in depth study of the so called "rapture" scriptures. If you really look into what those scriptures are saying (a cursory look at them won't be as effective as an in depth look), you will find that they don't really point to a pre trib gathering of the church back to Christ. In 2 Thess 2:4, Paul SPECIFICALLY states that our gathering back to Christ WILL NOT happen until after the coming of the lawless one. That right there should make one look askew at the pretribulation rapture. If that doesn't convince you, read Ezekiel 13 in its entirety. Ezekiel 13 should convince you of the incorrectness of the pretribulation rapture. Stop teaching false doctrine.
---- ----
--- ----- ------

My reply

I am surprised that you do not realize that "apostasia" can mean to desert a station in life, as in a divorce, and is the departing, and was so translated in The Geneva Bible, Tyndale's, Cranmer's, Breecher's, Beza's, The Great Bible and the Coverdale Bible.

Jesus said for us to watch for HIS coming, not to watch for the coming of the wicked one. We are not to get our eyes off of Jesus and start speculating about who the wicked one is. He is to be revealed after the salt that restrains the leaven is gone.

Rev. 4:1 is Rapture I. Rev. 7:14 indicates Rapture II. In between them is Rev. 6, which begins the Tribulation and takes us to the Day of God's Wrath in the last verse. Rapture I takes place in 4:1 and all else of the prophecies of the Tribulation are "hereafter." Therefore, it is a Pre-Trib Rapture. The one in Rev. 7 is the Pre-Wrath Rapture, which takes place between the opening of the sixth seal in 6:12 and the opening of the seventh seal in Rev. 8.

Remember that the Pharisees were scolded for not knowing the times. In His love

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I would tell you that I have not read your books as I am a slow reader and do not take on much reading other than the word of God and fail at that more than I like. Friends have read it and are impressed. And even though your, should I say possible prediction of the rapture at this time has not happened, I believe in my heart and others, there is a new sence of urgency. I know you Love God , and am looking forward to the feast prepared for us. God Bless you

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I Love You!!! Marilyn, hello friend!!! I just wanted to write to give you my support. I have heard nothing but,"told ya' so" for the last few hours, but you know what? I don't regret this one bit. I have never had stronger faith in my life!!!! I want to thank you for the wake up call. I have decided to try(God help me) and become a youth minister. I just feel the calling in my heart, and I have to thank you for all of the knowledge you have given me of scripture. Although it hasn't happened on Pentecost, I know it WILL happen soon. I have had a few very good (and lost) friends become saved in the last couple of days, and I couldn't be happier. Now I get to earn more rewards in Heaven. I know you will probably get some negative e mails from people, but I just wanted you to know that you have MANY supporters. I would never have been ready if it wasn't for you. Would you PLEASE(and pretty please) keep your web site up and running? I gain so much inspiration from it, and it is an important part of my day. A friend and I are starting an on line Bible study, and I was wondering ( if time permits) would you drop in from time to time to teach? I really value your knowledge and I know that alot of people can gain alot from your wisdom. I still think you are dead on, on the future dates, they seem to be flawless. Will you write anymore books? If so, put me down for a couple. Most of all Marilyn, I just wanted to say thank you and I love you. Through you, God has called me back to the flock, and I can't help but cry when I think of all of the love and hard work you have done for such terrible sinners as me. Please stay on the net....In His name

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I said you were a fraud and i dont really know so i repent of that and am sorry. i hope you are right but i have some doubts.

My reply

God's many blessings to you. I may not be right about some things. I am human, and humans are prone to make mistakes. No one is immune to error. However, I am studying hard and doing my very best to understand. I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart. That makes me one cell in the Body of Christ. This cell is not dormant. It is alive and doing the work I feel that the Lord, the brains of this Body, has called me to do.

At church today, the pastor was using the example of salt. We are the salt of the Earth. In Acts 8, there was a crisis, allowed by God for his own purposes. He wanted them to take the gospel to the world and they were staying in Jerusalem. It was like they were staying in the salt shaker, not scattering where they could do some good. The Lord had to allow a crisis to get them out of the salt shaker.

I thought that might be appropriate today. Maybe we should go bring in our sheaves, scatter our salt around where it can do some good to our fellowman. Has it taken a jolt to get us out of the salt shaker too? Have we been too comfortable in our own little world to spread our salt to co-workers, etc. The Lord does things from his perspective, not ours. In His abundant love

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Just a footnote to my earlier post--

Your work is just amazing. I was looking through "End of the Age" this morning, looking for something I might have missed before. There are so many deep scriptural truths in there that I could be fed for months. We'll find what we need. ALL things have been revealed in the Word. We're hungry and determined.

My wife ---- is a very scholarly individual, like you. ---- thinks that some significance now may lie in understanding exactly what "fully" means ("Now when the day of Pentecost had FULLY come.."). I feel that also the word "day" may have additional relevance (Since Jews= night then day, Day= halfway through 24-hr period?)

"day of Pentecost had FULLY come" 50th year ("year of pentecost") had fully come; e.g. halfway through Jewish year, therefore Tishri 1? Doesn't seem right. Probably wrong rabbit-hole to go down. Still... investigating all that comes to mind.

We are digging and will report our findings to you. I would value your imput highly because you know more than anyone else I'm aware of about these things, and God doesn't FOOL AROUND answering prayers like yours, to know the deep things, all of them.

The Chronology of End Time Events as you see them has such an elegance to it.. more than human. I think you are at least 95% correct. And that's better than ever before.

I'm positive it will be in 1998, maybe today. After all, maybe "fully" means when Pentecost has come to everywhere in the world.

My reply

Thanks for your kind comments.

Looks like the end of this spring season may be IT. We have been tested, but Peter was only asked three times if he loved the Lord. I think you have probably seen what I did manage to get posted on the recent Pro and Cons.

I think the Orthodox Pentecost is more in line with Lev. 23 than the Talmudic Calendar I have, because Pentecost is always on Sunday. I had never heard of theirs until after May 31. Song of Solomon 2:10-14 says spring to me: "winter is past," not spring is past. As it turns out, June 21, in Israel, is actually spring up until 5:00 PM. In His love

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