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Best site I have found to see numerous pictures of whirling Lenticular Clouds

November 26, 2003 -

Astronomers are always looking up. Sometimes they see interesting things that aren't as far up as we normally think they're looking. Peter Michaud, a public information officer for the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii, took this picture yesterday of an unusual cloud formation above the islands. It is called a lenticular cloud, due to its lens-shaped appearance. These clouds are formed by so-called mountain waves of air created by strong winds forced over high mountains. In this case, the mountain is Mauna Kea, a 13,796-foot peak (4,260 meters) where one of the two Gemini telescopes sits, along with several other observatories. (A twin to the Hawaiian Gemini scope is situated in Chile.) "At the high points in the wave, moisture in the air condenses out to form a cloud," Michaud explained. "In the photo you can see that the wave established this morning displayed two peaks. Actually there were four -- two more were downstream from Mauna Loa, but the other two were not as impressive as Mauna Kea's!"

My comments

This one is near Mt. Ranier. I wonder if the force that causes the cloud of water droplets to whirl is similar to the whirling of water when going down the drain.

"US colonel offers Iraq an apology of sorts for devastation of Babylon," from Five Doves site

By Rupert Cornwell in Washington

...After US and Polish troops left in 2004, THE FIRST RESTORATION PLANS FOR BABYLON WERE DRAWN UP. Last November Unesco, the United Nations' cultural and scientific organisation, said it would be carrying out some initial repair work, and setting up a photographic registry of the site.

The work, in which France, Britain, Poland, the US, Iraq, Japan, Italy and the Netherlands are also involved, is being co-ordinated by the German Archaeological Institute, under the direction of the Iraqi authorities and Unesco....

My reply

Thank you Mark.

Here comes the rebuilding of Babylon, right where it belongs, not in the USA, but in the land of Shinar (Gen. 11:2; Dan. 1:2). This will be the costliest city ever built, and it will be destroyed in one hour (Rev. 18:19-21).

Please keep me posted on updates. Agape


...The famous temple of Marduk, Esagila, and its ziggurat, Etemenanki, were considered to be the foundation of heaven on earth....

My comment

If I'm remembering the right ziggurat, the layers were different colors representing the planets and the Sun--Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun. The bottom layer was black and represented Saturn, which I think is actually Heaven. I think those colors were upside down on purpose to downgrade Saturn and put the Sun on top for Satan wanted the Sun god (Marduk) to be worshipped.

...Example of an extensive and massive ziggurat is the Marduk ziggurat, or Etemenanki, of ancient Babylon. Unfortunately, not much of even the base is left of this massive structure, yet archeological findings and historical accounts put this tower at SEVEN MULTICOLORED TIERS, topped with a temple of exquisite proportions. The temple is thought to have been painted and maintained an indigo color, matching the tops of the tiers. It is known that there were three staircases leading to the temple, two of which (side flanked) were thought to have only ascended half the ziggurat's height.

ETEMENANKI, THE NAME FOR THE STRUCTURE, IS SUMERIAN AND MEANS "THE FOUNDATION OF HEAVEN AND EARTH." Most likely being built by Hammurabi, the ziggurat's core was found to have contained the remains of earlier ziggurats and structures. The final stage consisted of a 15 meter hardened brick encasement constructed by King Nebuchadnezzar....

...Built on seven levels the ziggurat represented SEVEN HEAVENS and planes of existence, the SEVEN PLANETS and the SEVEN METALS associated with them and their corresponding colors....

My comment

I remember that lead is the metal that represents Saturn. That is because Saturn is the slowest moving of all the planets.

Secret rivers found in Antarctic

By Helen Briggs

Hundreds of lakes lie beneath the frozen wastes of Antarctica Image: British Antarctic Survey Antarctica's buried lakes are connected by a network of rivers moving water far beneath the surface, say UK scientists.

It was thought the sub-glacial lakes had been completely sealed for millions of years, enabling unique species to evolve in them....

My comments

If they have it in the back of their minds to prove evolution, they will fail to find what they are looking for.

Heat-loving bug find in Antarctic

By Gabrielle Walker

There are more than 70 sub-glacial lakes in Antarctica; Vostok is the biggest At 14,000 sq km, it is about the extent of Lake Ontario and is up to 500m deep in places. Its waters have been hermetically sealed from air and light for 15 million years Overlying ice layers reveal a 400,000-year environmental record with microbes present throughout the core.

Many scientists consider Vostok to be a good model for the ecosystems that might exist on Jupiter's frozen moons...

..."We expected to find life adapted to a cold environment but instead we found exactly the opposite," said Jean-Robert Petit of the Laboratory of Glaciology and Geophysics of the Environment in Grenoble, France....

My comment

I love it. Finding life adapted to heat in Antarctica is just one more surprise God has for them.

From Five Doves site

Michael McDonald (19 Apr 2006)
"seven heads" I have seen a lot of theories on the 10 horns, but I was reading last night and noticed the dragon has seven heads, each with a crown? What are the seven heads? Please help.

My reply

To: Michael McDonald, re: seven heads
From: Marilyn Agee

This is the way I understand it.

Rev 12:3,4 says, "And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon (Satan), having seven heads (i.e., seven world empires that Satan has influenced) and ten horns (their power), and seven crowns (the leaders of the seven empires) upon his heads. And his tail (Satan himself when entered into the False Prophet) drew the third part of the stars of heaven (the fallen angels), and did cast them to the earth".

Rev 17:8-14 says, "The beast (Satan) that thou sawest was (in Judas Iscariot), and is not (in man now); and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition (the son of perdition, the False Prophet): and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast (Satan) that was (in Judas, the only other son of perdition), and is not (in man now), and yet is (exists). And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains (empires), on which the woman (Mystery Religion of Babylon) sitteth. And there are seven kings: five are fallen (the kings of Babel, Babylon II, Media-Persia, Greece, and Imperial Rome), and one is (at the time of the Rapture, Ecclesiastical Rome), and the other (the False Prophet, ruler of Babylon III) is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space (last half of the Tribulation is to be shortened). And the beast that was (Satan), and is not (in man now), even he is the eighth (the tail of the dragon, Satan, enters into the False Prophet), and is of the seven (influencing all seven world empire leaders), and goeth into perdition (the False Prophet). And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings (that will be over the 10 regions the Earth has already been divided into by those who want to bring about the One World Government), which have received no kingdom as yet (when the Rapture takes place); but receive power as kings one hour with the beast (Satan). These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they (the Bride of Christ that have just been raptured) that are with him (Christ) are called, and chosen, and faithful."

Isa 9:14,15 says, "Therefore the LORD will cut off from Israel head and TAIL, branch and rush, in one day. The ancient and honourable (head of Ecclesiastical Rome), he is the head; and the prophet that teacheth lies, he is the TAIL." Agape

Incoming e-mail, Missing: a fifth terrestrial planet

This seems to confirm your theory regarding the planet Rahab....God bless you.
Missing: a fifth terrestrial planet
07 Apr 06 - By Maggie McKee - Issue 2546, pg 16;jsessionid=CFHMJJDFGOKG

A FIFTH terrestrial planet may once have orbited between Mars and Jupiter....traces of this long-gone world may still be visible in part of the asteroid belt today....

While the gas giants were in circular orbits, rocky planets should have formed in stable orbits....

“There's room for another planet between Mars and Jupiter....a planet about the size of Mars could have formed 2 AU from the sun and remained stable there until the orbits of the gas giant changed.

Their simulations show that the migration of Jupiter and Saturn greatly disturbed the orbits of other planets, and this could have kicked the fifth rocky planet out of its orbit..."But it's possible the orbits of the asteroids today show some memory of having had a planet in the asteroid belt,"...this evidence lies in a family of asteroids called Hungaria, which are clustered at 1.9 AU. These bodies orbit in a plane tilted by about 25 degrees to the main disc of the solar system, which suggests they may have been swept off course in wake of the lost planet as it ploughed through the asteroid belt, says Raymond. "They're in this tiny little area that's just barely stable - I don't know how else they would have gotten there."...

My reply

Thanks. It seems so obvious, I don't know why this hasn't been recognized before now.

PA urged to accept Beirut peace plan

Apr. 14, 06 - Arab officials on Saturday urged the foreign minister of the Hamas-led Palestinian government to consider an Arab plan to end the conflict with Israel that calls for exchanging land for peace.

New U.S. Embassy in Iraq cloaked in mystery

Baghdad locale, slated to be completed in 2007, to be largest of its kind

4-14-06 - The embassy will sit on 104 acres, six times larger than the United Nations compound in New York...

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The fortress-like compound rising beside the Tigris River here will be the largest of its kind in the world, the size of Vatican City, with the population of a small town, its own defense force, self-contained power and water...

The embassy complex — 21 buildings on 104 taking shape on riverside parkland in the fortified “Green Zone,” just east of al-Samoud, a former palace of Saddam Hussein’s, and across the road from the building where the ex-dictator is now on trial....

But next year embassy staff will move into six apartment buildings in the new complex, which has been under construction since mid-2005 with a target completion date of June 2007.

Iraq’s interim government transferred the land to U.S. ownership in October 2004...

It will have its own water wells, electricity plant and wastewater-treatment facility, “systems to allow 100 percent independence from city utilities,”

Imams and rabbis form summit on issues surrounding Temple Mount

By Shlomo Shamir

...Aroussi, a jurist with an academic degree, explained that many Muslims suspect Israel of planning to take control of the Temple Mount. He stressed that their fear is baseless because Jewish law forbids Jews from entering the site. Rothenberg, who has published research on the issue, said the halakhic prohibition could prevent a religious war between Jews and Muslims....

Zion Oil Finds 9 Productive Zones (between Tel Aviv and Haifa)

Leah Krause, 4-6-06

...Perry, holding up what looked like a shiny black rock (bitumin), explained the company had several indications it had found hydrocarbons, which can be either oil or natural gas....

Incoming e-mail, Re: Book costs

Wow you sent me a parcel of dynamite. Am I glad to have those books.

It is wonderful how the Lord works. “Seek and ye shall find” His wonders are not to be found in the temples and powerhouses of this world but are scattered about on the highways and byways for those who seek.

They are grossly under priced....

Incoming email, Re: J.R. Church has changed his mind on the Crucifixion date

As you can see, JR has some confusion on the dates. I sent him a e-mail pointing out the problems and I still disagree with the Oct or Sep 5BC time/date of birth. Don't know where he gets the 33 1/2 yrs. age from, isn't specific with a source for that claim. Certainly, if the 5 BC date turns out to be right, the Sep 4 would have to be more accurate. I have met with JR and Gary Stearman over the last 10 years and discussed different aspects of this question with them and still there is confusion and the issue remains unsolved in my opinion. You and I do agree on the crucifixion date in Apr 30 AD whereas he had for many years held to the 32 AD and now appears to have changed his mind on that point.

My reply

> > Certainly, if the 5 BC date turns out to be right, the Sep 4 would have to be more accurate.

Yes, it is when Virgo is clothed with the Sun, and the Moon is under her feet, as given us in Rev. 12:1-5.

> > You and I do agree on the crucifixion date in Apr 30 AD

Great. So others can understand why we both pick 30 AD for the Crucifixion after lots of independant study, even though we disagree on the date of Jesus' birth, I'll set down below some of the details leading to my conclusion. First, here are some interesting things that J.R. Church said.

> > > Herod was given the royal title in Rome in 40 B.C., three years before he established his rule. Herod conquered Jerusalem on Kislev 28 (January 1, 37 B.C.), during the "Sabbatical Year." Israel observed a Sabbatical Year, beginning on October 8, 38 B.C., and continuing until September 26, 37 B.C. (Antiq. XIV, xvi, 2). This is irrefutable proof that locks in the chronology....

> > > Josephus said that Herod's victory over Jerusalem came on the same day on which Pompey had conquered Jerusalem "twenty-seven years" earlier. Pompey conquered Jerusalem on Kislev 28 (December 28, 63 B.C.)....

> > > Josephus said that Herod ended the rule of the Hasmoneans after 126 years. That dates from the year 163 B.C., when a peace treaty was struck between the Syrians and Judea (also a Sabbatical year), and Maccabeus was appointed to be the governor. Such facts are impossible to ignore.

> > > Josephus also records that Archelaus succeeded Herod as king, but was deposed after 10 years rule (Antiq., XVII, xiii, 2), and his kingdom was annexed to Syria, and placed under the jurisdiction of Cyrenius. This occurred in A.D. 6. Therefore, the date of Herod's death had to be fixed in 4 B.C.

I agree with J.R. Church on these things. Below is my chart of the years 37 BC to 30 AD.

37 BC - 3724/25 - Herod's 1st yr of reign, he captured Jerusalem Kislev 28 (Jan 1)
36 BC - 3725/26 - Herod's 2nd
35 BC - 3726/27 - Herod's 3rd
34 BC - 3727/28 - Herod's 4th
33 BC - 3728/29 - Herod's 5th
32 BC - 3729/30 - Herod's 6th
31 BC - 3730/31 - Herod's 7th - Battle of Actium, Sept. 2
30 BC - 3731/32 - Herod's 8th
29 BC - 3732/33 - Herod's 9th
28 BC - 3733/34 - Herod's 10th
27 BC - 3734/35 - Herod's 11th
26 BC - 3735/36 - Herod's 12th
25 BC - 3736/37 - Herod's 13th
24 BC - 3737/38 - Herod's 14th
23 BC - 3738/39 - Herod's 15th
22 BC - 3739/40 - Herod's 16th
21 BC - 3740/41 - Herod's 17th
20 BC - 3741/42 - Herod's 18th - he collected bldg materials for Temple
19 BC - 3742/43 - Herod's 19th yr - 1st yr of Temple construction
18 BC - 3743/44 - Herod's 20th - Temple const 2
17 BC - 3744/45 - Herod's 21st - Temple const 3
16 BC - 3745/46 - Herod's 22nd - Temple const 4
15 BC - 3746/47 - Herod's 23rd - Temple const 5
14 BC - 3747/48 - Herod's 24th - Temple const 6
13 BC - 3748/49 - Herod's 25th - Temple const 7
12 BC - 3749/50 - Herod's 26th - Temple const 8
11 BC - 3750/51 - Herod's 27th - Temple const 9
10 BC - 3751/52 - Herod's 28th - Temple const 10
9 BC - 3752/53 - Herod's 29th - Temple const 11
8 BC - 3753/54 - Herod's 30th - Temple const 12
7 BC - 3754/55 - Herod's 31st - Temple const 13 - Magi probably saw his star in the east
6 BC - 3755/56 - Herod's 32nd - Temple const 14
5 BC - 3756/57 - Herod's 33rd - Temple 15 - Jesus born Tishri 1, 3757 (Sept 4, 5 BC)
---Herod had boys 2 and under killed in Bethlehem
4 BC - 3757/58 - Herod's 34th - Temple 16 - Jesus 1 yr old Tishri 1, 3758
---Fast of Esther - Veadar 13 - eclipse March 13, 4 BC
---Herod died between eclipse and Passover, Nisan 14, 3757
---Herod died after ruling over Jerusalem 34 years
3 BC - 3758/59 - Temple const 17 - Jesus 2 yrs old Tishri 1, 3759
2 BC - 3759/60 - Temple const 18 - Jesus 3 yrs old Tishri 1, 3760
1 BC - 3760/61 - Temple const 19 - Jesus 4 yrs old Tishri 1, 3761
1 AD - 3761/62 - Temple const 20 - Jesus 5 yrs old Tishri 1, 3762
2 AD - 3762/63 - Temple const 21 - Jesus 6 yrs old Tishri 1, 3763
3 AD - 3763/64 - Temple const 22 - Jesus 7 yrs old Tishri 1, 3764
4 AD - 3764/65 - Temple const 23 - Jesus 8 yrs old Tishri 1, 3765
5 AD - 3765/66 - Temple const 24 - Jesus 9 yrs old Tishri 1, 3766
6 AD - 3766/67 - Temple const 25 - Jesus 10 yrs old Tishri 1, 3767
7 AD - 3767/68 - Temple const 26 - Jesus 11 yrs old Tishri 1, 3768
8 AD - 3768/69 - Temple const 27 - Jesus 12 yrs old Tishri 1, 3769
9 AD - 3769/70 - Temple const 28 - Jesus 13 yrs old Tishri 1, 3770
10 AD - 3770/71 - Temple const 29 - Jesus 14 yrs old Tishri 1, 3771
11 AD - 3771/72 - Temple const 30 - Jesus 15 yrs old Tishri 1, 3772
12 AD - 3772/73 - Temple const 31 - Jesus 16 yrs old - Tiberius 1st yr Co-Rex
13 AD - 3773/74 - Temple const 32 - Jesus 17 yrs old - Tiberius 2nd yr Co-Rex
14 AD - 3774/75 - Temple const 33 - Jesus 18 yrs old - Tiberius 3rd yr Sole-Rex
15 AD - 3775/76 - Temple const 34 - Jesus 19 yrs old - Tiberius 4th
16 AD - 3776/77 - Temple const 35 - Jesus 20 yrs old - Tiberius 5th
17 AD - 3777/78 - Temple const 36 - Jesus 21 yrs old - Tiberius 6th
18 AD - 3778/79 - Temple const 37 - Jesus 22 yrs old - Tiberius 7th
19 AD - 3779/80 - Temple const 38 - Jesus 23 yrs old - Tiberius 8th
20 AD - 3780/81 - Temple const 39 - Jesus 24 yrs old - Tiberius 9th
21 AD - 3781/82 - Temple const 40 - Jesus 25 yrs old - Tiberius 10th
22 AD - 3782/83 - Temple const 41 - Jesus 26 yrs old - Tiberius 11th
23 AD - 3783/84 - Temple const 42 - Jesus 27 yrs old - Tiberius 12th
24 AD - 3784/85 - Temple const 43 - Jesus 28 yrs old - Tiberius 13th
25 AD - 3785/86 - Temple const 44 - Jesus 29 yrs old - Tiberius 14th
26 AD - 3786/87 - Temple const 45 - Jesus 30, baptized in Tiberius' 15th year
27 AD - 3787/88 - Temple const 46th yr - 1st Passover of Jesus' ministry
28 AD - 3788/89 - 2nd Passover of Jesus' ministry
29 AD - 3789/90 - 3rd Passover of Jesus' ministry
30 AD - 3790/91 - Preparation Day, Thursday, Nisan 13 (Apr 6, 30 AD Julian) Crucifixion
---Passover, Friday, Nisan 14 (April 7)
---Unleavened Bread, Saturday, Nisan 15 (April 8)
---Firstfruits, Sunday, Nisan 16 (April 9) Resurrection

> > Don't know where he gets the 33 1/2 yrs. age from, isn't specific with a source for that claim.

I can help with that one. Since Jesus was about 30 when baptized, that was near Tishri 1, 3787.
He was 31 Tishri 1, 3788.
He was 32 Tishri 1, 3789.
He was 33 Tishri 1, 3790.
He was 33.5 Nisan 1, 3790.
He was crucified Nisan 13, 3790. Agape

Young Mars Was Wet, Mineral Map Shows

...In the oldest regions of Mars the team found signs of clay minerals whose formation would have required massive amounts of water persisting for millions of years.

"In all the places where we see clays, we can say that water was present," Bibring said....

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