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I have kept checking to see if the rapture takes place as you have predicted. You have some interesting theories but as we're still here, it was in error. Trust in God and His Son Jesus to send the Holy Spirit to enlighten you; for the Lord's day is NOT Sunday, but it is the seventh day sabbath (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset). There is much i don't know, but the commandment of the Lord is to "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the SEVENTH DAY IS THE SABBATH OF THE LORD THY GOD; [in it] thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that [is] within thy gates; For [in] six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them [is], and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it."

Even if the Lord inspired your calculations and if they are correct, they'd have to be based on Saturday.

Accept the rebuke of the Lord as we all must; for we are all sinners and none are righteous; no not one. I pray that you come to truth as revealed by God....

I mean you no hostility or hatred, but i firmly believe this. I will be baptised (immersion) this sabbath after having been raised Roman Catholic with Sunday worship all my life. The Lord led me to take out the beam in my eye in this matter, although i'm sure i've much to learn and be shown if it be God's will. Always, always pray for the truth. The Lord is the alpha and the omega; no matter how much we know, they is infinitely more we can learn about our creator.

I would like to read your answer soo, God Bless you !!!!

My reply

The "kuriake" day in Rev. 1:10 is not the same as the sabbaton.

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I really don't want to offend you or embarrace you but what do you think why didn't Rapture take place yesterday? See, I'm really interested talking with you about that so don't get me wrong....

I would like to read your answer soo, God Bless you !!!!

My reply

It seems that we are being tested. Jesus told Peter that Satan wanted to have him to sift him as wheat. We are wheat and are probably now being sifted to see who are the wise virgins and who are the foolish ones. We must be sure that we are accounted worthy to escape the Tribulation (Lu. 21:36).

We should not do anything foolish. Remember how king Saul acted presumptuously when Samuel tarried.

Right now, it seems, is when the Bridegroom is tarrying (Mt. 25:5). Soon the cry will come, but now we have to get ready, stay ready and wait patiently. The Bridegroom will pick as the Bride those that love him dearly, not those that are lukewarm toward him. We must be wearing the symbolic white wedding garments that represent the righteousnesses of saints. This includes Christ's righteousness imputed to us plus our righteous acts when filled with His Holy Spirit.

The number 40 means testing. Christ was temped 40 days. We are the Body of Christ. Let's hope that our testing does not exceed 40 days. That would still fall within the period of the wheat harvest.

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Malachi 3: 16-18

These verses were given to me by Mrs. Violet Eblen, a great Bible teacher, about 20 years ago. May they bless all of you that long for His appearing.

Malachi 3: 16 Then those who feared the LORD spoke to one another, And the LORD listened and heard them; So a book of remembrance was written before Him For those who fear the LORD And who meditate on His name.
17 "They shall be Mine," says the LORD of hosts, "On the day that I make them My jewels. And I will spare them As a man spares his own son who serves him."
18 Then you shall again discern Between the righteous and the wicked, Between one who serves God And one who does not serve Him.

I check your site daily: it is such an encouragement and blessing to 'communicate' with others that have the blessed hope of our LORD's soon appearing. Pro & Con 137 was exceptional. Those that 'expect' the LORD's appearing "in the sweet by & by" are missing the special joy and blessings we share.

See you-all soon in Glory. MARANATHA! In His love

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June 7 plus 40 days???
I am going back to country and return...after a week or so. But before I go a thought came to me. At a previous e-mail I mentioned about the July 16. 1994 hits to Jupiter (21 of them). July 16, besides being my birthday, was a day when Apollo left for moon. And was it not the day the first A-bomb was detonated. I still feel that at the last days the knowledge shall increase (still). Let us pray that He will reveal the exact date in advance. At July we have summer Nigh (how should the original greek word be understood?)

Also interesting date is August 2. When 2 previous temples were wiped out. Should the making of the third temple start at that date and last three years(day/year) it would be ready 2001. (service could start before)And we hear that the red heifer is (evidently) ready in august! It is probable that some kind of strange natural occurrence will mark the day(s)

Something like big time snowing, major earthquake or maybe something particular happening in Israel.

We are still in the season of Noah!

My reply

I looked up "nigh." Eggus, 1451 in Strong's, means near, at hand, ready. Eggizo, 1448 is from 1451. It means to make near, approach, be at hand, near, come (draw) near, be (come,draw) nigh. It is used in Rom. 13:12, translated "at hand." Look what this passage says.

Rom. 10-14: "Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. And that, KNOWING THE TIME (kairos, due season, fixed time), that NOW it is high time to AWAKE OUT OF SLEEP: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent, the day is AT HAND: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof."

I said I wanted to be everyone's wake-up call. Here is the Bible's wake-up call.

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Here it is Monday, and we're still here. Rather than being disappointed or down, I'm actually doing better than I was previously. It's strange, but for some reason, God has bestowed peace and joy on me today. It's strange because I thought very much about how I'd feel if it didn't take place, and I thought I'd be very disappointed - even thought I thought you could be wrong.

The bright side is that I have more time to prepare myself by doing God's will; I have more time to share with family members who aren't yet saved; and more time to serve the people in my community through church outreach programs.

I'm actually very excited about the extra time, oddly enough.

I imagine you've had a few "I told you so" notes. This is not one of them. While I wanted to believe it would happen this weekend, my spirit never fully accepted anything other than "the time is near", no matter how hard I tried to convince myself. Going through the weekend tentatively expectant of the rapture was an odd experience. I wasn't fully convinced, but I thought you had a better than 50-50 chance of being right, so I couldn't ignore it, either.

I do want to thank you for the wake up call. Your web site has prompted me to get my priorities in order, so you have accomplished your stated purpose, at least with me. The Jubilee year lasts through part of 1999. This time frame is prime for a rapture of the church, I believe. Though the May 31 date didn't pan out, I think your general time-table for end-times events are still close to the mark. The rapture, IMO, has always been the "wild card". While it needs to happen before the tribulation, there is not necessarily any day that it must happen on, so we are stuck with a time-frame of now through part of 2001 (assuming the fig tree parable is speaking of a 40-year generation, which I believe is the case).

Hopefully you are in good spirits today. Don't let the "I told you so" crowd get you down. I don't believe this attitude is in line with what Jesus would do. I think an appropriate attitude is one that can appreciate the amount of work you've done to wake up the Church, and respect for your knowledge of the Bible. If only we all studied as hard as you have in your lifetime.

Keep in mind that this may very well be a time that can lull to sleep many Christians who are not constantly seeking God's face, but seek a date only. Jesus will choose His bride. He wants a bride that loves Him, wants to know Him better, and one that constantly acknowledges His great sacrifice for their sins (by confession and asking for forgiveness). He wants a bride that appreciates Him, not one that only pays Him attention one day a week. God may be using your web page to wake up those who will seek him no matter what, and to lull to sleep those who allow their attention to be easily distracted from Him.

Keep up the good work, and don't be discouraged. One date may be proven wrong, but that doesn't mean that all you post is wrong (some are apt to throw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak). I'll keep visiting your web site. You have much to offer outside of dating end-times events (and keep in mind that your other dates may be right on the money - we'll just have to wait and see). In Christ

My reply

Sorry to take so long to answer. I had 500+ emails in my Inbox...Anyway, I did want to post your email; better late than never.

I am not discouraged. I feel that peace and joy you mentioned. Can't hardly keep a smile off of my face even when I'm alone. I feel happy and feel that the Lord is near. Am hoping that the Rapture will take place within this 40 day period. Christ was tested 40 days. We are the Body of Christ. Maybe we are to be tested 40 days too.

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We Love You!
Marilyn, it is about 3:30 here in California and you are probably starting to get some "I told you so" messages. I for one want to let you know however this comes out that many have come rushing back to JESUS on your account. We Love You! Your Brother In Christ

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I just wanted to write a brief message, I know you are extremely busy.

I occasionally post an opinion or two in various discussion groups, etc. I am always apprehensive to return to these sites and read the return comments. It is so nerve racking to "anticipate" what others are going to say about you, or your opinion.

Usually, the comments are not as bad as you expected them to be, and occasionally you get a real word of encouragement. I can't imagine what goes through your mind every single time you check your email. If you get the butterflies in the stomach as I do, I'm sure you are going through a tough time as you read through your mail. I know for me, it's always a great relief when I've read it all, but then there's the next time...

I also know that negative responses always hit very hard, no matter how good the intents of the sender.

I know I have written you, somewhat negatively, about some subjects, and I would like to apologize if I have caused any kind of grief whatsoever to you.

One thing I do agree about, check the Scriptures and see if these things are so.

Thanks for all your fine work. You have given me many ideas, and things to ponder as I search for the Truth in God's Word.

*** A NOTE TO ANYONE: Please be kind. Even if you are right, your attitude may prove you wrong! The scriptures clearly state that we are going to judged for our MOTIVES, as opposed to necessarily being right. ***

My reply

Thanks. Reading the email is far from nerve wracking. I am anxious to read it, and I get no butterflies. I have this feeling that the Lord is near and that we are being tested. I have joy and a little smile on my face that doesn't want to go away. This smile business is kinda strange. I don't remember ever smiling as I typed before unless it was something funny. I feel as peaceful as the doves cooing outside my window.

When I see a hateful message, I hit delete without reading further and think, "Boy, I wouldn't want that on my account." I John 4:7,8 (NIV) says, "Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." I forgive all and bear no grudge. I want no root of bitterness to mar my life.

We do not have to agree on anything except Christ. I don't think any two would ever agree on everything. Our belief in Christ is essential to our salvation. Nothing else is. All should be discussed in agape love. If we can't agree, we can agree to disagree peacefully.

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Your reply in Pro-con 136 reminded of my earlier e-mail (sent late at June 7th) Here is the end of that e-mail:
ps. One interesting thing - don't know whether important or not - I checked day by day the positions on planets this and next month. On Sunday July 12 is an interesting thing about the planets. Almost full moon rises just before 21 pm followed by Jupiter an hour later, and at precisely 00.00 Saturn rises over Jerusalem horizon. (time is Jerusalem time - but not daylight saving time which is recent invention) 12.07.1998 is the fifth sunday after 'the trinity' sunday.
July 9. saturn rises at 12 minutes after midnight (Jerusalem - natural ie. not daylight saving time)
July 12 saturn rises AT MIDNIGHT (Jerusalem - natural ie. not daylight saving time)
July 16 saturn rises at 16 minutes before midnight (July 15) (same way of counting time)
(Modern daylight saving time is + one hour. So July 9 would be 01.12 etc.)

Saturn rises from east (north-east-east). But give a thought - a wild thought - should a "cry be made at midnight" -by the time saturn has risen over possible terrain obstacles - and there would be a straith line to say the east gate of the temple - it would have risen somewhat and would be at east precisely. (The virgins would have some minutes to haste to be ready and dressed - but not enough to buy oil)

I checked for the word "east" in KJV bible, and found 123 hits. Of them ONE is very interesting - talking about full moon and sabbath. That is Ezekiel 46:1. What is your understanding - to which event it suggests?? ( see also Ezek.43:4)

there is more in the sky at the night 9. - 10. July. I don't know yet what Penumbra and Umbra mean.

My reply

Thanks for the interesting information.

Penumbra is an area of partial illumination. Umbra is where the conical shadow of a heavenly body excludes all light from the primary source.

I think that Ezek. 45:18 and 46:1 both talk about the new moon/Nisan 1, the day of Christ's return on the first day of the Jewish Regnal Year.

Ezek. 43:4 sounds like the Shekinah Glory filling the millennial temple. It follows the description of the temple.

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Marilyn, At first I had an attitude about your getting the wrong dates.I am sorry. I just got your book 2000 from the library and it is wonderful.I didn't know all that about catholicism.Most of my fellow Christians are like,sure,the rapture will happen,we don't know when.They don't think it is so imminent.Thank you for being a wake-up call for me and my son.I am praying that we will be counted worthy to be his bride,but I don't feel worthy at all.Love

My reply

Don't worry. I forgive all attitudes. Glad you are enjoying the book. You can be worthy and know it. Get all known sins confessed and trust God to do what he said he would do, cleanse you of all unrighteousness. When you have no sin barrier between you and God, you are in fellowship with him and His Spirit witnesses with our spirit. You will know His peace and joy.

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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus-
Marilyn I am sure you site has been a blessing to many. It has probably encouraged many Christians and non Christians to take a close look at themselves lately. The number of pros and cons that you have out there and the number of people who are emailing you has got to be overwhelming.

However I fail to see where you preach our completeness in Christ now ! ? You place major emphasis on "keeping enough oil in your lamps" which you have interpreted the oil to be holy spirit. Then you went on to say that if we sin confess it immediately and "stay right with God".

I have been led astray this way before and only ask that you consider the greatness of who and what we, the born again believers are in the sight of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

IF we need to "stay right with God" as you have suggested, this would contradict some very great truths that Paul wrote to the churches in the epistles. For example, in Ephesians 1:4, God explains by the hand of his holy prophet Paul that we were "chosen before the foundations of the world to be holy and unblameable before him in love". v7 that we HAVE redemption in Christ v 13 says that we "were sealed with the holy spirit of promise" at the time we believed. All this is because of God's grace and love toward us. Into chapter 2 of Ephesians in v 3 reminds us that we WERE dead in trespasses and sins.... v4 claimsit was God's mercy and love that made us alive in Christ Jesus....v 6 says that God has already seated us in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus... these things have already been accomplished in His dear Son.

v 10 says that we are HIS workmanship created IN CHRIST JESUS. God created in us a new man. The old man is dead in sins. The new man is alive at God's right hand. We are one in that new man if we have believed the record that God gave of his son. v8 says it's by grace and not by works. So what is there for me to do ?

If it's grace than why must I be "right" with God ? I could NEVER be right with God outside of the accomplished works of His Son. There was no way for man to ever be reconciled to God unless it were by the Son.

The same truths are spoken again in Colossians. That we are holy, unblameable and unreproveable in the sight of God. 1 John 3:2 says that "NOW are we the sons of God..." That is our standing NOW. We are sons NOW. If what you say is true, then there must be more to it than God's word reveals to the church of the one body.

I think the word of God speaks loudly concerning our present state and would suggest you preach that truth and not a salvation based upon the works of our own hands.

1 John 3:9-10 says that the seed that God has placed within us cannot sin. That seed is CHRIST. For it is CHRIST IN US, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27).

We are a special people. We are not Jews nor Gentiles, but we are the children of God by spiritual birth. Born again of incorruptible seed, by the word of God ( 1 Peter)

Our inheritance is in the heavenlies. Our standing is one of righteousness, true holiness (Eph 4:24) we are holy and unblameable before him in love- unreproveable in his sight according to his word by the hand of his holy prophet/apostle Paul. These truths cannot be neglected or somehow distorted. We live in a time of grace. A time that was not known by any Old Testament prophet.

You can't pit one scripture up against another and expect to get "the rightly divided word of truth". WE HAVE the promise of God- the holy spirit is in us and we are SEALED unto the day of redemption.(eph 1:13) there is no other explanation.

1 John 5:11 says "AND this is the record, that God HATH (past tense) given unto us eternal life and this life is in His Son".

The record continues to say that if you have the Son you have eternal life if you don't have the Son you do not. I know I have the Son of God in me. Christ in me by faith in the Son of God I was made a child of God ( Galatians 3:26) I am sealed unto the day of redemption and my lamp isn't just FULL - I was filled to overflowing and there is no changing that fact. I live my life by believing the written word of God as it is written to the church to which you and I belong to. I can't forsake the magnificient truths revealed to Paul in favor of falling back into the trap of believing I have to do something to gain salvation at the time of Christ's appearing.

For by one spirit we are all baptised into one body ( 1 Cor 12:13) I'm on my way to heaven and no hell can stop me. As a member of the body of Christ, I encourage you to speak the truth in love BY SHARING THE GREAT TRUTH OF WHO WE ARE ALREADY IN CHRIST JESUS. Identify yourself with Christ in his death, burial, resurrection, ascension and heavenly position (everything beneath his feet) and the future glory is ours as well my friend. We are one in him, just as he prayed we would be in John 17... "that they may be one as we are one". For surely God fulfilled the prayer of His Son and made us one in Christ Jesus, the only begotten Son of God.

PREACH the joy of who we are NOW. Not uncertainty. For it is already done. For God has said that "YE ARE COMPLETE IN HIM" (Philippians 2:10) and if we are NOT complete in him, then my friend, you must know more than God knows.

My future is secure in Christ Jesus. I am who I am because of Christ's accomplished works. God said I am righteous because of Christ's works. WE are righteous NOW !! HOLY now. SONS now. RISEN and SEATED in his presence now IN HIS SON. We are the body.... he is the head. Where the head is the body is also. In the eyes of God we are already there at his right hand. God doesn't look down at me and you and see a sinner, with Christ in us, God sees the ACCOMPLISHED work of his son - the righteousness of his son in us - that's the beauty of the new birth and the beauty and great love and grace of what God has accomplished for us in His Son Jesus Christ.

WALK therefore on those truths and have fulness of joy claiming the word of God with boldness and confidence - because, life in this world is tough enough with all the spiritual b.s. going on.... WE CHRISTIANS need to walk with confidence knowing what and who we are NOW in the eyes of God... not fear and uncertainty because we were misled by the sincere bible teachers. WE ARE RIGHTEOUS NOW.

Confess these truths and live with that confidence of who you are in the body of Christ NOW. God Bless

My reply

You sound like a Laodicean. "WE ARE RIGHTEOUS NOW."

Jesus said to the Laodiceans, "I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and HAVE NEED OF NOTHING; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked. I counsel thee to BUY of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed and that the shame of thy nakedness do no appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent" (Rev. 3:16-19). Does that "buy" remind you of the foolish virgins who had to buy oil?

In Rev. 19:8, "the fine linen is the righteousness (lit., righteousnesses) of saints." This includes Christ's righteousness that is imputed to us and that guarantees our salvation. It also includes our righteous acts, which may make the difference whether we are accounted worthy to escape all these things that are coming upon the world (Lu. 21:36) or not. Are you willing to take that chance?

You see, all believers are saved, but I don't think all believers will win the prize of being taken in the Pre-Trib Rapture. For that, we have to be accounted worthy.

Luke 21:36 says, "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man." If we have this already, why do we have to pray that we will be accounted worthy to escape?

> it's by grace and not by works. So what is there for me to do ?
> If it's grace than why must I be "right" with God ?

It is salvation that is by grace and not by works. You have that. Now would you also like to win the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus before the Tribulation. Paul could not lose his salvation, but he was running the race to win the prize and not be a "castaway." Read I Cor. 9:24f and Phil. 3:14. Who are the castaways? Aren't they the foolish virgins and the Laodiceans that get left behind the first time? They will still get to Heaven, but I think they will be raptured on the Day of God's Wrath, between the breaking of the sixth and seventh seals. They are seen in Heaven in Rev. 7:14, and they have come out of Great Tribulation.

I would sure like to see you in Heaven after the first Rapture. Those are probably the Bride of Christ. In His love

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Has anyone but me wondered why Israel started celebrating their Jubile year last Dec. 23 instead of this last May 14, the beginning of the 50th of their recognitian as the State of Israel? Well, I found it on the web. Leviticus 25:8,9 says when you get to the 49th year then you count 7 months and 10 days and the year of Jubile starts then. May 14 plus 7 mths. and 10 days is Dec. 23 and that is when the celebration started. God also said if Israel followed his statutes the Jubile year would bring with it peace and safety. Israel may be protected from war until the Jubile year and summer is over on December 22, the first day of winter. This web site thinks Israel may be attacked in the winter season between Dec. 22 and next March when spring/summer starts.

Seems to me the rapture may be tied to this Jubile year more closely than we thought. In Jesus' love

My reply

Their information does not jibe in my head. The Jubilee year starts on the first day of the Sacred Year, Nisan 1. From Nisan 1 in the 49th year, count to the Day of Atonement (7th month, 10th day of the Sacred Year). Then the Jubilee year is announced, but it does not start until the following Nisan 1.

Lev. 25:8-11 says, "And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years. Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the jubile to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month, in the day of atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout all your land. And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubile unto you....A jubile shall that fiftieth year be unto you."

From Nisan 1 of the 49th year, to the beginning of the 50th year is the next Nisan l.

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