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Re: Prophecy unfolding now?
I received the following and thought it might be of interest to y'all.
From:, Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998

Attached is the conclusion of the 2nd Torah Reading containing Genesis chapter eleven....
I would like to pass along some information that I came across during my studies since Pentecost of possible prophetic events. The two leavened loaves of bread presented on Pentecost (OT) represented the future 144,000 (Israelite descendants), and the innumerable multitude (Gentiles who have become spiritual Israelites), in the Book of Revelation. On the day of Pentecost in the Book of Acts the audience members were either Jews or their proselytes! I don't think that fact strikes too many people at first glance. The 3000 Israelites and proselytes who received the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) on Pentecost (Acts 2:41) were in contrast to the 3000 who were killed after Moses' return with the 10 Commandments and discovered the Israelites' idolatry with the golden calf (Exod. 32:28). I think that this comparison is the best example of 2Cor. 3:6 where Paul says that "The Letter kills but the Spirit makes alive!"

According to the Intl. Std. Bible Ency. Halley's comet appeared in 66 A.D. four years before the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem! The last two times that Halley's comet appeared, war occurred four years later! Its appearance in 1910 was followed four years later by World War I. Its appearance in March-April 1986 was followed fours years later by the "world's" war against Iraq and Saddam Hussein. We had the Hale-Bopp comet in 1997 (which was the closest during Purim on March 23rd) and another comet a year before, (Kyahoutek, sp). According to the history of this century this could mean that by the years 2000-2001 we may possibly have a very real global threat of nuclear war! This only leaves a little time for the two witnesses, a world government, and an imposter appearing as the Messiah to develop and appear (as well as other events). Otherwise the years 2000-2001 could be marked with catastrophic events that would mark only the beginning of the end (7 years). What could be near at hand and even more astounding is the fact that the Shumaker/Levy comet that bombarded Jupiter occurred in 1994 on the 9-10th of Av, which is the worst day(s) in Jewish history. As you know among other events both Temples were destroyed on the 9th of Av. Following the four year prediction, from 1994 we come to this year 1998 on the 9th of Av which happens to be August 1st!!! That day is NEAR AT HAND! What will happen, I don't know. I am not a prophet, just an observer of historical events. We are told to WATCH which means if we don't, we will miss something and be caught by surprise! Maybe a major war will begin on Aug. 1 or the events of Revelation will start to "reel" off one by one as the comet fragments did in hitting the planet Jupiter. This year (1997-98) is Jewish year 5758. The last two Hebrew letters of the number spell Noah!! This can only occur once every 100 years. Noah lived 200 years after the Tower of Babel incident. This was man's first attempt at one world government under Nimrod. We have literally done what they were trying to do in reaching the heavens. Our tower started with the launching of Sputnik I in 1957 and includes our manned lunar landing on 7/20/69. These are the days of Noah. People are eating (in restaurants) too much of the wrong things, and drinking (in bars) too much of the wrong things, and a host of the wrong kinds of marriages are taking place (such as between members of the same sex). The history of Babel ("confusion") strikingly parallels that of the professing church. (1)Unity [Gen. 11:1]--the Apostolic Congregation [Acts 4:32,33]; (2)Ambition [Gen. 11:4], using worldly, not spiritual, means [Gen. 11:3], ending in a man-made unity--the PAPACY!; (3)the confusion of tongues [Gen. 11:7] -- Protestantism, with its innumerable sects. Even when pagan peoples worship numerous deities, they still will accept the concept of a `god of gods'. The purpose of the dispersion at Babel was to break the hold of Nimrod's religion and to cause a situation in which diverse beliefs would flourish, ultimately leading to the day (of Yahweh's choosing) in the future when Yahweh will be recognized by all mankind! This is one of the main reasons why Yahweh MUST intervene in the future.

There seems to be a chronological relationship of the events in the Book of Revelation to the Holydays. For example Rev. 1:5-7 is similar in character to the Passover. The Seven Congregations have a reference to the seven Days of Unleavened Bread. Yahshua seems to find a little leaven in them all. The 7 seals could represent the 7 weeks till Pentecost. The sixth seal contains the 40th Omer which was of course Yahshua! The kings of the earth try to hide from His face (6:14-17). The opening of the 7th seal completes the season of Passover to Pentecost by the sealing (betrothal) of the 144,000 and possibly the multitude. It is interesting to note that in chapter 14:1 these 144,000 have the Father's Name (Yahweh) written in their foreheads!!! This makes Joel 2:32 which is at least partly referred to more than once (though incorrectly translated) in the New Testament really stand out: FOR IT SHALL BE, THAT WHOEVER SHALL CALL ON THE NAME OF YAHWEH SHALL BE SAVED. FOR SALVATION SHALL BE IN MOUNT ZION, AND IN JERUSALEM, AS YAHWEH HAS SAID, AND AMONG THE SAVED WHOM YAHWEH SHALL CALL. The trumpets of Revelation then begin to depict the events of the Fall Holy Days.

One last thing before I close. Revelation 12:1 talks about the woman (Israel) clothed with the Sun and has the Moon at her feet. This is no doubt a reference to the constellation Virgo. In a recent check on this with an astronomy program I have in my computer, the position of the moon being at the feet of the constellation Virgo only occurs from 1998 through the year 2001. It will occur sometime each year during the Days of Awe (between the Day of Trumpets and Day of Atonement). In the Pleides (in the constellation of Taurus) there are seven stars. These represent the seven Congregation in Revelation. The Greek and Hebrew meanings for Pleides bear this out. Just as the seven stars are in the constellation of Taurus, the seven Congregations were located in the "Toros" mountains of Asia Minor!!

I could go on and on but I will stop now. I hope these words enlighten and encourage you at least some. If you believe any of these things, preach them from your rooftop. I have only one more word to say, and that word we have heard and read many, many times: WATCH! Shalom

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FWD: Re: Please read; thanks. What do you think?

> For 1,900 years, those Born Again Christians who read their Bibles literally have been
> awaiting the moment when Jesus Christ will return to the air to snatch His believers home,
> to be with Him for the Eternity of the Eternities. Unbelievers have always scoffed at this
> belief. But, now, New World Order leaders are being told by their 'Guiding Spirits' that
> this event will happen. Therefore, the Plan has been ever so slightly rewritten so this
> 'Rapture of the Church' serves the Plan of the New World Order in a major way! Be prepared
> to be shocked!
> The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order
> really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it
> progressing in your daily news!!...
> Let us begin with the Biblical foundation supporting the 'Rapture of the
> Church'. Several Scriptures speak of this blessed event:
> 1) Revelation 3:10 -- In this passage, Jesus is speaking to the church at Philadelphia, the
> only church for whom He had no condemnation. Jesus then tells them, in verse 10, "Because
> thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation,
> which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth." Jesus is
> speaking here of that Tribulation Period, which shall last exactly 7 Jewish years, of 360
> days each, or 2,520 days. Notice what Jesus is promising here; He is saying that He will keep
> the faithful members of the church of Philadelphia from the "hour" of the temptation, or
> trial, which is going to come upon the whole world at once. Did you realize that the entire
> world has suffered under God's judgment only once before in all history? Only during the
> world wide flood has the entire world suffered God's judgment at the same time. This
> Tribulation Period will be the only other time God will punish the entire world at once.
> Jesus prophesied that this Tribulation Period would be very similar to the time of the great
> flood. "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as
> in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving
> in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came,
> and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. (Matthew 24:36-38)
> Just as in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the time of the coming of the Son of Man
> (Jesus Christ). Now, while the 7-year Tribulation Period will culminate in the return of
> Jesus Christ at the slaughter of Armageddon (Revelation 16:16 and 19:11-21), this passage
> in Matthew 24:36-38 cannot possibly be that final return of Jesus Christ. Why? Because, the
> context of this passage in Matthew 24 is Jesus' statement that no one, except the Father,
> will know the exact day and hour of His return. Yet, once the Antichrist "confirms the
> covenant" with Israel (Daniel 9:27), thus beginning the 7-year Tribulation, anyone who knows
> Scripture can count forward 7 Jewish years of 360 days each, or 2,520 days, and will know
> exactly when Jesus Christ is going to come riding out of Heaven on His white horse, to slay
> the forces of Antichrist at Armageddon. We see further precise time periods listed in Daniel
> 12:11-13 and in Revelation 11:2-4, and 13:5, all predicting the time period of the last
> half of the 7-year Tribulation Period.

***From Marilyn: I think the Second Advent will be on Nisan 1, 5768 (our Apr. 6, 2008, the anniversary of the Crucifixion on our calendar) the first day of the Jewish Regnal and Sacred Year. This is a bit before the 2520th day, which falls on Nisan 15, 5768 (our Easter Sun., Apr. 20, 2008).

***In De. 11:14, the LORD God said, "I will give you the rain of your land (Israel) in HIS DUE SEASON, the first rain and the latter rain." Jesus was born on Tishri 1, at the time the former rain begins. I think he will return as the latter rain, which starts on Nisan 1. Since "he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth" (Hos. 6:3), and since the latter rains start "in the first month" (new moon, i.e., first day of the month) (as in Joel 2:23), it agrees with Ezek. 29:17,21, which says, "(In) the first month, in the first day of the month (Nisan 1, Eze. 45:18,21), the word of the LORD came unto me, saying...In that day (Nisan 1) will I cause the horn (king) of the house of Israel to bud forth."

***After the 2520 days of Satan's rule during the Tribulation, first by giving the Beast his power and second by inhabiting the False Prophet, I think dominion will be taken from Satan at the Judgment of the Nations. Then Armageddon breaks out. It is Satan's forces against Christ's forces. I think it lasts 40 days and 40 nights. Then Satan is chained. It looks like Christ ascended and Satan will descend on the same date, Iyar 25, on the Jewish calendar.

> Therefore, the return of Jesus Christ at Armageddon should not surprise anyone who knows
> Scriptural prophecy. Then, when will Jesus' return surprise the world? When will His return
> come at a day and an hour that no one knows, except the Father? The only other time Jesus
> Christ will return will be for His Church, before the 7-year Tribulation begins.
> Before we examine those prophecies, I need to make one final point about Jesus' statement that
> His return will be like the "days of Noah". Noah and his 7 family members were the only
> people on earth that God determined were worthy to be saved from judgment. But, while Noah
> and his family were saved from the death brought on by the flood, they went through the
> "hour" of that trial. Terms of time, like "hour, day, minutes" are applicable only to people
> living on this Earth, are they not? These terms reflect the path of our Earth around the Sun,
> and the revolving Earth on its axis. Therefore, "time" on another planet would be different
> than on this Earth, and for any being living outside this Earth, "time" is meaningless. Thus,
> the only way in which Jesus Christ can fulfill His promise in Revelation 3:10 to "keep us
> from the hour" of the trial is to remove us from this Earth! This is the Rapture of the
> Church, that "Blessed Hope" of which the Apostle Paul spoke. Let us now review these
> passages.
> 2) 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 -"But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning
> them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.For if we
> believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring
> with him.For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain
> unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.For the Lord himself
> shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump
> of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be
> caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever
> be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words."
> What comforting words these are, indeed! For Jesus Christ Himself will descend from Heaven
> with a shout, and with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God!! Once this
> three-fold proclamation is issued, all Born Again believers who have already died will be
> given new, glorified bodies, their graves will be opened, and they shall meet Jesus Christ in
> the air. Then, immediately after, those Born Again believers who are alive will be caught up
> in the air to meet Jesus Christ.
> Paul closes chapter 4 by saying, "Wherefore,
> comfort one another with these words". But, then, he immediately talks about the timing of
> this blessed event. Remember Jesus' Words, in Matthew 24, where He spoke about how a believer
> could recognize the 'signs of the time of the end'? In 24:32-33, Jesus told His believers
> that they would be able to know the approximate time of the end, when they saw all of His
> prophecies in 24:1-30 coming to pass together. Jesus said we would know the approximate time.
> Paul, in chapter 5 of 1 Thessalonians, verses 1-3, also uses an approximate time frame. Paul
> said, "But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For
> yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For
> when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail
> upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."
> Imagine that!! This
> magnificent Day of the Lord, when Jesus Christ returns for His Church, is going to sneak up
> on unbelievers unawares.

***I think it is "one of the days of the Son of man" (Lu. 17:22). The millennial Day of the Lord cannot begin until after Elijah is on Earth (Mal. 4:5).

> Paul likens Jesus' return to the air over the Earth to snatch away (Rapture) His believers,
> to a thief entering a person's house. And, how does a person enter another's house with the
> intent to steal possessions? He enters in so very, very quietly, that the owner does not
> realize he has been broken into until the thief has accomplished his work, and has left. The
> owner will then realize that the theft has occurred when he awakens and sees his loss. What a
> perfect illustration of the way in which Jesus Christ will return to take His church from the
> Earth. No unbeliever will ever see or hear Jesus' intrusion into the Earth. No unbeliever
> will ever see or hear the snatching away of all Born Again believers from the Earth, both
> those alive and those who have previously died.

***I think that, like Elias saw Elijah taken up, some will see the Rapture take place. Psalm 40:1-3 says, "I WAITED patiently for the LORD; and he inclined (bent down) unto me, and heard my cry. He brought me up also out of an horrible pit (as Jeremiah was taken up out of a pit with cords [i.e., Christ's righteousness] and rotten rags [our righteousnesses]), out of the miry clay (our bodies of clay), and set my feet upon a rock (Heaven), and established by goings. And the hath put a new song (sung after the Rapture in Revelation 5:9) in my mouth, even praise unto our God: MANY SHALL SEE IT, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD."

> But, when these unbelievers awaken, after the Rapture, they will see their tremendous loss;
> they will see the several hundred millions of people gone. Many businesses will be missing
> key employees, including owners. Many homes will be missing loved ones, and if some Bible
> scholars are correct in their belief that babies from families, where at least one spouse was
> saved, will also be taken, then the world will be thrown into intense mourning for the loss
> of their babies. Finally, many unsaved people will actually be speaking with someone who is
> suddenly snatched from their sight, cars whose drivers are saved will careen off the road,
> planes, trains, buses, taxi cabs, whose drivers are saved might crash, as well. The unsaved
> of the world will suddenly know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that their 'house' has been
> broken into, and many 'possessions' have been taken.
> Then, Paul tells the church at Thessalonica that this Rapture will occur when the peoples of
> the world are saying, amongst themselves, "We finally have 'Peace' and 'Safety' in the
> world." Soon after they begin saying this, probably at the apex of this belief, the Rapture
> of the Church will occur. A most startling fact is that the drive to the New World Order is
> being mightily propelled by the dogmatic assertion on behalf of its adherents that the only
> way to achieve 'Peace' and 'Safety' in the world is by establishing this global system called
> The New World Order. Now, the question begs to be asked, 'When will people believe the most
> strongly that the world has finally achieved this 'Peace' and 'Safety'? I believe the answer
> is that, when Antichrist arises. The Plan calls for him to arise out of a Third World War,
> between Israel and her Arab neighbors, a war whose stage has now been completely set. (See
> NEWS1015, Albert Pike's Occult Vision As To How To Achieve New World Order)
> Since the leaders of the world have been setting the stage for his appearance, and this stage
> required much war in the world, it will be no big deal for these leaders to stop the wars
> when Antichrist asks them to, will it? But, the peoples of the world will see the wars
> stopping as 'proof' positive that Antichrist has the supernatural 'power' to stop these wars.
> Coupled with the planned 'Signs' and 'Wonders' of the Antichrist, the peoples of the world
> will be totally deceived into thinking that we finally have achieved 'Peace' and 'Safety'
> (sometimes called 'Security').
> Then, Jesus Christ returns for His Church. We Christians are looking forward to this
> magnificent event like none other, for we are daily reassured by the Holy Spirit that this
> world is not our home, that we are citizens of Heaven. We long to be Raptured so we can
> escape the evil and corruption of this world, and begin living in Heaven for eternity.
> But, one of the most surprising facts about the coming Rapture of the Church is that the
> leadership of the New World Order is also mightily looking forward to this Rapture! At this
> point, I can just see many of you saying, "What? How could the Luciferic leadership of the
> New World Order even be aware of the Rapture of the Church since they do not believe in
> Scripture? And, if they are aware of it, and do believe it, then why are they looking forward
> to it?"
> These are excellent questions. Let us begin with the question as to how they could even
> believe in this Rapture, since they do not believe in Biblical inerrancy, or prophecy. Each
> meaningful leader of the New World Order has his own 'Familiar Spirit', usually called their
> 'Guiding Spirit'. These 'Guiding Spirits' are nothing more than demonic spirits working for
> Satan in achieving his goals on Earth. These 'Guiding Spirits' have given much insight into
> how changes need to be made politically, spiritually, and economically in the world to
> achieve the Kingdom of the New Age Christ. All aspects of this New World Order Plan have been
> communicated through these 'Guiding Spirits'. Even most of the books published in New Age
> bookstores are written by a 'Guiding Spirit', writing telepathically through the human host,
> a procedure known as 'Automatic Writing'. Certainly, without this supernatural leadership,
> human leaders, working together for the past 300 years, could never have achieved this
> New World Order!
> Beginning in 1987, 'Guiding Spirits' of key New World Order leaders began to inform these
> human leaders to start preparing their adherents for a spectacular global event, that would
> occur just after The New Age Christ [Antichrist] will make his appearance. What was this
> spectacular event to be? As these 'Guiding Spirits' explained, when The Christ appears, there
> will be many people throughout the world that could never accept his views or his teachings.
> These people would prove to be a great obstacle in the way the New Age Christ wanted to move
> the peoples of the world.
> Therefore, the 'Masters of the Logos' had decided, these 'Guiding Spirits' said, to suddenly
> snap these people into another dimension, soon after The Christ arose. These recalcitrant
> people would be retrained in spirit, so that, when they reenter the 'Reincarnation Cycle',
> they will be fully persuaded as to the merits of the New World Order. Of course, when these
> people get back to earth in reincarnated bodies, the New World Order will have been in full
> swing for several hundred years, and everyone will know then how wonderful it is!
> Thus, the unsaved people left on the earth after the Rapture will be thoroughly deceived as
> to what really occurred. I personally heard this New Age lie when I was surreptitiously
> sneaked into a seminar given by the New England Director of the House of Theosophy, on August
> 18, 1991. Here is how the Director, Bill Lambert, described the Rapture of the Church, as it
> was described to him by his 'Guiding Spirit'. These people were described as people whose
> personal consciousness was not now, nor could ever be, raised sufficiently to accept The
> Christ. Bill likened them to a person who had spent his entire life in a totally darkened
> room. If a sudden, intense light were to shine into this room, the person's eyes would not be
> able to endure the light. The person would try to flee the light and go into another room
> which was dark. Similarly, these persons will "elect to leave for another room".
> At this point, I raised my hand and asked, "How do these people do this, Bill? No one can
> simply declare his spirit to leave this world. Do these people commit suicide? Bill answered
> emphatically, "NO". He said, "I do not know how it will happen, but these people will leave
> this dimension."
> "These people will leave this dimension."
> Please stop now and concentrate on this statement. We know that the New World Order
> leadership is fully aware that many, many people will not ever be able to accept the claims
> of The Christ [Antichrist]. They know, for example, that none of the people of the world who
> currently believe strongly in One God - Monotheism - will be able to accept the Polytheism of
> the Antichrist. There are three great religions of the world which believe in One God:
> 1) Christianity -- Currently over 1 billion people
> 2) Islam -- Over 1 billion people
> 3) Judiasm -- About 13 million
> Thus, the New World Order leadership fully expects to have to kill over 2 billion people
> worldwide shortly after The Christ [Antichrist] stages his appearance. This expectation
> carries very heavy logistical requirements upon the global military establishment. To
> understand how this is so, let us go back to the other New World Order leader in this century
> who considered himself to be Antichrist, Adolf Hitler. Hitler killed 18 million people,
> including 6 million Jews, during his 7-year Holocaust. At almost precisely the half-way mark
> during this 7-year period, Hitler's killing machine became highly mechanized, as the newly
> constructed mechanized gas chambers and ovens came on line.
> Author Lifton refers to these new camps as "pure killing camps".
> Now, the Nazis could really kill Jews, in numbers not possible before. However, German
> doctors in control of the camps soon came face-to-face with the most intractable of problems,
> a problem that nearly caused these "pure killing camps" to shut down! The problem was that a
> miscalculation had been made when the German engineers designed the ovens designed to burn
> the bodies that had just been killed in the gas chambers. The corpses were literally
> "stacking up" in such huge quantities that public health would soon be endangered. German
> engineers and SS personnel came up with the solution of digging long ditches with gasoline or
> natural gas at the bottom, with the passage of air permitted from top to bottom. This type of
> ditch permitted these huge piles of corpses to be burned in the same quantity as the gas
> chambers were killing them. Thus, the shutdown of the killing centers was averted, and
> Hitler's maniacal plan continued.
> The point here is that the logistical problem of disposing of the corpses was a huge problem,
> and Hitler was "only" killing 18 million people. Antichrist forces are going to have to kill
> well over 2 billion dissidents.
> Therefore, if you were a current New World Order leader, you would be struggling to find the
> solution to this most difficult problem. How does one dispose of 2 billion bodies? But,
> suddenly, your 'Guiding Spirit' tells you that the 'Masters of the Logos' have decided to
> snap everyone who will never accept the claims of The Christ [Antichrist] into another
> dimension!! Wow!! Think of it! Maybe, just maybe, most of the 1 billion Christians will be
> snapped out of this dimension, thus eliminating the need to kill that many people. Up to 1
> billion less bodies to dispose of, saving global governments billions of dollars and huge
> military resources.
> Thus it is true: Both Christians and the Luciferic New World Order leadership are
> breathlessly awaiting the Rapture of the Church. We Christians know we will be in Heaven with
> our Lord Jesus Christ; New World Order leaders only care that they will not have to dispose
> of our bodies. I believe this is THE key reason that current political leaders have not moved
> against Christian ministries yet. They are waiting, knowing their most intractable enemies
> will be snapped out of this earthly dimension.
> And, remember, Albert Pike's Freemasonry vision, from his 'Guiding Spirit', in 1870, foresaw
> the need for three World Wars to bring about the New World Order. The first two world wars
> have occurred exactly as the vision predicted; now, the final Third World War, between Israel
> and her immediate Arab neighbors, is set to explode at any moment. Are you spiritually ready?
> Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this
> ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop
> strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you
> can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person.
> I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result.
> These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an
> eternal difference.... > Cutting Edge Ministries, 35 Elizabeth Street, Attleboro, MA
> 02703-2031...
> 1 An alternate passage is 2 Corinthians 15:52-58, and we encourage you to read it, for it
> gives even greater detail of this blessed event called the Rapture. Many people read that
> this passage teaches that the Christian Church will not be Raptured before the Tribulation
> begins, based on 15:52, where it says that the Rapture will occur at the 'last trump'. This
> view then asserts that the 'last trump' occurs in Revelation 11:15, which is at least
> two-thirds of the way through the 7-year Tribulation Period. However, we see in Revelation
> 10:7, that this Seventh and last Trumpet is sounded by an angel. The passage in 1
> Thessalonians 4:16 tells us that the trumpet which sounds at the Rapture is a Trumpet of God,
> not of an angel. Therefore, the seven trumpets of Revelation, sounding forth during the Great
> Tribulation, are angelic trumpets, not tumpets of God. They are not the same. The
> Pre-Tribulation Rapture holds firm at this point of discussion.

***I agree here, but think the first trump of God is at the Pre-Trib Rapture and that the "last trump" is at the Pre-Wrath Rapture.

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