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Posted 4-2-2010

Strange friends, a wild Polar Bear and a chained sled dog

Re: Update on Ed

He has a secondary infection, caused by antibiotics killing all the good bacteria as well as the bad. We left when the Doctor came to prescribe different kind of antibiotics. She will be the one to decide when he can come home. Just now, I took acidophilus and am eating yogurt so I won't get the same thing. I told them at Rehab that we ate yogurt every day at home, so they said they will give Ed yogurt too. This took him back again to where he couldn't walk. Yesterday was his birthday. He is 86.

Rudy Wallace "The Real Face Of Jesus Photos"

Tamara (2 Apr 2010)
"Re: Rudy Wallace "The Real Face Of Jesus Photos"

I watched the latest documentary on the Shroud of Turin's authenticity on TBN not to long ago and they went into depth about the Seconda Pia' photograph. Because the original camera's pick up more information, scientists were able to now use this negative image to create a hollogram. Also, scientists have proven that the original carbon dating results were in fact incorrect due to "reweaving" that had taken place I believe it was in the 13th century by collecting another sample of the fabric at a different spot on the Shroud that was not tested by carbon dating.

What I learned that was so remarkable from this show is that several physicists found that a third dimension does exist!!!! How??? Because Jesus body in the image is not smashed on his backside which would occur from his body's weight upon the stone in the tomb. They have proven that the image was created when his glorious body was already rising/resurrecting just like you pointed out by J.R. Church's study!!!!! Tamara

Incoming e-mail, Re: The Rapture Still May 9th?

Are you still expecting the Rapture to be Sunday, May 9th? I sure Hope So!!

The Scripture tells us that "In the Last Days, Things Get Worse and Worse"..and Honey aren't we really seeing that happening!

I do feel sorry because many Christian friends really don't seem to be looking happily forward to the soon coming of the Rapture. I am counting the days and trying to do everything to witness and be prepared for the wonderful of the Lord's Coming. Thank You for All Your Good Teachings over the Years!! See Ya'

My reply

Yes. I'm hoping for the Rapture May 9. Yesterday, Monday, March 29, Ed's 86th birthday, was Nisan 14, the true Passover. Today is the Feast of Unleavened Bread, when the Jews keep Passover. Tomorrow, Wednesday, is the Feast of Firstfruits, and day one of the counting of the Omer. Ascension Day is day 40.

It makes sense to me. Jesus, the head of the Body of Christ, ascended on day 40. It follows that the rest of the Body of Christ might also ascend that day. Jesus will be coming for us, but we will meet him in the clouds.

Of Jesus' ascension, Acts 1:9-11 says, "And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight. And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel; Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven."

In like manner could easily mean on the 40th day of the counting of the Omer, Ascension Day. The two men just might be Moses and Elijah, the two witnesses who talked to Jesus at his Transfiguration, who will probably come to Earth at the time of the First-trump Rapture. I expect them to tell Israel where the Temple was located and get them started erecting it on the Temple Mount between the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque. The rear of the Temple was aligned with the wailing wall. Everything is ready now. Israel even has a red heifer. They say the Temple can be built in 3 months.

I think Rev 1:9-11 shows that the Rapture will be on Sunday. This year, Ascension Day will be on Sunday. None of the feasts will be on Sunday until 2012. In the Preview of the Rapture, John said, "I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos (meaning mortal), for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ. I was (lit., became) in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet, Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last".

The "Lord's day" seems to indicate Sunday, for it can't represent the great and terrible Day of the Lord. That is the Day of the 2nd Rapture and the Day of God's Wrath. There is no other day like it - ever.

When a very nice nurse patched through a call from Ed in Rehab to me (in a different hospital than he had just gotten out of), he cried and said, "I want to go in the Rapture, not like this." I told him that's what I wanted too. Please pray that he will make it. He has another infection now and cannot come home yet. Agape

The Year 5776

By Marilyn Agee

There would be 5776 inches to the apex of the Pyramid of Giza if the stone that the builders rejected was in place. The Hebrew Year 5776 will be 2015/2016. That is important.


Isaiah 19:19-20 says, “In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar (matstsebah, memorial stone) at the border thereof to the LORD, And it shall be FOR A SIGN AND FOR A WITNESS UNTO THE LORD OF HOSTS in the land of Egypt.”

It's amazing. The first day of 5776, Tishri 1, the Feast of Trumpets, seems to be the day Jesus will be given his millennial kingdom.

The previous year, 5775, will be a Sabbatic Year, so 5776 can be the Jubilee Year. It should be announced on Tishri 10, the Day of Atonement, and begin on Nisan 1, 5776, April 9, 2016. That should be the day of the Second Advent.

Seven months before that, on Tishri 1, 5776 (Sept. 14, 2015), the Feast of Trumpets, as Christ's millennial rule begins, I think he will call for all the saints to come to the General Assembly in Heaven.

Heb. 12:23-25 says, "But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, To the GENERAL ASSEMBLY and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect, And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel. See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven".

The Bride of Christ that was previously caught up to Heaven in the First-trump Rapture will be gathered from one end of Heaven to the other. Mt 24:31 says, "And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of HEAVEN to the other."

At the same time, the Last-trump Rapture will take place. Mark 13:27 says, "And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the EARTH to the uttermost part of HEAVEN."

All the saints are gathered in Heaven to see the Coronation of Christ, the Judgment Seat of Christ, and the Marriage of the Lamb. When Jesus is seated as judge at the Judgment Seat of Christ, there will be respectful silence in both Heaven and Earth.

Rev 8:1 says, "And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was SILENCE IN HEAVEN about the space of half an hour."

Hab .2:20 says, "But the LORD is in his holy temple: let all the EARTH KEEP SILENCE before him."

That same day, the Feast of Trumpets, is Doomsday on Earth. It is the Day of the Lord and the Day of God's Wrath. Like Solomon, Christ will purge his kingdom at its beginning.

I think the Second Advent will be 7 months later that same year, 5776, a leap year. That's why there are 30 extra days in the 1290 days of Dan. 12:11. Nisan 1, 5776 (April 9, 2016), first day of the Jubilee Year, should be the day of the Second Advent. That will be the first day of the Jubilee Year. It should also be the day of Armageddon and the chaining of Satan.


Josephus, in Antiquities of the Jews. I. II. 3, said, "Seth, when he was brought up, and came to those years in which he could discern what was good, became a virtuous man; and as he was himself of an excellent character, so did he leave children behind him who imitated his virtues. All these proved to be of good dispositions. They also inhabited the same country without dissensions, and in a happy condition, without any misfortunes falling upon them, till they died. They also were the inventors of that peculiar sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies, and their order (i.e., the Gospel in the Stars). And that their inventions might not be lost before they were sufficiently known, upon Adam's prediction that the world was to be destroyed at one time by the force of fire, and at another time by the violence and quantity of water, THEY MADE TWO PILLARS, THE ONE OF BRICK, THE OTHER OF STONE: they inscribed their discoveries on them both, that in case the pillar of brick should be destroyed by the flood, THE PILLAR OF STONE MIGHT REMAIN, AND EXHIBIT THOSE DISCOVERIES TO MANKIND; and also inform them that there was another pillar of brick erected by them. Now this (i.e., the Pyramid of Giza) remains in the land of Siriad (Egypt) to this day."

The year 5776 is almost set in stone. The Pyramid of Giza/Greek Kheops/ Egyptian Khufu with the capstone in place would be 5776 inches high ("The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh," 1883, by Prof. Sir William M. Flinders Petrie). However, the capstone is missing. Egypt was going to replace it by helicopter with a gold one in their millennial celebrations, but ended up cancelling that part of their ceremony. The time was not right for that capstone represents Jesus when he begins his millennial rule.

Jesus is the stone that the builders rejected. Luke 20:17 says, "And he beheld them, and said, What is this then that is written, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner?" The date that Jesus will become the head of the corner seems to be the height of the Pyramid with capstone in place, 5776 inches. I think Jesus' rule will begin on the first day of 5776, Tishri 1, the Feast of Trumpets, Sept. 14, 2015.

That first day will probably be the greatest day ever. It will be filled with important events.

1. The call goes out to come to the General Assembly in Heaven
2. Last-Trump Rapture
3. Coronation of Christ
4. Christ given his millennial Kingdom
5. Judgment Seat of Christ
6. Day of God's Wrath
7. Asteroids of Rev. 8:8-11 impact Earth
8. False Prophet deposed
9. Earth turned upside down
10. Dead lay around the Earth
11. Marriage of the Lamb in Heaven

Seven months later, Jesus will probably return to Earth on the first day of the Jubilee Year, Nisan 1, 5776. A Jubilee Year must follow a Sabbatic Year, and 5755 will be a Sabbatic Year. To make the Second Advent any later, one would have to fast forward to 5783 (2022/2023), because 5782 is the next Sabbatic Year after 5775.

June 5, 1967 plus one generation (48.33 according to Mt. 1:17) is 2015.33 (Mt. 1:17). That fits Tishri 1, 5776 (Sept. 14, 2015) just right. Tishri 1, 5776 seems to mark the end of Daniels time line in chapter 9.

The year 5776 is amazing, the first day seems to mark the Day Christ will receive his Kingdom, 7 months before his Second Advent (Dan. 39:12,13), and it has been right there all along. The 5776 will measure to the apex of the capstone on the day Jesus is installed as the King of kings.

Isaiah 46:10 says, "I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say: My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please." THE END of this age will probably come on the first day of 5776, Monday, Tishri 1, the Feast of Trumpets. To introduce it, there will be a partial Solar eclipse on the Eve of Trumpets.

In ancient times, when the Pyramid was built, there were giants on the Earth. Og, king of Bashan (which was called the land of giants), was the last giant. De. 3:11 "says, "For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of giants; behold, his bedstead was a bedstead of iron; is it not in Rabbath of the children of Ammon? nine cubits (13.5 ft.) was the length thereof, and four cubits the breadth of it, after the cubit of a man."

Og could have been 12 feet tall. That's a lot taller than our 7 ft. basketball players. Eight-foot ceilings would not do for the giants. Their houses had to be taller than ours. Building the pyramid with the help of giants was easier than if there had been no giants.

Making use of my downtime in the hospital with double pneumonia, I read "APOLLYON RISING 2012," by Tom Horn ( that a friend sent me. It's very interesting. It ties together the Masons, the Pyramid of Giza's 5776 inches, and the Pyramid on our dollar bill.

On the back of our one-dollar bill is a pyramid that has 13 steps. The bottom layer is 1776. Stepping up by 20-year increments, the top layer is 2016. That reveals a connection between that pyramid and the Pyramid of Giza. The year 5776 will be our 2015/2016. On the first day, Tishri 1, the Feast of Trumpets, I think the Satan-possessed False Prophet will be deposed, and the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, will become the King of kings over his Millennial Kingdom.


Wikipedia says that the pyramid of Giza was "constructed over a 20-year period concluding around 2551 BC."

The pyramid is set in the center of the continents on bedrock that can support its tremendous weight. It lines up with the cardinal points of the compass, and its dimensions are very accurate.

As a check on measurements of the sides, here are the Global Positioning figures for the sides of the Pyramid of Kheops' given in "The Keys of Atlantis." (

N side: 9,069.4 inches
E side: 9,067.7 inches
S side: 9,069.5 inches
W side: 9,068.6 inches
Mean 9,068.8 inches

Petrie's Measurements of the Pyramids He said, "The mean base being 9,068.8 ± 0.5 inches, this yields a height of 5,776.0 ± 7.0 inches.”"

5776 - 7 = 5769. The beginning of the 2300-day Tribulation seems to have been last Pentecost, May 29, 2009. The 2300 days of Dan. 8:13,14 end on Tishri 1, the first day of 5776, the Feast of Trumpets, Sept. 14, 2015.


On this website ( Thomas R. Horn wrote, "Given everything else we have learned from the works of Freemasons like David Ovason and Manly P. Hall, this date, 1776, representing two messiahs—the rejection of one in favor of the other—is not likely a mistake. Thus, the trestleboard’s 1776 "beginning" date for the great work of the Craft truly marked the start in history of the secret doctrine of Freemasonic Illuminatus toward establishing a New Atlantis in anticipation of the return of their founder and deity, Apollo/Osiris/Nimrod.

"To further verify this part of the cipher pointing to an "alternative capstone" or second messiah, the year 1776 at the base of the pyramid (on the dollar bill) is understood by Masons worldwide to be the year 5776 Anno Lucis ("in the year of light"). This is because Masons of the ancient Craft add four thousand years to the common date, the number of years that conventional theology assumes creation began before Christ: thus, 4,000+1,776=5,776."...

"the year 2012, being three and one-half years before the Masonic ending date 2016, could thus be viewed as the beginning of the Tribulation period. However, a more disturbing scenario that some believe could also fit with prophecy is that 2016 instead represents the end, not the middle, of the Great Tribulation period—which would mean the year 2012 would actually be the "midst of the week" and the reign of Antichrist would have started mid-2009."

There is more of Tom Horn's writing at:

"The Great Pyramid and Solomon's Temple Mathematical Connection To Time"

"When any run of the mill Free Mason looks at the pyramid on the dollar bill, they understand the number 1776 is really 5776 in their esoteric "year of light" calendar that adds 4000 years to our year.

"They also realize that the Jewish calendar adds 3760 years to our year, so that 5776 is also in the future, 2016.

"With the base of 1776 for the Great Seal Pyramid in Illuminati chronology, is it not amazing that the Great Pyramid is 237 miles from the Temple Mount? There are 237 years from 1776 until the end of 2012."

From "Did God Design the Great Pyramid,"

"There are not only marker-post holes, but also ramps. To quote Dr. Zahi Hawass (Undersecretary of the State for the Giza Monuments and one of the world"s leading experts on the Giza site,

"During the work of relocating the Sound and Light Show cables at Giza, we were able to excavate their route beginning at the Southwest of the Great Pyramid.

"Also at this time we started the re-excavation of the cemetery GIS and the restoration of the tombs there.

"As was discussed...the only possible side for the erection of the ramp during the reign of Khufu was the South side. The ramp was constructed of limestone chips, gypsum, and a calcareous clay called Tafla. Due to the hardiness of the construction materials what remains of the ramp, after the Egyptians removed it to build the tombs of GIS, should still exist on the South side.

"We started to remove sand for the erection of the cables North of the paved road and South of the pyramid. During the work we found a big part of the ramp used to transport the stones from the quarry to the pyramid base. This part of the ramp consisted of two walls built of stone rubble and mixed with Tafla. The area in between was filled with sand and gypsum forming the bulk of the ramp."...

"the quarries from which the stone was cut have been thoroughly excavated. To quote Dr Hawass:...

"There is no evidence of quarries or ramps either on the North side of the pyramid, or on the West where tombs of the officials began to be built in year five of Khufu's reign. The same can be said for the Western tombs in regards to the length of the pyramid construction.16

"On the South side of the Great Pyramid are the two boat pits which have been dated to the reign of Djedefre. The tombs built on this side are dated to the reign of Menkaure.17

"According to the Egyptian pyramid complex program the South side should contain the subsidiary pyramids. It seems that the architect of the Great Pyramid was forced to set the subsidiary pyramids on the East because the South side had to be used for the construction of the ramp.

"The quarry must therefore be located low on the plateau, and on the South side of the Great Pyramid, and this is where it is found."...

"The "Great Pyramid" at Giza was built by the Egyptians under the instruction of Pharaoh Khufu during the 26th century BCE."...

"ONLY in 2141 BC did the light of the pole star/North star shine down to the bottom of the descending passage.

"The precession of the Equinoxes is about a 26 thousand year cycle, this means that about every 2000 years the pole star/North star will change.

"In 2141 BC the pole star/North star was Draconis/Dragon Star."...

"The current pole star (Polaris) will be exactly over the pole in the year 2014CE. The previous star was Thuban (also known as Alpha Draconis). This was over the pole in approximately 2600BC – a gap of 4,600 years..."

Egypt Cancels Plans to Cap a Pyramid in Gold for Millennium - 12-17-99

"I just received news from a reliable source regarding the capping ceremony due to take place at Giza on 31 December 1999. Apparently an announcement of its cancellation will be published in the Egyptian press this weekend and possibly in the English language newspapers too.)

"During a press conference held in Cairo on Thursday, Farouk Hosney, Egypt's culture minister, announced that plans to crown the Great Pyramid with a golden pyramidion during the millennium celebrations have been officially cancelled. Hosney's announcement may come as no great surprise; opposition to the ceremony has grown increasingly fierce since it was first put forward by Dr Zahi Hawass earlier this year. Amidst an air of controversy, during which some have suggested that the capping ceremony may have its roots in Masonic agendas or the fulfilment of Edgar Cayce's prophecies"...

"But Dr Hawass interpretations were not received in a favourable light by a board of senior Egyptologists:

"We know that Khufu's father built the first true pyramid. Its capstone was found some years ago by archaeologists and there is no indication that it had a golden surface," said Ali Radwan, Egyptology professor at Cairo University. (The Sunday Times 5 December, 1999)" (I am not sure they have found the capstone.)

"10:13 PM - 2009 -2016 Illuminati Time-Line"

"Why the Great Pyramid, the Temple of Jerusalem and the Great Seal of the United States all agree on a time-line ending in 2016 and beginning in 2009.

"Illuminati - A.L., as in Masonry, means Anno Lumina--year of light. Source

Craft Masonry's calendar commences with the creation of the world and uses the term Anno Lucius (A.L.) - "In the year of Light." (To me, Lucius reminds me of Lucifer.) "To arrive at this date they add 4000 to the common time, as the Earth was believed in conventional theology to have began in 4000 BC . This is also the date believed to mark the birth of Horus by Isis in Egypt.""

Incoming e-mail, Re: My final word

I am so pleased to learn of your recovery, and also David. Ed will recover from pneumonia completely, because he is in right standing with God. If May 9th. is our terminal date with heaven, then sickness and pain will disappear.

This is another attempt to reply to your response, as we have several power failures to our summer thunder storms; so I try again having lost all the data. My computer hard drive got spiked Permit me to respond to your question more than 3 months ago : ~ >>How did you come to 2005 as a terminal year?<<

Read the attached diagrams first; then look at what Jesus has to say in the following parable.

In the parable,Luke ch.13 vs 6 --9 directs us to Israel suffering constant Palestinian and world opinion to give in to their demands. This land is God's pledge to Israel as a sacred real estate. Year 2005 plus 3 plus one extra year granted by Jesus to the vineyard keeper., brings us to 2009, when the beginning of the END OF THE AGE starts the final 7 year countdown.

The attached diagrams may help to understand from the position of eschatology.

* Diagram ..1" The Seven Ages Of Mankind" brings to light the importance of Almighty's design from the very foundation of the first spirit man.
* Diagram 2 .." Times Of The Millennia" clearly shows the importance of Daniel's prophecy up to current Israeli affairs. We Christians appropriate prophetic scripture, which really is for the Jews! All prophetic scripture focuses on the Jew first; we simply grasp the significance of what is revealed, both in the Old and New Testaments.
* Diagram 3a & 3b .."Times Of The Gentiles" is in two parts; first our redemption from the Christian era, and part two deals with the "Final Countdown to Israel"! This was a warning sign, which I believe the Holy Spirit gave me in 1998.
* Diagram 4 .. is a wonderful graphic symmetry from the founding of the "Babylonian Empire" to it's despise after the Iraqi War, and the final obliteration of that entire region in Revelation chapter 8.

The pinnacle of apostasy to our God is the time 691 A.D. when the Dome Of The Rock was completed in His City Of Zion.
* Diagram 5 ..takes to the special words of Jesus, when He speaks out in Matthew 24; " As In The Days Of Noah", and the "Times and Seasons"; all directing us to year 2005, where Israel suffers increasing world pressure to break up consecrated ground set aside by God to His elect (Israel) We must always remember that prophetic scripture is primarily directed to the house of Israel.

The other questions you raise in your e-mail to me, I will attempt to clarify what the "remnant" will have to under go in the final dispensation under what I call .... "Trinity New World Order".... Not unlike the order "Theocracy" before the Flood!

In John 10:16 Jesus speaks to His disciples (Living.Bible)."I have other sheep ,too, in another fold. I must bring them also, and they will heed my voice; and there will be one flock with one shepherd". Could this remark be directed at the Old Testament Saints? Interesting to say the least, but we must close, and give the above serious prayerful thought, before we look at the scriptures you raised in your e-mail. In spite of a very expectant heart, I nevertheless, as a watchman, look to the time of the next Passover, The Day Of Ascension,, and the 50 days to Shavout; .. the climax to the beginning of the Church Of Jesus Christ. my loving regards

My reply

> > I am so pleased to learn of your recovery, and also David. Ed will recover from pneumonia completely, because he is in right standing with God. If May 9th. is our terminal date with heaven, then sickness and pain will disappear.

Thanks. Please pray that Ed will live to be caught up in the Rapture. He is 86 today, March 29, 2010. When he was in one hospital and I was in another one, a nurse patched through a phone call from Ed to me. I don't know how she found me, maybe she called David. He had taken me to the hospital. Ed cried, "I want to go in the Rapture, not this way." He has another infection to fight now, so I don't know yet when he will get to come home. I'm getting better able to take care of him each day.

I'm so sorry you lost data on your computer. That has happened to me too.

> > In John 10:16 Jesus speaks to His disciples (Living.Bible)."I have other sheep ,too, in another fold. I must bring them also, and they will heed my voice; and there will be one flock with one shepherd". Could this remark be directed at the Old Testament Saints?

In the ancient Gospel in the Stars drawn up by Seth and Enoch, there were two sheepfolds, the Greater Sheepfold and the Lesser Sheepfold. Today, we call them The Big Dipper, or Ursa Major, and the Little Dipper, or Ursa Minor.

The Lesser Sheepfold represents the Bride of Christ, who will be brought to the king at the First-trump Rapture (I Thess. 4:16,17). The Greater Sheepfold represents the rest of the Body of Christ, who will be reaped at the Last-Trump Rapture (I Cor. 15:51,52) on the Day of God's Wrath, but just before the asteroids hit Earth (Rev. 6:17; 7:14, 8:8-11).

There are Old Testament saints in both groups. In the first group are the elders (Rev. 4:4, the 12 patriarchs and the 12 apostles of Israel, including John), plus saints like Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Sarah. Heb 11:15,16 says, "And truly, if they had been mindful of that country (Israel, on Earth) from whence they came out, they might have had opportunity to have returned. But now they desire a better country, that is, an HEAVENLY: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city" (New Jerusalem, in Heaven).

In the second group are the 144,000 Israelites (Rev. 7:1-8 and Rev. 14:1-5).

> > In the parable, Luke ch.13 vs 6 --9 directs us to Israel suffering constant Palestinian and world opinion to give in to their demands. This land is God's pledge to Israel as a sacred real estate. Year 2005 plus 3 plus one extra year granted by Jesus to the vineyard keeper, brings us to 2009, when the beginning of the END OF THE AGE starts the final 7 year countdown.

I still don't understand how you arrived at 2005, but 2009 is reasonable. I think the year of the end of this age and the beginning of Christ's millennial reign will be 5776. That is recorded for us, because the Pyramid of Giza, with capstone, is 5776 inches tall. I think the first day, Tishri 1, 5776, will be the day in Heaven of the Last-trump Rapture, the Coronation of Christ, the Marriage of the Lamb, the Judgment Seat of Christ, and when the 2 asteroid impacts of Rev. 8:8-1 hit Earth. That day will be the great and terrible Day of the Lord and the Day of God's Wrath.

The shortened, 2300-day (Dan. 8:13,14) Tribulation/Seventieth Week of Daniel 9:27
1. 2009 - probably started last Pentecost, May 29, 2009
2. 2010
3. 2011
4. 2012 - Mid-Trib, April 2/3, 2012 (by inclusive reckoning), end of Mayan Calendar will be Dec 21, 2012 (Satan knew from the beginning how long he had to try to win the Angelic Conflict) (2012 is when he can indwell the False Prophet)
5. 2013
6. 2014
7. 2015 - the Tribulation will probably end on the 2300th day (counted by Inclusive Reckoning, because it is a block of time, the Feast of Trumpets, Tishri 1, 5776, Sept. 14, 2015

The Lord recorded the date 5776, the Pyramid of Giza is 5776 inches to the top of the apex (with the capstone in place). Jesus is the stone which the builders rejected. He is the one that will rule in 5776.

Luke 20:17 says, "And he beheld them, and said, What is this then that is written, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner?" The back corner of the Tabernacle had the width of cloth draped over it that represented Earth (one of four cherubim, the terrestrial planets, Eze 1:15). So, when Jesus is head of the corner, he will be the Supreme Ruler of the Earth.

The date that Jesus will become the head of the corner seems to be the height of the Pyramid with capstone in place, 5776 inches. Jesus' rule should begin on the first day of 5776, Tishri 1, the Feast of Trumpets, Sept. 14, 2015.

The first Zionist Congress met in 1897. That was 120 years, as in the days of Noah, from 2017, when the Jubilee Year will probably end. By that time, the Israelites will be back in their land and King David will rule under Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

To figure it yourself, first see which are Sabbatic Years. Then plot the Jubilee Year. It has to follow a Sabbatic Year. 1967 plus 50 = 2017, the outside limit. 5755 is Sabbatic. Therefore the Jubilee Year would be announced on the Day of Atonement, Tishri 10, 5776. It would then run from Nisan 1, 2016, day of the Second Advent, to Nisan 1, 2017. Do you agree?

That ending date of 5776 has been before mankind all these years. The Pyramid of Giza was built when there were giants on the Earth. Og was the last of the giants. His bed was 13.5 ft long, so he could have been 12 ft tall, twice the size of the 6 ft. tall of today.

The Tribulation's 7 years

1. 5770 (2009-2010) First-trump Rapture
2. 5771 (2010-2011)
3. 5772 (2011-2012)
4. 5773 (2012-2013)
5. 5774 (2013-2014)
6. 5775 (2014-2015) Sabbatic Year (divides by 7 equally)
7. 5776 (2015-2016) Jubilee Year, Leap Year (has 30 extra days, Dan. `12:11) has 7 months between Tishri 1 (Last-trump Rapture, Doomsday, Sept. 14, 2015) and Nisan 1 (Second Advent, April 9, 2016)

Acts 2:20 says, "The SUN shall be turned into darkness (Sept 13, 2015), and the MOON into blood (Apr 4, 2015), BEFORE that great and notable DAY OF THE LORD come" (on Tishri 1, 5776, Sept 14, 2015).

Tishri 1, 5776 (Sept. 14, 2015) Last-trump Rapture, General Assembly in Heaven, Coronation of Christ, Marriage of the Lamb, Judgment Seat of Christ, destruction of Gog's army and Babylon, day the towers fall and the Earth is knocked upside down.

Nisan 1, 5776 (April 9, 2016) 2nd Advent, 1st day of Jubilee Year, Armageddon, Satan chained. Agape

Incoming e-mail, Re: Belatedly

Hoping your Birthday was a Very Happy one.

My reply

Thanks. I'm 81. Ed was 86 Monday.

I just recently got out of the hospital, Ed too. He had pneumonia in one lung. I had it in both lungs. He got a secondary infection, and is still in Rehab. He can't walk. Please pray that he will get his strength back and make it to the Rapture. That could be Ascension Day, May 9. Agape

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