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...I'll pray for you and your husband. I wish you and your family the best. Keep looking up. Your friend in Christ

My reply

I am sure looking up.

Thanks for your prayers. Ed finally walked today, V E R Y S L O W L Y and hesitantly, not using his feet very normally, to the door and back, in the morning with two people on either side of him holding onto a belt they put around him and this afternoon using a walker. Also, the man who gave him a breathing treatment couldn't hear any liquid in his lungs. He said that didn't mean there wasn't any there, but it did mean that there wasn't a lot. Whew! was that great to hear. They are teaching both of us how to get him from reclining to sitting up on the edge of the bed without ruining by bad back. I have been in tears twice from hurting my back. Sometimes, he needs to get back in bed before a nurse is free to help. They sit him up to eat lunch, and when I come back from lunch, he's desperate to lay down. Of course, I always get him down on the diagonal, but it is better than not being down.

The Lord didn't say everything would be good, but he said he would work everything together for good. We had no idea Ed was so sick. It took that heart attack for us to find out, and it was not a terrible one. If he had not had that bit of warning and had the open heart surgery, he could have had a massive heart attack later that he might not have survived. Sometimes things can be a blessing in disguise.

A man came to see Ed from the church where we have been going on Saturday night, and can you believe it, the pastor got appendicitis today and had already had surgery. This man was trying to figure out which hospital the pastor was in. It wasn't where Ed is. Let's add Pastor Eric Denton to our prayers. Saturday night, he was praying for Ed and me. Now he and his wife need it too. We never know what any day may bring our way.

I was sitting by Ed's bed today reading Yacov Rambsel's "His Name is Jesus," about Bible Codes. These were some of the interesting things among many that I found:

On page 127, he says, "In addition to the equidistant-letter sequence, there is another divine arrangement of His Word. This arrangement will enable us to uncover additional information for His glory. This method is normally called Rosh Tav..., but the name that I give this system is 'equidistant-word sequence' (EWS)...This arrangement takes the first or last letter of each word that is equally distributed throughout the Scripture, but not each word as a whole."

p. 127,8: In Lev. 13:10-11a, "Starting with the first letter of the fourth word from the right and taking the first letter of each word spells the phrase 'the interlaced of the equidistant sequence'...All Scripture is interwoven together, thereby making one complete unit.

p. 130,131: "In Deuteronomy 12:11, the first letter of each word starting with the thirteenth word and counting from left to right gives us et shaish shalav..., which means 'six equidistant sequence.' Thus, it seems that the Word is instructing us to count the equidistant-word or -letter sequence at intervals of six. We see this in Deuteronomy 12:10, starting with the fifth word and counting every sixth word from left to right spells 'Elul'..., which is the sixth month on the sacred calendar. Counting at thirty-word increments (the six-word sequence times five), you will have Jehovah..., the first letter of every thirtieth word. In the same sequence (six times six), counting left to right every thirty-sixth letter from the the place where 'Messiah' found at two-letter intervals in verse 11, from left to right, spells chakmah..., which means 'wisdom.' Also, in this series you will find aron..., which means'the ark.'"

p. 131: "In Genesis 7:9, starting with the second bet, and counting every sixtieth letter from left to right spells b'natzal lunb, which means 'in the rapture.'"

Keep on watching. We are all being tested in one way or another. We want to withstand the test.

BTW, they haven't finished harvesting the wheat in the field near us yet. They must finish separating the wheat from the weeds and chaff in one batch before getting another batch. I thought they would do it fast with the two huge harvesters, but they didn't.

Incoming Email, 8-3-98

I am curious about the subject of the rapture. If the church is to be raptured does that not mean that Jesus will be coming back two more times? Once to rapture the church and once for the final judgement? I am confused.

My reply

I think there will be two Raptures, a Pre-Trib Rapture and and Pre-Wrath Rapture. Neither time will Christ set his feet on the Mount of Olives. When he does that, it is the Second Advent and the mountain will split.

Incoming Email, 8-3-98

Do you reaaly think that iti is important to concentrate on when the Rapture will happen? A lot of people seem toave a pre-occupation with this. Don't you think that we should stop trying to figure out when, and just try to live right?

My reply

I don't know about you, but I've been trying to live right all along.

Don't you think watching and searching the scriptures gives you more incentive to confess every sin, forgive every wrong someone else has done to you, stay ready and to try to bring others to Christ right away because the time is short? I do.

Why do you think Jesus told us 23 times to watch? Why did he say, "If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee?

Why do you think he said, "And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you UNAWARES. For as a snare (trap) shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. WATCH ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man" (Lu. 21:34-36)?

Incoming Email, 8-2-98

Hi. How is your husband, Ed? I pray, in Yeshua's name, that he is getting better, and that the L-rd's will is accomplished!

Remember when the spies came back from Israel how they were carrying the grapes from the Promised Land back to Moses and the Children of Israel on staves (between two men, because they were so heavy)? Jewish tradition says that they got back on Tish 'b Av.

With that in mind, here is a great post from the Five-Doves web-site:
Scott McIntosh (31 July) "Grape Harvest"

It seems rather interesting, to me, that "Tu B' Av" (15 Av) is also called "The Holiday of the Grape Harvest."

Numbers 13 concerns the sp[ies] and Caleb viewing the promised land. Numbers 13:20 contains: ". . . now the time was the time of first-ripe grapes . . ."

In Jeremiah 8:13, we read, ". . . there shall be no grapes on the vines."

And, thankfully, in Song of Solomon 2:13 (King James Version) we read, ". . . the vines with tender grapes give a good smell . . ." Sincerely

My reply

Thanks for everything. Ed can't get himself up to sit on edge of bed, but once they get him sitting up, he can stay there long enough to eat. His first real meal was yesterday at noon. I can't see him from 5-9 PM, so went to church last night (Sat.) at 7:00. They prayed for him. It is strange, but we knew he was moving slower and slower, but none recognized how very sick he was. Here we were taking his mother to her heart doctor for water in her lungs, never realizing that Ed probably had it in his too. He was pushing and lifting her wheelchair too because of my bad back. We are so lucky his heart attack was not a massive one to start with.

Incoming Email

Marilyn, I want you to know that not all interest and prayers are for Ed's condition. I think of you and pray for your health and feelings in this situation. I know from experience what it is to sit in a waiting room and wait for information and try to rest and listen to other people discuss their problems, etc. Ten days when ---- was in ICU through Christmas and the 24 hours when it was thought that he might be dying, calling the children home on a snowy, icy night when I could not drive and had to call friends at an early morning hour - believe me I know what it meant to know that friends were praying for me as well as --- and the relief at the end of the critical 24 hours when the doctors said, "We've had a miracle".

Just know that you are in our thoughts and prayers also and hoping that good news is in the Lord's plan for you as well as for Ed's health and your business while he is ill. In His Love

My reply

Yeah!!! I know. Until yesterday, I could only see him for short time every two hours and not at all between 5 and 9 PM. Waited in waiting room except for lunch and supper break. Chairs are not THAT comfortable for someone with back trouble. I wondered if I could walk one time, but did manage to straighten up by the time I got to the door. Yesterday, I was able to see him about every hour. Came home during the 5-9 break for the first time. My daughter said, "Mom, you can get something done, get on your computer." Well, you know I didn't get anything accomplished really. Dashed to pharmacy to get my prescriptions filled. They were closed. Tried to get my email--server had problems at that particular time, got it later though. I hit the bed to read incoming mail. You guessed it. Woke up still holding up copy of Pastor Riley's Newsletter--as if I was still reading. Dave had come in and thought I was reading at first. Ed has waked me several times in the past because he thought I was reading. Don't know why I can sleep and still hold something up, but it has happened many times.

Didn't know Dave was home and asleep on his bed. He had gone to take Ed's mother to her heart Dr. (she has congestive heart failure) and got there only to find out that the Dr. cancelled it. That's about 90 miles of driving right there (next Mon. is her eye Dr.--140 mile drive). A neighbor came to my door to ask about Ed. I told her I was just leaving to try to get in the front of the hospital before they locked the doors at 9:00. Elevators are locked at 6:00 PM. Started to drive off and saw Dave's truck. Thought he had just arrived and had run across the street to feed the neighbor's dog. Walked across the street and yelled--no answer. Walked out from our backyard in case he was feeding the rabbits--no answer. Drove off, couldn't go till I found out if he had seen Ed on the way home. Came back and he was just coming out of the house to go to the hospital. Thank goodness I came back. We went together, and he drove my car. Had to go in Emergency entrance and use staff elevators. I just can't do 4 flights of stairs up and 4 down. My legs would cramp too bad. Long ramp up to Emergency entrance is something I have to take slow the way it is.

We stopped on way home to get a bite to eat. First place was closed. Jack-in-the-Box drive thru window was open. Came in, got my email and hit the hay.

Just got awake this morning and heard the trash truck. I had already missed recyclables, but put out the rest. Hope it goes. That truck usually comes later.

Incoming Email

I Thank you so much for the response... you are indeed a wonderful person... The good Lord brought me to your web page, and to have that special connection with all my Christian friends from coast to coast is a wonderful thing... Keep up the great work... You are a true inspiration... and hopefully waking up many to come to our Lord and Savior, and letting Him in their hearts... In His Love

My reply

Thanks. The Omer count to Sivan 6, Pentecost, is counted by Jewish inclusive reckoning. This year, Sunday, Nisan 16, our April 12, was day 1. Sunday, May 31, was day 50.

Incoming Email

I I've noticed that you've made a number of adjustments since your original failure. I believe each of the other adjusted dates have also since come and gone.

Don't you think there's a danger with continuing to predict the Lord's return.? Aren't you afraid this'll turn some people off of Christianity.?

I remember hearing about how scholars used to study and debate over how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. I thought what a waste of intellectual power.

It's the same case here. You obviously have a thorough knowledge of the bible. Why not use it to try and reach out to lost souls.? Or exhort the Christians who might be wrestling with some worldly issue.?

I know the Lord is coming soon. He may return before you read this Email or He may not come for another 50 years. I have prepared myself for both circumstances.

We are supposed to be trying to reach unsaved people, not guesstimating when the Lord will be returning.

I'd like to hear your comments.

My reply

The Lord said, "If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee" (Rev. 3:3). He also said, "what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch." That means stay alert.

Don't be lulled to sleep by thinking it may be far off. The coming of the Lord can't be in 50 years. The last generation of this age was born in 1967. Subscribe to a news group from Israel and read the news daily. You will see that things cannot go on as they are now for 50 years. Things seem to be approaching the breaking point soon.

I'm attaching some information about the MARC that might open your eyes. It is here today. I have held one of the cards in my hand. It belonged to someone that had retired from the military. I understand that for about two years now, these cards have been issued to men entering basic training. They are paid on the card and buy at the Commissary and PX with the card.

My friend said a friend of hers saw a woman hold her right hand up to be scanned to buy groceries. A certain old chain of grocery stores here was asked if they had that technology. The manager said they would have it in SIX MONTHS. We all need to wake up and smell the coffee.

You bring all you can to the Lord. I am bringing the ones I can to the Lord. I am also warning believers to wake up, the Lord is coming soon. It wouldn't hurt you to do the same.

Incoming Email

I Sorry to hear you are suffering, too, in the heat that seems to be sweeping the nation. Nearly a whole state burned up and entire counties evacuated. Unprecedented. Truly, "a fire goes before Him . . . ."

Anyway, with all of the headlines on a drought, I can't get my mind off of the Joseph-in-Egypt story. I think it might be the longest contiguous Biblical story, with the possible exception of the David-in-Wilderness story. I think they are both types of the tribulation period.

I feel very strongly about the Joseph scenario being a tribulation type. Seven years. Drought. Economic control. People selling everything, ultimately themselves, for grain. The only difference is that Joseph was the good guy and preserved Israel (Jacob and his entire family) and humankind. This time, Antichrist will use the same scenario to try and destroy mankind, which hasn't prepared beforehand by storing food because of just-in-time inventory and production methods. It is interesting that most of the Bible Codes dealing with the rapture in Genesis 37-42 run backwards.

Ok back to the story. Two years before prison release: cupbearer-and- baker dreams. Two years after famine starts: joined by eleven brothers and then his entire family (seventy members). What is the significance of the two twos?

Remember that we are ending the seventh year of economic expansion that started at the end of the Gulf War in 1991. Last year was another bumper crop year for grains. Prices this summer have hit historic lows, which usually means excess supply. But, the footsteps of El Nino and its effects can't be quited.

Looks like they are on the verge of implementing the second redeployment in Israel. Oslo calls for the third and final redeployment to occur within twelve weeks of that.

There is no doubt in my mind that 1998 is and will be a historic prophetic "marker" year. The 9th of Av, Elul 29, Tishri 1, and Yom Kippur should be interesting. Take care, and G-d bless.

P.S. Thanks for pointing out "The Bride Theft" by Bob Schlenker. I don't think it invalidates his "Joseph" or "Iron-Gate" studies, though -- just enhances them! Both he and you allow your minds to think outside the box of conventional paradigms, which I think helps you discover truths.

My reply

Re: Joseph and the seven years. I have always thought there would again be seven good years and seven bad years of the Tribulation. I keep thinking, "If these are the good years, I'd hate to be here during the bad ones."

Joseph took up a fifth of the grain in the good years. I think that represents us and the Rapture.

Re: the double set of two years. I don't know.

Incoming Email

I TO: Friends (and friends of friends) of Bridges for Peace
FROM: Clarence H. Wagner, Jr., International Dir. - Jerusalem, DATE: July 24, 1998
Israeli and British scientists have found that Cohanim, descendants of Moses' brother Aaron, share a genetic marker, demonstrating that they are part of an unbroken father-to-son line as the Jewish tradition maintains, the scientific journal Nature reported.

Looking at the Y chromosome of 306 Jewish men from Israel, Canada, and Britain, including 106 self-identified Cohanim, the scientists found the Cohanim had the same or very similar versions of the Y chromosome.

By studying the length of time it takes for variants to develop, the scientists estimated that the inheritance of Cohen status has gone on for more than 700 years, and perhaps more than 3,000 years, when Aaron began the priestly dynasty.

The Y chromosome is ideal for this study, as it is passed from father to son, as is Cohen status.

Many Cohanim have surnames such as Cohen, Kahn, and Katz, although not all can be identified by surname.

The same scientists also tried to determine if self-identified Levites shared a genetic marker, but were unable to find one. Levite status is also passed from father to son. (Hotline, July 17, 1998)

New archaeological findings near Gihon Spring, ancient Jerusalem's water source, show the sophisticated water system heretofore attributed to the conquering Israelites predated them by eight centuries.

Excavations have exposed a tunnel that skirted Warren's Shaft and brought residents of the city directly down to a pool near the spring, which was defended from attack by heavy walls and towers. Contrary to previous belief, the spring itself was heavily fortified and not outside the city's defenses. Ceramics found in the current investigations tie the complex water system firmly to the Canaanites, 800 years before David's conquest about 1,000 BCE.

It is now thought Warren's Shaft, long held to be an access channel to the ancient spring, was only a natural fissure in the rock that had nothing to do with the water system.

Excavations on the lower eastern slope also uncovered a fortified wall from the Middle Bronze Period believed to have been outside the city's defenses. This would mean that the Canaanite city David conquered was almost twice as large as heretofore believed. (The Jerusalem Post, July 23, 1998)

Incoming Email

Thanks for your wonderful site.  I visit it everyday.  You are doing a great work for the Lord for those of us seeking truth.

  Just a quick question for the person in Pro/Con 158 who believes in evolution.  IF EVOLUTION IS TRUTH AND MAN EVOLVED FROM PRIMITIVE APES/MONKEYS, THEN WHY AREN'T ALL APES/MONKEYS HUMANS?  Why does he think some evolved and and some did not which is the only answer I've ever heard.  Doesn't make sense - except maybe to an evolutionist.

  Thanks again for your dedication to sharing your knowledge of the Word.

Incoming Email

The Nine Days is just an especially intense period of prayer and repentance starting on 1 Av and going through Tisha'B Av (normally 9 Av, but this year, because 9 Av falls on a Saturday, 10 Av). I think it is described in the photocopies I sent; if not try one of the informational e-mails.

I thought Pesach I (Passover) was 15 Nissan (Saturday, April 11). Isn't the Omer Count non-inclusive (don't worry, that's Jewish too, just like their 7-day count for a week, otherwise our weeks would get a day shorter each week, if it were inclusive, too!).

Pentecost is called Shavuot I. Some of the Jewish holidays have a "I" and "II" because they are celebrated for two days, depending on whether or not you are in Israel. The web-site: has a great explanation as to why there are two days for Rosh Hashana, for example.

I liked your "four months and then the harvest" quote from the Bible.

Blessings in Yeshua!

My reply

Thanks for the information....

> I thought Pesach I (Passover) was 15 Nissan (Saturday, April 11).

The Jews now keep Passover on Nisan 15, but it was set up in the Bible on the 14th. Lev. 23:5 says, "In the fourteenth day of the first month at even is the LORD'S passover."

I am attaching a file about the Pharisees and Sadducees keeping it on different days. I haven't had the time to study it as I would like. It's kinda been on the back burner.

> Isn't the Omer Count non-inclusive

I think it is inclusive so that it started and ended on Sunday. Some figure it always falls on Sunday.

The four months may not apply there. It's kind of a stretch, but worth considering, just in case.

Incoming Email

Hello... i am seriously beginning to wonder if the people in Luke 12:46, it says, "The lord of that servant (who was a Christian for he said "My lord delayeth his coming") will come in a day when he looketh not for him, and at an hour when he is not aware, and will cut him in sunder (cut him off), and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers" are the post-tribbers. Those who feel strong about a post rapture are saying exactly just that... "My Lord delayeth his coming".

***Added 7-26-98:

Incoming Email

I am praying for Ed and you and your family. I know how difficult an experience this is, as my own family has been through it three times in three years.

I can't resist responding to some of the comments in the Pro & Cons, and the person who likens your efforts to the theological exercise of determining how many angels can be contained on the head of a pin might be interested to know that this is a deadly serious theological debate. (I forget just where I read this, and please forgive me if it was in one of your books.)

The answer is: ALL OF THEM! It was realized long ago that the angels do not exist in a space-time continuum, and, therefore, did not occupy space and time as we do. If they do not occupy space and time, then any number of angels could be placed on the head of a pin. This was (is?) a serious debate encompassing theology, philosophy and science, and it's unfortunate that the "title" has been trivialized and popularized.

Beyond that, Marilyn, you are reaching out to the unsaved. I know that for a fact because the Holy Spirit working through you has motivated me to work through my comfort zone and spread the Gospel message. How many others have been similarly motivated only God knows. I thank God for you and your efforts.

May the Lord bless and keep you and your family.

My reply

Thanks for your prayers and comments. I use an old Mac and can't read the vcard.vcf (or any postcards), but thanks for the thought.
***Added 7-27-98:

Incoming Email

FROM CAPS. Marilyn--Please note the following infor. re the timing in the Song of Solomon:

In ch. 2:13 it says:"The fig tree 'putteth forth' her green figs.."KJV . The word for "green" is Strong # 6291 meaning "torpid or dormant". Other translations of this verse are:NAS-- "The fig tree has RIPENED its figs.." AMP---"The fig tree puts forth and RIPENS her figs". Why does there seem to be a contradiction in the various translations? The words "putteth forth" are from Strong # 2590 which mean " to spice, to ripen".So what is this verse trying to say? Simply this . The fig tree that was- up until this point-"dormant"- is now "Putting Forth" or ripening the -up until now- green figs.The point is that the fig tree is not "bringing out" green figs BUT RIPE FIGS. Do you see the difference?This is why most all translations of this verse are indicating that the fig tree is bringing forth ripe figs from here-to-fore green figs! In other words a CHANGE is taking place.The verse does NOT mean that the fig tree is" just now" putting out green figs but is starting to put forth RIPE figs FROM the green figs!

Now look at 2:13 which says "...and the vines with tender grape give a good smell"KJV. The NAS reads "...and the vines in blossom have given forth..fragrance..and in vs :15 it reads"WHILE OUR VINEYARDS ARE IN BLOSSOM". "The RSV reads" the fig tree puts forth its figs and the vines are in blossom..." and in vs :15 it says " FOR OUR VINEYARDS ARE IN BLOSSOM". the AMP. of vs. :15 reads "FOR OUR VINEYARDS ARE IN BLOSSOM". Now get this! The word "TENDER" is NOT in the HEBREW TEXT in 2:13, 15 or in 7:12 !! In fact the word used for GRAPE is Strong # 5563 which has reference to "a vine BLOSSOM" or "ABLOOM" This is therefore NOT talking about when the "tender" grape is just starting to form!!Most all translations realized this and you can read them for youself. They all knew it was talking about when the GRAPES ARE IN FULL BLOSSOM".The Hebrew word that means "to be sour" or "an immature grape" is Strong # 1154. It is translated in JOB 15:33 as "unripe grape". IT IS NOT THE WORD FOR GRAPE IN SONG OF SOL.!

Notice in vs.15 that the foxes are eating the VINE BLOSSOMS. Would a fox with GOD - given instinct eat sour grapes or RIPE grapes ?? Clearly, this changes the timing of this critical chapter which has a reference to the Rapture in it re the "SECRET OF THE STAIRS" FROM A SPRING TIMING TO A FALL TIMING.

Now look at ch. 6:11 in the KJV "I went down into the garden of nuts to see the fruits of the valley, and to see "whether" the vine flourished, and the pomegranates budded." Note this carefully--the word "whether" is NOT in the Hebrew text! So what is this verse really saying? "TO SEE THE VINE(WHICH HAS) FLOURISHED, AND THE POMEGRANATES (THAT HAVE) BUDDED" Also note 7:12..."let us see 'if ' the vine flourished, 'whether' the ' tender ' grape appear, and the pomegranates bud forth..."Note the following about this verse:The word "if" is not in the Hebrew text, nor is the word "whether", nor is the word"tender".So once again this verse should read"LET US SEE THE VINE(WHICH HAS) FLOURISHED AND THE GRAPES (WHICH HAVE APPEARED), AND THE POMEGRANATES (THAT HAVE) BUDDED FORTH." Note that the POMEGRANATES are just "budding forth". Evidently, they are harvested in Sept. and Oct. The grape harvest is almost for sure in September ! Also it is my understanding that there was an "early fig" and a "summer fig". The only month that seems to fit the following is ELUL: 1) THE FIGS ARE RIPENING 2) THE GRAPES ARE FLOURISHING 3) THE POMEGRANATES ARE BUDDING. Also it is obvious that the harvest season was essentially over by Tishri 1 because of the fall festivals.Remember that the feast of Tabernacles is called "INGATHERING". The summer also ends. When was the WHEAT separated from the CHAFF? During the summer ! Daniel 2:35 mentions the "chaff of the Summer threshing floor". Truly it all seems to be coming together! GOD BLESS YOU AND ED. CAPS.MORE TO COME.P.S. I wander why Song of Sol 2:12 mentions that "the time of SINGING has come ?" Take a look at ISAIAH 16:10 "AND IN THE VINEYARDS THERE SHALL BE NO MORE SINGING..." Also look at Judges 9:27 "AND THEY WENT OUT INTO THE FIELDS ,AND GATHERED THEIR VINEYARDS, AND TRODE THE GRAPES, AND MADE MERRY(MARGIN 'SONGS--I.E. THEY SANG SONGS)..." The time of SINGING was traditional in Israel when the time of the gathering of grapes was done !!
***added 7-28-98

My reply to email from CAPS above

I looked up #2590 in Gesenius' Lexicon. It means to fill fruit with aromatic juices, to mature. This suggests Av, but the fig trees are laden with fruit in Cheshvan. The vintage also begins in Av and continues in Elul, Tishri and Cheshvan. So from this, Av and Elul fit if we are limited by the four Jewish years, 5758, 5759, 5760, and 5761 of Luke 13:6-9. As soon as Tishri begins, we would lose 5758 from the count.

Pomegranates are ripe in Elul, so they might bud in Av. It seems that Av and Elul, from now to the Eve of Trumpets fits the best.

Incoming Email

I can't say that I agree with your interpretation of several passages. I think you have mis-read, over-read, or under-read several verses, especially the ones regarding the fig tree in Mark 13, Matthew 24, and Luke 21 [which contains the phrase "all the trees" - which seems to indicate that the parable of the fig tree is not a predictive allegory of the fig tree representing a future Israel nation-state, but the parable of the fig tree (and the Lukan other trees) is instead an illustration showing that just as plants give indications that a season of harvest is coming, so also the signs of this age will indicate the working out of the end of the age (both the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and the end of the world)].

However, you are a sister in Christ and I will be praying for your husband and for you in this time of difficulty. May God bless you and may he manifest His comforting presence to you.

Pastor, First Baptist Church

My reply

Thanks for your prayers. They are much appreciated.

Israel = the fig tree in Joel 1:6,7; Hos 9:10; Eze. 36:8, and Jer 24:5.

On the fig tree parable in Luke, don't you think all the trees around Israel were shooting forth, thrusting forward, in the Six-Day War?

In Psa. 122:3,4 (Jerusalem Bible), it says, "Jerusalem, built as a city, in ONE UNITED WHOLE, there the tribes go up, the tribes of Yahweh, A SIGN for Israel to give thanks to the name of Yahweh."

Luke 21:24 says, "and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled." At that time, Jerusalem did become ONE UNITED WHOLE, and the disciples had asked Jesus what would be the SIGN OF THE END OF THE AGE before he gave them the fig tree parable.

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