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Incoming Email

What ELSE can go WRONG?

Don't ASK! HA!

I Hope TODAY will be a better day.

I tried to send a FAX last night at 5:30 and again this am at 8:25.

I suspect you are out of paper, toner, or PATIENCE! Which ever.

TRY to keep smiling - it CAN'T BE much longer - CAN IT!!!

My reply

I'm sure the FAX is out of paper. Ed said we had better get some just before he had his heart attack. I could have gotten it at lunch, but didn't think of it.

I'm out of paper, but not patience. The Lord will see us through. The spiritual entities against us even arranged for our son David to have to take Ed's mother to her heart doctor (she has congestive heart failure and has to be taken in a wheelchair with her oxygen tank) and regular doctor in two different locations in Anaheim on the same day Ed is coming home--tomorrow. I was supposed to take Millie, but can't. I have to get Ed in the house and settled all by myself unless it is late afternoon, but the hospital staff have showed us exactly what we have to do, so I really don't think I will need help. We have been practicing getting him up, walking and getting him back in bed. I get him in diagonally, but that should improve. They are teaching us how to manage without injuring my back again, things like stooping down before raising his legs up on the bed. Leaning over to do it is a no-no. They delivered his machine that makes oxygen today, plus a spare tank if the machine should ever quit. It is already set up on #3 so I don't have to do much there but turn it on. He has a tank on wheels that I'm to use to bring him home. He already has been walking V E R Y S L O W L Y in the hall using his walker. He can't pull his toes on the leg they took the vein out of toward his head at all, even in bed, so he walks a little strange, kinda slides his toe forward and then puts down his heel. He has to come up one step to get into the house, so they made him try a step today too. Dave and I put a straight chair a short distance inside the house for him to rest before trying to get all the way to the bedroom. Dave picked up Ed's prescriptions today so I don't have to do that on the way home. I have one hurdle to cross that I haven't figured out yet. His C PAP machine he uses for sleep apnea does not have a fitting for the oxygen line. I'm taking the mask to the hospital with me tomorrow to see if there is a fitting that can go on the tube before it is hooked into the mask. There has got to be a way.

Dave vacuumed the bedroom today and set up an air purifier. It is running now. I'm washing all bedding now too.

Oh, as if all this isn't enough, I had to go to my doctor in tears yesterday. The night before, the man went home in the bed next to Ed, so the nurse gave Dave and I his food tray to share. I knew not to eat the chicken for I could see paprika on it, but I ate part of the rice. That did it. I guess that they used a seasoning mix on it like the packet they put on the trays for no-salt diets. It had powdered peppers or paprika, which is deadly for me. At 6:00 AM, I awoke in a flash as my calf muscle jerked into a very big hard knot like the Charlie Horse football players get. I managed to get a quinine and two Valium down and one hot towel at the sink. By that time, I was about to pass out. Everything was white. My head felt like it had a tight band around it. David had a big fan going near his bed, so he could not hear my cries for help. Ed usually puts hot towels on my legs, but he was not here. Once I am about to pass out, I have to either get on the floor or sit down on the bench and put my head down. I have fainted twice from this. The pain is sometimes more than a body can stand. Finally, the pills kicked in enough so I could hobble to the kitchen to warm hot packs in the microwave. I can't be without the pills when it happens and was about out, so went to the doctor after 9:00 AM. By that time only my feet were really cramping, but my legs were all tingly (and that calf muscle is really sore today). She gave me a muscle relaxant prescription instead of quinine, which I have had so much of it doesn't do a very good job anymore. I was to wait until I got to the hospital to take it. It is a good thing I waited. I went to sleep in the chair in Ed's room. His therapist came in and said, "Doesn't your neck hurt?" I was reading and my head dropped forward when I went to sleep.

When I came home last night, I didn't even turn on my computer. I hit the bed. I was still tired from all those pills. My Dr. had said to take the muscle relaxant each night before bed for three nights, I guess till all the peppers are out of my system, so I had no trouble this morning. Thank the Lord. I fear attacks like that like crazy. A nurse once told me to just pull up my toes and it would go away. I suppose that is what she tells pregnant women who have some mild cramping because the center of gravity changes. I went through that too. This is nothing like that. I thought to myself, "You have never had a really hard cramp." It is better to try to stretch the muscle if it is possible, but you have to figure out which one is cramping and try to stretch it. Even then sometimes it is impossible to make it stretch one iota. I have had them so bad that it pulled the foot bones out of place, so hard that my toes have pointed straight toward the floor like a ballet dancer and neither my toes nor my ankle would bend at all.

Anyway, with all this, I have not lost my patience. I have been hit with so much all along that I just think, "Well, we'll get through this one too with the Lord's help, one step at a time." You know, without him we can't do anything anyway. He can be strong for us. The Bible says that tribulation worketh patience, and I can attest to that. I don't think it mentions determination, but everything I get hit with just makes me more determined to not let those opposing spiritual entities get the best of me no matter what they throw at me.

As for can it be much longer. I don't think so. Tu be Av (15th of Av), when the girls dressed in white and went out into the vineyards with the boys following is Friday. It is a possibility. It is also Dry Wood Day, the last time of the year to make wood offerings.

Incoming Email

David Hill asked me to forward his message to you. Do you still remember him? He is now in Israel.

How's your husband? I got to know thru' Jim Bramlett.

May God bless you and strengthen you as you faithfully serve Him in this end time.

In Christ,
John Tng
TU be AV - David Hill

John (grin),

What are you still doing here? Just kidding! Actually your site is a sight for sore eyes! I am glad that you are still showing your self faithful, "In all you House!"

Yes, the prodigal returns. And I just wanted to second Scotts emphasis on Tu be Av, and if you dont mind I will give you a little rundown on the Holiday. I will keep it as short as possible, but I have kinda of a lot to share.

After I got laid off from work I headed over here to Israel where I patiently awaited Pentecost. As you know it came and went but we didn't. So having a little time on my hands I did alot of thinking and studying. One thing I will say here, even though I was convinced that the Rapture would be on Pentecost there was one thing in the back of my mind that didn't fit, and that was the fact that there was no Temple. How could the Two loaves of Bread be offered in the Temple in Heaven, when they wouldn't be offered in the Temple on earth, as a witness? I picked up a Messianic Jewish magazine here in Israel after Pentecost and there was an article on Pentecost. The lady said that the Pouring out of the Spirit that occured 2000 years ago was typical of the Glory of the Lord when it filled Solomons Temple. You need to keep this in mind. As the New Test. makes clear, the Church is the Temple. So, as long as the Church is on this earth, there probably wont be another temple.

So I asked, "How will the Two Loaves be offered, if there is no temple on earth to typify its occurance in Heaven." So I was reading another book, and the author reminded me that, "The Glory of this Temple (Second) will be greater than the former (Solomons)." Then it started to come together. Not only did the Second Temple witness to God's only begotten Son, it also witnessed to the two loaves being offered in Heaven. This, like Jesus' ressurection, would be a group of ressurected believers being presented in God's presense in Heaven at the same time that the Two loaves were being offered in the Temple on earth. Jesus 'Waved' this group of ressurected believers in His Father's presense in Heaven on that Pentecost, at the same time that the Priest was waving the Loaves in the Temple on earth, and also at the same time that the Spirit was being poured out on the Church, who were probably also in the Temple courts.

So who were these group of believers? Mathew gives us the answer. When Jesus was ressurected, there were also a group of believers who were ressurected. These saints probably hung around for the full fifty days to Pentecost (as Jesus hung around for 40 days) and then Jesus caught them up to Heaven on Pentecost! Not only that, this explains who the 24 elders are in Rev 4. They are these two Wheat Loaves that Jesus Waved on Pentecost. OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!

So, the Festival of Pentecost has been fulfilled, so now, what of the Rapture.

I was pretty discouraged let me tell you, cause now everything was up in the air (no pun intended). I know in my heart, as M.J.Agee attests to, that the Rapture will occur in the Spring time. (Sorta). This is born out by Ruth and Song of Solomon. The Rapture of the Church won't be in the Fall on Rosh Hoshannah. That is the Rapture of the 144,000.

So, with nothing to lose, I asked a lady at the Post office on the Kibbutz that I was working on to show me when Tisha be Av was (the calender was in Hebrew). So she looked and said, "Tisha be Av or Tu be Av?" And the bells started going off! "What's Tu be Av?" I asked. And she said that it had something to do with a Wedding. And that was all it took. I started to get so excited that I forgot to ask her what it was about. So I came back later, and she was gone but there was an elderly gentlman there and so I asked him. And he said it comes right out of the Bible, and as soon as he started describing it (Virgins dressing in white and dancing) I knew exactly where it came from.

John do you realize that this Obscure Nameless Feast was celebrated in the Old Testament times, that it was celebrated in Jesus' time, that it is still celebrated today and that the main theme of this Holiday is THE GROOM COMING LIKE A THIEF AND STEALING HIS BRIDE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Hill (4 Aug)
"TU be AV (part 2)"

The Feast of TU be AV originated, according to legend, because while the Israelites were wandering in the desert, every year on Tisha be Av, 15000 of the rebellious generation died. On the fortieth year, when the full moon occured (TU is Hebrew letters for 15) on the 15 of Av, and they realized that no one had died, they rejoiced greatly Realizing that they had been Forgiven! Also, the Spirit didn't really talk to Moses during the 40 years, but after the Festival, the Spirit Returned to Israel. This symbolism alone, if you consider the Rapture, is pretty incredible. After the Church is Raptured, Israels 2000 year wandering will be over and the Spirit will return to Israel. But it gets even better.

In the last passage of Judges, it tells us how that the tribe of Benjamin was almost wiped out. Six hundred men were left, but they didn't have any brides. So they 'found' brides for four hundred of them, but 200 were still unaccounted for. So all the elders of Israel said, "Look, up in SHILOH they celebrate a Feast every year. The woman (VIRGINS?) of Israel dress in WHITE and dance. Why don't you all go hide in the VINEYARDS and when they come dancing, each one of you go steal up on them and CATCH UP one and TAKE HER HOME with you." And that is what they did. This Obscure Nameless Feast, that the daughters of Shiloh danced at was none other than TU be AV!

And it gets better still! SHILOH is where the Tabernacle of the Lord resided until the Temple was built! Here you have the symbolism of the Church. Also, as you know in Gen 49:10, SHILOH is a name for the Messiah. "The scepture shall not depart from Judah...until SHILOH comes AND TO HIM SHALL THE GATHERING OF THE PEOPLE BE!!! Look at what that says!!! To SHILOH SHALL THE PEOPLE (ISRAEL AND CHURCH) BE GATHERED!!!

There is even more symbolism in the context. Shiloh was on the North Side (blessed is Mt Zion, on the sides of the North, the City of the Great King-paraphrase) of Bethel (House of God). It was east of Lebenan which means White and is the same word that is used for the Moon (which is a type of the Church). Lebenan was also a nick name for the Temple in the times of Jesus. The Temple made the sins of Israel White. Song of Songs mentions when the MOON is Fair which is a clear reference to a Full Moon which of course will occur on TU be Av. Shechem is also mentioned, but I don't have a concordance with me so I don't know if that has any bearing on the subject. Is it any coincidence that the very next passage in the Bible is the Book of Ruth, in which her marriage to Boaz takes place sometime after Pentecost, when the wheat had been fully harvested? This would probably place they're marriage in the summer months. Since this festival was being celebrated then, it is a good bet that Boaz and Ruth were married on TU be AV!

The word Gathering above also ties the Rapture to the Summer harvest season. Proverbs 10:5 tells us that "A Wise Son (YESHUA!) gathers in the Summer! If you look closely at Ruth and Song of Songs it could refer to either Spring or Summer! This Scott (?) McIntosh pointed out with the grapes, and as well I can personally verify that the Figs are Still Green in Israel! So there is nothing against a Rapture of the Church in the Summer. I would like to see MJAgee's comments on this, and was wondering John, if you could send her a copy of these two posts and post her comment, preferably before the 7th of Aug! I would appreceiate it tremendously!

On a personal note, Shiloh comes from the same root words that Shalmah comes from.

Also, as Scott pointed out, in a slight coincidence, the Holiday of Hope, which is the Sabbath after Tisha be Av, falls on the same day as TU be AV (which isn't always the case), and they read from Is 40 which includes "Comfort ye, Comfort ye, my people Israel." And as well, the 50th Anniversary Celebration kicks off in Tel Aviv this weekend, and there is also a hugh Folk Music Festival occuring in Galilee, on top of this Feast, which here in Israel is refered to as a Jewish Valentine's Day. In other words, all Israel will be dancing on the Day of Love, so to speak!

Now, also it justs so happens that there is an Obsure Nameless Feast mentioned in the New Testament as well (some would say that this is not a coincidence-namely me) that scholars still haven't identified. It is my contention that this Nameles feast is none other than TU be Av. It occurs in John Chapter five. If it had of been a major holiday (Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles or Dedication) than John probably would have named it. From the context it could be a Feast (not Fast) that occured anytime after Pentecost and before Passover. This includes the Summer months. And there is only one Feast in the Summer months and that is TU be Av.

Now, in John 5, Jesus journeys from Galilee to Jerusalem for this feast. Depending on which road He took, it is possible that He passed right through SHILOH (Which He obviously had a personal interest in), which was a ghost town then. He gets to Jerusalem, heels a cripple, and is confronted by the Pharasees. Instead of talking about the Sabbath (the day the cripple was heeled) Jesus immediately goes into a discourse about RAISING THE DEAD!!! I don't think that is a coincidence, and the raising of the dead has nothing to do with the imeadiate context, unless He passed through Dead Shiloh to be in Jerusalem on TU be AV.

So John, that is my take on Tu be Av. It is my personal opinion that there isn't a better time for the Rapture. A Obsure Nameless Feast that Celebrates the GROOM coming like a THIEF to CATCH UP His BRIDE who is dressed in WHITE and take her HOME to be His WIFE!!!

And I have only just started studying it. If you recall, the 'thiefs' hid in vineyards, which of course ties in to Song of Songs and other places. As well Jesus tells a Parable of Rewards dealing with workers in the Vineyard. This is a clear reference to the rewards that the Church receives after they're stewardship of the Vineyard (Kingdom of God) is over, which is of course the Rapture.

Well John, again thanks for all your good work. You have been a blessing. I will check back on your site, probably every couple of days. If you can get a hold of MJ for her comments, I would be blessed. Thanks alot!


David Hill

My reply

Yes. I remember David. Tell him thanks. I think Tu be Av is a good possibility--and good work on his part. I have had it marked on my calendar for awhile. I think the resurrected saints were taken to heaven on Resurrection Sunday, not Pentecost though. Tu be Av being a joyous betrothal day fits. Dry Wood Day fits. It was the last day for wood offerings at the temple for the year. It falls on Fri., Aug. 7 on the Talmuduc Jewish Calendar.

BTW, I just drove by the wheat field near us. Looks like they could finish today. They are working on top of the hill right now. The big part is done.

I get to bring Ed home from the hospital today. Got to get this off so I can tend to the details, get things he needs, etc. More about him is on Pro and Con 162.

Incoming Email

FWD: Newsletter (Cutting Edge, 29-Jul-98:


Subtitle: We have just posted several articles on a new subject, the control of the weather by scientists. We have further confirmed that these scientists are using weather as a weapon, against us, as well as against other parts of the world. You will be shocked!

In these Last Days, God has allowed Satan to get control of the basic weather functions of planet Earth! Satan has been allowed to reveal to scientists the secret of how to control the weather and how to use it as a weapon.

This development is sobering, indeed, for the theological implications of fallen, wicked man controlling the basic weather functions of the world are staggering! When you realize, also, that these scientists are working for political and military leaders who are committed to the implementation of the Satanic New World Order, you get implications that can literally blow your mind.

You can no longer look at a devastating storm and wonder why God allowed it to happen, or to think that the people who suffered and died in the storm just were "unlucky". And, if you or your loved ones live in an area that is disaster prone, you must think of leaving now.

We are posting these new Weather Warfare articles in the Headline News section, but will be providing a new button on the Home Page -- next week -- that will provide an index of all the articles dealing with weather problems and disasters.

Now, political and military leaders have the technology to make their dire predictions -- like Global Warming -- come true! Then, they will have the pretext to impose the Global Government of the coming Antichrist.

This revelation of Weather Warfare tells me more than just about anything else that the End of the Age is truly upon us!

Added 8-8-98, 12:10 AM

Incoming Email

OUCH! I just called --- and FORWARDED you eMAIL to him. i THINK he got his eMAIL "fixed."

If you get any MORE Patience you may have to get a DOCTOR License! Ha1 I ask ---- to CALL and leave our PHONE NUMBERS - He CLOSE and I'm only ONE HOUR away - so if you need HELP getting Mr. Ed up the stairs ALL you need to do is CALL.

My reply

All is well. I got the fitting for Ed's C PAP night-breathing machine to hook in his oxygen line, etc. Ed is in bed asleep, AT HOME. I was up till 3:00 last night and am now going to join him and get a few winks before supper. Don't worry. We're both ok. He is allowed to walk all he feels like with his walker, so from here out, we're in the way up, barring any unforseen thing like him falling. If that happens, Dave and I are not to try to get him up. We have to call 911...

Incoming Email

What a blessing to see p/c 162 posted! That means Ed is doing better - what an answer to prayer. You have been on my heart and in my prayers almost constantly since Ed's heart attack.

We are truly in the very very end. Tonight a swarm of strange bugs (the news called them flying ants) invaded our city. My husband said it looked like it was snowing out because they have white Wings. He stopped at a local food store and employees were trying their best to keep them off the food.  My front yard was covered!  It was very strange.  And it was the top news story here at the 11:00 p.m. news. They said it was "quite unusual" for this type of bug to swarm now because our weather has been so warm and this usually happens in cooler weather. They also said the bugs will be around for a few days.

Also wanted to mention that our family has really been under attack lately and I sense from some of your readers that they have been too.  The enemy knows his time is very very short.  I find much comfort in Job 23:10 "But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold." And of course our Bible Prophecy Corner family's favorite from Rev. 3:8&10 "I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name; ...Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. Praise His name! See you soon in Glory! Love and prayers to both you and Ed, ---- in Toledo Ohio

My reply

Ed is doing ok, but I had a time getting him out of a chair without arms today. I AIN'T gonna put him in another chair until he is stronger. Why I can get him out of a soft bed and almost not make it out of a straight chair is beyond me to figure out. He fell back a couple of times, but was not high enough to hurt him. They gave him a prescription of pain pills, told him to take the full dose for three days, but he hasn't had pain, so has not had one yet. He is just weak. Thank goodness we kept up a regular schedule of exercise and walking before this happened, or I doubt that he could get up. He walked with the walker three times today. Not bad.

I hate swarms of bugs. I'm sorry you have to put up with such. I had malaria when I lived in Indiana, so hate mosquitos. We had some kind of swarming black bugs get all over us in the car on a vacation once. Yuck. But the all-time worst was the crickets in Blythe, AZ. We were moving from Tennessee to California. Ed drove the truck with all our furniture, and I drove the car in front of him. We had a flat on the truck and had it fixed while we ate breakfast, a mistake. We should have watched them. They did not tighten down the lug nuts enough. We just got down out of the mountains, thank the Lord, when the lug bolts sheared off and Ed lost both right rear wheels at 3:00 AM near Quartzite, AZ. It was strange, but the first Ed knew anything was going wrong was his wheel passed him up going down the center of the highway. When the second one came off, the truck sat down. I saw his headlights cock at an angle, and before you could say scat, he was at my door wanting the flashlight to find his wheel. It took him half an hour. It really went sailing a long way. I ran back and got our 4-year old out of the truck. She was asleep. Neither one of the kids was allowed to ride with daddy in the truck after that. He luckily flagged down someone from that area who knew who to call for help. That man brought out a railroad jack to jack up the truck to keep it from going over. He told Ed he did a good job of driving, that if he had rolled 1 1/2 ft. more, he would have turned over. How that man had nerve enough to go under there and jack it up, I don't know. The right front wheel and back of the truck were on soft sand. The truck was leaning way over. Anyway, they got new bolts from Blythe the next morning. By noon, we went on to Blythe and got a motel room to sleep awhile. There were bug lights on, but we didn't know what they were and turned them off. When we woke up, crickets were dive bombing us from every angle. We cleared out of there faster than we thought we could. Getting hit by those things was creepy. All over town were huge piles of dead crickets swept up. It was like some horror movie. I had no idea there could be so many everywhere. Must be something like a swarm of locusts.

I do think we all are under attack to prove what we are made of. I think as soon as we are out of his way, Satan will act FAST. I feel that "little strength" in my back right now. :-)

Incoming Email

I hope you got my eariler e-mail today and I hope you got Ed home O.K.

The posting today of the Tu be Av commentary seems dead on the money to me. It brought together many different portions of scripture concerning small details of the rapture such as the full moon and hiding in the vineyard and still summertime of The Song Of Solomon, to the bridegroom and virgins of Jesus's parables. Tomorrow seems to be a good date and I certainly hope it is the day.

However, we must not forget the "tarry". If tomorrow (Tu be Av) is the day, then does the "tarry" begin tomorrow? Or did the "tarry" begin on May 31 and tomorrow we get to go up?

Personally, I truly believe the rapture will be sometime in this jewish year because the jewish year 1998 translates into "the season of Noah". Just as 1948's translation proved true as "the season of birthpangs", I believe this year's will also. So if Sept 20 comes and goes with us still here, I will finally know that the "tarry" has begun.

Here's to Tu be Av.

My reply

I managed to get Ed in ok. My son, David, and I had put a DR chair with arms a little way into the house to give Ed a rest before trying to get to the BR. Getting out of it was scary. We didn't know if he could get all the way up or not. Here he is in mid air, shaking, and seemingly can't get any farther. I am not strong enough to pull up very hard. About all I can do is pull one shoulder and the walker toward me, but he has to get straightened up himself.

Because of the walker in the way, I couldn't put my knees against his like I had done before to practice getting him out of bed into a standing position. When they gave him the walker, they said, "One hand on the bed, the other on the walker," so that was what we were trying to do. He is 6' 1/2" and about 236 pounds. I told him he couldn't fall back. He said, "I know," breathing heavily. He might hit one of the arms, and the jar even if he didn't could be disastrous. That tense minute seemed like five. We were both straining as hard as we could, then finally, with an all-out effort, he made it. Whew! Talk about mind over matter. Almost breathless, he said, "That was a bad one." Almost the second he was in bed, he fell asleep, exhausted with the effort.

Today, a chair without arms was no better. He did fall back a couple of times, but not from much height. It doesn't make sense. I can get him out of a lower soft bed, but can hardly get him out of a straight chair. I think he can do without that for a few more days. I had to run get FAX paper, etc. While I was gone, Dave got him to walk to the door and use his breathing thingamajig, to which he usually says, "Later," when he should do it every hour.

I came to my computer and found my root beer I opened this morning almost full. Where did the day go?

Well, Tu be Av wasn't it. Don't know about the tarry. I'm just watching and waiting. They were still working in the wheat field today, but it looks done now as much as I can see. It is uphill and downhill, so I can't see it all.

Incoming Email

You and Ed have been on my heart and in my prayers since his heart attack and I will continue to pray for you both. You don't know just how much your website has meant to me. It got me back into the Word after being very lazy for a long time. Thank you so much.

I know that things are tough right now. I lost my husband to a sudden fatal heart attack five years ago (he was just 50). I had to explain to my 7 year old son why God saw fit to take his dad. Robert died on Christmas Day 1993. That next Easter Sunday my son made a profession of faith. God works in wonderful and mysterious ways. Without His strength when I had absolutely none, I would have given up. He is a wonderful God.

I will continue to pray for you and Ed daily. However, I don't believe it will be much longer. Jesus is coming back for us soon, very soon. Love in Christ

My reply

I thank everyone for their prayers. We were so lucky that the heart attack was not a massive one and brought to light that Ed did not have time for any other options but surgery. We needed that warning for we did not know he had heart problems. I had prayed that he would stay with me until the Rapture, so figure that this was the way it had to be so he could be here. This is a hard row to hoe, but it sure beats what would have happened if we had not had the warning.

You got the wrong end of the stick, and I am so sorry it had to go that way. Yet, in spite of everything, the Lord works everything together for good for those that love him. Not everything is good, but the final outcome is for good. I know of a case where the parents of a girl that died came to the Lord because of what happened to her. This lady hosted a Bible study class in her home after that and told us that she didn't think they would have accepted Christ if this had not happened.

I know the Lord is holding me up. I couldn't do it by myself. I have done pretty well through this, but when my back hurt bad from helping slide Ed up in bed, straightening him, etc., I cried when my son came up unexpectedly in the hospital parking lot and hugged me. The pain just threw me over the threshold. Also right after we got the news from the surgeon that Ed was a very sick man on the critical list, Dave said that he didn't expect this and patted me on the back. I do better without sympathy at times like that. I couldn't help crying a bit last night because I was so glad to have my Ed back with me. I just wanted to go to sleep with my hand on his shoulder to feel his presence. We have been married 51 years, and love each other dearly.

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