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Incoming Email

Marilyn, hello friend. I am so sorry to hear about your husband. Ever since May 31st came and went, I've gotten very busy, and where I used to check your page every day, I now only visit about once a month. You will be in my prayers. It feels kinda funny now, that the Rapture didn't happen on Pentecost. I'm starting to get really scared, because I'm begginning to backslide and there is so much temptation around every corner. I guess it just goes to show me that maybe I wasn't really ready. I want to be ready REALLY bad, but I just can't seem to resist all of this temptation. It's really hard and I can feel lots of conviction. I've prayed and prayed, but it just doesn't seem to work. What to do? I know that you are probably all prayed out at the moment, but if you could find the time, please say a little prayer for me to stay strong. I'm a new Christian, and it's really hard. I sure wish I had your faith. I'm really happy to hear that Ed's heart attack wasn't really serious.(If you can imagine a heart attack not being serious) My mother works in the health industry, and she says that there is lots they can do for your husband. I will say a little prayer each day, for his quick recovery. He is very lucky to have such a careing wife as you. Thank you for such a wonderful and insightful web page....Ryan

My reply

No. The heart attack was not massive. Still, he was told (after EKG, X-ray, angiogram, ultrasound, etc.) that he had NO TIME to try anything else, no other option but open heart surgery. Six arteries were blocked from 90 to 98%. He had 5 bypasses. The surgeon said he was a very sick man. He is very weak, but improving every day. The heart attack was to warn us of how sick he was. We didn't know. We excercised in a Senior Sneaker class at the gym 2 days a week, walked the malls most other days, ate very little fat. He took aspirin, vitamins, DHEA, oral chelation, etc. The only thing different now is to cut down on salt. He was already doing all the rest. He is diabetic and the doctors think that brought this on. It surely was a contributing factor, but his 2-year younger brother had the problem and was not diabetic. His mother has Congestive Heart Failure now. Heart trouble seems to run in the family. The worst should be behind us now. His brother bought 15 years by having 4 bypasses about 16 years ago. The prognosis is 12 to 15 years. With the Rapture close, I think my prayers to have Ed with me until the Rapture have been answered. This was probably the only way it could be that way.

> I want to be ready REALLY bad, but I just can't seem to resist all of this
> temptation. It's really hard and I can feel lots of conviction. I've prayed
> and prayed, but it just doesn't seem to work. What to do?

God gave you free will, and you exercised it correctly. You chose Christ. He also gave you will power. You have to exercise it correctly also. I think this is a special time of testing, that Satan is being allowed to sift us as wheat. We want to be sure we stay in the sieve. The harder I get buffeted, the more determined I get to stand strong. Like Paul, I am running the race to win "the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." Read Phil. 3:14 and 1 Cor. 9:24-27. What in this world is worth losing this race to be included in the first Rapture and avoid the Tribulation? We all have to get our priorities straight and run the race to win. Satan's angels, the demons, like to throw stumbling blocks in our way. We just must not let those things stop us.

Luke 21:34-36 says, "And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be ACCOUNTED WORTHY to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man."

> I sure wish I had your faith.

Let's both agree to pray that the Lord will increase your faith. Get into the Bible. Study it, and you will hardly believe how your faith will grow. Once the Bible really gets hold of you, it will never let go any more than Christ will. I could never stop studying the scriptures. There is so much information packed into that one small book, it is absolutely astounding. It is our guidebook. In it we find out how to be saved, how to walk the Christian walk and what is coming upon this generation, both good and bad. I carried one with me every day at the hospital. I read a lot in it and also read Yacov Rambsel"s "His Name is Jesus: The Mysterious Yeshua Codes." I recommend it too.

How can anyone get "all prayed out"? I don't think that is any more possible than that we could get all loved out. There is a continuous supply to draw from.

Incoming Email

Valerie Skrzyniak wrote:
I have been praying for your husband Ed and you and your loved ones right from the day I first heard, I am so glad that he is coming along, it must be very hard on you, as I too am going through great tribulation at this very time.

My husbands name is Ed also, and I too have terrible back problems, living in constant pain each and everyday. Had two back surgeries, one when I was 16 years old and one just 4 years ago at the age of 47. I am now 51 years old. My spine is degenerating, all my bones in my back and hip and legs are arthritic, and I was just told that I have lost 20% of my bone in my back because of osteoporosis, I walk with great pain and difficulty. Dr. said I could break my bones in my back just by sitting and doing nothing.

The worst thing yet has just happened to me, My husband of 31 years of marriage, dropped a bomb of an announcement this past Saturday August 1, 1998. He brutally stated to myself and my two college age children, that he has been having an affair with another women for the past 14 months. He said he was leaving immediately, and gave the reason that he loved me, but was not in love with me. "The spark" was gone. He said it did not matter that I was a good and faithful wife and raised two godly children. When my son asked if he was willing to work things out with counselling, Ed answer, there is nothing to work out, it is me and not your mother. He also stated that it really bothered him when I spoke about the Rapture, or anything spiritually about the love and salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. I told him that I never forced anything on him that God gave him free will, the choice was his.

Satan is on the rampage right now trying to destroy, kill and steal away all he can: "FOR THE Afflictions OF THE RIGHTEOUS ARE MANY" I surely can attest to that. There are two children and a husband on that womans side who are also devastated.

Their marriage was around 21+ years also. My daughter gave him a plaque of the 10 Commandments and told him to hang it up where he is living now and to each and every day read them especially the commandment, YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY.

My two children who will be attending college this Sept. and I are suffering greatly at the moment emotionally, physically. Marilyn are we being tested those whom love the Lord and Wait and Watch for his appearing including your situation ? Are there others out there who are experiencing "SATAN'S ATTACK ON THEM AND THEIR LOVED ONES AND TRYING DESTROY ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD AND Righteous?"

Marilyn, I will continue to pray for you husband Ed, also for you, May God be with you always and may His presence give you peace beyond understand, May the good Lord grant the desires of your heart and may we one day meet in heaven, I pray the Rapture takes places soon!

Please pray for me and my family Marilyn, and anyone else out there who is lead by the Holy Spirit of God, please pray for us also, we are in great need of Prayers from God's people.

God Bless and Keep you till His Coming. In the Love of Christ, MARANATHA!

My reply

: You bet we will pray for you. I agree to pray with you and others will agree to join us.

I too have osteoporosis, but certainly nothing like you do. It just shows up on X-rays and the Dr. says I have it. I slipped on water a dog had dripped on the floor when it left the water bowl and fell on my hip really hard on a ceramic tile floor and my hip didn't break, so it can't be too bad. Ed's mother fell on a marble floor and broke her hip. She fell on a carpeted floor and broke her shoulder. I do not seem to be fragile like that. One thing in my favor though, I am larger boned than she is to start with. She is a tiny thing. Everyone is shocked to think she has a son as big as Ed.

We are all being attacked in different ways and have to pick up our cross and follow Jesus, no matter what. It isn't easy, but the rewards are great. Don't try to shoulder the load yourself. Cast your cares on Jesus and let him carry the load. His shoulders are strong and he will hold us up in the worst of times. He can give inner peace when the world is going to pot around us. JUST LET HIM HANDLE IT. I didn't mean to capitalize that. It just happened.

>"FOR THE Afflictions OF THE RIGHTEOUS ARE MANY" I surely can attest to that.

Me too. Just in different ways. However, I am determined that nothing that is thrown my way will get me down. I don't have self pity. I have determination. When things hit again and again, I say under my breath, "What else?" and keep on walking the Christian walk one step at a time. You know that is all we are asked to do is take one step at a time. You can get through tough situations if you don't get overwhelmed by the whole thing and just keep on taking one more step, then another, then another, trusting that the Lord said he would never forsake you. He is with you every step of the way.

Marilyn are we being tested those whom love the Lord and Wait and Watch for his appearing including your situation ? Are there others out there who are experiencing "SATAN'S ATTACK ON THEM AND THEIR LOVED ONES AND TRYING DESTROY ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD AND Righteous?"

Yes. These are exciting times, and they are evil times, but it is going to get a lot worse for those not taken up in the first Rapture. We have to hang on, no matter what hits us. The Lord will give you strength you didn't know you had. Father, I pray that you will strengthen Valerie. Lead her through this. Comfort her and bless her. I ask in Jesus' name, Amen.

And don't forget that not everything is good, but he will work everything together for good in the end. We can't see it now, but will understand later.

Some things are a blessing in disguise, like my Ed's heart attack. It alerted us to the problem before it was too late to do anything about it. His cousin that was raised with him as a brother just dropped dead in front of the drug store. He had been to the gym and had been out walking and was going to get a prescription filled. We were lucky in spite of what we went through. When they tell you that you have no time to do anything else, that the only way to have any quality of life is to have open-heart surgery, that you have no other option, you just sign the consent and go ahead. At least this way, he has more chance for a normal life than he had the other way.

We have to be as strong in our faith as Job. Not many are tested as hard as he was. He didn't even know he was being tested and watched, but he held fast and ended up being blessed with twice what he lost. Just keep that in mind. Cursing turns to blessing when we withstand the testing, and you have to pick your way through it blind. The Lord knows how it will end, but we don't. Just trust him and stand firm. The blessing will come. The testing does not last forever. Probably, the firmer we are, the quicker it will be over. If Satan thinks he is getting you down, he will keep on trying to get the best of you. Show him that he hasn't a chance. He will soon find "better" things to do than worry you.

Incoming Email is Ed getting along and how are you and family holding up? Keep you in my prayers

My reply

Ed is a bit stronger every day. Just this morning, he was able to lie down by himself from sitting on the edge of the bed to eat breakfast. Maybe we won't have to lift his legs into bed much more. He was also more steady getting to a standing position with one hand on the bed and one on the walker, as they taught him to do. The legs didn't shake like crazy with the effort, but it was a strain to get his 236 pounds up. I sure hope that when we get all this water out of his tissues, he will find that he has actually lost weight. No more than he ate in the hospital, we were shocked to find it hard to button his pants to bring him home. We were warned that when we first saw him after the 5-bypass open heart surgery, he would be bloated. He was. His face was moon-shaped. We don't yet know what he will end up weighing.

Both Dave (our son) and I are fine mentally, but in pain with our backs. Mine because of helping Ed, Dave from lifting Ed's mother's wheelchair into the back of his truck when he took her to 2 doctors in 2 different locations. Of course, he had to lift her oxygen tank in and out of the front seat too, but that is not as bad as it used to be. They finally gave her a 7-hr. small tank that turns off when you breathe out. He was exhausted when he got home, said he didn't know how we stood it. Ed said, "One week, we had to do it three times"--140 miles, 100 miles, then another 100 miles. The last time, on Thur. before Ed's heart attack on Sat., Ed was not feeling well, we know now it was angina pain, so I had to do a trip alone. Besides her doctor appointments, there is always shopping to do for her.

I don't know how well I'll manage Ed's portable oxygen tank. It is tall and on wheels, only lasts one hour. I mentioned the smaller 7-hr. tank, but got no response. We get what they order. At the hospital, they lifted it into the front floor between his legs. I see no reason why it can't go into the back, sounds easier for me. They used it on him awhile at the hospital, plus he used it until he got home in bed. It can't last long, so I have to take the spare tank as well when I take him to see the surgeon Tuesday. That day will get here too soon, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Dave said that if I need him to go with us, he will. I'll decide after getting Ed and the oxygen into the car. That should tell the tale. I know that if I can't get Ed out of the car, they can come help at the doctor's office. I have had to go borrow a wheelchair for Ed's mother when she thought she couldn't make it in to see the Dr. with the walker. They are helpful when you need it.

Incoming Email

Re: How are you doing?
I don't know if you'll remember me, but I called you on the phone one morning.  I forgot about the time differences between OH and CA.

  I read your site every day.  I want you to know you have been a blessing to me.  My family thinks I am crazy because I believe in some of the things you say.  My family thinks no one should date a date.  I've tried to explain that you are not saying the Lord will come that day, only that He could.

  The date we thought the Lord would come, my sister and her husband took my son to New Mexico to visit our bother who lives there.  My son is 16 yrs old and he thinks there is no God.  Jeremy is a sick kid with diabetes, high blood pressure, and his kidneys is starting to act up.  He says if there was a God, He wouldn't let him be so sick.  I try to explain that there is a God who can heal him if it's His will.  Jeremy is just rebelling right now.  I guess it's because he's a teenager.

  You haven't updated your pro/con's in a few days.  I was wondering how Ed is.  I know what you are going through, because I lost my dad Aug 26 1997 and mom Feb 9 1997.  They were saved so I know they are ok now.

  I know you won't have time to email me back, don't worry about it.  Just remember I'm thinking of you and your family.

  After Ed gets back on his feet, please continue your web page.  I know you have become not only a waker upper, but also a missionary.  You have shown many the way to the Lord on the computer. Thanks again

My reply

Ed is walking with his walker as far as his 50 ft. oxygen tube will let him at least once a day and to the BR door another time or two. He is a bit stronger each day, so, barring anything unforseen, the worst should be behind us. He can't make it into the tub yet to take a shower. I need to get some things to stick in the tub so he won't slip before we try it too. If he falls, we are to call 911, not even try to get him up. Thanks for your prayers. Ed is diabetic, but the juvenile type is much more severe. I added Jeremy Kelly to my prayer list. Others will do the same.

To me, the fulfilling of Bible prophecy 100% proves there is a God. All of nature proves it too. Things degenerate into chaos if left alone. God is masterminding everything. He keeps the planets rotating and orbiting. He holds everything together.

It is starting to thunder. Got to shut down my computer.

Later: A freakish thing happened. I shut down, got in the car to go to a shopping center 1/2 mile away. I saw a long bright streak of lightning come straight down in front of me but farther away than the shopping center. Just before I got to the entry, quarter sized splatters hit the windshield. As I turned in, it started to rain hard. I drove through Taco Bell, sat in the car eating and hoping the rain would stop. No luck. Parked 3 cars away from the road in front of Ralph's Super Market, grabbed an umbrella out of the trunk, couldn't get it up on the way in. The 110-degree heat wave had almost glued the plastic together. I was soaked to the skin on that short run. Got Ed the Stouffer's Spaghetti Dinner he wanted. Looked for grapes and things to stick in the tub so Ed would not slip when he is able to take a shower. Checked out with only Ed's food. The grapes were $1.99 a pound. Finally got the umbrella up. In that short time since I left my car, the water was up over my socks. My walking shoes are in the dryer now with some towels. I squished in K-Mart to get those things for the tub. They didn't have them either. Drove home in the rain. When I turned the last corner, that street was dry. I was astounded that it had not rained at home. Missed it by about five houses. Now I'm laughing about the flash flood I ran into--in August of all things, in California. It doesn't normally rain in August, very seldom from March until November....

(Note: I just heard on TV that July had the hottest average temperature worldwide ever, 61.7.)

Now to finish what I was going to say when it thundered. Romans 1:20 says, "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse." I hope and pray that Jeremy can understand. He would not be here at all unless there was a God, and he will be cured for sure in Heaven if he accepts Christ. He doesn't have anything to lose and everything to gain.

Incoming Email

I am so glad to know that Ed is home and recovering. May our Lord continue to bless both of you.

Like you and so many others, I continue to read and study His Word while I wait for His coming, and I have noticed something I do not remember seeing before (I probably was not looking). In Mat 24:34 ("Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place." NASB) the word translated as "generation" comes from the Greek "genea" (G1074) meaning race, family, generation.

Now the word "generation" is the most restrictive of these possible definitions and was used in the everyday speech of the time to refer to a generation of individuals then living. We know, of course, that the generation of individuals to whom Jesus was speaking did not live to see the end-time events that He spoke of. It seems reasonable to assume, therefore, that He intended a much broader definition. What if His intended meaning was "race?" Then the verse would be more properly translated as something like, "Truly I say to you, this race (or perhaps this nation, referring to the Jewish race) will not pass away until all these things take place."

This broader translation is consistent with what we know to be reality. A much longer period of time was involved than His immediate audience was aware of. But beyond that, it suggests that our modern day tendency to interpret the verse as "the generation that sees (that is alive when) these things happen will see His coming" is also placed in jeopardy simply because the broader definition only says that the Jews, as a race, will not disappear before His coming. In other words, it leaves room for the possibility that the events of which He spoke could occur and the Jewish race could survive them and continue on for an undefined number of years before His coming. By this definition, we -- you and I and all who read these pages -- could watch the signs of the times as they all occur; we could intrepret them correctly; and still we could pass on before the rapture, before the tribulation, and before His coming on the clouds.

Still, there is room for hope. Maranatha :)

My reply

Thanks for your kindness in our behalf.

In 30 AD, when speaking to the "scribes and Pharisees," Jesus said, "Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation" (Mt. 23:29,36). They did come upon that generation 40 years later, in 70 AD. This proves that a generation is 40 years as well as the wilderness wandering while one generation died off.

The things in Mt. 24:27-31 have not yet happened. Therefore, "This generation" of Mt. 24:34 was still future in 30 AD. It applies to the generation that sees the fig tree, Israel, grow, put forth leaves as she did in the Six-Day War of 1967. I think this generation will see the things of Mt. 24:27-31 take place within 40 years after the Six-Day War, just as the Pharisees of 30 AD saw destruction hit Jerusalem within 40 years.

The Rapture is our "blessed hope" (Titus 2:13).

Incoming Email

However, Marilyn, you did not mention my eariler e-mail of that same day concerning the nurse for Ed.

Please, Please let us do this for you. This is how the "Church" is meant to work. We all have our different functions in keeping the Body of Christ alive and working. It would not be a good thing for the Church to loose such a vital part as you due to total physcial and emotional exhaustion when another part of the Body, specifically designed to provide relief in this exact type of situation, is not utilized. You, Marilyn, miust accept the responsibility that came with your gift of the Spirit, "publish, and conseal not". The Body needs you alive and well, not comatose from exhaustion. You will futher this along GREATLY by accepting the natural functions of the Body that are sent to help a member under attack. The entire Body is stronger when it works together as a whole. It is not fair for the part of the Body designed to help heal this particular internal problem to have to sit by and watch its God-given assets not be used. It's why we are here, Marilyn. It's why we are here.

God bless you and Ed forever
Copy of the previous email:
I know you are flooded but PLEASE READ THIS E-MAIL.

A group of us want to give Ed an R.N. to stay the night for the first few weeks after he comes home. I have no way to contact you other than e-mail.

Please call me or e-mail me with your address so we can get the details to arrange for the nurse.

We are all praying for you and Ed.

P.S. My parachute worked in Norway

My reply

I thank the Lord your parachute worked. My brother's didn't on a 2000 ft. practice jump. I don't know much about parachuting, and my memory of it is hazy, but seems like a small chute opened and the big one got tangled in it. Does a Mae West have anything to do with that? Amazingly, he got up and walked away. It was on 20/20, but I never got to see it because I didn't know when it was to run. He didn't complain, but Mom could tell that his back hurt the way he squirmed in a chair. His instructor screamed for him to get in landing position. He did it again in a voice of such alarm that my brother got into proper landing position at the last possible second. He landed in plowed ground. Six months later, he was killed in a Huey helicopter crash in Taiwan during war games with the Chinese in dense fog. They crashed into the side of a box canyon and burst into flames. One way or another, it seems that his time had come. He was a Christian, thank God.

Thanks for your prayers and offer of a RN to stay with Ed. I delayed answering until I could be sure I could handle him myself. Even though it takes a lot of time and energy, I would rather do for him myself. I hope you understand. We are very close and love each other very much. I want to feel that closeness and not give up our privacy. He only wakes me once each night, so the nights are the easy part. He is a bit stronger each day, so I think the worst is behind us. He has 50 ft. of oxygen line and walked today to the end of it with his walker. It is slow, but he does it. I stay behind with my hand on his back to make sure he doesn't totter and fall backward for he is not to put much weight on the walker, and I take care of the oxygen tubing. Each day should get better. It will be a great milestone when he can get in the tub to take a shower. That will make it a lot easier for me.

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