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Posted 10-25-2011

My reply to an email (omitted)

Dec 21 sure is looking good for our Rapture date. In John 10:22,23,27,28, Jesus said, "And it was at Jerusalem the FEAST OF THE DEDICATION (meaning new, fresh, also known as Hanukkah and Feast of Lights), and IT WAS WINTER" (winter begins Dec 21 or 22; Dec 21 is the first day of the 8 days of Hanukkah this year, and the winter solstice is Dec. 22) 23 And JESUS WALKED IN THE TEMPLE (i.e., we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit) in Solomon's porch....27 MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE, and I KNOW them (i.e., the wise virgins), and THEY FOLLOW ME: 28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand." I thought the oil for one day that they put in the lampstand burned for 8 days, but Vincent's Word Studies says that "the flagon was replenished". It says, "According to tradition, the oil was found to have been desecrated, and only one flagon of pure oil, sealed with the High-Priest's signet, was found, sufficient to feed the candlestick for a single day. But by a miracle THE FLAGON WAS REPLENISHED during eight days, until a fresh supply could be procured. The festival lasted for eight days." Those were days of rejoicing and praise, and this feast was kept in other parts of the land, not just at the Temple in Jerusalem. When first kept in 164 BC, instituted by Judas Maccabaeus, the festival of Hanukkah began on Kislev 25 and continued eight days ( Kislev 25 was the date the temple had been defiled. December 21 is called the first day of winter. However, the winter solstice can actually be December 21 or 22. This year it will be on Dec. 22. Therefore, it looks like the Rapture may take place on either, or both, December 21 or 22. Because of our time zones, there are two days on Earth at the same time, so that makes sense anyway.

A post on Five Doves

Doran (14 Oct 2011) "Kislev 24, December 20, 2011" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi John and Doves! I really enjoy the work that is going on here trying to figure everything out. I believe I may be able to help a little bit, not because of anything I know, but what the Lord has brought to me, one of His servants. I have known about this for a couple months I guess, but posts on 5 Doves today brought it home so to speak. Here we go! Three days in a row, the Lord opened my Bible to Haggai. So, I read it, and I asked the Lord on day 3, just what it was He wanted me to see. I am a member of another forum and I had posted in the past that I thought the passage in Haggai where Haggai prophecies 3 times on Kislev 24 (the 24th day of the ninth month) might be a clue to something. Anyway, the Holy Spirit said "the date, the date, the date!" So I figured December 20 must be significant. The next day, once again my Bible opened to Haggai, so once again I asked what else the Lord wanted me to see, so I looked closely and there it was! In Haggai 2:19, Is the seed still in the barn? As yet the vine, the fig tree, the pomegranate, and the olive tree have not yielded fruit. But from this day I will bless you. There it was! Kislev 24 is the day after Hannukah, which is the celebration of light overcoming darkness. Posts on 5 Doves today mentioned that the olive harvest continues up to the time of Hannukah. It is interesting too that the Pope is also known as the glory of the olive. Dayanna Torchia has posted the rapture date as the 21st of a future month as shown to her by the Lord, so this in my mind is a real possibility. Verse 23 states that He will take Zerubbabel and make him like a signet ring. This is a reference to the 144000, so I would say this may definitely be the time they are gathered. Zerubbabel and Joshua are the prototypes for the 144000. Did you know they were descendants of King David. It is also very interesting that the gestation and birth scenario ends on Hannukah, so I am expecting the birthing of the sons of God right after Hannukah. I have not studied enough to know if the rapture comes after the 144000 are gathered up, but maybe the 144000 are gathered on December 20 and the rapture is on the 21st. Altogether, I find this very intriguing and I wanted to share it with all of you. I pray the seed is leaving the barn!!!! God Bless! Doran

My reply

Re: Doran (3 Nov 2011) "To Marilyn Agee, I agree Kislev 24!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Marilyn! Blessings to you! The Lord has also brought this date to me! Kislev 24, from Haggai! "From that day forward I will bless you," this is the promise from our King!!!!! I don't know if you saw this post I did, One other comment I want to make, did you ever notice how the real important verses in so many of the books in the prophets are verses 20-24! I think it is significant and also points to this time period. Maybe this will be a several day event!!! Praise you our Father! Your bride awaits! Fill up your lamps people! Hi Doran: No, I hadn't recognized that verses 20-24 were significant. Thanks for the tip. I think I read what you posted before, but everything didn't jell. I should have paid more attention when you said, "Dayanna Torchia has posted the rapture date as the 21st of a future month as shown to her by the Lord." I didn't even remember her post when things did come together. What came to mind was David Doughtrey, Valerie Skrzyniak and John Tng seeing 21s. I went hunting for more information on that tonight. The one I knew the least about was what John Tng saw. Bob Schlenker ( said, "the number 21 expressed on the Five Doves site. John Tng's assessment is on this page. He believes that 21 is the number that represents the Bride! There was a vision Eddie Tan from Malaysia had that he shared on the Five Doves site. He was shown 'YESHUA 21". I'm so glad to get this much information. The link doesn't work, but John Tng thinks 21 represents the Bride. Fantastic! That ties in beautifully. Eddie Tan seeing "YESHUA 21" ties in too. Was it Vincent Tan or Eddie? I know Vincent Tan had some experiences with an angel. I think the angel left $2.34 cents for gas in his truck seat, and that was all the gas his car would take. Bob also mentioned the "heavenly sign from 1994 when the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 broke up and the 21/22 fragments were observed crashing into the planet Jupiter." However, I think it was 21 pieces. "There were 21 discernible pieces of comet." ( "The first of 21 comet fragments is expected to hit Jupiter on July 16, 1994" ( I knew the String of Pearls was a sign, but now that we have more information on the Rapture, I need to be sure. You see, winter is considered to start on Dec 21, but this year, the winter solstice is actually on Dec 22. Therefore, it looks like we could end up watching on both days. However, it could be Dec 21 for me and Dec 22 for those in Australia. That's close enough. Either day will be just fine. Below is what I found out about the sky-blue 21 Valerie saw. "Valerie Skrzyniak (14 Aug 2010) "RE: Joan (12 Aug 2010) "The Number 21"Confirmation of The Rapture!!!" (written in sky blue type) "On 12 Aug 2010, Valerie said, "BACK IN 1999, WHILE IN PRAYER, I SUDDENLY HAD A VISION BEFORE MY VERY EYES OF A "SKY BLUE NUMBER 21...I AND OTHERS HAVE ALWAYS FELT THAT THIS SKY BLUE NUMBER HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE RAPTURE AS WELL! I ONLY SAW THE NUMBER "ONCE" AS IT FLASHED BEFORE MY EYES!...I BELIEVE IT IS ANOTHER SIGN, THAT THE RAPTURE IS AT HAND...I'M 100% CONVINCED THIS MESSAGE IS FOR ME AS A CONFIRMATION OF THE RAPTURE! ANOTHER REASON I BELIEVE THIS TO BE THE CASE IS BECAUSE YOU HAD THIS VISION IN APRIL!!! MY BIRTHDAY"... Below is what Dayana T posted, and she was watching for "October 21 22 2011". "Dayana T (14 Oct 2011) "UPDATE!!! ``HUMBLY WATCHING FOR HIGH RAPTURE OR RECEIVING THE HOLY SPIRIT & A GLORIFIED BODY`` WATCH DATES ON OCTOBER 21 22 2011!?`` VIDEO LINK POSTED ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL CALLED: VISION OF THE SONS OF GOD & THE TRIBULATION MUST SEE!!!" I have to give Dayanna credit, She said, "I STILL HUMBLY BELIEVE THAT NUMBER 21 IS A CLUE FOR RAPTURE, HAS TO DO WITH A DATE FOR THE RAPTURE, THAT IS JUST MY POOR OPINION! ALSO NOW BELIEVE IT HAS TO DO WITH ``ACTS 2:21`` WHERE WE WILL RECEIVED THE OUTPOURING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT A SECOND TIME, NEAR THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES, BUT A FEW DAYS LATER, ON OCTOBER 21 22 2O11... "``AND THE FACT THAT i STILL SEE NUMBER 21 WHICH ALL BEGAN IN MAY 2009 UNTIL NOW IN EARLY OCTOBER 2011 ``STILL 2 YEARS LATER`` STILL SEEING NUMBER 21 ALMOST DAILY WHEN i LOOK UP AT THE TIME, OR IT APPEARS ALL OVER THE PLACE`` ``I ALSO SEE NUMBER 22 VERY OFTEN`` "THE FACT THAT i SAW WRITTEN THE NUMBER 221 SOMEONE POINTED OUT FOR ME TO LOOK AT NUMBER 21 AND THEN NUMBER 22 COULD IT BE A DATE, A SIGN, A CLUE, FROM GOD FOR THE RAPTURE? "``MY FIRST RAPTURE EXPERIENCE`` i truly experience the RAPTURE!!! "Thursday June 18 2009 i was RAPTURED!!! at exactly 10:20am when i looked at the time! In a series of three short visions which began June 16 2009 to June 18 2009 "i experienced the RAPTURE AT THAT VERY SAME INSTANT AS IF IT HAD OCCURED AT THAT MOMENT!!! AND ``TIME`` WAS UP!!!" Doran, you and my friend in Pensacola both mentioned, "Kislev 24, December 20, 2011". I already knew that Kislev 24 was Jesus' conception, so at that time, I didn't tie in anything else. Somehow though, I remembered that Haggai 2 mentioned "and upward" and went to find it. It wasn't until I reread Haggai 2:15 with 2:18,19 that I caught on that the NEXT DAY, Kislev 25, could be our important day. Kislev 25 is Hanukkah. Haggai 2:15 says, "And now, I pray you, consider (sum lebab, take to heart) from this day (Kislev 24) AND UPWARD (Kislev 25), from before a stone was laid upon a stone in the temple of the LORD". We are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, built on Jesus, the only foundation. Hag 2:18,19 says, "Consider now from this day and upward, from the four and twentieth day of the ninth month (i.e., Kislev 24), even from the day that the foundation (Jesus) of the LORD'S temple was laid, consider it (take it to heart). 19 Is the seed (Jesus, Gen 3:15) yet in the barn? (a saying meaning in the womb, or is she pregnant) yea (YES, Jesus was conceived on Kislev 24), as yet the vine (Christ), and the fig tree (Israel), and the pomegranate (meaning the upright), and the olive tree (Israel with the Gentiles grafted in), hath not brought forth (Heb., NASA, LIFTED UP): FROM this day (i.e., on Kislev 25) will I bless you." We will be blessed on Kislev 25 IN THE WINTER. I turned quickly to John 10:22. It said, "And it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication (Hanukkah), and IT WAS WINTER." I whispered, "IT WAS WINTER!" The light finally dawned. Hanukkah is Dec 21 this year, and WINTER is Dec 21. Oh wow! I got a rush with that one. Hanukkah does not always start on Dec 21, but it does this year. John 10:23 said, "And Jesus walked in the temple in Solomon's porch." We are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, so he walked among us. That was a well-hidden clue. If you know other details, please let me know. > > I have not studied enough to know if the rapture comes after the 144000 are gathered up, but maybe the 144000 are gathered on December 20 and the rapture is on the 21st. I think there are two Raptures, the First-Trump Rapture of Rev 4:1 for the wise virgins and the Last-Trump Rapture in Rev 7:9-14 for the Tribulation saints, which includes the 144,000 Israelites. Agape

The Moon was under Virgo's feet on Sept. 4, 5 BC

Incoming e-mail, Re: FW: Herod and the Birth of Jesus for your review

I have been aware that JR Church had espoused the calculations and conclusions of Ernest Martin who tried to prove the birth of Jesus was in 3 B.C. However I had not been aware that JR Church has changed his views. Sadly, his current view does not yet look at all the evidence, and so he still does not find the right date. I wish I could refer him to the work of W. E. Filmer, who has searched all the evidence and has come up with factual evidence that Herod died in January of 1 B.C. JR does acknowledge that the lunar eclipse of 4 B.C. began about 1:30 in the morning and lasted until about 6:00 in the morning — a time when most people would have been asleep and totally unaware of the eclipse — and it was only partial. Yet, Filmer points out that there was a lunar eclipse on January 10, 1 B.C. which was total, and it happened in the very early part of the evening when even children would have been awake to see it. Filmer makes a historically proven case for the death of Herod in January 1 B.C. His only problem was the apparent statement of Josephus that Philip died in the 20th year of Tiberius. After uncovering all the evidence, Filmer had to state that he felt Josephus was incorrect about the 20th year of Tiberius. Here is what he says: “It seems that a figure has been dropped, and that the text should probably read the 22nd year of Tiberius.” Filmer was reasoning from all the evidence, that Josephus either made an error or the error crept into his work. Filmer wrote this before the investigation by Beyer many years later which proved Filmer’s suggestion to be fact — someone had indeed tampered with the text of Josephus’ history and changed it by two years.

The death of Herod in January 1 B.C. comfortably puts the birth of Jesus in the autumn of 2 B.C. It is difficult for me to comprehend why people try and try and try to put the birth of Jesus at 4 B.C. or 5 B.C.., or even 8 B.C., when all the evidence fits together perfectly for the autunn of 2 B.C. without having to stretch or distort anything. It appears that they are so set on making the date of the crucifixion some other date than April 3, 33 A.D. that they go to unlimited imaginations to change the date of his birth.

My reply

Both Ernest Martin and JR Church are dead. All we can do is read what they wrote.

Here is the problem in a nutshell. There are two blocks of time suggested for the ministry of Christ. Which is valid? I believe it is the early one. You believe it is the later one.


Yes, after years of study on this, I still think the early scenario is the right one. 28 AD, the Jubilee Year was perfectly placed. Only God could do that. He marked the early dating block with the Jubilee.

I think both the First Advent and the Second Advent are marked with a Jubilee year. It was in 28 AD at the First Advent and should start on Nisan 1, 5776, April 9, 2016, at the Second Advent. Both dates are preceeded by a Sabbatic Year. Both Jubilees are announced on the preceeding Day of Atonement, but they start Nisan 1.

Jesus announced the coming Jubilee on the Day of Atonement in the Sabbatic 27 AD, Hebrew year 3787 (it divides by 7 equally), and it began on the following Nisan 1 in 28 AD (Heb. 3788), in the middle of his ministry. That is the last Jubilee kept before the Temple was burned by the Romans in 70 AD.

Which Sabbatic Years are there to choose from? 3780 (20 AD), 3787 (27 AD) and 3794 (34 AD). 20 AD is too early, and 34 AD is too late. Only 3787, 27 AD, fits.


Luke 4:15-21 says, "And he (Jesus) taught in their synagogues, being glorified of all. 16 And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up: and, as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the sabbath day, and stood up for to read. 17 And there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Esaias. (what are the odds that Isaiah would be picked?) And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written, 18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, 19 To preach THE ACCEPTABLE (dektos, approved) YEAR OF THE LORD. (i.e., the Jubilee YEAR) 20 And he closed the book, and he gave it again to the minister, and sat down. And the eyes of all them that were in the synagogue were fastened on him. 21 And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears."


1. If Herod didn't die in 4 BC, why did Herod's sons, Archelaus and Antipas begin to rule in 4 BC, and Philip, their half brother, start to reign in 3 BC?


Herod Archelaus was the ethnarch of Judea, Samaria, and Idumea from 4 BC to 6 AD. Herod Antipas was tetrarch of Galilee from 4 BC TO 39 AD. A half-brother, Philip, started to reign in 3 BC too.


2. Did your sources choose the right eclipse?

Herod died in the spring between the eclipse and Passover.

There are 3 eclipses to consider. The spring total eclipse March 23rd, 5 BC at 8.52 pm The spring partial eclipse March 13th, 4 BC at 4.04 am The winter total eclipse January 10th, 1 BC at 1.35 am

The eclipse in the winter has to be eliminated first. January 10th, 1 BC, was way too far before Passover, which always followed the spring equinox, March 21.

The lunar eclipse on the night of March l2/l3, 4 BC is perfect. No lunar or solar eclipse happened near Passover in 3 or 2 BC. "Shortly after his (Herod's) death the Jewish Passover occurred (which in that year should have occurred on April 11...

"Therefore, Herod's death occurred between March l2 and April 11, in 4 BC".

4 BC CONFIRMED "Matthew 2:1 says that Christ's birth was in the time of King Herod the Great. We know about King Herod from the writings of the Jewish Historian Josephus, who wrote in the 70's AD. He states that Herod died 37 years from the time the Romans declared him King, and 34 years from the time he actually became King. BOTH THESE FIGURES ARRIVE AT A DATE OF 4 BC."

"SHORTLY BEFORE THE DEATH OF HEROD, Josephus says there was AN ECLIPSE of the Moon. This is the only mention that Josephus makes of an eclipse in his entire volume of History (thus demonstrating that he was not fanciful about omens in this area like other historians of the period). Through astronomical calculations we find that a lunar eclipse occurred on Mar. l2/l3, 4 BC.

"SHORTLY AFTER HIS DEATH the Jewish PASSOVER occurred (which in that year should have occurred on April 11, according to astronomical calculations). Therefore, Herod's death occurred between March l2 and April 11, in 4 BC. Since Christ's birth occurred during his reign, it would have occurred prior to the period from March l2 to April 11, 4 BC."

The previous Feast of Trumpets sounds just right for Jesus' birth.

I think Herod died after the partial eclipse of March 13th, but before the Passover of April 11, 4 BC.


In Ant.XVII.VI.4, Josephus said, "Herod deprived this Matthius of the high priesthood, and burnt the other Matthius, who had raised the sedition, with his companions alive. And that very night there was an ECLIPSE of the moon".

In Wars.II.1.1 and 3, after Herod's "very expensive funeral", Josephus mentioned "the feast of unleavened bread, which was NOW AT HAND, and is by the Jews called the PASSOVER".

The eclipse and Passover book-ended the death of Herod.


Rev 12:1-5 says, "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and THE MOON UNDER HER FEET, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: 2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. 3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. 4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. 5 And she brought forth a man child (Jesus), who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne."

In Rev_2:27, Jesus said, "And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father."

Rev_19:15 says, "And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God."

"Historians have determined, on this and other evidence, that King Herod apparently died in the Spring of what we now call 4 B.C. (Julian year 4710), probably early in the Jewish month of Nisan (April), after the partial eclipse of the moon occurring on March 13th, 4 B.C."


2. Did your sources determine when Herod started construction on the Temple?

It was started in 20/19 BC. Herod got together all the materials in the first year, so it looks like actual construction started about 19 BC (Heb. 3742). "...according to Josephus, Antiquities XV.380, Herod the Great began to build Jerusalem’s temple in the eighteenth year of his reign (which began in 37 B.C.), hence in the year 19 B.C."


3. Did your sources figure out which was the 46th year of Temple construction? "According to the testimony of the Jews, as recorded in John 2:20, when Jesus attended the first Passover of his public ministry that temple had been in the process of building for forty-six years. This would make the date for that Passover A.D. 27. Therefore the beginning of Christ’s ministry could well have been the latter part of A.D. 26 and the Baptist’s first public appearance could have occurred a half year earlier."

27 AD, THE SABBATIC YEAR PRECEEDING THE JUBILEE YEAR, was the 1st year of Jesus' ministry and the 46th year of Temple construction. There were four Passovers, so the Crucifixion was in 30 AD.
"The superstructure was started on the 1st of Nisan 19/18 BC 46 years hence brings us to 27 AD for an event that occurred during the first year of Christ's ministry. However, they did not start to build the Sanctuary, itself until l5/l4 BC.

"John 2 tells us that the first year of Jesus's ministry coincided with 46th year of Herod's Temple construction."


4. Did your sources determine when Tiberius began to rule with Augustus as Co-Rex?

It was in 12 AD.
"A couple years before (i.e., in 12 AD) his formal assumption of sole empororship (i.e., when Augustus died in 14 AD) THE ROMAN SENATE HAD CONFERRED ON TIBERIUS THE AUTHORITY TO ADMINISTER ALL THE ROMAN PROVINCES CONJOINTLY WITH AUGUSTUS."
"Inclusive Reckoning from a Co-regency of Tiberius with Augustus. Some interpretations recognize a decree establishing a "CO-REGENCY" IN 12 CE, with Tiberius ruling as a colleague of Augustus in the provinces. This is described by the Roman historian, Suetonius:... 'Since the consuls caused A LAW TO BE PASSED SOON AFTER THIS THAT HE SHOULD GOVERN THE PROVINCES JOINTLY WITH AUGUSTUS and hold the census with him, he set out for Illyricum on the conclusion of the lustral ceremonies; but he was at once recalled, and finding Augustus in his last illness but still alive, he spent an entire day with him in private.' (Augustus 97:1; Tiberius 20-21) The triumphal celebration was on October 23, 12,2 and he became colleague shortly thereafter. Thus, HIS "CO-REGENCY" IS USUALLY DATED FROM LATE OCTOBER OF 12...This reckoning from a "co-regency" allows a three-and-a-half-year ministry ending in 30 CE."


5. Did your sources figure out which was the 15th year of Tiberius?

It was 26 AD (Hebrew 3786), when Jesus was baptized when about 30 (i.e., near his birthday, Tishri 1, 3787). That was the beginning of his ministry.

Luke 3:21-23 says, "Now when all the people were baptized, it came to pass, that JESUS ALSO BEING BAPTIZED, and praying, the heaven was opened, 22 And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased. 23 And Jesus himself began to be ABOUT THIRTY YEARS OF AGE".
"...the beginning of John the Baptist's ministry-- 26/27 AD starting from the co-regency".


6. Did your sources figure out which was the Sabbatic Year that had to preceed the last Jubilee Year before the Temple was burned in 70 AD?

The choices of Sabbatic years are 20, 27 and 34. The year 20 is too soon, and 34 is too late. 27 is just right.


7. Did your sources figure out when Jesus announced the coming Jubilee?

The Sabbatic year when Jesus announced that the next year would be the Jubilee was 27 AD (Heb 3787, which divides by 7 equally), the first Passover of Jesus' ministry. The next Sabbatic Year was 34 AD, too late to have a bearing on Jesus' ministry.

28 AD was the last Jubilee before the Temple was burned in 70 AD.


Lev 25:8-13 says, "And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years. Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the JUBILE to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month, in the day of atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout all your land. AND YE SHALL HALLOW THE FIFTIETH YEAR, AND PROCLAIM LIBERTY THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND UNTO ALL THE INHABITANTS THEREOF: IT SHALL BE A JUBILEE UNTO YOU; YE SHALL RETURN EVERY MAN UNTO HIS FAMILY. A jubile shall that fiftieth year be unto you: ye shall not sow, neither reap that which groweth of itself in it, nor gather the grapes in it of thy vine undressed. For it is the jubilee; it shall be holy unto you: ye shall eat the increase thereof out of the field. IN THE YEAR OF THIS JUBILEE YE SHALL RETURN EVERY MAN UNTO HIS POSSESSION."

I still think Jesus was born on the Feast of Trumpets, Tishri 1 in 5 BC, before Herod died between the eclipse of March 13 and Passover in 4 BC, and that the Crucifixion was in 30 AD. Agape

Vatican Calls For World Central (Rothschild) Bank To Be Set Up

24 Oct 2011 - The Vatican called on Monday for the establishment of a "global public authority" and a "central world bank" to rule over financial institutions that have become outdated and often ineffective in dealing fairly with crises....

The 18-page document, "Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of a Global Public Authority," was at times very specific, calling, for example, for taxation measures on financial transactions....

It called for the establishment of "a supranational authority" with worldwide scope and "universal jurisdiction" to guide economic policies and decisions....

Such an authority should start with the United Nations as its reference point but later become independent and be endowed with the power to see to it that developed countries were not allowed to wield "excessive power over the weaker countries."...

Patricia McAllister - Fired LAUSD School Teacher - Update From Patricia 10-23-11

"I will have extensive history of the Federal Reserve Bank in the near future for the world to read. Experts have also said that if the printing of America's money is turned over to the Treasury, through the Congress, that the U.S. could be out of debt within a year! Do you see, the mismanagement and the printing of America's money by the Feds is the reason why we as Americans are suffering today! This is why what I said is causing such a stir.

The Zionist Jewish bankers who started the Feds started the IRS within months of the Fed's beginning. The Fed buys U.S. debt with money they printed from nothing (trees), then charges the U.S. taxpayers interest. The government had to create income tax to pay the interest expense to the Fed's shareholders, but the income tax was never legally passed. The Fed is illegal per Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. In addition, not one state legally ratified the 16th Amendment making income tax legal.

Note - View Patricia's Free Speech video that resulted in her being fired....

Japan earthquake caused archipelago to move eight feet east (I thought it was west)

The massive earthquake that struck Japan in March shifted the entire archipelago nearly 8 feet closer to the United States and caused the nation to sink close to 1 inch....

By Julian Ryall in Tokyo
20 Oct 2011

The magnitude-9 quake – the largest in recorded history in Japan – also jolted the planet on its axis by nearly 4 inches.

Experts at the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan have confirmed that the standard datum of levelling – the benchmark for measuring heights above sea level throughout Japan – sank 2.4cm (0.9 inch) as a result of the earthquake....

Experts and the GIA have calculated that the Oshika Peninsula, just to the north of the devastated town of Ishinomaki, shifted more than 17 feet to the east and sank nearly 4 feet into the Pacific Ocean.

From Five Doves site

Pineman (22 Oct 2011)
"Footnote Regarding Yesterday's Post - Spring 2012 (or sooner) Rapture: A Distinct Possibility"

My surprise included myself. I can remember doing sniff tests on various tribulation scenarios. I remember clearly giving up completely on 2011-2018 and here's why:

Rosh Monday, September 10, 2018 2550 Saturday, September 17, 2011 Elul 17

Monday, September 10, 2018 2520 Monday, October 17, 2011 Tishri 19 Sukkot 5

Elul 1 Sunday, August 12, 2018 2550 Friday, August 19, 2011 Av 19

Sunday, August 12, 2018 2520 Sunday, September 18, 2011 Elul 18

The only hit had Jesus missing the fulfillment of Rosh & Atonement. If I switched to an inclusive day reckoning it would have been Sukkot 4. This 70th week scenario completely lacked in internal coherence so all the signs in the sun, the moon and the stars would be just that; signs. The 70 year generation thing is too nebulous. The closest we can get is between 70 and 80 years.

The two scenarios that have internal coherence are 2012-2019 and 2013-2020. (Note: I have not run the numbers on any later time spans.) For some reason I was not lead to do the sniff tests on the 2012-2019 scenario at that time.

I don't think there is enough prayer on the planet to push the Trib back to the 2013-2020 scenario but I could be wrong. Pineman

My reply

Re: Pineman: "Footnote Regarding Yesterday's Post - Spring 2012 (or sooner) Rapture: A Distinct Possibility"

You are taking that back?

No way! You are forgetting something. The Great Tribulation, the last half of the Tribulation, is to be SHORTENED or no flesh will be saved (Mt 24:21,22). Besides that, the Sabbatic Year and the following Jubilee Year, when Jesus returns, has to be settled. The last verse of Dan 12 shows that Daniel will stand in his own lot in Israel on the 1335th day.

To me, 5775 is the only Sabbatic Year that is in the realm of possibility. 5768 is already gone, and 5782 seems beyond reach. 1967 (the Six-Day War) + 48.33 (one generation, Mt 1:17) = 2015.33. That will end up on the Day of God's Wrath, the Feast of Trumpets, Sept 14, 2015.

There are 7 months (Eze 39:12,13; Dan 12:11) between the Day of God's Wrath (Tishri 1) and the Second Advent (Nisan 1). That means that the year 5776 has to be a leap year with the extra month, Adar II, and it is a leap year.

If 5775 is the Sabbatic Year, then the Jubilee Year will be announced on the Day of Atonement, Sept 23, 5776. The Jubilee will then begin on the first month, Nisan 1, 5776, April 9, 2016.

I think that Nisan 1, 5776 will be the day of the Second Advent. That minus 7 is 5769, which is already gone. We are not long for this earth. Kislev 24, 5772 just might be the day of the Rapture. You can't give up when we are almost there.

Jesus was conceived on Kislev 24, 3756 (6 BC).

Haggai 2:18,19 says, "Consider (sum lebab, lit., take to heart) now from this day and upward (maal, very high), from the four and twentieth day of the ninth month (Kislev 24), even from the day that the foundation (Jesus) of the LORD'S temple (we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit) was laid, consider it. 19 Is the seed (Jesus, Gen 3:15) yet in the barn (i.e., a saying meaning is she pregnant)? yea (YES), as yet the vine (Christ), and the fig tree (Israel), and the pomegranate (rimmon, from its upright growth, i.e., the upright), and the olive tree (Israel with the Gentiles grafted in), hath not brought forth (NASA, lifted up): from this day (Kislev 24) will I bless you."

Then the First-Trump Rapture could be Kislev 24, 5772. That will be Tue, December 20, 2011. There is a chance of it being on the 17th of Cheshvan, 5772 = Mon, 14 November 2011, because it is as in the days of Noah.

The 17th of Cheshvan, 5772 = Mon, 14 November 2011. There are 40 days from Cheshvan 17 to Dec. 24. How does that tie in? It rained 40 days in the days of Noah.

Sat, 24 December 2011 = 28th of Kislev, 5772, the 3rd day of Hanukkah, the festival of lights when the Temple was purified. Keep your light shining. Surely it won't be long.

Hanukkah begins at sunset on Tuesday, December 20, 2011.
Smack dab in the middle of Hanukkah is Sat., Dec. 24, 2011.
Hanukkah ends at sunset on Wednesday, December 28, 2011.

I don't think we are going to be here long. Pray that my husband Ed makes it. He is 87, bedfast and getting weaker. Agape

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