Pro and Con 1967

Posted 3-9-17


Having graduated from High School in the year designated by the number on this ProCon, I felt compelled to share a bit. My name is Lane, and I have been lurking in the background here since 2000 or 2001... I can't remember anymore. Marilyn has graciously allowed me to tinker around with the appearance of her website, and a few of my efforts grace nearly every page on this site. Marilyn deserves more qualified assistance than I have provided, that much is certain. My purpose here, should she be willing, is to provide a few....


Marilyn has faithfully maintained this website with the encouragement and support of family and friends alike. She has repeatedly shared her own testimony, and those of us who have watched along with Marilyn for so long, have become like family. We've prayed, and suffered, and shared in the experiences involving Ed, Dave, Marilyn, and others that we only know through the ProCons posted here. Computer breakdowns, internet problems, and the aforementioned health and finance issues have not stayed Marilyn's hand. When the Lord gives one conviction, there is no turning around for the obedient heart. And whether we agree with all the things Marilyn posts or not, we agree that this lady of faith has stayed the course, no matter what. It is my prayer that the Lord will continue to bless and protect this ministry until He comes for us. Soon, I hope!


In any event, August 3rd this year will mark 20 years since ProCon #1 saw the light of day. At the very least, I would like to have everyone who drops by (occasionally or regularly) to send a congratulatory e-mail to Marilyn at the address below. It would be nice to have a formal party with cake and cookies, but I suspect that would be difficult to arrange. Of course the best present would be to be gathered up with our Lord for this occasion!


For a long time, Marily enjoyed including colorful graphics in her ProCons. Difficulties in uploading those have made continuing that practice difficult, so she has discontinued doing so. In the interest of making up for a bit of that lost time, here are a few from me:









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