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In India in Sun T.V there was a news given to us --- on wednwsy 24th. February stars were seen similar to the stars seen at the time of Birth of Jesus Christ. These stars are seen only in Israel an Jerusalem? Is it a correct news? If so what is your explanation about these?

My sisters and my self are eagerly reading the website of yours especially regarding rapture. Please write ti us.

My reply

I was watching the sky soon after sundown each evening and was looking forward to seeing Venus and Jupiter very close together. I couldn't believe my eyes when on the 23rd, they had already crossed, had reversed places and were drawing apart. Then someone told me that they crossed over Bethlehem. That doesn't mean that other parts of the middle east would not have seen the same thing that night.

Because I am in California, USA, I did not have a chance to see the closest conjuction. It took place before I could see the planets here. Tonight, we saw Saturn, Venus and Jupiter, but Mercury was too low and there was a large building in the way as we exited an eating place. Awhile after I got home and looked again, Venus and Jupiter had set, but I could still see Saturn. Orion was mid sky by that time.

Tonight, it was very easy to pick out the ecliptic. The moon was up on one side and here were these three planets strung out like beads on the ecliptic on the other side. Agape

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Re: Third day
Thank you for answering, so quickly. This is still on my heart, and I feel better when I know that someone who has given their heart to God's word the way you have, has looked at these things with a longing like mine for the truth. I believe we can know, and it is in there for us to study out. I believe God wants us to know. Thanks again for your devotion to Jesus, bringing in the lost, and to the truth.

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Blood or fire? (Jim Bramlett)
I am not sure in exactly what sequence the rapture will be; I am not dogmatic on the subject; and I respect those with different views. We may or may not experience some very hard times. However, the Scriptures are clear that "escape" is in God's plan. It is in His Word for the future, and it is His pattern from the past.

Therefore, I am both amused and troubled when some post-tribbers try to justify their position with human logic, which is so corrupt and fallible. They typically say, "It's not fair to think you will escape tribulation when so many people are already experiencing it, and have experienced it for 2,000 years."

My response is twofold:

1. Fair? That is man's thinking. But Jesus says:

"Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to ESCAPE ALL these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man" (Luke 21:36, NKJV).

"Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will KEEP you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth" (Revelation 3:10).

There are many other supporting Scriptural passages. So much for man's reasoning.

"What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? Certainly not! For He says to Moses, 'I will have mercy on whomever I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whomever I will have compassion'" (Romans 9:14,15).

2. The present and past tribulations, no matter how bad, cannot compare with what is coming, which will be a one-time, totally unprecedented horror and final judgment, with all hell and demonic fury fully unleashed and unrestrained upon the earth, making all past tribulation a Sunday School picnic by comparison. "For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be" (Matthew 24:21).

Cleansing can come by blood or by fire. During the tribulation, the earth will be cleansed by fire. Individually, now is the time to be cleansed by the blood. Blood or fire. It's a choice. The world chooses fire. I choose the blood.

Thankfully, "escape" from this horror of all horrors is God's idea and not the result of my faulty logic. Because of that, I am not ashamed to believe in it and hope for it. It is "the blessed hope" to which I cling. Because of His own Word and promise, God will not disappoint me. Jim

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Can you please tell me the significance of the Feast of Lots (Purim) which my calendar has as March 2, 1999? It could be that some things may begin to happen in the month of March and I need to know the historical impact of this feast day. Many thanks

My reply

Read the book of Esther in the Bible. That gives the very beginning of the feast of Purim. It is not one of the original seven God gave Moses.

Esther means hidden, secret and star, so keep yourself attuned to pick up hidden meanings. Vashti represents Israel, the wife that was put away because she would not come when called. Virgins are called, as in the parable of the ten virgins. Twelve months of purification were given them, then Esther (i.e., the Bride of Christ) is taken to king Ahasuerus (lion king, i.e., Christ) after the 12 months of purification.

Haman (he that prepares), "the enemy of the Jews" (Esth. 9:10), represents Satan, and maybe he represents Satan in the False Prophet, for Haman had ten sons, as the False Prophet will, at first, have ten subsidiary kings ruling under him.

Haman had connived to have all the Jews killed on Adar 13. Esther saved her people instead. Mordecai sent letters to all the Jews, "To stablish this among them, that they should keep the fourteenth day of the month Adar, and the fifteenth day of the same, yearly, As the days wherein the Jews rested from their enemies, and the month which was turned unto them from sorrow to joy, and from mourning into a good day: that they should make them days of feasting and joy" (Esth. 9:21,22).

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can i ask when in 1999 what date and what time is set for the end of the world. thank you

My reply

If you mean the planet, it will exist forever. It will be hit be an asteroid, I think on Sept. 13, 2007. Civilization as we know it will be destroyed. Then Christ will return seven Jewish months later and refresh everything, as was done before Adam was created.

I am hoping for the Rapture on Pentecost, May 21 or 22, 1999.

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I have just read your web site article, and agree with your statements on page 3 most definitely. How wonderful you have placed this information!

My re-birth occurred three years ago, in brotherhood with my prayer partner ---. --- was taken out of his body and above the earth by God, to be told the scriptures of the bible (which he can recite word for word, without attending any formal school), and to learn of the truth of the end times occurring before 2007. I have been searching for confirmation, and have now found it from you in your article.

My name is -----, my Grandmother had prophecy of me using the computer for God's word over seven years ago. My life passes similar to the book of Job, for I have failed in many things I have tried, particularly career. I went to University for nine years, never worked more than a year at any time before being let go, and have been un-employed for seven years. What a blessing this has been! I have the seal upon myself, and have been blessed with a wonderful wife and three wonderful children, the oldest of which I have cast the demon out of. Praise and Glory to God, for I know this is only man and satan punishing me. My faith in God is never ending, and willingly lay my life down for Jesus! Jesus is Lord! Keep up the great work! Blessings to you

My reply

Thanks for sharing this with me. It sounds like you have been tested severely and have come through with your faith intact. Praise the Lord. I am hoping for the Rapture this coming Pentecost. Have all sins committed since accepting Christ confessed and be ready.

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Re: Hope All's Well!
You mentioned that your husband, Ed, was having some bronchial difficulties; since you haven't added any P&C's for several days, we're hoping this doesn't mean he's having added problems. You all are in our prayers. God Bless.

Yours in Christ's Love and Grace

My reply

We certainly appreciate your prayers in our behalf. No added problems though, just Urgent Care Mon., Cardiac Rehab and another Doctor Tues., walk Wed., Rehab Thur., Lab work, different Doctor and walk Fri. Sprinkled throughout were trips to get prescriptions filled (one still pending) and to Post Office. In between, we had to eat and I had to do the washing. Washing bedding, vacuuming, mopping and dusting are still waiting and the week is about gone. The bonus for me--I get to read during Rehab.

Ed's heart (35% expel rate instead of 63-80%) is the main thing causing his shortness of breath. They doubled heart medicine and increased diuretic, but the antibiotic and inhaler are helping too. Agape

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Sometimes when I write you and share information that I have discouvered, that brain of yours and the Holy Spirit kick in and something new and wonderful is uncovered. I have found some good thinking on the 5 Doves site that you may or may not have seen. It is worth a look. If you come up with something let me know. There are more clues about the rapture being this year.

My reply

Thanks. Here is my reply to Sherry's letter:
> Shem was 98 when he entered the ark and was 99 WHEN THE DOOR OPENED! I feel as though
> I "got on board in 1998...will the DOOR OPEN in 1999?!

Interesting correlation, especially since Shem means name, renown, or he that is put or placed. Also, when they came out of the Ark, the beautiful rainbow was there. Heaven has a dazzlingly beautiful halo of ice crystals sparkling in the sunshine. Can't wait to see that crystal sea up close.

> Melody (the red heifer born in Israel in 1997) will be three years old this year - 1999.
> The red heifer must be 3 years old to be sacrificed. She couldn't be sacrificed in 1998
> and she can't be sacrificed in 2000. The third year is 1999!

> ...When I was in Israel last year, our guide told us that Melody so far has NOT been
> disqualified

There are several interesting scriptures that mention the third day. Someone conveniently sent me a list of some of them. Ex. 19:16 says, "And it came about on the third day, when it was morning, that there was great thundering and lightening flashes, and a thick cloud upon the mountain, and a very loud TRUMPET sound." The KJV has, "the VOICE of the trumpet exceeding loud."

This was the first trump of the Bible. The first Rapture is also the first trump. In the Preview of the Rapture in Rev. 1:10, John heard "a great VOICE (Christ's), as of a TRUMPET." In the Rapture in Rev. 4:1, John said, "behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first VOICE which I heard was as it were of a TRUMPET talking with me, which said, Come up hither."

The Israelites arrived at Sinai on Sivan 1 (Nu. 19:1). In the Bible, when a month is listed without a day number, it is the first of the month, because the same word means month and new moon. The new moon is the first of the month.

The "LORD said unto Moses, Go unto the people, and sanctify them to day and to morrow, and let them WASH THEIR CLOTHES, And BE READY against the third day: for the third day the LORD will come down in the sight of all the people upon mount Sinai (type of "Sani," Saturn)....when the trumpet soundeth long, they shall COME UP to the mount." (Nu. 19:10,11). Trumpets are sounded on feast days. According to Jewish tradition, the Mosaic Covenant was given on Pentecost. At that time, Israel was espoused to the Lord. Since Israel was at Sinai on Pentecost, it makes sense that the Bride of Christ would be at Sani on Pentecost.

The first feast when they were to go up to Jerusalem was Unleaved Bread. Then "all thy males shall appear before the Lord GOD" (Ex. 23:17). The second feast when they were to go up to Jerusalem was Pentecost, "the feast of harvest" (Ex. 23:16). The third was Tabernacles.

At the time of the Feast of Unleavened Bread in 30 AD, the OT saints were taken to Heaven. Will the Church saints will be taken to New Jerusalem on Pentecost, 1999? It looks like the Jewish remnant will go up to Jerusalem on the Feast of Tabernacles after the Millennium begins in Sept., 2007.

> Abraham was born 1948 years after Adam. Israel was "born" 1948 years after the 2nd Adam.

Sounds great, but Abram was born 2008 AH, Jesus in BC 5. There is correlation though. Abram came in 2008 AH. I think Jesus will come in 2008 AD. (the Second Advent).

Another thought. Jesus was symbolically pointed out as king and priest by the gifts of the Magi in BC 3. We are to be "kings and priests" after the Rapture (Rev. 5:10). The four years, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 (first year of the new millennium) correlate with BC 3, BC 2, BC 1 and 1 AD (first year of the new millennium). Were we pointed out as kings and priests in 1998, but are being tested one year to see if we are wise virgins? We will know soon.

> The Hebrew definition of "Jubilee" in Strong's concordance is "Blast of the horn."
> Israel's Jubilee Year ends this May 1999. I Cor-inthians says "in a twinkling of an eye
> the last trump.."....could the LAST TRUMP BE THE "BLAST OF THE HORN" OF THE LAST
> JUBILEE IN THIS AGE...1999????

I Cor. 15:52 refers to the Pre-Wrath Rapture. We are listening for the first trump. If we count the Jubilee from May. 1949, when Israel was admitted to the UN, the first trump could still be May, 1999.

> In I Sam.4:11 - Eli was the last preacher to die before Israel's first king. He had two
> sons (2 means "witness) who didn't keep the lamp burning and they were "silenced". The
> Ark was taken. A man in the army, a "runner" came to Eli "with his clothes torn and dirt
> on his head" (representing the "dead in Christ" rising up out of the earth) to tell Eli
> what had happened. Eli was 98 years old! Verse 18 tells us he fell backward, broke his
> neck and died IN HIS 99TH YEAR! When Phineas's wife heard both her father-in-law and
> husband were dead, she went into labor and delivered a son whom she named Ichabod...
> meaning "The Glory has departed". When we are raptured off this earth, "the glory" (as in
> the Holy Spirit in us) will have departed and the light of the world will go 1999?

Interesting. I hadn't thought of this.

> The secular world is looking at the year 2,000 for something big to happen, whether it
> be the Y2K, or the so-called Catholic "Warning", or whatever! Jesus told us that He will
> come at "an hour that ye think not". If we look at I Sam. 9:15-19 we see that Samuel was
> the last preacher ALIVE before Israel's 1st king, and God had revealed to Samuel who it
> would be THE DAY BEFORE! The "day before 2,000" is 1999 !!!! Has it been revealed to US
> the year before? Praise God!

> Now look at II Sam.1:1-2: David abode 2 days after the 1st king was removed. And, again,
> a "runner" came to David "with his clothes torn and dirt on his head" (just like the
> dead-in-Christ rising out of the earth). David reigned twice (7 yrs. in Juda and
> reunited Jerusalem & reigned 33 yrs.) Between the reign of Saul & David, King Ishbosheth
> (meaning "man of shame") reigned 7 yrs. A "man of shame" known as the anti-christ will
> also reign 7 yrs. before the Second Coming. So, David reunited Jerusalem and reigned 33
> years...Jesus was 33 yrs. when He resurrected...

> Jerusalem was reunited in 1967....add 1967 (counted as the 1st yr.)+ 33 years = 1999
> AGAIN !!! David also gave the throne to Solomon, another type of Christ because he was the
> son of David. He began to build the temple in the fourth year of his reign (II Chron. 3:2).

I Ki. 6:1 says, "AND it came to pass in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month Zif (Iyar 2, II Chr. 3:2)...he began to build the house of the LORD." The modern parallel of the 480th year is 5278 (1517) + 480 = 5758 (1998). Did Christ BEGIN to select the living stones for his temple in 1998? The Temple Mount Faithful were prevented from laying a cornerstone for the literal temple. Was it because the true cornerstone (Christ) has already been laid? Was it time to select other stones? hmmmm. Food for thought.

> Finally, a Pastor I was just listening to said this, there are alot more people now in
> heaven than there are Christians on this earth, taking into consideration the cummulative
> affect of deaths throughout history, plus abortions happening daily. In Luke 15 we read of
> the parable of the 100 sheep. Jesus says if one were lost, he would leave the 90 and 9 and
> look for that one. If there are 90 and 9 sheep already in heaven today, won't He soon return
> to get US...the one who is waiting? I do believe this is the year! We may be looking at
> every feast or festival...or even just every morning...but keep looking up!. Shalom, Sherry

Will the good shepherd leave the 99 to look for the lost sheep in 1999? Hope so. Actually, I'm looking up each night. The crossing of Venus and Jupiter over Bethlehem the 23rd was neat. I look each evening to see if I can see Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. Last night, I forgot until Mercury had already set, but showed the others to a couple of my grandkids, who had just arrived. They were impressed.

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A parable is told of a farmer who owned an old mule. The mule fell into the farmer's well. The farmer heard the mule 'braying' - or - whatever mules do when they fall into wells. After carefully assessing the situation, the farmer sympathized with the mule, but decided that neither the mule nor the well was worth the trouble of saving. Instead, he called his neighbors together and told them what had happened...and enlisted them to help haul dirt to bury the old mule in the well and put him out of his misery.

Initially, the old mule was hysterical! But as the farmer and his neighbors continued shoveling and the dirt hit his back...a thought struck him. It suddenly dawned on him that every time a shovel load of dirt landed on his back...HE SHOULD SHAKE IT OFF AND STEP UP! This he did, blow after blow.

"Shake it off and step up...shake it off and step up...shake it off and step up!" he repeated to encourage himself. No matter how painful the blows, or distressing the situation seemed the old mule fought "panic" and just kept right on SHAKING IT OFF AND STEPPING UP!

You're right! It wasn't long before the old mule, battered and exhausted, STEPPED TRIUMPHANTLY OVER THE WALL OF THAT WELL! What seemed like it would bury him, actually blessed him...all because of the manner in which he handled his adversity.

THAT'S LIFE! If we face our problems and respond to them positively, and refuse to give in to panic, bitterness, or self-pity...THE ADVERSITIES THAT COME ALONG TO BURY US USUALLY HAVE WITHIN THEM THE POTENTIAL TO BENEFIT AND BLESS US!...(Submitted By S20SK)

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Good day. I gret you in the name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD and SAVIOUR.

I just want to comment on the prophecy concerning "Pentecost 1999- The Rapture". I see that you only focus on christians that are saved & are blameless who will get raptured away.

The LORD appeared to me in a dream on the 1st of January this year & HE told me that HIS return is at hand. HE also told me that I must tell HIS people that they must not only be saved but also be baptized in water. For if they are only saved & not baptized they have no part in the rapture- for the LORD commanded us that we must go into all the world & make disciples & baptizing them.

I am waiting on your response. Thank you & GOD bless

My reply

I have been baptized twice, once by sprinkling and once by immersion, so I'll be ok, either way. I do have some reservations about this though. Water baptism is an outward show of what has already happened internally. When we first believed, Christ baptized us with His Holy Spirit. Nothing can compare with that. It is as if he dipped our vessels in living water and brought us up full.

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Dear Beloved, The Time Of the Rapture is sooner that you think, but before the blessed promise a might downpouring of the Holy Spirit, that many can not ignore a Great revival and miracles in Jesus' Holy name, Soon that you think sooner that you think. Maranatha

My reply

That would be nice. When do you think it will be?

His reply

First we will have to see the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit this will be a great sign (Like the Waters breaking before birth) this will win thousands to The Lord, then soon after we will be called up hither. Maranatha. "He" is the first fruit

My reply

Israel is the nation born in a day (Isa. 66:8). She is really the one having birth pains. Where are we now likened unto a child about to be born? We are now the Bride, not a baby, as at Pentecost 30 AD.

The great outpouring of the Holy Spirit is AFTER Christ returns. Joel 2:27,28 says, "And ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the LORD your God, and none else: and my people shall never be ashamed. And it shall come to pass AFTERWARD, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh."

Nothing such as revival HAS to happen before the Rapture. I hope it does happen, but we can't think that the Rapture won't come until we see revival on a big scale. Agape

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Either you have plagiarized Judith Hayes or she has plagiarized you in her book IN GOD WE TRUST. Check it out.

My reply

Thanks for telling me. I did all my own work. My first book was copyrighted in 1987.

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I, too, am a believer. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and look forward to the day when I can fall at His feet and praise Him for His sacrifice. Thank you for your testimony and books. They were inspiring.

Why are you so adamant that the Rapture will occur on Pentecost? In your book "The End of the Age--The Secret of Secrets Revealed," you were quite adamant that the Rapture would occur on Pentecost 1998. Now you say 1999. Why Pentecost?

My reply

Thanks for your kind comments.

To me, most of the time clues pointed to Pentecost, 1998. I never said it had to happen that day, but that it looked to me like that would be the day. The only thing that makes sense in my head now is Queen Esther's 12 months of purification before she was taken to the king. Also, the engagement was customarily 12 months to prove the bride a virgin. Thus, we come to Pentecost, 1999.

The Rapture does have to take place before the Tribulation, and I think that will be on Pentecost/Feast of Weeks in 2001. There also is a gap between the Rapture and the Tribulation. The ten kings are not crowned in Rev. 17:12 (the time of the Rapture) and they are crowned in Rev. 13;1 (the beginning of the Tribulation).

I found something today that I had not seen before. This took place the day after Palm Sunday in 30 AD. I think it has a double application. In the Tischendorf New Testament, Mk. 11:13 says, "And seeing a fig tree (Israel) afar off (1967) having LEAVES (Mt. 24:32-34; Sinai, West Bank, Golan Heights, Gaza Strip), he (Jesus) came, if haply he might find any thing thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves; for the time of figs was NOT YET." The next day the fig tree was "dried up."

Mt. 24:6 fits in here. It says, "And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is NOT YET. This places the time of figs at "the end" of the shortened Tribulation. This fits Tishri 1, 5768 (Sept. 13, 2007) because a certain type of fig tree bears fruit from Av (July/August) to Cheshvan (October/November), when the trees are heavily laden. Early figs start coming on in May and June.

Here is the parallel I thought of as I read it today. AD 30 + 40 = AD 70, when Jerusalem and the temple were burned by Roman troops. The modern parallel is when Israel grew leaves in 1967 + 40 = 2007, when Israel will be attacked by the united nations' army under Gog.

If this is valid, then it could tie in with the parable of the barren fig tree in Lu. 13:6-9. Then, if the first coming to check on Israel could have been in 1967, maybe the second was 1977, the third 1987 and the fourth 1997. When it is dried up could refer to 2007. That is when the nations mean to chop down the fig tree. Food for thought.

Re: Pentecost. The first birth of the church into this world was on Pentecost 50 days after the resurrection of Christ. It would make sense if the second birth of the church into another new world would be on Pentecost 50 years after the resurrection of Israel. The latest date we could count from would be May, 1949, when Israel's War of Independence was over, she was recognized as a nation and accepted into the UN. May, 1949 + 50 = May, 1999.

It is interesting that from the Exodus in the Jewish 2231 (2513 AH, BC 1530), the 72nd Jubilee year is 5759 (our 1999). It correlates with 1949 + 50 = 1999 too.

I think the Secret of the Stairs in Song of Solomon 2:10-14 shows us that the Rapture is on Pentecost. The green figs and blossoming grape vines represent such a narrow time slot that Pentecost is the only feast that fits it. The rain being over and gone eliminates all the rest of the seven feasts. Three are in Tishri, the month of the former rain. The other three are in Nisan, the month of the latter rain.

I think this is why Paul "hasted, if it were possible for him, to be at Jerusalem the day of Pentecost." He "called the ELDERS" and said "now, behold, I go bound IN THE SPIRIT unto Jerusalem" (Acts 20:17-22). In the Preview of the Rapture in Rev. 1:10, John said, "I was (lit., became) IN THE SPIRIT on the Lord's day." The elders are seen in the heavenly New Jerusalem in Rev. 4:4.

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