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I received an email from Gershon Salomon, of the Temple Mount Faithful this morning (rec'd 5-18-99). He stated that there is indeed water flowing from the Temple Mount. The Arabs have brought in pumps to try to stop it. Gershon states: "in any case, the water continues to flow. Nothing can stop it." Looking forward to seeing you in glory........soon. In His Love, Sharon Kaiser

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Re: stars in Leo
I do have "The Gospel in the Stars," by Joseph A. Seiss. Under the "Sign of Leo" section: "here is the great Lion in all the majesty of His fierce wrath - Aryeh, He who rends; Al Sad, He who tears and lays waste; Pimentekeon, the Pourer-out of rage, the Tearer asunder; Leon, the vehemently coming, the leaping forth as a consuming fire....chief stars...Regel or Regulus, which means the feet which crush.....Denebola, the Judge, the Lord who cometh with haste.... Al Giebha, the exalted, the exaltation...Zosma, the shining forth, the epiphany; Minchir al Asad, the punishing or tearing of him who lays waste; Deneb al Eced, the Judge coming, who seizes or violently takes; and Al Defera, the putting down of the enemy. Mr. Seiss' has written a wonderful book; I have learned so much from it. This is the forty-sixth day of the counting of the Omer, according to the website that sends me the count. Day forty-seven starts at sunset in Israel, which is seven hours ahead of where I am in New York State. I have great anticipation in my spirit, Marilyn. It will be so wonderful to see Jesus face-to-face! This "place of dishonor" where we now dwell holds nothing that I desire. My heart is simultaneously full of joy and sorrow, joy for what lies just ahead for the Lord's Bride, and sorrow for those who will remain in this place. Bless you and Ed. I pray for you both. In His Love, Sharon Kaiser

My reply

Thanks so much. This rounds out the information I have on the gospel in the stars as it applies to now. I find that the various sources all pretty much agree. That is reassuring.

> Regulus, which means the feet which crush.....Denebola, the Judge, the Lord
> who cometh with haste...Deneb al Eced, the Judge coming, who seizes or
> violently takes; and Al Defera, the putting down of the enemy.

How full of meaning. If you look at the pictorial planisphere of the heavens, Leo the lion is just about to put his front feet on Hydra, a snake. He looks like he is protecting the larger sheepfold above his head. The sheep are streaming out of the door toward the harvest sickle in Bootes' hand. Bootes is where the huge gamma ray burster was seen last Jan. 23. The sheep are going right toward that light.

Can you believe that National Astronomy Day is May 22? Our attention is even being directed to the heavens by our human government, and the Moon is directing our gaze to Leo. I see clearly now the picture from Leo to the Big Sheepfold (Big Dipper) to the sheep going out the door and following the handle of the dipper right to Bootes' harvest sickle. In Bootes' other hand is the spear. The GRB was seen in the tip of the spear. That spear seems to be protecting the Corona (crown for the Bride?) from Serpens (Satan).

Just as the Big Dipper seems to hold the OT and Church saints, the Little Dipper (Little Sheepfold) seems to hold the Tribulation saints, and right beside it is Draco (Satan). That fits the Tribulation too. However, there is Hercules (THE BRANCH KNEELING), called by the Egyptians BAU, THE ONE WHO COMETH. with his foot touching and ready to crush Draco's head. Hercules has in his hand a branch of an apple tree, and right there sticking his head out of it is the serpent. The suggestion is that Hercules is the Second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ, pictured over and over again fighting Satan and protecting his sheep. I just noticed that in The Zodiac Conspiracy, Chris Patrick said that the word Zodiac was from zodi, the way. Bullinger spelled the word "Sodi," meaning the way.

There was a gospel that could be read in the stars before man had the scriptures. Psa. 19:1 says, "THE heavens declare the glory of God." Psa. 147:4 says, "He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names." The meaning of these names tell the gospel message. Constellations were mentioned in Job 9:9, probably the oldest book in the Bible. They were known from ancient times.

On page 10, in Bullinger's Witness of the Stars, he said, "Ancient Persian and Arabian traditions ascribe its (the Zodiac's) invention to ADAM, SETH, AND ENOCH. Josephus asserts that it originated in the family of Seth." Adam, Seth and Enoch were all contemporary for 308 years. Seth was still living when Enoch was raptured. We know for sure that Enoch was a prophet (Jude 14). If the Zodiac was his work, it deserves more than a quick look. Adam was certainly given lots of information by the Lord too.

In Antiquities of the Jews, II.3, Josephus said, "Seth...a virtuous did he leave children behind him who imitated his virtues...They also were the inventors of that peculiar sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies, and their order. And that their inventions might not be lost before they were sufficiently known, upon ADAM'S PREDICTION that the world was to be destroyed at one time by the force of fire, and at another time by the violence and quantity of water, they made two pillars; the one of brick, the other of stone: they inscribed their discoveries on them both, that in case the pillar of brick should be destroyed by the flood, the pillar of stone might remain, and exhibit those discoveries to mankind; and also inform them that there was another pillar of brick erected by them."

On page 109, Chris Patrick said that the Comet Hyakutake "became visible to the naked eye in the constellation BOOTES in late March of 1996. Now that we have had the huge gamma ray burster sign in BOOTES, which means HE COMES, Jan. 23, 1999, this seems more significant than ever before.

Bootes is a decan in Virgo, the virgin, the prophecy in the stars of the promised seed of the virgin, which is Christ. In Virgo, he is promised. in Bootes, he comes as the shepherd. Aratus called him Arctophylax, the guardian of Arctos, the flock of the great fold.

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If you haven't guessed yet, I'm a nightowl, so here it is 4:33 a.m. (May 15) in Tulsa, OK, and I just rechecked the earthquake site. As of 2:2819 pdt they were showing 1,012 earthquakes in California ... I believe since May 8, 1999.

For all I know, California has hundreds of these small quakes weekly, but if not, and if this is unusual, please post your opinion (as a Californian).

Let us "inlanders" know what is normal out there for a week. Thanks

P. S. Hope to see you in a few days. So much is happening in so many areas, it's impossible to keep up. AMAZING to me that "the world" doesn't have a clue. I can't keep my eyes off the sky when I'm in the car. I'm looking...and I'll keep on looking until He comes! Again, so grateful for your life-long studies which you so kindly share with us; your three books which are so insightful; and for your sweet, loving spirit.

My reply

The funny thing is, I am in California, have felt some of the big earthquakes (one shook down the VA Hospital, I think in 1971; another was the Northridge quake, another the Whittier quake) and many small ones, but I have no more idea than anyone else if this count is "normal" or not. I wasn't keeping track. I do know that on Saturday, May 15, there were 937 listed for the previous week. Today, May 17, at 3:41 PM PDT, there were 1420 listed for the previous week. There was one of 5.6 Mag. at Mammoth (Long Valley) up north and a 5 Mag. one, maybe a two-hour+ drive from me, NE of Palm Springs.

Note: At 9:38 PM, there are 1455. Now that is a lot more than the 937 Saturday. There was a small one very near me, 9 mi. S of Loma Linda and 13 mi. SSE of San Bernardino. I did not feel any of these.

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Re: Separation
David Hill wrote:

> The star (in left leg) is called Muphride, i.e. 'WHO SEPARATES'
> Who is going to get separated? When? The plot thickens.---

Mj, Yeah, the more time goes on the more obvious to me that the partial rapture view is correct. I used to be of the opinion that all are going up. But now, there is just to many references to the contrary.

"Ye are the salt of the earth, but if the salt has lost its savor, it is good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden under foot of men." Like in the tribulation. As a matter of fact I am posting on this exact subject now on the doves, and there is a big debate raging on this subject now. But, even without this debate I can see a separating process occuring in peoples lives. It isn't any thing that I can pin down and say, "there ya see it?" but I sense it none the less.

I really hate to say this, but there is really going to be a TREMENDOUS reality check the day after the Rapture, amoung Christians in America. This is the main reason I decided to enter the discussion on the doves. For those people that are left behind, they need to know that, first off, they haven't lost their salvation, and they then have to know exactly why they are still here, so that they can work with the Holy Spirit, not against Him. I feel impressed by the Spirit to hurry and finish this...

I just wanted to exhort you MJ to keep up the good work. I see you time and time again, encouraging people to keep their conscience's clear by immediately confessing their sins, and this is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that they could possibly do. If they can keep their conscience clear of offense to God, then they can be assured of participation in our Blessed Hope. But if they don't do this, then their communion with God is broken, and they are not Abiding in Christ, and they shall be left behind.

As you know, keeping a clear conscience is not hard, and in fact, it becomes a blessing, to each day commune with our Father. As Yeshua said, "Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light." His burden is as light as love.

Take heart MJ, the race is almost over...

your brother in Yeshua Messiah, david hill

My reply

Thanks. I just hope we can reach some of the sleeping sheep in the sheepfold. This is no time to be complacent. We need to get ready and obey the Lord. He said to watch. The star in the tail of Leo that will be close to the Moon May 23 is Denebola, THE JUDGE, THE LORD WHO COMETH WITH HASTE." There will be no time for foolish virgins to get ready when he is already here. They should prepare ahead of time. He has given us "space to repent" (Rev. 2:21). We should take advantage of it.

If we don't, Mt. 24 ends with "The lord of that servant (the evil one) shall come in a DAY when he looketh not for him and in an HOUR that he is not aware of. And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

The companion passage in Lu. 12:46 says, "The lord of that servant (the unfaithful and unwise one) will come in a DAY when he looketh not for him, and at an HOUR when he is not aware, and will cut him in sunder (cut him off), and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers" (the shortened Tribulation). Agape

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> Do you have Seiss' Gospel in the Stars by any chance? I'd like to know
> if he gave names to the stars in Leo....

I do have a copy of Bullinger...

"The Hebrew name of the sign is Arieh, which means the Lion. There are six Hebrew words for Lion, and this one is used of the Lion hunting down its prey."

"The brightest star [greek alpha] (on the Ecliptic), marks the heart of the Lion (hence sometimes called by the moderns, Cor Leonis, the heart of the Lion). It's ancient name is Regulus, which means 'treading under foot'."

"The next star, [beta] also of the 1st magnitude (in the tip of the tail), is named Denebola, the 'Judge' or 'Lord who cometh'"

In the hebrew, the Den would be Judge, so I believe this word Denebola, was originally probably "The Coming Judge". But I am definately no hebrew scholar!

It has been my belief that probably the Hebrew names are the most accurate, so I made a list of them all, and have written them in my Bible. It would probably be an eye opener to be able to read hebrew, and to be reading along and come across a word in the Scripture, that is also in the Stars. One of the stars of Leo is called Sarcam and it means 'the joining'. This is full of meaning for Pentecost. He presents it as the joining of the circle of the zodiac, however.

Sorry I couldn't help you one seiss. I think you will find that the stars names and definition are the same, but some of their interpretations may very as to the application of the knowledge to the Scriptures.

your brother in Yeshua, david

My reply

Thanks bunches. Someone else helped with Seiss.

> Sarcam and it means 'the joining'

I don't remember seeing this one before. It truly shows where the story begins (with Virgo) and ends (with Leo), the baby, born of a virgin, who grew up to be King of kings. It's a beautiful story told in the names of the stars, given to them by God, and handed down from Adam's day to this. That is amazing on its own. Agape

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I just wanted to write and tell you about my experience at seeing Satan at work ..I have been trying to be Baptised for two weeks now and the week before my first scheduled Baptism I heard news that I may have developed Gestational Diabetes and I am Pregnant...Also, My Dad who is not Religious started to scoff my getting Baptised and had basically made me choose betwwen my faith and my mother...On Saturday night ( the eve before my Baptism) I had to rush my son to the Emergency room and found out the he was running a 104 degree temperature and had Strep Throat and needed to be watched I had to postpone My Baptism Until today Sunday May 16th...I had a Bible Study with my husband last night and had woken up early this morning excited about the upcoming event..I woke my son up to get ready to go to church and he was covered from head to toe with this horrible rash...which is swollen and hot...well we had to rush him to the emergency room again to find out that he was having an allergic reation to his soon as we were husband and I called his mother and she said she would watch our son so I could be we met her at my house took fast showers and made it just in time for me to get ready to be Baptised....once we got to church my Husband and i realized that with everything that had happened in the last two weeks there is no way that that could have been coincidence..Satan had tried to prevent me from being Baptised by making it almost impossible for me to be Baptised....Now that I have been Baptised I would have gone thru much worse to experience the joy that I have today being Baptised!

My reply

Thanks for sharing this with us. We sometimes have to take what the enemy dishes out, but when we stand our ground, cursing turns to blessing. Agape

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New England drought
Hi, it's me again. I just thought you'd like to know that we're experiencing an extremely dry spring as well. My town of Sudbury is enforcing a water ban starting this weekend. These usually don't come til late June or July. My friend who is a fireman has said there have been many brush fires in April and now May. Interesting weather patterns. In His love

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"Flowers, Don"
I saw several questions about the planets' positions in relation to the constellations and thought you might be Interested in this attached shareware sky program. I've used it for some time and found it quite helpful in Following the planets movements. You can use realtime or you can see what the nightime sky would look Like a week from now, 100 years from now or even 2000 years ago. I will attach it as a zipped file only A few hundred kilobytes in size. I don't know it your E-mail will except attached files - some will, some won't.

It requires PKUNZIP.EXE to un-compress the zip file. I've included that file as well but suspect you may already Have one. Once you have them, put both files into a directory by themselves such as SKYGLOBE. Type PKUNZIP SKYGLOBE.ZIP and the files will uncompress. This is done at the dos prompt. Once uncompressed the program is started by typing SKYGLOBE or clicking on SKYGLOBE.EXE from within windows explorer, etc.

It is shareware and is fully functional but leaves it to the user to register his/her version to obtain a user manual Updates and so on. I'm not aware of any copyright or licensing issues that would prevent its distribution as Shareware if you wanted to share it with others on the website. Agape

Part 1.2 Type: application/x-zip (application/x-zip)
Encoding: base64

Part 1.3 Type: unspecified type (application/octet-stream)
Encoding: base64

My reply

Thanks a million. I sure wish I could use it. I am using an old IIsi Mac. I can't open "application/octet-stream" or ".EXE" files. I'll post this, for someone else can use it.

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Troy Geri wrote:
Well I'm back after a brief battle with Pharangitis that has put me out of action for about a week, just trying to catch up on all the wonderful new P & C's. God bless you both. Marilyn, how are you keeping? Father, touch Marilyn with your mighty healing power, give her strength, relief from pain and the endurance to persevere strongly in the final days remaining, Amen!!

Well Sunday 16th was for me a day of amazing coincidences. First, our Sunday service was moved from our normal meeting place to the Church of Christ in the next suburb as our Church was holding a craft & hobby expo to raise funds for the community. The expo was held in the school hall in Wattle Grove where we normally have our Sunday service, this is why we had a combined service with the Church of Christ. Now, when the pastor there started the service he asked us to turn around and introduce ourselves to somebody we didn't know and tell them where we grew up. I moved off to my left and shook a ladies hand (can't even remember her name now, hopeless remembering names) who I had never seen before, I said, "Hi my name's Troy". imagined how stunned I was when she said "Troy Geri" ? She went on to explain that she had just received a letter from a friend in the States that asked if she knew a Troy Geri from Wattle Grove Baptist Church? (the lady whose hand I shook lives in Wattle Grove as well). Apparently the lady who wrote the letter had read one of my postings to your web site, recognised the suburb in Australia as being where her friend lived and so went on to ask about me in her letter. What a co-incidence, exactly seven days before the 23rd of May circumstances just happen to put me in a situation where I would meet this lady. The amazing thing as well is that the first person that I should turn around to shake hands with just happened to be this lady, who just happened to receive a letter with my name in it a few days before, I could have shaken anybody else's hand in the whole church, there were about 50 other people to choose from. All this just happens to be linked back to your website which is anticipating the glorious return of Jesus about seven days later. I do not believe that this was all just a coincidence, way too many links that just happened to fall into place and all this seven days before May 23 and one month after my vision on April 23. God is just awesome!!!!

Now secondly. I have a lovely Seiko sports watch that my wife bought me. About two weeks ago it stopped working all of a sudden, I thought it was probably the battery, but it was strange that the stopwatch was still working, just the time had stopped. I decided on Sunday morning that I would wear my watch to church even though it wasn't working. When I got it out of my drawer at about 9.00am, the second hand was ticking over and the time movements were all working again and looked as thought they had been for about two and a half hours (the date that the watch had stopped working April 28th, was still the same so I knew it must have only started up again Sunday morning at about 6.30am) I was quite pleased about my watch working again and thought, great I won't have to get a new battery, the watch worked fine all day. Then I woke up this morning (Monday 17th) and put my watch on just before I left for work. It had stopped working again, this time at 7.09am this morning. Why is it that my watch would mysteriously start itself up on May, Sunday 16th, and work for about 24 hours and stop again? Maybe God is trying to say, in seven days time your watch is going to stop again for good within the 24 hour time period that your watch was working on May 16th - 17th.

We are getting Isabella dedicated next Sunday, May 23rd. Carol will be coming to church for the first time and standing in front of the whole Church as our pastor commits us to raising Isabella in a Godly manner and in a Christian environment. My wife has agreed to these principles. Last night she even asked me to read some of Revelations to her. God is moving!!!!!

All my agape love to year Dear Marilyn. See you so very soon!!!

My reply

Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us that have been praying that Carol would accept Christ as her own personal Saviour. It is wonderful to see that the Spirit of God is working in her life.

Strange how my Web page entered into your meeting with that lady that knew your name immediately. It seems like you are half a world away from me, and yet this happened. Amazing. Agape

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I have read most of your book Revelations 2000 and just found your web page. Needless to say, I know there is a lot to learn about the end times. I wanted to know more specific information about the first Rapture or which Pro and Cons that covers the first Rapture in more detail. Thank you for your time

My reply

There are two Raptures. For more on both, see

Incoming Email

Thank you for your dedication to the Lord Jesus. Though I don't agree with all of your conclusions, I believe you are doing a great work for the Lord. My heart is heavy for the people who don't know Jesus. And for the people who have had the chance to put their life in his hands, but denied his Supremacy. The Rapture of the Church, no matter when it happens, will hopefully wake up allot of people. But knowing the Mind of Man, I dought it will cause a ripple. Millions of people will vanish! And the World will still reject that Jesus is Lord... When he was here, people saw him, they saw his miracles, his power and Majesty (though in human form) and still they rejected him as the Son of God, The Christ! Stay strong. Be patient. Maybe I will get to meet you in a week or so at the Gate.

My reply

Don't worry. I will stay strong, no matter what happens. I KNOW that Jesus is LORD. He is "the Almighty" (Rev. 1:8). He is "The mighty God, The everlasting Father" (Isa. 9:6). Nothing can break my faith. I am also patiently waiting, but am super busy trying to get as much done as I can this week. I also know that he knows best, and I only want things to go his way, not my way. He is the one in supreme command, and I am thankful that he is.

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Just finished reading P@C's 322 and 323. It is amazing how many different things are coming together that point to this weekend as being the Rapture. I'm sure everyone who is following all this on your web site is greatly excited about having only a few days left.

However, the more I read, the more I feel that everything I'm reading is pointing to this weekend as correlating to the ten virgins in the parable going out to meet the bridegroom. They walked right into the face of the "tarry". As much as I hope to vanish this weekend, my heart tells me (no visions nor dreams nor clouds nor rainbows), just my heart, that we have come to the "tarry".

I want to communicate to all those out there in cyber-space who have been lead to this site and who have had their lives changed by this site, to hang tough should this be the "tarry". Much study has been put into the "tarry" over the last year, so should we all be logging on a week from today (Monday), just know this site WILL continue to maintain your sanity and teach you in the Word for as long as the "tarry" tarries. With nothing but Agape

My reply

I hope the Rapture will be this Pentecost. I will not be crushed if it is not. I will wait for the Lord as long as need be. One thought comes to mind here though. Testing does not last forever. When we withstand our test, cursing turns to blessing.

Also, Hab. 2:3 says, "For the vision is yet for an appointed time (year, Rev. 12:6,14), but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry." In other words, nothing in God's plan will be late. What has been planned will come to pass exactly when it is supposed to. I wouldn't have it any other way. Agape

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