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Incoming Email, Re: secrets revealed/heaven found

I'm finishing up my second run through on "End of the Age" and have just completed "Heaven Found" which i bought recently. I had to email you again.

I have to admit that i was reticent to buy either one of your books at first. Usually, when a writer reaches conclusions that are as radical as yours, a red light goes off in my spirit (which it should) - then i start reading, waiting for the eventual "bad doctrine" to show up in the text. IT NEVER DID! Awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! What can i say? Your two books are the best books on bible prophecy i've ever read, and i am being wonderfully blessed. every so often while reading i have to put the books down and get on my face and worship Him! Then, sometimes i am reading and i just LAUGH OUT LOUD in the Spirit with joy! You have marvelously put a huge puzzle together (His Puzzle!) and helped me get a handle on alot of difficult subjects. His supernatural jumpstarting you has miraculously paid off. Glory to God in the Highest!

"Heaven Found" is so fascinating and so easy to read - I LOVED it! His plan is so beautiful and wondrous - just like He is! GREAT JOB! I really look forward to your new book (Revelations 2000) coming out!

I also continually enjoying your web page, and the updates. the Bible Codes discussions are very much appreciated. My feeling on them (ELS, etc.) is that, at best, our study of those is elementary. More than likely there is a whole "universe" of information encoded (buried treasure) in God's word! I check your web site every day. Thank you for being so diligent.

Marilyn, for your 30 years of hard work, prayer, faith and study:

God gets the Glory!
You get the Reward!
We get the Blessing!
Say, when we meet in the New Jerusalem, let me take you to lunch! Deal?

My reply

Bless you for your encouragement.

I started studying hard at least by 1960 and still learn new things all the time. If you get new insight, please share it with me. There is so much in the Bible to find out, one person cannot fathom it all. Isn't God wonderful.

As for lunch, could you make that lunch for two? Two become one and even though there is no marriage in Heaven, I told Ed I want to be with him forever.

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(his) response to the one who chose Buddhism this morning)

He wrote:
>do you believe in reincarnation? And if you are so sure please explain the >purpose of faith, you seem certain, is there a guarantee that you are >right?

Regardless of what I believe, reincarnation is a lie of the devil. God says, "It is appointed unto man once to die, and after that the judgment." Reincarnation gives a false sense of security that there will be another chance to get it right. Sorry.
The guarantee of truth is God's own Word, backed by His perfect integrity.

Incoming Email

The same man who chose Buddhism wrote me:
Dear Marilyn, Your views are way beyond my ability to comprehend. Can you please simplify it?

My reply

Bless you, ----, I sure will try, but to help you understand, it can't be too short. However, I will try to make it clear. All God's angels in Heaven rejoice when one soul is saved. It is what we were put here on Earth for. This life is a test. Will we or won't be believe in Jesus Christ. It determines our eternal destiny. NOTHING is more important.

Let's start at the beginning. There is a God. (After I prayed to understand, he woke me in the night and said, "Be still and know that I am God," but that is beside the point.) His presence can be understood by observing the things that he has made. Your intricate body that even knows how to heal itself did not just happen by chance. The laws that keep the rotating bodies of the planets in orbit did not happen by chance. God loves us and wants us to understand, but the test he decided on is that the just shall walk by faith, not sight.

God created the Universe and the angels before mankind. He tested the angels to see if they would obey him. Two thirds chose to obey him and one third chose to obey the rebel angel called Satan. Evidently, Satan was judged and sentenced to prison. He must have appealed the sentence, saying something like, "How can a loving God send one of his creatures to prison?" Since God is perfect justice, it seems that he devised a way of proving to Satan that he was just in sending him to prison because he would not obey God.

God created man, a creature that is a little lower than the angels. He is not as tall, or powerful and does not have the proper eyesight to see God, but he does have the built-in ability to be conscious of God. Animals do not have God consciousness, but man does. Man also has a built-in need for God. Until he finds him, he is always searching for something, he knows not what. But that hunger, that need, is there nagging at him. He is like a ship without a rudder, tossed about, without direction.

The angels could see God and one-third of them failed their test. Therefore, it seems that God said something like this to Satan, "If these lesser creatures, mankind, who cannot see me, can still obey me, I am just in consigning you to prison because of your disobedience. You could see me and disobeyed.

Adam was put on Earth and told not to eat of a certain tree. That was Adam's test. He too disobeyed God. At that point mankind was doomed to death and Satan thought he had won. But God had made another provision by which man could be redeemed. If man could walk by faith and accept a Saviour that God would provide to take the death due every man, man would not have to die for his own sin. The penalty has been paid, but it does not apply to each of us until be accept Christ as our Saviour. Without shedding of blood is no remission, so Jesus Christ shed his blood that we would not have to shed ours.

If your child was about to get hit by a train, would you love him enough to run out and shove him out of harms way even if it meant that you would have to give your life to save his? This is the kind of love God has for us. He prepared a body, and inhabited that body to become our Saviour. Jesus Christ is God incarnate. He was resurrected to prove it. Death could not hold him. He is the creator of life. He breathed the breath of life into Adam. Otherwise, Adam was a dead body.

Scripture, the Bible, the book of instructions and information God has given man to help him understand what he is to do, says that no man at any time has seen God, that God is spirit. However, mankind did see God in the face of Jesus Christ. II Corinthians 5:18,19 tells us, "And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself."

Those humans that accept Christ now will be taken to Heaven to be with Christ where he lives. It looks like they will replace the one third of the angels that failed their test and help God rule the universe. Heaven is a better place than Earth, and nothing will be allowed there that will defile it. (I know where it is, and it can be seen with the naked eye, but that is for some other time. It won't help to know where it is unless you have a chance to go there.)

God's number of perfection is the number seven. He does things by sevens. This can be understood if you draw a circle with six smaller circles in a ring inside the outer circle. What makes this pattern perfect is the addition of the seventh circle in the exact center. Man's number is six, not quite perfect, but God's number is seven, perfect.

Therefore, God planned mortal man's test to last 7,000 years of "time" on this circle clock. Within this span, he planned seven 1,000-year great days, or millenniums. If we plot six of these millenniums as the six smaller circles within the outer ring mentioned above, it is easy to see why God chose two of these circles, or 2,000 years as an Age. During the first 2,000 years of time, God dealt with mankind as a whole. This is the Age of the Gentiles. During the second 2,000 years of time, God dealt mainly with the Jews, or Israelites. This was the Age of the Jews. During the third 2,000 years of time, God has been dealing mainly with the Church. We are living in the Age of the Church now, but are very near the end. After these 6,000 years of "time" roll by, the seventh millennium is added in the center of the clock. During this millennium, Christ will return to Earth and be the King during this final time of testing mankind.

During these 7,000 years, God deals with man differently in different Dispensations. We have to read his book of instructions to see how man was to obey in each one. Of course, he planned seven of these also. They are called:

(1) Dispensation of Innocence
(2) Dispensation of Conscience
(3) Dispensation of Human Government
(4) Dispensation of Promise
(5) Dispensation of Law
(6) Dispensation of Grace (ours)
(7) Dispensation of Kingdom

This is a bit of an oversimplification, because there is both "time" and "judgment," but let's not worry about that now. Just know that this is "time" and that a coming seven-year Tribulation period is "judgment."

During the first Dispensation, Adam was tested. During the second God tested man to see if he would do right simply by obeying his own God-given conscience. During the third, man was tested living under human government. In the fourth, man was tested to see if he would believe God's promises. In the fifth, man was tested to see if he would obey God's written laws. In ours, we are tested to see if we will accept God's free gift of salvation by believing that Christ died for our sins. In the seventh, man will be tested to see if he will obey Christ as the perfect King. In each Dispensation, some will be saved because of their faith and others lost because of their failure to have faith. In all Dispensations, the just shall walk by faith.

The initial outcome is that man fails to obey, but God had planned all along to give us a Saviour. Jesus' sacrifice took sin out of the way as an issue in salvation. Now all we have to decide is "What think ye of Christ?" Those in other ages were actually saved by having faith that a Saviour would come. The first promise of a Saviour was given in Genesis 3:15. We are saved by having faith that Jesus came, died, was buried and then resurrected so he could save us. All we have to do is believe in him. Is that so hard?

No other religion has a Saviour that was resurrected from the dead as proof of who he really was. His sacrifice was unique in all the world. No other did all the miracles he did as proof of who he really was. He has power that no other man has ever had because he is the Son of God. He has two natures. He inherited his manhood from his mother and his deity from his Father.

Satan has tried to counterfeit the truth to confuse us. He wants to win the Angelic Conflict. But Scripture says that the hope of him is in vain. To be on the winning side, we must join Christ by accepting him as our own personal Saviour.

If we don't, we are totally lost without recourse. There is no other way. God said it.

In the Bible, the story of Salvation is easy to understand. That is so anyone that will read it can be saved. However, the interpretation of prophecy is hard. It is like working a puzzle. There are pieces all over the table and we have to fit them together. For this task, we need the indwelling Holy Spirit of God that Christ gives us the moment we believe. Without the Holy Spirit, the rest is so much nonsense because it is spiritually discerned. This was necessary or the prophecies would not come true. Only the wise can understand. None of the wicked can understand (Daniel 12:10).

If you can accept the free gift God had provided you, I can teach you of things to come. If you cannot accept Christ, you would not understand though I wrote it all out for you in detail.

Just in case you can take that step, I will give you a brief preview of major things to come. Here is what is coming soon, in order:

(1) The Rapture, when Christ takes the Holy Spirit filled believers to heaven to escape the coming terrible Tribulation, the worst seven years since Adam was put on Earth.
(2) The beginning of the Tribulation, the last seven years of Satan's evil reign.
(3) The beginning of the seventh millennium, called the "Day of the Lord."
(4) Christ's return to Earth as Prince of Peace, King of kings and Lord of lords.
(5) The battle of Armageddon, which cannot take place until Christ is on Earth. It is Satan's last ditch stand, his forces against Christ's forces. You know who will win. Christ is God incarnate; he is omnipotent. Satan is an angel; his powers are limited.

If you can take that first step of faith, let me know, and I will expand this list for you.

As I said before, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why not give it a try?

Email FWD to me

>>>"We are ready to sacrifice our blood and our soul to Saddam and
>>>Iraq," the Gaza demonstrators shouted. "You need to send your
>>>rockets to Tel Aviv!"

My reply

Compare with Zeph. 2:4: "For Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod at the noon day, and Ekron shall be rooted up. Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea coast."

The mountain burning with fire of Rev. 8:8 will hit the Mediterranean Sea at noon as the Millennium begins.

Incoming Email

found in the 4th Book of Ezra
4 Ezra 6: [21]...this one that looks like the Rapture:
"And it shall be that whoever remains after all that I have foretold to you shall himself be saved and shall see my salvation and the end of my world. [26] And they shall see the men who were taken up, who from their birth have not tasted death; and the heart of the earth's inhabitants shall be changed and converted to a different spirit." The Apocalypse of Ezra

My reply

Psalm 40:1-3 ties in with "And they shall SEE the men who were taken up" in the The Apocalypse of Ezra.

It says, "I WAITED patiently (as the Philadelphians do, Rev. 3:10) for the LORD; and he inclined (bent down) unto me, and heard my cry. He brought me up also out of an horrible pit (as Jeremiah acted out), out of the miry clay (out of our bodies of clay), and set my feet upon a rock (Heaven), and established my goings (the Rapture). And he hath put a new song (sung after the Rapture, Rev. 5:9) in my mouth, even praise unto our God (Rev. 5:12,13): MANY SHALL SEE IT (the Rapture), and fear, and shall trust in the LORD."

I Cor. 15:52 ties in with "the heart of the earth's inhabitants shall be CHANGED and converted to a different spirit" in the The Apocalypse of Ezra.

It says, "at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be CHANGED."

Incoming Email

I was praying very intensly for revelation concerning the timing of the rapture when it seemed that the Holy spirit directed me to Acts 8:39 in re: Philip and the Ethiopian. " Now when they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught Philip away, so that the eunuch saw him no more; and he went on his way rejoicing."

If this were the leading of the Holy Spirit in re: the rapture, does the water symbolize faith (of wise virgins) or flood (sinful culture), tribulation, or something else? If in re: the rapture, does Philip represent wise virgins and the Ethiopian "Christians" who will be gathered later in a second rapture, or am I trying to twist the Scripture to mean what it does not mean?

My reply

Let's look at a little more of this passage first. Acts 8:35-39 says, "Then Philip opened his mouth, and began at the same scripture, and preached unto him Jesus...and the eunuch said, See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized? And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God...they went down both into the water, both Philip and the eunuch; and he baptized him. And when they were come up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more."

Philip was preaching, working for the Lord. The eunuch was a new believer, not yet working. Who was caught away in this type of the Rapture? the one who was working. The other was left behind at that time. At the first Rapture, the Spirit of the Lord will catch us away. Those believers who are not yet assimilated into the Body of Christ as working parts can be left behind. Salvation is free, but to win the "prize" of being the Bride of Christ that is caught up the first time, we need to work.

Lukewarm Laodicean foolish virgins need to be "zealous" (Rev. 3:19).

Incoming Email, Re: Opened and closed doors and gates

You have said that the whole book of Revelation is written as if the Rapture is "at hand." That is the major key of understanding the book of Revelation.

In Revelaion 22:10-12, we have Jesus saying:

"Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.
11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.
12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

If this is from the perspective of just BEFORE the first Rapture, then is the REWARD that He is bringing with Him when He comes the REWARD or PRIVILEGE of being in the First Rapture?

14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

Does this mean that they have the RIGHT--EARNED PRIVILEGE--of being in the first Rapture because of their OBEDIENCE to the Lord--in keeping the word of His Perseverance--and may enter into the GATES into the city? Is this referring to the DOOR of the first Rapture?

15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

Does this mean that those that are "without the city" are left behind at the time of the first Rapture because they like the lukewarm backslidden Laodicean Christians were not READY at the time of the first Rapture?

The requirements to enter Heaven--the qualifications to go in the first Rapture that Jesus makes in Revelation 21:27 and the reasons why those in verse 15 are left "on the outside" sound almost the same. They didn't measure up and were guilty of the very things named in both verses.

My reply

The key word in verse 12 is "work." Salvation is free, but the prize of being the Bride of Christ who is caught up in the first Rapture is won by those who also work. They are zealous and the Laodiceans are not.

Incoming Email, Re: more on Moses

I read on one of your pages the two witnesses will be Moses and Elijah. A lot of people believe this to be so because of the Transfiguration. I thought is was that way because of the kinds of miracles that are mentioned. However after taking a closer look I no longer think this is so. I am convinced that the two are Elijah and Enoch.

Reasons: Moses was not allowed into the Promised land, and will not be ever as far as we know. During the Transfiguration the disciples saw Moses and Elijah, but what they saw was mot on the Earth. They saw all of the in their glorified bodies. They were given a sneak preview of Christ in His Kingdom. Jesus had told His disciples that there were some among them that would not taste death before they saw Him in his Kingdom. This view world have been in New Jerusalem, of the future.

Moses already has died and been resurrected, that's why he was seen at the Transfiguration. God will not suffer him to taste death again in this life. It is given once for each man to live. Moses would now have his resurrection body which is immortal, and not able to be killed even by the false prophet.

Enoch and Elijah both were taken up without dying.

Enoch is told in the Book of Enoch and also in the Lost books of Eden, that he will return as Gods witness at the end times.

Enoch was a Gentile, Moses was Hebrew. Enoch lived before there was a nation of Jews and was Gods witness to all men of the earth.

Therefore with Enoch and Elijah, you have witnesses from / to the Gentiles and to the Jews.

Just more food for thought.

My reply

Either Moses or Enoch is possible. However, consider that the clock starts again for Israel as the Tribulation begins. Moses being an Israelite instead of a Gentile makes him a more likely candidate. Also, Rev. 11:1 says to "measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein." Enoch would not be allowed to "worship therein," because he is a Gentile.

Rev. 11:4 says, "These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth." Both Moses and Elijah stood before Christ at the Transfiguration.

To me Moses seems most likely. At the time that they prophesy, the Israelites have become the main teachers. Also, in Jude 9, there was a dispute "about the body of Moses." Why?

When both witnesses are caught up in the middle of the Tribulation, "a great voice from heaven" says "unto them, Come up hither" (Rev. 11:12), just as at the first Rapture in Rev. 4:1. At the first Rapture, there are both those that have died in Christ ("which sleep in Jesus") and those that have not ("which are alive and remain") (I Thess. 4:14-17). Moses can represent those that have died in Christ and Elijah those that have not. These two groups will also be part of Rapture two at the beginning of the Millennium.

Incoming Email

Unless or until we are 100 percent certain of the timing of the Lord's return, I am open to different biblical understandings. Here is information on two:
1. I have just read a new booklet, "The Rapture, Gog and Hanukkah Puzzle, Putting It All Together," by William Jenkins in England. Jenkins suggest that the Tribulation may begin on the 24th day of the ninth month (Kislev), on the Hebrew calendar, based on Haggai 2:6-7 and 18-22, which speaks of the time when the Lord will "shake the heavens and the earth...and all nations...and overthrow the throne of kingdoms." THE 24th DAY OF KISLEV THIS YEAR IS DECEMBER 24.

To my surprise, Jenkins also suggests that the rapture will be on the Feast of Hanukkah. This is not one of the main Jewish feasts prescribed in Leviticus, but it is mentioned once in the New Testament, in John 10:22-28, which the author says may be a coded reference to the rapture. He says that the passage uses the same Greek word "harpazo" for "snatch," as used in the rapture passage of 1 Thess. 4:17 as "caught up." In the passage, Jesus also uses the phrase, "My sheep hear my voice," which may mean those in the grave hearing His voice at the resurrection. Interesting thought. HANUKKAH THIS YEAR IS DECEMBER 24.

With extremely unusual timing, just 2-3 days earlier this very same week Tim Kittell advises me that he had another unusual word from the Lord. Tim emphasizes that he does NOT say rapture, but here is what he e-mailed me:

"Dream 11/4/97
"I awoke from a dream in which I heard angels singing. I have heard angels sing in two or three other very powerful night visions, and I am familiar with their voices.

"This particular dream was a complete mystery to me, as I don't remember just what it was about. All I remember were the angels singing "What Child Is This," over and over, very loudly.

"It sounded like thousands of voices singing in a concert hall and became louder and louder until I was actually awakened by their singing. After awakening, I continued to hear them sing for close to 30 minutes.

"Just before going back to sleep, the Lord spoke very clearly to me saying: 'I am coming at the midnight hour on DECEMBER 24th, to do the will of My Father.'

(Tim adds) "I believe that there is an obvious connection between the particular song that the angels were singing, and the word that the Lord brought to me. Please note that He said: 'I am coming TO DO THE WILL OF MY FATHER'! This could be anything!"
2. This past week I also communicated Marilyn Agee's studies and convictions that the rapture would be on May 31, 1998. Her detailed explanations are on her excellent Web site at

Just yesterday I was told that that the phrases "May 31" and "rapture" were found by "equidistant letter spacing" (Bible codes) in Genesis. I queried Marilyn about this, and here is part of her reply. She says:

"Try "The Rapture In Bible Code?" by Peter Hader at: on my Web page.

"These have been found in ELS Bible codes: 6 Sivan, 5758, Shavot, Christian, Ascent, Disappear, Escape, Tribulation, Resurrection, Eternal, Heaven, and Enoch--all within Gen. chapters 30-34 that have to do with Joseph, a type of Christ in that he was despised by his brethren, yet saved them from death.

"Yes, I think it is credible. It is ELS spacing. I am skeptical about diagonal and vertical words, but equidistant letter spacing must be generated by God. No man could have done it.

"Something else, he put in 'natzal' after I told him that meant 'snatch' away' in Hebrew (i.e., the Rapture). I got that from Dr. Tabor's new translation samples for the Original Bible Project, Note 9, p. 17. It turned up 3,514 times in Genesis.

"5758 is also interesting in itself. Here is what Perry Stone said, 'The Hebrew year 5758 spelled out in Hebrew is an acronym for the phrase 'the season of Noah'. In fact, the last two letters of the Hebrew year 5758 spell the name 'Noah'."
For the above reasons and others, the Hebrew year 5758, which began October 2, 1997, appears extremely important. I see absolutely no reason why we should not continue to seek the Lord on the matter of His soon return and be open to whatever He may reveal to us either directly or through His other servants.

My reply

I wish the Rapture would happen that soon, but I have a feeling that this date will pass without the Rapture taking place.

I can't be positive, but Haggai 2:18,19 just might indicate the date when Christ and his Bride return to Heaven after setting up the Millennial Government on Earth. King David will be reinstated as a prince under Christ and will officiate on Earth, where there are lions (Isa. 11:6,7) and a temple. Christ will rule as King of kings from Heaven, where there are no lions and no temple (Rev. 21:22).

Isa. 35:9,10 says, "No lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go UP thereon, it shall not be found there; but the redeemed shall walk there: And THE RANSOMED OF THE LORD SHALL RETURN, and come to Zion (the heavenly one) with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away."

"They shall serve the LORD their God, and David their king, whom I will raise up unto them" (Jer. 30:9.) "And David my servant shall be king over them" (Ezek. 37:24,25). "And I will set up one shepherd over them, and he shall feed them, even my servant David; he shall feed them, and he shall be their shepherd. And I the LORD will be their God, and my servant David a prince among them" (Ezek. 34:23,24).

Kislev 24, 5769 falls on December 21, 2008, the winter solstice, the day the sun turns around to begin its northward journey along the ecliptic. Remember that Christ is called the Sun of Righteousness in Mal.4:2.

Haggai 2:19 says, "Is the seed (Christ) yet in the barn (Heaven) Yea, as yet the vine (Christ) and the fig tree (Israel, some O.T. saints, Abraham and the 24 elders at least), and the pomegranate (Church saints, Song 4:3,13) and the olive tree (Tribulation saints, Psa. 128.3), hath not brought forth (Heb: NASA, LIFTED UP, i.e., ascended): From this day (Kislev 24), I will bless you."

December 22, 2008 is Hanukkah. Will we celebrate this festival of lights in Heaven? In 165 B.C., only enough pure oil was found to last one day. By a miracle, it lasted eight days. Eight means new order. What do you think about the possibility that we be in our eternal home on Hanukkah after the "honeymoon" trip is over?

Re: the dream
> All I remember were the angels singing "What
> Child Is This," over and over, very loudly....
> "Just before going back to sleep, the Lord
> spoke very clearly to me saying:
> 'I am coming at the midnight hour on DECEMBER 24th,
> to do the will of My Father.

This is taking about a "Child." I don't know if there is a connection, but do I think that the Christ child, the light of the world, was conceived around the time of Hanakkah in B.C. 6 and was born on Tishri 1, B.C. 5.

Quirinius ordered a census in A.D. 6/7. It looks like the people had from the summer of 6 B.C. to the autumn of 5 B.C. to register.

I think the wise men visited Jesus at "the house" (Mt. 2:11) in B.C. 3, and, because of the significance of the particular gifts they chose, pointed him out as (and probably symbolically anointed him as) Deity, Saviour, High Priest and King. Gold is a symbol of Deity. Frankincense was an ingredient in the sacred incense. Myrrh was both used for embalming and as an ingredient of the holy anointing oil. They asked Herod, "Where is he that is born King of the Jews" (Mt. 2:2). Herod afterward had the children "from two years old and under" killed in Bethlehem "according to the time which he had diligently enquired of the wise men" (Mt. 2:16).

Herod probably died after the Total eclipse of Jan. 10, B.C. 1. This would give 12 1/2 weeks before Passover for all the elaborate funeral arrangements to take place. Among many other things, there would have been a 30-day mourning period (the Sheloshim). The partial eclipse of Mar. 13, B.C. 4 was only 29 days before Passover.

His reply, Re: Other views

>What do you think about the possibility that we be in our eternal home on >Hanukkah after the "honeymoon" trip is over?

Sounds great to me!

Your thoughts are well taken, as usual. Thanks.
Incoming Email, Re: Bride and Body, one? (11-15-97) Having purchased your two books, I can say that I can not fault your writings, revelations or insights. I truly would love to see Him as He is on May 31st, 1998. As for "heaven found" - we will see, won't we? But to test the spirit...

With time of the essence, most discussions are rather moot, except whether one is born again, filled with the Spirit. However....

I appreciate your perspective about the five foolish virgins and the Laodecian attitude and it is this issue that concerns me. I would not want to quench the Spirit or cause a babe-in-Christ to stumble and must present for consideration the following:

All sin is an anathema with God. A little sin or a big sin, sin is sin. To put a qualitative mark separating the wise and foolish virgins, within the body of Christ, where would the line be drawn? Anything less then perfection, 100% of the Holy Spirit, would be cast out. The analogy might be slightly different, if it applies to those who call themselves Christian, yet have not participated in the 'born again", (being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.,1 Peter 1:23), of the Spirit mentioned to Nicodemus. A rebirth not of good works but of the Spirit?

The Word tells us, if we say we have no sin then the Spirit of Truth is not in him etc. The reference was to believers. However, having a faithful advocate, Christ Jesus, if we confess our sins, He IS faithful and just to forgive. The apostle Paul said, "... that which he should do, he does not and that which he shouldn't do, he does." (paraphrase - mine). How true of our walk in Christ. Yet, according to your definition of the Laeodician, Paul might have missed the rapture in one of those "do not" moments. Could not the "second rapture" apply to those in the 1st half of the Great tribulation? There will be those who accept salvation during that time as well.

Also, if God is not a respecter of persons, (Act 10:34) then those who have gone before us (and are in the spirit with the Lord at the present and who will be bodily raptured in the first rapture) will have not met the same criteria as those who now are waiting, causing a different judgment to be allowed thus making God a respecter of persons.

Could the parallel to Noe be that Noe was the ONLY righteous one on the Earth at that time? No mention of his sons or their wives as being righteous. However, (and there is a new testament parallel) Noe and his family (sons and daughters-in-laws) were saved from destruction, on the strength of Noe's righteousness, much as we are through the righteousness of Christ Jesus. God the Father see us through the shed blood of Christ and sees us not of ourselves (works) but through the innocence and purity of Him. Christ did tell the pharesees that their works were as filthy rags and they were as painted seplucers. Why? If we believe that we can of works attain perfection then we decieve ourselves. He, Christ, is the ONLY perfect one and it is our trust (faith) in Him and His COMPLETED work of redemption that will keep us from that hour.

If, as in the days of Noe, we the body of Christ are the righteous(ness) through Him, (reconciled to Him my His death and resurrection), then we must be inseparable, body and the bride must be one in Him.

Another thought, if Christ is the head and we are his body, how could just a part of his body be considered as His Bride? That would make for a strange looking bride. A grotesque caricature of a rather beautiful relationship.

I must confess that my "rebirth" or reconcilation with the living Word occurred many years ago and I did witness Calvary in the spirit and identified wholly with the thief who recognized Jesus for who He was and is. No works of our feeble attempts at righteousness can make us any more acceptable to the Father. We are seen as the righteousness of Christ, bodily. And as that thief is with Him now, it is my faith that whenever, I will participate in that soon rapture.

Always, in Christ and God bless His Word in you, and thank you for allowing me to express my revelation.

I was under the impression that Feast Days, set times and seasons etc., applied to Israel. Also, is not the Church, the body of Christ, the bride of Christ, while Israel always has been refered to as God's wife?

My reply

> All sin is an anathema with God. A little sin or a big sin, sin is sin.
> To put a qualitative mark separating the wise and foolish virgins,
> within the body of Christ, where would the line be drawn? Anything less
> then perfection, 100% of the Holy Spirit, would be cast out.

Not necessarily. We are not told how much of the Holy Spirit we have to have to be a wise virgin. We are told to be filled with the Spirit, so that is the best insurance.

We cannot work for salvation, but we can work for rewards, and the best reward is the prize of being the Bride of Christ taken to Heaven in the Pre-Trib Rapture.

> Another thought, if Christ is the head and we are his body, how could
> just a part of his body be considered as His Bride?
Just as Eve was taken out of Adam's body (a rib and some flesh attached to it), the Bride will be taken out of Christ's Body.

> Could not the "second rapture" apply to those
> in the 1st half of the Great tribulation? There will be those who accept
> salvation during that time as well.

A great multitude will be saved during the Tribulation. Dan. 11:40,45; 1 says that "at the time of the end" when the False Prophet "shall come to his end... AND at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time (the Day of God's Wrath, the time of Jacob's trouble): and at that time (on the 2300th day, Dan. 8:14) thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book."

The second Rapture, seen in Rev. 7:14, takes place between the breaking of the sixth seal of Rev. 6:12 and the breaking of the seventh seal of Rev. 8:1.

> those who have gone before us (and are in the spirit with the Lord at the present
> and who will be bodily raptured in the first rapture) will have not met
> the same criteria as those who now are waiting, causing a different
> judgment to be allowed thus making God a respecter of persons.

The Lord is perfect justice. Those of any age who have earned certain rewards will get them. Whatever group they belong in, they will be placed in. There are first who will be last and last who will be first.

> If we believe that we can of works attain perfection then we decieve
> ourselves. He, Christ, is the ONLY perfect one and it is our trust
> (faith) in Him and His COMPLETED work of redemption that will keep us
> from that hour.

> And as that thief is with Him now, it is my faith that
> whenever, I will participate in that soon rapture.

Even though the thief went to Paridise that day, his final destination may be to end up with the group of foolish virgins after they get to Heaven. Remember how Jesus said something about not taking the best seat, that it would be better to be called up than to have to go to a lower position. There will be sorting according to what we have earned.

> I was under the impression that Feast Days, set times and seasons
> etc., applied to Israel.

Pentecost applied to the Church in 30 A.D.

> Also, is not the Church, the body of Christ,
> the bride of Christ, while Israel always has been refered to as God's
> wife?

The truth is depicted in the book of Esther. Vashti was the wife, but refused to come when called. Then the king chose Esther from among the virgins. Later Vashti was taken back. The Bride of Christ is also called wife in Rev. 19:7: "the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready."

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