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Incoming Email (11-22-97)

Love your books! God has truely touched your heart and given you a magnificent gift that I'm sure has inspired many!

I feel that the United States may play a major role in end time events. Could the U.S. possibly be part of Mystery Babylon or the beast of revelation?

Hope you can shed some light on this gray area of possible U.S. involvement in the coming years.

Thanks for caring! Wishing you continued blessings from our Heavenly Father,

My reply

Thank you so much. This is music to my ears, especially after being called "very dnangerous - a corrupter of the Word, a wolf in sheep' s clothing, A FALSE TEACHER!!!!" and a member of the "The Rapture Cult" by a couple of people.

There is very little to go on about the US. The president at the end of the shortened Tribulation is obviously the king of the west. Some people have said that the US was about to be nuked by Russia. They forget that the king of the west is present that late in the game. Russia too, king of the north. At this point, neither can annihilate the other without being annihilated too.

> Could the U.S. possibly be part of Mystery Babylon or the beast of revelation?

To read between the lines a bit and tell you what I think you really want to know, the answer is "Yes" and "No." Yes, the US joins the world church, Mystery Babylon. No, the world church is not headquartered in the US. It is first housed in Rome and later moved to literal Babylon on the Euphrates River. Yes, the US ends up being under the leadership of the Beast, because the Beast heads up the world government during the first half of the Tribulation. The Beast is also over the world church. The False Prophet heads up both world church and world government during the last half of the Tribulation. No, the headquarters of the world government will not stay in the US. It too will be moved to literal Babylon.

Psalm 110:1 says, "THE LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool." Both world church and world government will end up in one place. Then "a great stone like a great millstone" (Rev. 18:21) will destroy it all in one hour. At that time, the united nations' army under the leadership of Gog will be attacking Israel. One piece of the asteroid, which is probably a binary like Toutatis, will split off and impact in the Mediterranean Sea, destroying all but 1/6th of this army. The Lord will fight for Israel that day.

Incoming Email, Re: Sabbath (11-23-97)

Re: Pro Con10...Sabbath is God's Sabbath, not "Jewish" Sabbath. He made it holy at first week. Jews come many years after. It is part of His mark, as Creator.

Since I am now a Sabbath-keeper, it always bothers me to hear Christians refer to Sabbath as "Jewish."

Sunday-keeping only came about politically and "Holy Roman Church" lays claim to the change by "their authority."

Even ten commandments say, "Remember ..."

I can't imagine that Adam through Abraham worshipped on some other day, neither early Christians. Jesus said He was Lord of the Sabbath.

Well, anyway, it's another HUGE topic and can be studied for years all by itself! Acts 20:7 is pretty weak when held up to the entire story of God and his creation. Love, love and more love

Incoming Email, Re: ProCon11 (11-23-97)

I just LOVE this excerpt below (and I'm sure I will need to use it many times soon):

"I've noticed that the naysayers like to call you a "date setter", but it seems you've acknowledged God set the date and you are trying to find out when it is. Some are so adamant against knowing the date, do you ever get the feeling that after the rapture has occured, they will hope no one found out when the date was?"

Oh, I sure hope the dates are figured correctly! I'm tired now ... and will surely feel "tireder" after all my personal "presentations" of the information and debates which are to follow!

I am saying little prayers for you ... and for those hateful little stiffnecks ... but praying for you is easier!

My reply

Sorry, I don't really mean it is only Jewish. It is just that so many wrongly call Sunday the Sabbath, and the Sabbath was a sign between God and the Jews.

It does not matter which day we keep. Col. 2:16 says, "Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days; Which are a shadow of things to come."

Jesus is Lord of everything. He is YHWH incarnate. He is Lord of the Sabbath and was born on the Sabbath. Sabbath stands for seven because it is the seventh day of the week. Seven means perfect, and Jesus is perfect.

Our whole Christian heritage came from the Jews. Jesus was Jewish, the apostles were Jewish. This chosen nation was given our scriptures. We are lucky to be able to be grafted in. The Jews are promised the Earth, although Abraham has chosen Heaven. Others probably have this same choice. We are promised Heaven.

If you want to keep the Sabbath, that's great. Do it.

If you feel that Jesus was in the grave on that day and prefer to keep the first day of the week because it was Resurrection Day, that is great too. Do it. God gave us the freedom to choose.

The precedent has already been set. We know about the seven feasts, the Sabbath and the Jubilee. They are shadows of things to come, but since the precedent has already been set, it no longer matters which we keep. We just need to worship the Lord on whatever day we want to.

Thanks for your prayers. I need them.

The older I get, the worse my short-term memory gets. The Lord proves to me every single day that he is helping me with this project. If he wasn't, I would forget scriptures and where to find them. In this one area only, my memory has not failed me. His help is very obvious.

Incoming Email, Re: THE END OF THE AGE (11-23-97)

I am still reading, "The End of the Age," and it is still AWESOME! Thank God for you, and Praise Christ for your insights and wisdom! Your books and web site, has made my journey TO Christ much easier! I have found Hope that this world of wickedness will not be long! I would like more information about the mark of the beast and avoiding it (MARC); so that I and others will not fall prey to satan's deceptions! We have bankcards/checkcards that work like credit cards. Should we avoid all credit type cards from now until Christ returns! Another interesting point I thought you might like to know. Recently at the bottom of our local bank checking account statement was a message, " All Government Checks will be automatically deposited beginning January 1998." It stated that anyone receiving a government check should go to their bank and establish a checking account for the Automatic deposits! Very interesting! Goes along with your book! Things are lining up for our Glorious Brother's return! He has won the victory over Sin & Death. He has redeemed us to Hisself! Now he will rule Heaven and Earth! Praise God, Praise Christ! Thank God that we are all able to share knowledge with each other. He is bringing down Denominational walls, because we will all be of ONE ACCORD when He rules! Sister in Christ,

My reply

The Mondex company has come up with a global cashless system using smartcards, a wallet-sized sort of calculator, or rice-sized micro chips implanted in the human body. Over $1.5 million was spent studying where to place the chip. The only two suitable places were the forehead just under the hairline, or the back of the right hand. (Now read Revelation 13:16.)

These can be tracked by satellite and cellular towers. It has signed up 20 nations already, USA included, and it is to be in widespread use in 1998.(The authorities plan to create a NEW WORLD ORDER by the year 2000.) MasterCard has a 51% interest in Mondex.

AT&T/Lucent (compounded from Lucifer Enterprises) Technologies has bought the franchise for MONDEX USA. Their logo is the ring shaped symbol of the Solar Serpent or RED DRAGON. (Mondex's logo is three interlocked rings, which go back to Nimrod's day.) AT&T/Lucent's street address is 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

The products to be bought and sold are to all be marked with the bar codes we are familiar with. Those guard bars on each end and the center bars are sixes, i.e., 6,6,6. These bars tell the scanner to start, divide, and stop reading.

There also is a global police state apparatus, Project Lucid (which is thought to stand for Lucifer's ID).

Adam's test was to not eat of one tree. The Tribulation saint's test will be to not take the mark of the beast. Just don't do it.

If one does, they cannot be saved. Rev. 14: 9 says, "If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God." One would have to die first. Without the mark, one cannot buy or sell. Cash won't be used. Only licensed dealers will be able to even have cash. Aren't you glad Jesus gave us a chance to get out of here first?

> We have bankcards/checkcards that work like credit cards. Should we avoid all
> credit type cards from now until Christ returns!

I can't be certain, but surely these will be new cards with the new technology and the recognizable logos. ...Here is a quote from the "The Cashless Society is Here" Web page:

"The Greek word in the Bible for the mark is charagma, which means a scratch, or etching, stamp, insignia, or mark of servitude. The number 666 is the Greek phrase Chi Xi Stigma, meaning to stick or prick, a mark incised or punched for the recognition of ownership.

"The industry name for the advanced smart card developed by GEMPLUS and the U.S. DOD (Department of Defense) is the MARC (Multi-technology Automated Reader Card). The code name for it's development was 'TESSERA'. A tessera was the Roman insignia of ownership placed on their slaves which if removed would result in the slave being branded with a mark. In November 1996 an agreement was made by which GEMPLUS will supply smartcards for the global implementation of MONDEX."

Incoming Email (11-24-97)

(Just got a reply from the man whose email started out, "No man knoweth the time or date except the FATHER," and I said, "What tense is "knoweth"?)

Marilyn, I glad to have had the chance to discuss this with you I now see where you are coming from at first I thought that you were serious about setting dates and not just studying this part of the bible. If I have offened you Im very sorry. Your an intelligent lady and it has been a wonderful experience for me to chat with someone of your caliber. I hope to be able in the future to remain e-mail friends as we could both learn from each other. God Bless You In All You Do

My reply

I appreciate your honest reply. Of course, we're friends. Chances are very good that we can learn from each other too. No one person has all the pieces. Some have been given insight into one thing, someone else into something different. If we put them together, we both learn.

We are both believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. That is the central issue. We are both parts of the Body of Christ and should work together for the good of the whole Body. If we are right about Christ, we can be wrong about other things and still make it to Heaven. We can also discuss different viewpoints in God's agape love. The second most important thing now that we are in the end times is to be ready for the Rapture. We want to be Philadelphians, not Laodiceans, wise virgins, not foolish ones. So, we want to bring as many to know the Saviour as possible, then help as many as we can to get into the group called the Bride of Christ.

I have studied the Bible as deeply as possible for over 37 years. After seven years of constantly reading man's books about the Bible, I still could not find answers to some burning questions I had. I opened my Bible, laid my hands on it and said in an desperate voice, "Lord! you're going to have to show me." And he did, beyond anything I could ever have hoped for.

I hadn't the foggiest that I was going to write one book, much less three. But, once I got that Bible-study tiger by the tail, I couldn't let go. The Bible is so deep, so fascinating, once you really get into it, you just keep going.

To me, fulfilled prophecy always did prove the Bible true. I accepted it, like the Lord, without a doubt. Then when I started trying to figure out the correct order of events at the end of this age, I felt like I was working a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are still falling into place after all this time.

I did not think I would ever know exactly when things were going to happen; I just wanted to know the correct order and have a rough idea of when, if that was possible. As the pieces dropped into place, a timetable emerged. It may be right. It may be wrong. Time will tell. I keep searching, trying to find something I might have overlooked that would disprove it. So far, everything I find seems to fit the same pattern.

Since I saw a rectangle of light on Jer. 50:2, saying to publish and conceal not, I have published. All I ask is for people to research these things for themselves. Let the Bible talk. It is the only rock-hard truth we have. Don't accept my dates without research. They are just the way it looks to me after all these years of study. After you compare them with Scripture, let me know what you think. If I am wrong, I want to know it. I only want to understand what the Lord meant when he said, "But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you all things" (Mk. 13:23).

After I found the Jewish month and day of the month of the Second Advent in the Old Testament, I knew that more was there than anyone realized. Finding a gem like that stands the hair up on my arms.

It was the same way when I found out where Heaven really is. I felt like electricity went through me when I looked up "sapphire" in my Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary (1970 ed.) I blew out an extended and almost inaudible "whew" and whispered to myself, "Then it's really true." All the clues had pointed there, but I was afraid to accept it for sure until then.

His reply (11-25-97)

I agree wholeheartedly that we are in the end times. The prophecies are being fulfilled almost daily. I have a deep burden to get to those in the streets and the ones who feel uncomfortable in chruch. I see by your list of reference books that you have studied the end times alot. I can hardly wait until then as Im ready when that trumpet blows to go home. AMEN. You are correct in that we believe in the same Jesus Christ even though we may not agree on some things we are still a part of the body of Christ, and I believe together we can get the word out that HE has told us to do. Therefore I look forward to more correspondence with you and I wish you well in you studies and ministry. Like I said before you are a very educated lady with a special grasp on end times and who am I to stand in the way. I guess over the years that I have seen so many false doctrines that when I see a specific date or time a red flag goes up. Now I know what you are doing and it seems that the LORD has called you one way and me another....I hope to hear from you again....I will be looking forward to chatting with you soon. God Bless

My reply

Believers are all members of the Body of Christ, but each has a different function. We are all needed. I also wish you well in your studies and ministry. You can reach ones I can't and I can probably reach some you can't. Right now, I think it is imperitive that all Christians "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted WORTHY to ESCAPE all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man" (Luke 21:36). There is an escape, i.e., a Rapture, and it is coming up soon....

Incoming Email (11-25-97)

Was just reading some of your newest pros & cons, which I always find interesting. It amazes me to see people calling you all sorts of names and accusing you of being a "datesetter" and being "dangerous." It reminds me of a Baptist pastor, -----, who thought, [taking into consideration Clarence Larkin's "Dispensational Truth" and scripture] that the rapture would occur in 1989, however, he always prefaced it with "IF OUR CALENDAR IS RIGHT". As soon as 1989 passed and there was no rapture, he was accused of being a "datesetter", but everyone quickly "forgot" [or convenientely forgot!] that he always said the rapture would occur "IF OUR CALENDAR IS RIGHT." I am sure if 1998 comes and goes and the rapture doesn't happen, everyone out there will "conveniently" forget all the statements you have made that it LOOKS LIKE 1998 could be the year of the rapture. Instead, they will be rallying against you, calling you another "datesetter failure." Why does it not occur to anyone that eventually someone out there IS GOING TO BE RIGHT!? Every year someone SETS a DATE for THAT year, but eventually IT WILL BE THE RIGHT YEAR! I for one, HOPE that YOU ARE RIGHT!

Another comment I wanted to make is about Moses & Enoch. I believe the "two witnesses" will be Moses and Elijah. Enoch was "caught up" or "translated" without ever seeing death.. He is a TYPE of the raptured saint who will NEVER DIE. So he can't be ONE of the two witnesses. Moses and Elijah both do miracles that will be repeated in the tribulation, i.e. calling fire down from heaven, turning water into blood, causing plagues, etc. If Enoch came back during the tribulation and DIED, there would be no "type" to represent the living Christian who will be caught up without ever dying. Do you know if Bob Ware has a web site yet? Or if so, whether he would be under his name or another name? Thanks! Keep up the pros & cons. They make excellent documentation and are a good learning tool! God Bless YOU!

My reply

Love to hear from you. Thanks for your kind remarks. I think you have it right about Enoch. I appreciate your adding to my understanding of this type....

I like the Pro and Cons better than just writing files because people can get their questions answered. That is what I wanted so badly when I started studying the Bible--to find answers to my questions.

Just got Bob Ware's new email address. He is hoping to have his Web page up in about a week. I will add it to my link page as soon as I get the URL. He just keeps finding out more things. Any one of them alone could be coincidence, but after they just keep adding up and adding up, it could not just be coincidence.

Incoming Email, Re: Prayer (11-25-97)

Please forgive me for writing so soon again, I do not desire to make a nuisance of myself, however I have something to share and it's too early to call anyone here. (a little past 8a.m. my time.)

I am not telling you this to aggrandize myself in any manner whatsoever. This is absolutely true. A short while ago, (less than an hour) I was praying for my mom and petitioning the Lord on her behalf for mercy, when a burden came to me to pray for America to repent of many vices and sins. I don't recall how long my prayer was because I paid no attention to the clock. A short time after I was done praying I was thanking the Lord Jesus for having found a phone number for a Christian friend I that I could not find.

As I was thanking the Lord, I began to think of the wonderfull things that I desired to share with my friend that I have found on the internet concerning Christs return and other marvelous things concerning God. It was at that moment that such joy and peace came upon me that I could not contain myself. I was laughing and crying tears of joy simultaneously. It was so wonderful, that I felt like I was drunk in the spirit. The thought of fellowship with the saints made me so happy I thought I might be mad. I then said; Lord if this is madness, I thank you for it.

Let me say so you will know the truth, I have not been to church in several months and before that, it was longer. I know this is wrong and I have made excuses and now see the folly of it. I tell you this so you will know that I have been a marginal Christian for a long time. I have asked the Lord in all earnestness in prayer that He do whatever is necessary to keep me humble, unswerving, and pleasing in His sight. I know He is able. I will go to church this Sunday and more than this, I have recieved in the mail yesterday the tracts that I sent for from Chick publications. I don't know if you are knowledgable of them but they are an excellent witnessing tool. If you have not seen them, you can, by visiting thier website at That's all for now. Thanks for listening.

My reply

Sounds to me like you just got filled with God's Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord. Now you will be more effective in bringing your mother to Christ.

This happened to me way back when I first started studying the Bible intensively and asked the Lord what it was he wanted me to do, not holding anything back. I was on the bed reading a book about the Bible from the BIOLA library when I suddenly laid it down and started praying. That is when it happened.

It happened to my daughter when she decided to let the Lord lead her life instead of her making her own decisions all by herself. She just gave it all to him without holding anything back. Since Mom was writing a book, she was afraid she would have to write a book. She had to think, "even if I have to write a book." Later she said she should have known he would not have her write a book or he would have given her the desire to do that. She had such joy, she didn't know what to compare it with, said if she told her friends, they would think it was like getting a new dress. It was far more than that, indescribable actually.

She wanted her brother to have it too, but said nothing to us of a prayer she made for him. She walked in the front door one evening and saw he and I with our bent fingers hooked together across the kitchen table. He was so happy, he couldn't contain it. She said, "Thank God I didn't have to die." She had wanted him to find what she found so badly that she had prayed, "even if I have to die."

For us, this phenomenon was a one-time experience, not something we asked for, but something real that we could never forget. It was at a moment when our hearts were absolutely right with God, like the song says, "We surrender all."

Years ago, I talked to Jack Chick on the phone. His tracts that I have seen were excellent.

Thanks for sharing your joy with me. You probably needed this anointing to be able to help your mother let go of the things that have bound her these many years. The Lord is working to answer our prayers and give her a real chance to let go. This gives me hope. The Lord gives everyone a chance to accept Christ at one time or another, but works especially hard where he knows it will do some good. He is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. Sometimes, we just have to get to the point that we let go and let God.

Incoming Email, Re: Preaching on the Bride (11-25-97)

I told my wife that the Holy Spirit was waking me up early in the morning, quite often at 2 a.m. with a "word" on the Bride of Christ and an application to the parable of the 10 virgins in Matt 25. (He was flooding my soul with scriptures and the communion with the HS was like nothing that I had experienced before. Proverbs 2:10 says "Wisdom will enter your heart and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul" and I was experiencing a measure of that.) She said, "What are you going to do about it?", which I thought was a strange response. But I replied, "I'm just going to pray and study and if the Lord wants me to share this word He will make a way." The very next Sunday our pastor came down to where we were sitting and asked me if I would preach on the 23 Nov. at both services! I thanked him and then I looked over at my wife and smiled (and almost cried). The last time that I preached was probably three years ago. Later I made an appointment with him and told him, in general terms, that I wanted to speak on the parable of the 10 virgins and that I thought the Lord was coming back for a bride, initially, and not the church etc., etc. I knew that this could be controversial and I didn't want to 'blind-side' him. Well, to my great surprise, and to his credit, he gave me the OK.

Yesterday I shared the word. I had many people come up to me after both services, some with tears in their eyes. Even some teenagers. It was obvious that the HS was 'on to something' because many were stirred. The Body is ripe to be challenged but there is little that they are being challenged with from the pulpit. A number indicated that they had 'ears to hear' what I was saying, so to speak, because I admitted that I didn't consider myself to be on the right side of that parable either until recently. (I didn't get into 6 Sivan 5758 because I knew that would not go over well. The heart of the issue is being ready and not presuming that we are ready just because we are saved.)

One man in his late 20's talked to me after the service. He said that when I got into my message that he just sat in his seat and wept. Only 3-4 weeks ago the HS dealt with him and told him that he was not ready. He needed to stop some things that he was doing and get right w/ God. He said that he has been so broken that it has been difficult for him to function. People have been telling him that he will 'get over it' but he doesn't want to 'get over it' because he now has such a love for God and such a sense of His holiness. He said that he was bursting at the seams when he came to church that morning and was contemplating standing up in the service and urging people to get serious with God. Then when I got into my message he said that he just broke down and cried. He said that most preachers are either too soft or too harsh but that I put just the right emphasis on it. I believe that is because it is only by the grace of God that He woke me up and shocked me when I realized that I wasn't ready. This has given me a heart of compassion for the Body that was lacking in me.

I was able to use a lot of material from Exit 2007. I'm expecting the HS to do even more as I pray that the Word will not return void but that the HS will drive it into peoples souls in the coming weeks and bring them to a sobering sense of the time that we are in right now. The HS is really behind this message of the bride of Christ and it is touching a cord in many peoples hearts when they hear it. The pastor's wife told me after the service that she wasn't yet convinced that the Lord would come back for a Bride and not the whole church. But she did say that she was feeling an unusual somberness and that it may be the HS moving upon her about this issue. Your many years of effort is going to multiply and reap many rewards.

Incoming Email(11-25-97)

> You do not understand that "apostasia" (translated "falling away"
> above) means "departure" and was so translated in Tyndale's translation,
> The Great Bible, Beza's translation, the Coverdale Bible, and other early
> translations.

The translation of "apostasia" according to Strong's #646 is "a departure FROM THE TRUTH"!!!

My reply

At least, you do understand that apostasia is "a departure."

Strong's #646 actually says, "fem. of the sama as 647; defection from truth (prop. the state) ["apostasy"]:--falling away, forsake." #647 says, "prop. something separative, i.e. (spec.) divorce."

Apostasia does mean a "departure," as you said. It could be from truth, or from this Earth. It is a "defection." When someone defects from Russia, they leave that country. When someone divorces, they separate and one leaves that house. When the Rapture takes place, we will separate and leave Earth.

Incoming Email (11-25-97)

Your web site is very impressive. Congratulations on your many years of labor. I have not read your books but hope to do so. If the following questions are answered in you books, I apologize for wasting your valuable time, and if they are, just tell me, and I will go read the books.

My question is this. If I am reading correctly, Daniel says that the total period of time from the setting up of the abomination of desolation to the cleansing of the temple is 1290 days. The angel who is speaking to Daniel also says (paraphrased) blessed is he who waits until the 1335th day. I have not seen these numbers, 1290 and 1335, mentioned in your timeline. How do they fit in? Thanks in advance.

My reply

Those words "very impressive" are music in my ears after reading a couple of negative emails I got lately. I just try to remember that Christ died for these people.

Those numbers are covered in Exit: 2007: The Secret of Secrets Revealed, but here goes. There are 1260 days while Moses and Elijah prophesy in the first half of the 7-year Tribulation. There are 1260 days from the Mid-Trib desolation of the temple to the Judgment of the Nations, the sheep and goats. There are 1290 days, i.e., another 30 days of mourning for those goats who did not make it. Then Daniel stands in his own lot, plot of ground, in Israel on the 1335th day (Dan. 12:13).

Incoming Email (11-25-97)

I received some of your info from a friend---and was very impressed with what I saw. I also checked out your home page on the internet--extremely interesting. I appreciate your attitude towards those who disagree with your positions. Well done.

Your insight on the fig tree and June 1967 is quite challenging. Have any "scholars" weighed in on the matter, or have any Biblical codes been found to support your theory on the 6-day war? As Derek Prince says, Israel is God's clock. Watch Israel if you want to know where we are in God's prophetic calendar.

I have wondered for quite awhile the true meaning of Jesus' warning in Luke 21:36. I have tried to pray that for my family and others. The meaning would certainly seem to be pointing to a rapture (escape) type event. It's quite clear the Lord is saying that you don't want to be around for whatever period He's referring to which I can only assume is the tribulation. Could it also have been a double-reference to the events of 70 A.D? Interesting that the Greek word for "pray" (Strong's G1189) in that verse is a pretty (S)trong--pardon the pun--word. It's not a casual prayer to be throwing up to the Lord. The word is used in some interesting places in the NT. Note what is said about it under G4441.

...I hope to hear back from you soon. May the Lord grant you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.

My reply

Thanks. That's what I want to hear from the Lord, "Well done." I try hard. I wrote Hal Lindsey that 1988 was too soon, told him why, explained the "putteth forth leaves" of the fig tree parable. He paid no attention until after 1988 passed. Now, I understand he accepts 1967 as the Sign of the End of the Age. I think others do too.

I don't know of anyone that has looked for 1967 in Bible codes.

Luke 21:36 seems to me to be pointing to a rapture (escape) type event also. The note at Strong's 1189 saying, "Comp. 4441" is interesting. There, it says, "1189, which involves the idea of urgent need."

If we are indeed about 6 months from the Rapture, there is definitely an urgent need for this kind of prayer. What is coming is so horrible, we definitely should "pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man." I sure want to be in that assembly of "candlesticks" standing around Christ after he has just snatched them up in the Pre-Trib Rapture. That is when faith will be vindicated by reality.

No, I do not think Luke 21:36 applied to 70 A.D. because of what precedes it.

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