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...Glad to see that Brandi is doing so well. The Lord obviously intervened in her case. That was one of the worse cases of Epstein Barr I've ever heard of, if that was, in fact, what she had. No doubt it was some kind of virus.

My reply

Brandi is amazing us all. She went to school all week. She was obviously feeling good last night. She was in a talking mood, telling me that she wants to be a teacher, etc. She has a much better memory than I do, except I don't seem to forget too much about the Bible. That is the Lord's doing. Brandi is really quick and smart, and would make a good teacher, all right.

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I was reading these verses in Joel, do you think they could have anything to do with the rapture?

Joel 2:15 - 16: Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly: Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children, and those that suck the breasts: let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet?

Watching and praying with you. In His Agape Love

My reply

...I think this is the Feast of Trumpets, Tishri 1, 5768 (Sept. 13, 2007). The fast is the Day of Atonement on Tishri 10. Gather the children probably is the second Rapture. It is that Tishri 1. This passage agrees with Mark 13:27. All the saints are gathered to the assembly on this day, from one end of Heaven to the other and from one end of the Earth to the other.

It is the day of the Coronation of Christ and the Marriage of the Lamb. Notice that the Bride is not called up. She is already there in her special place, her "chuppah." It looks like we had better be ready when the Lord comes for his Bride. We don't want to risk losing that honor. This is also the day of the Judgment Seat of Christ and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

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...from South Africa again. Thank you so much for your prompt reply, I have since read a lot of the verses that you quoted, but my Bible is the 'Good News Bible' and therefore the wording does differ somewhat, this is a pity to me as one word misinterpreted can change the complete context of the sentence. Thank you once again for clarifying things for me, I am certainly less confused.

I hope you do not mind, but I have a story to share with you. Last year we as a family went through probably the biggest test of faith, when one night on my way back from fetching my 11 year old son Ryan from a friends farm we were involved in a motorcar accident. It had been raining severely for 8 days and to this day I do not know what I hit, but instantaneously on impact of what must have been either a drift or rock in the road, my car rolled across the national road, Ryan was sitting in the front seat next to me and his friend was seated in the rear. We were all flung out of the car and my son was killed in the accident. This was something I could not cope with, I never blamed God but could not understand why with his great power he could not have intervened. I prayed and pleaded with the Lord to give me an answer and one day while I was lying on my bed curled up in misery I asked God once again to please just let me know if it was my fault, as I felt so responsible as well as trying to bear the pain of loosing my beloved child. I heard a voice asking me "Wilma, have you ever meant to harm someone? I said no, and a feeling of relief came over me, but I was still in an excruciatingly painful state as this was not quite the answer that I wanted to hear and did not want to continue with my life. For a long time I just continued in 'auto pilot' and prayed that God would take me to Him. My husband was cursing God and my oldest son was going through hell while at the same time he was trying to restore the faith in the family. One day my husband was driving on the same road with a friend of his and they noticed that right at the scene of the accident was the flying club, my older son had expressed his wish to learn how to fly so my husband went in to inquire, he later came home with membership papers for him. Yesterday my son did his solo flight, which is an incredible event in the life of a pilot. Weather conditions were against us, license papers were not processed due to a computer crash and had to be couriered through to reach us just in time, his flight was delayed for an hour because of a mechanical break down in the plane that he had been training on, so he had to fly another plane and it did not look like this great event in his life which he had been so looking forward to was going to go through. I prayed that if it was Gods will he would fly and told him so as well. Just before the instructor was due to make a decision the heavens opened, clouds lifted and the rain had stopped and when he had landed the plane after a magnificent flight the most spectacular rainbow beamed down straight on the runway. This was truly a message from God and I believe Ryan was shining his pride and love down to his brother.

Thank you for a great and caring website that you have created. See you at the Rapture.

My reply

Maybe we were meant to correspond with each other. God works in mysterious ways. It is such a rare thing to see the end of a rainbow that if it hadn't happened to me I wouldn't be able to imagine exactly what you saw. I drove through the inner color band of a fantastically gorgeous double one the very day I figured out that the Jewish Sivan 7 seemed to be the right day for Pentecost. The colors were splashing all over the cars ahead of Ed and me and stretching up above us. Having seen a double rainbow in Hawaii, we still had no idea it could be so beautiful when up close. Until then, I didn't even know one could ever actually see the end of a rainbow.

Now you tell me of the end of a rainbow associated with a flight. Does a flight on Sivan 7 mean anything to you? You bet, the Rapture is soon, probably next Pentecost (Sivan 7, 5760, June 10, 2000). Hang on to your "blessed hope" (Titus 2:13). I think we are on the homestretch now. This race seems to have three laps around the track (orbit).

You will soon be reunited with Ryan. He just arrived at the most beautiful planet of all a bit ahead of you. Heaven is surrounded with a gorgeous rainbow, sunshine on ice crystals. What a joyous day that will be. Walk in the glow of the sign God gave you to show you that Ryan is safe in the third heaven. He is alive, happy and healthy, waiting for your arrival to join him in Paradise. That day will make up for your having to be separated from him briefly. Blessings

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FWD: a messianic jewish friend of mine said that she heard a news blurb that stated that archeologists have now determined that the temple was apx. 30 meters away from where they originally assumed- which means that the muslim mosque is no longer an issue and that rebuilding can begin. Is their any credibility in this?? The time is so near!

However, since the court of gentiles is not mentioned in the measuring of the new Temple, is it possible that the Temple will just be rebuilt around it? Do you know anything about that?...

My reply

...In 1983, in his book of photographs, "A Prophetical Walk Through the Holy Land," Hal Lindsay gave diagrams and four clues that Dr. Asher Kaufman, of the Hebrew University, came up with that would place the Holy of Holies over what is called by the Moslems Qubbat el-Arwah, the Dome of the Spirits, and Qubbat wl-Alouah, the Dome of the Tablets. Hal said, "I believe that this name was given to reverence the memory of the tablets of the Law given to Moses by the Lord on Mount Sinai and later placed inside the Ark of the Covenant."

The first clue that the Dome of the Rock is not on the same area that the temple was on is that it does not line up with the Eastern Gate. The Dome of the Tablets does. Dr. Kaufman thinks the temples were built north of the Dome of the Rock.

The second clue is that the little cupola on the NW corner of the temple platform is built over naturally flat bedrock, having never had paving stones placed over it, as was done elsewhere. Both the Tosefta and the Mishnah Yoma 5:2 mention that the Ark rested on a "foundation stone." That fits the bedrock beneath the cupola.

The third clue is that if the Holy of Holies was on the large rock under the Dome of the Rock, the eastern wall of the temple would be practically on top of the eastern wall of the city. It would not fit the description in the Mishnah. If the altar of sacrifice was on the large rock, the steep slope to the west would have required a massive substructure to be built to support the temple. There is no evidence of such a substructure.

The fourth clue is the location of the cisterns is set forth by the Mishnah, the Tosefta, and by Josephus, who lived when the second temple was there. These discoveries show that the temple could be rebuilt and still be 26 meters from the Dome of the Rock.

The outer court mentioned in Rev. 11:1,2 is to be given to the Gentiles. It would include the area where the Dome of the Rock is located. The stage is set. It seems that all that is needed is the Final Status Peace Agreement to be signed and set the rest of the things prophesied into motion. Agape

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God bless you, Marilyn and Ed.
My first question concerns the Chronology of End Time Events...In your Old Testament Bible Chronology (not your newest one) you list Ernest Martin's Figures, beginning with 2107 years from Adam to the 99th year of Abraham. I can understand all the other years, because they are listed right there in the scriptures. But where did this 2107 years come from? I also understand the 24 year difference.  However, there are a lot of years before that basic mistake where any number of mistakes could be made. If you or he or anyone else is off at this basic date-time segment, how in the world could you know if we are anywhere close to the right year?  Does everyone base their dates on the birth of Christ, or the death of Christ?  Wouldn't 30 or so years make a great deal of difference? I don't know if I made my question understandable or not....

...However long it takes, I'm betrothed to the most exciting, handsome, wonderful bridegroom there ever could be, and I've not about to give up waiting and watching!

Thank you for being faithful to do what you believe God has called you to do. And thanks to Ed for allowing us to consume your time and energies. Agape! Maranantha!

My reply

> where did this 2107 years come from?

From Earnest Martin's figures. He figured from Adam to 99th yr. of Abraham, so I figured that up on my chronology chart to check him out. 2107 was the correct figure. I did this down through his list. His second figure was wrong. His third was off because he only took into consideration Theocratic years.

> Does everyone base their dates on the birth of Christ, or the death of Christ?
I can't speak for everyone, but here are my thoughts. In figuring the 483 years of Dan. 9, it is necessary to go to the time of the Crucifixion. Then figure back to when Jesus was born. Recognizing the three 2000-year Ages is necessary to bridge the gap from OT chronology to our days. I think the wise men visited Jesus in BC 3, when he was about 2 years old, when the Age of the Church began.

> If you or he or anyone else is off at this basic date-time segment, how
> in the world could you know if we are anywhere close to the right year?

In our days, we have had signs to show us that indeed, we are nearing the end of this age. Israel becoming a nation (1948), growing leaves in the Six-Day War (1967), the Oslo Accords (Sept. 13, 1993), the Wye River Memorandum, the Wye 2 Agreement (Sept. 13, 1999) setting the date for the Final Status Peace Agreement to be signed on Sept. 13, 2000.

From 1967, when Israel grew leaves and fulfilled the fig tree parable of Mt. 24:32-34, and took all of Jerusalem, also fulfilling Lu. 21:24, seems to be the basic date to start figuring in our times. Counting 40 years for the last generation from 1967 brings us to 2007. We can tell by Joel 2:1-3; Mal. 2:3 and other scriptures that the Day of God's Wrath is the Feast of Trumpets.

The Feast of Trumpets is Sept. 13, 2007, fourteen years from the signing of the Oslo Accords on Sept. 13, 1993. The Oslo Accords were ratified 3 days later, on Tishri 1. It just so happens that Sept. 13, 2007 is also Tishri 1.

These 14 years suggest the 7 good years and 7 bad years, as in Egypt when Joseph was there. The Final Status Peace Agreement is to be signed Sept. 13, 2000. Therefore, from our perspective, it seems easy to see the framework of time from now to the Second Advent. The 7 good years seem to be 5754, 5755, 5756, 5757, 5758, 5759 and 5760 (roughly, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000). The 7 bad years seem to be 5761, 5762, 5763, 5764, 5765, 5766, 5767 and 5768 (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007/08). Each Jewish year spans part of two of our years. Tishri 1, 5768 begins Sept. 13, 2007, and runs into our 2008. I think Christ will return on Nisan 1, 5768 (our Apr. 6, 2008).

Do you see how Sept. 13 seems to set many end-time events in place in a neat block?

...I'm standing fast, no matter how long it takes. I'm hoping for the Rapture next Pentecost. The Jewish Year 5760 seems to be the last one in the 7 good years, high time for us to be taken out of here before the 7 bad years begin. The Tribulation is shortened, and Dan. 8:14's 2300 days, figured by Jewish inclusive reckoning, run from the Feast of Weeks in 2001 to the Feast of Trumpets in 2007. It seems to me that the Tribulation is locked into place. There is no other time that span of time would equal 2300 days.

Y2K glitches and the Rapture will probably spur the nations to set up the One World Government and the World Church in their final forms. Even after the Final Status Peace Agreement is signed, I think it will take until the following Feast of Weeks/Pentecost before the Tribulation Pope and the one who is to be the False Prophet confirm the covenant and kick off the Tribulation.

...Thanks to you for being faithful too. Maranatha and Agape

Incoming Email

I am so happy to hear that Brandi is doing so well. I am one of the many who pray for you and your family. Thank you for maintaining you web site. I know that you have been through quite a bit these past couple of years and through it all you have been steadfast in your love for your brethren. We all greatly appreciate you and the work that you do.

I have a question for you....I read Hal Lindsey's book Vanished Into Thin Air and became...confused towards the end of it.

My Question is---The 10 virgins.  5 are wise 5 foolish. I have that part in my head, but could the 5 wise be the church and the 5 foolish be the Jewish non believers in Christ?  This would make sense that when the church disappears they would then know that Jesus was their awaited Messiah all along and that they have missed the rapture. This would explain then why they knock and Jesus says in essence it is to late I don't know you.

The reason that I got so confused is that Mr. Lindsey says that the entire 7 years of the tribulation is the wrath of God and that the church will not be here for any of it. This would leave out a first fruits rapture of which I have come to believe will happen because of the many verses in the Bible that seem to point to it.

Thanks again for the time that you take for each of us. You have a mighty ministry and it is blessed as you are blessed and that is quite evident by the  wisdom of interpretation that has been given you by almighty God. Your Sister In Christ

My reply

> The 10 virgins...could the 5 wise be the church and the 5 foolish be the Jewish
> non believers in Christ?

I don't think so. All are virgins in God's sight.

> Mr. Lindsey says that the entire 7 years of the tribulation is the wrath of God

The Day of God's Wrath is one literal day, the 2300rd day of the Tribulation. After the sixth seal is broken, men will say "to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us...For the GREAT DAY OF HIS WRATH IS COME" (Rev. 6:16,17). As soon as the seventh seal is broken, the Wrath is poured on the unbelievers.

The rest of the Tribulation is called "THE HOUR OF TEMPTATION (peirasmos, trial), which shall come upon all the world, to try (peirasai) them that dwell upon the earth" (Rev. 3:10). To the Jews, it is chastisement. Lev. 26:27,28 says, "And if ye will not for all this hearken unto me, but walk contrary unto me; Then I will walk contrary unto you also in fury; and I, even I, will CHASTISE YOU seven times (i.e., 7 years) for your sins." This is the fifth cycle of discipline for the Jews. For the Laodicean foolish virgins, it is also chastisement. Rev. 3:19 says, "As many as I love, I rebuke and CHASTEN: be zealous therefore, and repent."

There is a Pre-Trib Rapture and a Pre-Wrath Rapture. No one participating in these will be hit by God's Wrath. The first group is seen in Heaven in Rev. 5:9 before the first seal is broken in Rev. 6. The second group is seen in Heaven in Rev. 7:14 before the seventh seal is broken in Rev. 8.

Thanks for your prayers and kindness. Agape

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Do you know about a person by the name of Mr. William Marrion Branham, and his blessed ministry. Would you think that the trump mentioned in Thessalonians 4:16 would be the Two Witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11. On what year will the rebuilding of the Third Temple be in the coming events..

My reply

I don't know of Branham's ministry.

I can't see that a trump could be anything but a sound.

It seems most likely that the temple will be constructed between the signing of the Final Status Peace Agreement on Sept. 13, 2000, and the beginning of the Tribulation on the Feast of Weeks in 2001.

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I was asked how we know Tishri 1 is Jesus' birthday. Could you explain...

My reply

God promised, saying in De. 11:14, I will give you the rain of your land in HIS DUE SEASON, the first (FORMER) rain (i.e., First Advent) and the LATTER rain" (i.e., Second Advent).

On Jewish calendars that show the feasts and harvest times, the former rain is listed on Tishri 1 and the latter rain on Nisan 1 (See Unger's Bible Dictionary).

In Hos. 5:15, Jesus says, "I will go and return to my place, till they acknowledge their offence, and seek my face: in their affliction they will seek me early." Then in 6:1-3, Israel speaks, "COME, and let us return unto the LORD: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up. After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight. Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the LORD: his going forth is prepared as the morning (a sure thing); and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the LATTER (Second Advent on Nisan 1) and FORMER RAIN (First Advent on Tishri 1) unto the earth."

"After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up" seems to have a double fulfillment. Israel was literally raised up as a nation after the third 1000-year day had begun since the Captivity. It also seems to apply to the Pre-Trib Rapture. "After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up" can point to 1998 and 1999 as the two days (years) after which we will be Raptured in the third year, 2000 (5760, which has already begun). This agrees with Jesus coming and SPEAKING only in the third year in the parable of the barren fig tree in Lu. 13:6-9.

Joel 2:23 says, "he hath given you the FORMER RAIN MODERATELY, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the FORMER rain, and the LATTER rain in the first month." When no day number is listed, we are to assume the first day of the month because the same word means month and new moon. Israel has two first months. The Civil Year begins Tishri 1. The Sacred and Regnal Years begin Nisan 1.

Job 37:6 says, "Be thou on the earth; likewise to the SMALL RAIN (i.e., First Advent), and to the GREAT RAIN OF HIS STRENGTH" (i.e., Second Advent).

Eze. 29:17 sets the month and day of the month, "in the FIRST MONTH, in the FIRST DAY of the month, the word (Word) came unto me."

Verse 21 says, "In THAT DAY (Nisan 1, Eze. 45:18,21) will I cause the horn (king) of the house of Israel to BUD FORTH, and I will give thee the opening of the mouth (Logos, Word) in the midst of them; and they shall know that I am the LORD."

Incoming Email

In the parable of the 10 virgins (5 wise & 5 foolish), do you think that this is an indication that 50% of Christians won't make the Rapture because they didn't remain watchful, fell back into sin and didn't ask forgiveness?

  My prayer is that people will "test" all things by:
1. Praying for forgiveness of sin & asking Christ into their hearts.
2. Asking God for wisdom (He says we can ask for wisdom and it will be given, right? (Go, God!)
3. Read the scriptures daily!

(My sermon for the day!)

I think your work keeps many in prayer and watchful! It is "meat" for the mature Christian who can take this information and gain insight!  Nobody, is 100% right...Except God!

But we can edify each other in love as God commands! Thank you for your diligent, obedient work! Your sweet, loving spirit comes through in your writing even when some of the e-mail you get is not very kind. I praise God for you and all you do to keep us looking up as our redemption draws nigh!!! In His Love.

My reply

...Thanks for all those nice things you said.

There must be some very good reason why in the parable of the ten virgins there are 5 wise and 5 foolish. The number 5 can mean division. In Lu. 12:51,52, Jesus said, "Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather DIVISION: For from henceforth there shall be FIVE in one house DIVIDED, three against two, and two against three."

Whether we are to take it as 50/50 or just that there will be a division, the Bride will be taken out of the Body, as Eve was taken out of Adam, I do not know.

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...I see a real possible significance for the Church but it may very well be in the Lord's Prayer: (Mt 6:13) And do not lead us into temptation, But deliver us from the evil one. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever...

...I then did a find-search for Velorum...and look what I found!
New Age author, Bill Cooper, explains this plan the best in his book, Behold A Pale Horse , so we will quote him.

"According to many, the great pyramids were built to commemorate and observe a supernova explosion that occurred in the year 40000 B.C. Dr. Anthony Hewish, 1974 Nobel Prize winner in physics, discovered a rhythmic series of radio pulses which he proved were emissions from a star that had exploded around 4000 B.C. The Freemasons begin their calendar from A.L. In the Year of [Lucis], adding 4000 to the modern year. Thus, 1990 + 4000 = 5990 A.L. George Michanowsky wrote in The Once and Future Star that, 'The ancient Sumerian cuneiform...described a giant star exploding within a triangle formed by...Zeta Puppis, Gamma Velorum, and Lambda Velorum...located in the southern sky...An accurate star catalogue now stated that the blazing star that had exploded within the triangle would again be seen by man in 6000 years'. According to the Freemason's calendar, it [this exploding star] will occur in the year 2000, and indeed, it will."

My reply

...Thanks for the interesting information.

> I see a real possible significance for the Church but it may very well be in the Lord's
> Prayer: (Mt 6:13) And do not lead us into temptation, But deliver us from the evil one.
> For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever...

I do think this prayer has a double meaning. It refers to ordinary tribulations and to The Tribulation. Green's Interlinear has "And do not lead us into temptation (peirasmon, trial), but deliver (rhusai, to draw to one's self, to rescue) us from evil."

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