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Incoming email

Re: GPS constellation
Marilyn, go to:
and scroll down to the mission patch, which is a constellation designed from the 24 primary GPS satellites that orbit the earth in formation. To me, it looks like a winged stalking beast. How appropriate for what is coming. Looking up, watching and praying.

My reply

Wow!! What ever possessed them to make a patch like that?

The BEAST of Rev. 13:11-18, the False Prophet, indwelt by the dragon, will probably use the GPS and the Digital Angel implant to keep track of everyone's location. For the latest on 'Digital Angel' SATELLITE-TRACKED Implant, go to:,1136,415,00.html

Here is the first bit of it:
PALM BEACH, FLORIDA Jul 07, 2000...Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Digital Inc., has signed a research agreement with Princeton University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The expanded research team will assist in the development of Digital Angel, a miniature digital transceiver that could be used for a variety of purposes, such as monitoring the medical conditions of at-risk patients, commodity supply chain management, food safety, preventing the unauthorized use of firearms, providing a tamper-proof means of identification for enhanced e-commerce security, locating lost or missing individuals or pets, and tracking the location of valuable property. It is anticipated that the tiny device - which is intended to be bonded closely to the body or implanted just under the skin - will be able to send and receive data and that it will be tracked by GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.

Incoming email from someone else I FWD the above info to

Re: GPS and the beast on the patch
This is a dictator's dream come true. With identity theft running rampant after the rapture, the authorities would think it was necessary. A supercomputer would keep track of everyone's authorized location, and would notify the enforcement authorities of the few who did not go to the proper place at the proper time. I could also see guns equipped with circuitry so they would not fire unless held by a hand marked with one of these chips. A truly scary scenario.

Incoming email

While I have avidly been watching the news for developments on the "Peace Talks" at Camp David, I was wondering when the Pope would have his bit to say. Well here it is, did'nt have to wait too long. Hope you are both well. Kind Regards "John Paul, leader of the world's one billion Catholics, seized the potentially decisive opportunity of the Camp David talks to press the long-held Vatican position that Jerusalem's holy sites should be internationally governed.

"Less than a half square mile of the walled city holds some of the holiest sites of Islam, Judaism and Christianity: the Western Wall, remnant of ancient Israel's Second Temple; Islam's Dome of the Rock, from which Mohammed sprang into heaven on a winged horse; and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where Christ was crucified, entombed and resurrected.

"International oversight would "assure freedom of religion and of worship for all the faithful who, in the region and the entire world, look to Jerusalem as a crossroads of peace and of coexistence," the pontiff said, lingering at his window in his weekly Sunday address to pilgrims to make his case."

My reply

Thanks. We're fine.

Incoming email

If I understand it correctly, you think that the tribulation will start on Sept 30th of 2000. (BTW - that's only 75 days away.)

I was thinking this way:
40 year generation - May 67 to May 07 (Christs return)
Minus 2300 days for the shortened tribulation (1260 & 1040).
That puts it sometime in Jan., 2001.
How do you get September? I would rather it was September, because the rapture happens before the tribulation.

Not a big deal. Just wondering. Hope all is well.

My reply

No. I expect the Tribulation/70th week of Daniel to start on the Feast of Weeks, Sivan 6, 5761 (May 28, 2001).

I think this way. From Nisan 8, when Jesus arrived at Bethany the day before Palm Sunday, to Av 10 in 70 AD, when the temple was burned, was 40 years + another 120 days.

As a parallel in our days, Iyar 28 (when they took the temple area back) in 1967 + 40 years + another 120 days = Tishri 1, 5768 (Sept. 13, 2007).

From the Feast of Weeks in 2001 to the Feast of Trumpets on Tishri 1, 5768 is Dan. 8:14's 2300 days, counted inclusively.

From Sept. 13, 1993, when the Oslo Accords were signed, to Sept, 13, 2007 is 14 years, just right for the 7 good years and 7 bad years, as when Joseph was in Egypt. The Accords were ratified in Israel 3 days later, on Tishri 1. Tishri 1, 5754 + 7 yrs + 7 yrs = Tishri 1, 5768 (our Sept. 13, 2007). That seems like the kind of thing the Lord would arrange.

I expect the millennial Day of the Lord to begin on Tishri 1, 5768 (Sept. 13, 2007). I think that's the Day of God's Wrath. I think it is 7 months (Eze. 39:12) before the Second Advent on Nisan 1 (Apr. 6, 2008) (Hos. 6:3; Eze. 29:17,21), the first day of the Jewish Regnal and Sacred Year. Thus, it has to be a Jewish Leap Year, and 5768 is.

We're ok physically and mentally, trusting the Lord to get us through until the Rapture. Ed is feeling much better since they gave him antibiotics. Agape

My outgoing email

Since we have corresponded before, I assume that you know I am a born-again believer. This must be what you send out to unbelievers. Anyway, I would like to comment on one thing.

> > The Greek word, "apostasia," was translated in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, "falling away," which most think of as apostasy. But the word in itself does not mean departure from truth; it means merely a departure. Liddell and Scott Lexicon gives as one meaning, "disappearance." It is the same word as is used in II Cor. 12:8- Paul asked the Lord that the thorn in the flesh might depart, be removed, disappear. And also as in 2 Timothy 2:19--"Let everyone that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity."

Thanks for Liddell and Scott's "disappearance." The Greek word in II Thess. 2:3 is Strong's 646, apostasia, falling away, forsake, fem. of 647, apostasion, something separative, divorce, from 868, aphistemi, to remove, desert, depart, draw away, withdraw self. Apostasia was translated as departing in early Bibles, including The Geneva Bible, Tyndale's translation, Cranmer's version, The Great Bible, Breecher's Bible, Beza's translation and the Coverdale Bible. It does mean departure, but disappearance says so plainly what will happen at the Rapture. The word used in II Cor. 12:8 and 2 Tim. 2:19 is Strong's 868, aphistemi, depart, remove, draw away.

When I looked up these words in Thayer's Lexicon, I noticed that apostole, the office of Christ's apostles, actually means a sending away, dismission, release. How appropriate. Not only did Jesus send them out to preach the gospel, but the apostles, the 11 plus Paul, will be participating in the Rapture. They are 12 of the 24 elders. They did not depart from the true faith. They just departed. In Thayer's, aphistemi means to cause to withdraw, to remove, to go away, depart, withdraw from, flee from, withdraw one's self from, absent one's self from. Agape

Incoming email

Subject: question
what religion are you i'm catholic.

My reply

My religion is Christian, because I have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my own personal Saviour. Knowing that no church membership can save me, I have complied with Rom. 10:9,10. In the Confraternity Version, it says, "For if thou confess with thy mouth that Jesus is the Lord, and believe in thy heart that God has raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart a man believes unto justice, and with the mouth profession of faith is made unto salvation."

I was raised Methodist, but changed to Baptist. I attended the Baptist Church for a year, then went back to the Methodist for about another year. I noticed a marked difference. That Methodist Church taught Bible-based stories. That Baptist Church opened the Bible and taught straight from the Bible, much better in my eyes. To top it all off, I found out that baptizo means immersed. I wanted to be immersed because The Lord Jesus Christ was. However, my ideas are my own, not those of any denomination. I have studied the Bible independently as deep and hard as I can go ever since at least 1960.

For the first 7 years, I read about an 18" stack of books from the Seminary Collection at BIOLA (Bible Inst. of Los Angeles) each week. Not being able to get some burning questions answered, in desperation, I opened my Bible, put my hands on it, and prayed, "Lord! you'll have to show me. I want to know everything you want man to know about the Bible, all the deep things, everything. For the next 7 years, using mainly the Bible and Strong's Concordance, I learned so fast I felt as if I had a tiger by the tail and could hardly keep up. Soon, I had the answers to my most burning questions and kept on learning. I have decided that that there is so much packed into that one small book, that one person can't dig it all out in one lifetime. I just keep learning more.

I have read every word in at least 15 versions of the Bible, and at least the prophetic passages in others. I have Saint Joseph Edition of the Holy Bible, Confraternity-Douay OT and Confraternity NT, publ. by Catholic Book Publ. Co., NY. On the front flyleaf is this list of the 10 commandments:

"1. I am the Lord Thy God; thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.
2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord Thy God in vain.
3. Remember thou keep holy the Sabbath Day.
4. Honor thy Father and thy mother.
5. Thou shalt not kill.
6. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
7. Thou shalt not steal.
8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife.
10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods."

In the same version, Exodus 1:1,2,17 says, "'I, the Lord, am your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that place of slavery. You shall not have other gods besides me. YOU SHALL NOT CARVE IDOLS for yourselves in the shape of anything in the sky above or on the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth; you shall not bow down before them or worship them...'You shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male or female slave, nor his ox or ass, nor anything else that belongs to him." (caps are mine)

Where is "YOU SHALL NOT CARVE IDOLS" in the list on the flyleaf? Do you see what they have done? They left out the 2nd commandment and split the 10th into two to make the 10.

II Tim. 2:15 says, "Use all care to present thyself to God as a man approved, a worker that cannot be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth." Someone did not rightly handle the 10 commandments. Why?

Acts 17:11 shows that we should be "studying the Scriptures every day to see whether these things were so." Everything anyone tells us should be checked with Scripture to see if it is so. It is the only rock-hard truth we have. Agape

Incoming email

I was just browsing through your pro & con section and read about the women in Calif. who saw a rainbow around the sun. I have never heard of a sundog before but while we were on vacation a few weeks ago (We were heading out west from Ohio), we were in the middle of rush hour traffic in Chicago and I happened to look into the passengers side mirror and I could see the reflection of the sun with a rainbow completely around it. It was dark between the sun & the rainbow but there weren't any clouds in the sky. I told my husband "you have to pull over and look at this", he did and my kids saw it too. Wow, it was really amazing. I thought it must be a sign from God. I had been praying for a safe trip and after I saw that I had a peace the whole time we were traveling out west. I knew we were being protected. Take Care & God Bless

My reply

Thanks for sharing this with us. That is something I have never seen. Agape

Incoming email

...have you had a chance to read the little book I sent several weeks back on Resurrection Glory: Its Mysteries Unfolded? I know you are so busy, but I was anxious to get your take on his views.

I wish more pastors and others would trumpet the news of Jesus' soon return. Your web-site does much to keep us looking up, and to keep us on our toes. I check in to your web page continually and have for several years now. My one friend I can share my views with who also believes we are soon to be raptured and your P's&C's are my only allies. Thanks so much for all your hard work. May God give you strength until we're gone. Agape

My reply

Re: Resurrection Glory Its Mysteries Unfolded, by Wm. Beirnes

Thanks for sending me the book. I think he did a pretty good job. Of course, we differ on some things, but not on things that really matter. Here are my comments.

p. 6. He has Enoch and Elijah for the 2 witnesses, and has a good reason, neither died. However, I think they are Moses and Elijah, representing Resurrection and Rapture. When they heard "Come up hither" in Rev. 11:12 they "ascended up to heaven." This demonstrates what happens at the "Come up hither" in Rev. 4:1. Both the resurrected and raptured saints ascend up to heaven.

Rev. 11:4 says, "These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth." Zech. 4:11,14 says, " What are these two olive trees upon the right side of the candlestick and upon the left side thereof?...Then said he, These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the LORD of the whole earth." At the Transfiguration, Moses and Elijah stood by the Lord of the whole earth. Another reason I think it is Moses and Elijah is the association with the temple in Rev. 11 and their being in Jerusalem makes it seem like they are Jews. Enoch was a Gentile. These 2 have the powers that Moses and Elijah had before too. Rev. 11:6 says, "These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy (Elijah): and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues (Moses), as often as they will."

p. 9,10. I found his ideas on the Bride of Christ worth a close look. I don't remember anyone else that even touched on this. He said that "the Bride is not composed of the entire body of believers, but is rather a selection from that body." He thinks that the saints raised on Jesus' Resurrection Day "was a resurrection of that portion of the Bride of Christ from the past dispensations." To me, his reasons hold water. He said, "Christ shed His blood for the sins of the people of all dispensations. Those who were saved before Calvary were saved through the blood of Jesus 'shed from the foundation of the world' just as those of us who surrendered to Christ after His crucifixion. They lived their lives of faith by the power of Christ. As Paul said, 'they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ' I Cor. 10:4. In reference to the resurrection at the second coming of Jesus, Paul states, 'The dead in Christ shall rise first' I Thess. 4:16. There is no mention of the dead in Moses, for they are not in Moses, they are all 'in Christ' as Paul or any New Testament saint, and they all may be in the Bridehood; however, they may not be in the same rank or order."

He said the sheaf of the firstfruits represented the OT "Bridehood Saints." The Hebrew word for "sheaf" in Lev. 23:10 is "omer," an heap, or the dry measure, 1/10th of an ephah. An ephah, somewhat like our bushel basket, is the largest measure for grain and is used to represent the world church in Zech. 5:6. What he says on this makes sense because Israel was espoused to the Lord at Sinai. Some kept the faith along the way. Why wouldn't they gain the promises? Think of Moses, Joshua and Caleb. Not everyone today is going to make the Bride group, either. That doesn't take anything away from those that deserve to be in that group. God is fair, and each person will get exactly what they deserve, no matter which dispensation they lived in.

p 13. Of course, I agree that "Come up hither" in Rev. 4:1 is the Pre-Trib Rapture. In his discussion on that, he told an interesting story I hadn't heard before. "The writer was reared on the farm," he said, "and the old dinner bell had a welcome language I understood: yes, even the horses that were hitched to come farm implement understood the voice of the bell as well as I. When it was nearing noon they would go up and down the rows or furrows with their ears cocked in the direction of the bell, and the instant they caught the first sound they stood still in their tracks until I had unhitched them. Then they made swift tracks for the stable. They knew what awaited them there." Animals are smarter than they get credit for sometimes.

p. 17. Mr. Beirnes thinks that the innumerable company of Rev. 7:9 is from "Every nation that ever existed under heaven from the very beginning of nations." He is probably right. If they weren't part of the Bride group raised on Jesus' resurrection day or part of the Pre-Trib Rapture group, the rest of the believers would need to be raised with the Tribulation saints.

p. 21. He says that that since the woman of Rev. 12 is Israel, "then the man child she brings forth is also of can not be Christ, for this child was caught up to the throne of God as soon as it was born without passing through death." He thinks the man child is "the tribulation portion of the Bridehood saints which is strictly Israelitish." He says, "When the Elders are translated as recorded in chapter four, the door of entrance into the Bridehood is closed, and not another Gentile will enter that select group. But not so with the Jew..."

I think the man child refers to the two witnesses. It doesn't say that they couldn't have died. I wouldn't go so far as to say no Gentile could be added to the Bridegroup in the Tribulation, either. I think that since God is fair, each person has a chance to make it or fail to make it.

p. 22. He says of the 144,000, "the only scene of a translation that could be identified as this group of sealed ones is that of the man child." Rapture 2 is seen in Rev. 14:14-16. It says, "I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man (Christ), having on his head a golden crown (this is his Coronation Day, 1st day of the millennial Day of the Lord), and in his hand a sharp sickle. And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and REAP: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe (the great multitude that no man can number of Rev. 7:9 plus the 144,000). And he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth; and THE EARTH WAS REAPED."

All the saints of the first resurrection are in Heaven on this day. They are gathered "To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect" (Heb. 12:23) before the Judgment Seat of Christ takes place. We see the gathering in Mk. 13:27: "then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the earth (Rapture II) to the uttermost part of heaven" (those who went to Heaven in Rapture I).

p. 25. He mentions "the tribulation martyrs who will be raised at the second phase of Jesus' second coming." I think ALL the elect are in Heaven on the first day of the Millennium 7 Jewish months (Eze. 39:12,13) before the Lord returns in glory. At the Second Advent, "the LORD my God shall come, and ALL the saints with thee" (Zech. 14:5). The saints have to already be in Heaven to return with Him. Rev. 19:14 says, "the armies which WERE IN HEAVEN followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen."

p. 28. He makes a good point concerning Pentecost. "We are confident that the teaching God has given us in this feast is that this leaven of sin goes with us as far as Pentecost. After the loaves are made with leaven they are put into the oven and baked. Until then the leaven is working and active....The loaves go into the oven, are baked, the leaven destroyed, and the bread comes out sweet and nice."

If we are to become sinless at Pentecost, could the Rapture take place next Pentecost? If it was to be next Pentecost/Feast of Weeks, I think it would be at the same time that the 70th week of Daniel begins. That is 2300 days (inclusive reckoning) back from Tishri 1, 5768 (Sept. 13, 2007). That would leave no gap between the Rapture and the Tribulation. Can that be?

At the time of the Rapture, the TEN KINGS have no kingdom yet. Rev. 17:7,10-14 says, "I will tell thee the mystery of the woman (MYSTERY, BABYLON...MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS [IDOLS]), and of the beast (Satan) that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and TEN HORNS. ...And there are seven kings: five are fallen (Babel, Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece, Rome), and ONE IS (the Roman Pontifex Maximus), and the other (the False Prophet) is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a SHORT SPACE (1260 days 'shortened,' to 1040 days, Mt. 24:22, Dan. 8:14). And the beast (red dragon) that was, and is not, even he (Satan) is the eighth (i.e., the tail), and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. And the TEN HORNS which thou sawest are ten kings, which HAVE RECEIVED NO KINGDOM AS YET; but receive power as kings one HOUR ('the HOUR of temptation,' the Tribulation, Rev. 3:10) with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. These SHALL make war (Armageddon) with the Lamb, and the Lamb SHALL overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that ARE (not 'will be') with him ARE called, and chosen, and faithful" (i.e., those that were caught up in the Pre-Trib Rapture).

Rev. 13:1,5 shows that the 10 kings are crowned when the first Beast comes to power as the first 1260 days begin. It says, "And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea (nations, Rev. 17:15), having seven heads and TEN HORNS, and upon his horns TEN CROWNS, and upon his heads (including the 7th, the False Prophet) the name (one name) of blasphemy (Pontifex Maximus)....and power was given unto him (the 6th head, the Beast) to continue forty and two months."

Dan. 7:24 says, "the TEN HORNS out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise (as the Tribulation begins): and another (the False Prophet) shall rise after them (Mid-Trib); and he shall be diverse from the first (Beast), and he shall subdue three kings."

Because the 10 kings have no kingdom at the time of the Rapture of the "called, and chosen, and faithful," it doesn't seem to me that the Rapture would take place next Pentecost. I really expect it before that.

p. 39. Wm. Beirnes said, "The sickle in the hand of the Christ who sits on the cloud, shows that the final harvest time has come. This event will take place just before the battle of Armageddon, and not long before Christ returns with His saints to reign. The nations begin to gather to the battle of Armageddon immediately after the translation of these final harvest saints."

I agree that this sickle reaps the Tribulation saints. I call it the Pre-Wrath Rapture. However, Armageddon can't take place until Christ returns 7 Jewish months later (Eze. 39:12). I think this Rapture takes place on Tishri 1, when Gog's united nations' army will attack Israel (Eze. 38). This battle is what brings God's fury up in his face, and the Wrath of God is poured out. It is a different battle from Armageddon. Agape

Incoming email

Just a thought as I surfed the net and came upon an article about G8 talks in Japan at the moment - is it possible that G8 - World Trade Organisation could be 8 of the 10 Kings in Revelations? There were only 7 countries now there are 8. United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, Canada and Russia. These powerful people all but run the world these days and it seems to me that they are the powers behind the up and coming OWG. Maybe there will soon be two more countries joining? Your sister in YAHshua

My reply

I don't know, but whoever the 10 are, they are over the 10 regions this world has been divided into. Agape

Incoming email

Re: Little do they know Beware - The Next Giant Asteroid Belt Is Overdue, 7-23-00. By Nicholas Rufford, Sunday Times (London)
Wait for it: Bruce Willis's Armageddon tactics may not help a group of scientists known in government circles as "The X Files committee" has warned that the Earth is overdue for an asteroid strike serious enough to wipe out 10% of its population.

Lord Sainsbury, the science minister, is studying the report by the Near Earth Objects Taskforce and is expected to announce its findings within days. It calls for international co-operation to track asteroids and comets likely to cross the Earth's orbit....

If an asteroid 1km wide landed in the Atlantic Ocean, it would destroy most European coastal cities and swamp parts of Britain in a tidal wave. If it struck land, it could kill millions and throw up a dust cloud that could create an artificial winter lasting years.

An asteroid of that size is likely to hit Earth once every 100,000 years. According to the taskforce there has been no strike for at least that time.

Scientists at the government's atomic weapons establishment at Aldermaston are devising ways to attack asteroids with nuclear weapons to deflect them. Britain is expected to collaborate with its European partners to devise a system whereby a series of warheads could be launched if necessary....

"For a 1-2km asteroid you would use warheads equal to about 100,000 Hiroshimas," he said. "There are disadvantages of trying to do it with one big shot because some of these asteroids are rather fragile. What you don't want to end up with is buckshot, because you have no hope of deflecting that. So you make a device to 'flash' the asteroid on one side with an intense burst of neutron radiation and blow some of the surface off to achieve deflection."

Sainsbury: studying the risk According to well-placed scientific sources, Nasa has already started investigating how to detonate such a nuclear warhead with a 150m "Near-Earth Asteroid" probe....

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