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Note: Please agree with me to pray for Mike Curtiss:
Re: "Pray for Me Please
He wrote: Dear Marilyn, I'm suffering with incredible neuropathic pain. Narcotic drugs don't work for this type of pain. They say a spinal cord electrical stimulator might help, but I've got to wait months. If only I could touch the hem of His garment. Would you please pray for me. I'm about to crumble. Agape

Incoming email

Re: Mark of the beast technology?
I'm ----- an Indian studying in the National University of Singapore

See this website on todays CNN webpage. For now, the chip implanted on these humans just stores phone numbers and medical information. In future, I guess it could store bank accounts (without which we cant buy or sell), criminal details, etc

By the way, you're doing a great job in WATCHING and WAITING for our Lord Jesus Christ. I am eagerly waiting for the day when I can see Him...and you too. Now that 8th came and went, whats your inkling on the probable time of the rapture? Love

My reply

Thanks for the URL and your kind words.

I'm waiting to see what happens on Pentecost, which could be Sivan 6,7, or 8 (May 17,18 or 19). If we count by inclusive reckoning (where the 1st date is counted), it would fall on Sivan 6. Counting our way, adding 50 days to Nisan 16, it would fall on Sivan 7. According to Michael Rood, the barley was "abib" (in the ear) on time for the Feast of Firstfruits this year, but the night in Jerusalem was too cloudy to see the crescent moon at the beginning of the Sacred Year. Therefore, Nisan 1 would have been a day later than shown on the present Hebrew Calendar. So, if we go by the visual sighting for Nisan 1, Pentecost would be on our May 19.

I have favored Pentecost for the Pre-Trib Rapture since 1968. I thought it might be Pentecost 1998, then Pentecost 1999, then Pentecost 2000, then Pentecost 2001, now Pentecost 2002.

Why do I think Pentecost is the most likely time? It agrees with Song of Solomon 2:10-14. Winter is past. The latter rains are over. At Pentecost, the grapes are beginning to ripen, there are green figs, and the turtledoves are cooing from almost every twig and branch in Israel. They are migratory birds that are in Israel April to October. Wildflowers are blooming in the spring. They dry up in the summer. We have a saying, "April showers bring May flowers" that fits right in.

Song 2:10-13 (Stone) says, "ARISE, My love, My fair one, and go forth. For the winter of bondage has passed, the deluge of suffering is over and gone. The RIGHTEOUS blossoms are seen in the land, the TIME OF YOUR SONG (the 'new song' of the raptured in Rev. 5:9; or "THE TIME OF PRUNING," LXX) HAS ARRIVED, and the voice of your guide is heard in the land (Christ's 'Come up hither," Rev. 4:1). The fig tree has formed its first small figs, ready for ASCENT TO THE TEMPLE (i.e., in Heaven); the vines are in blossom, their fragrance declaring they are ready to libation. ARISE, MY BELOVED, MY FAIR ONE, AND GO FORTH!"

Notice that it is the RIGHTEOUS that arise at the Pre-Trib Rapture. These are the Philadelphian wise virgins that are to be kept 'from (ek, out of, as in Rev. 5:9) the Tribulation (Mt. 25:1f; Rev. 3:10).

In Song 2:16; 3:1-4 we hear the foolish Laodicean virgins that got left behind say, "My Beloved (Christ) is mine, He fills all my needs and I seek from Him and none other. He grazes me in roselike bounty. UNTIL MY SIN BLOWS HIS FRIENDSHIP AWAY and sears me like the midday sun and His protection DEPARTS. MY SIN CAUSED HIM TO TURN AWAY....As I lay on my bed in the night of my desert (Babylon's in the desert) travail (i.e., in the Tribulation), I sought Him Whom my soul loves. I SOUGHT HIM BUT I FOUND HIM NOT, for He maintained His aloofness....I sought Him, but I found Him not....SCARCELY HAD I DEPARTED FROM THEM (the watchmen), WHEN, IN THE DAYS OF JOSHUA (Jesus, from the Hebrew is Joshua), I FOUND HIM whom my soul loves. I grasped Him, determined that MY DEEDS WOULD NEVER AGAIN CAUSE ME TO LOSE HOLD OF HIM.

These seem to be the saints in Rev. 7:14 for they have washed their robes in the blood of Christ to make them white.

There are 2 Days of the Son of Man, the Pre-Trib Rapture and the Pre-Wrath Rapture. The 1st is as the days of Noah. The 2nd is as the days of Lot, when fire fell that same day (Luke 17:22-29).

Song 2:17 (KJV) says, "Until the day break, and the shadows flee away, turn, my beloved, and be thou like a roe or a young hart upon the mountains of Bether." Bether means separation. The Tribulation separates the two Raptures. Song of Solomon 7:7 speaks of two "clusters of grapes."

Isa. 18:3-7 (Stone) says, "All you inhabitants of the world and dwellers of the earth -- you will see WHEN THE BANNER (THE EU FLAG, WHICH HAS JUST BEEN CHOSEN?) IS HOISTED UP UPON THE MOUNTAINS (KINGDOMS), AND WHEN THE SHOFAR (i.e., the trump of God) SOUNDS YOU WILL HEAR! For thus said HASHEM (YHVH) to me: I will be at ease (rest) and I will look after My Place (John 14:2) of Foundation (Heaven); like crisp warmth after the rain, like a mist of dew in the heat of the harvest (the Pre-Trib Rapture on Pentecost?). For before the harvest, when the flower is finished and the bud TURNS TO GRAPES APPROACHING RIPENESS, He will cut down the young branches with PRUNING HOOKS AND

"He will REMOVE and chop off all the twigs. They (i.e., the foolish Laodicean virgins) will BE LEFT...FOR THE BEAST OF THE EARTH (the Tribulation Pope, Rev. 13:2-10); and the bird of prey will [feast in the] SUMMER on them (then the 1st Rapture would be in the spring), and every beast of the earth will [feast in the] winter on them. At that time an offering will be brought to HASHEM, Master of Legions -- [namely,] the people that is dragged and plucked (i.e., the Tribulation saints)...to the place [wherein rests] the Name of HASHEM, Master of Legions -- Mount Zion" (in Heaven).

The time when grapes approach ripeness is late May or early June before summer comes June 21. The vintage fits the 2nd Rapture on Tishri 1, the Feast of Trumpets that is the Day of God's Wrath. Agape

My note

I have some new information on the EU flag that makes this VERY interesting. If Isa. 18:3 is referring to the EU flag, it ties in with the Rapture happening SOON.

First, here is Isa. 18:3-7 in the KJV. It says, "All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, WHEN HE LIFTETH UP AN ENSIGN (nec, FLAG) ON THE MOUNTAINS (KINGDOMS); AND WHEN HE BLOWETH A TRUMPET (ONE IS BLOWN ON PENTECOST), HEAR YE. (Christ's trumpet voice will say, 'Come up hither,' Rev. 4:1) For so the LORD said unto me, I will take my rest (i.e., in Heaven, Shabbatai, Saturn), and I will consider (nabat, see, look intently at) in my dwelling place (Heaven) like a clear heat upon herbs, and like a cloud of dew in the HEAT OF HARVEST. For AFORE THE HARVEST, when the bud is perfect, and the sour grape (i.e., THE EARLY GRAPE) is ripening in the flower, he shall both cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks, and TAKE AWAY (the Pre-Trib Rapture) AND

"cut down the branches (the twigs without good fruit, i.e., the foolish Laodicean virgins). THEY SHALL BE LEFT (Luke 12:46; Mt. 24:51) together unto the fowls of the mountains, and to the beasts of the EARTH (the Beast, the Tribulation Pope): and the fowls shall SUMMER (therefore the 1st Rapture is in spring) upon them, and all the beasts of the earth shall winter upon them. In that time shall the present be brought unto the LORD of hosts of a people scattered and peeled (the Pre-Wrath Rapture), and from a people terrible from their beginning hitherto; a nation meted out and trodden under foot, whose land the rivers have spoiled, to the place of the name of the LORD of hosts, the mount Zion" (in Heaven).


EU may get new 'bar-code' logo

The European Union may be set to get a new bar-code-style logo as part of an image overhaul.


It would replace the current blue EU flag which has 12 gold stars representing member states.

It places all the colours of the national flags of EU nations in strips alongside each other....

Once member states agreed to the change, flags and letterheads would be changed....

The current EU flag was officially adopted by the European Commission in 1986.
8 May, 2002 - BBC - Down with EU stars, run up stripes

The rather sombre European Union flag could do with changing, suggests a top designer whose radical new version takes colours from the banners of all the member states....

Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas thinks that this perfection can be improved upon - his new flag uses 45 vertical stripes, taking colours from every existing member's national flag.

The logo - designed in response to a request by European Commission president Romano Prodi to find ways of rebranding the EU - represents Europe's "diversity and unity"...

EU officials are currently examining the design, which if approved could SOON be flying from flagpoles across the continent...
5-12-02 (1 Sivan 5762) Israel Intercepts Another Weapons Ship (IsraelNN.com) Israel intercepted another weapons ship heading for Gaza, intended to provide the PA with arms according to a report filed by Uri Dan in the New York Post.

The ship, carrying arms from Hizbullah in Lebanon, was sunk by Israeli forces days before it could dock in Gaza.

Israeli officials said they knew nothing of the ship or reported weaponry.
A good celestial sky show gets better
NASA/JPL NEWS RELEASE, Posted: 5-11-02
To see the conjunction of the planets and moon, look in the western sky above the horizon just after sunset. Look for Venus, the brightest star in the group. Red Mars will be right below, and Jupiter, which appears white, will be topmost. Mercury is closest to the horizon, and Saturn is just below Mars.

"You'll see just a sliver of the Moon, because it will be one day past new," said Dr. E.M. Standish, an astronomer, also of JPL. "This will be the tightest conjunction for almost 40 years."

A five-planet conjunction isn't new; astronomers have been recording the phenomenon for over 3,500 years....

Based upon good observing circumstances, 40 five-planet conjunction events may have been seen between the years 2000 BC and AD 2000. The next time these bodies will be grouped so closely together will be in September 2040.
Family Set to Get Chipped (on May 10, 2002), By Jim Goldman
5-9-02...VeriChip has been the subject of widespread media attention for the last few months," Applied Digital Solutions President Scott Silverman said. "We're delighted that 'Good Morning America' and the 'CBS Evening News' will cover the first-ever 'chipping' procedures on May 10.

TechTV will be providing complete coverage...

The company says TechTV will be joined by CNN, Telemundo, Nick News, Fox News, Associated Press, Reuters, the Los Angeles Times, the Financial Times, Time magazine, the Washington Post, Wired News, BBC Television, French television, German television, and Nippon TV. Correspondents from Brazil, Italy, Mexico, and several other countries in Latin America and Asia will also be on hand.

My note

The first family to receive VeriChip was so widely publicized that it could be a 7-day warning, May 10 to May 17, Sivan 6, Pentecost. We don't have long to find out.

Incoming email

Re: conjunction
Thanks for the info on the cross navigational instruments.

I saw the Mars-Venus conjunction last night. Impressive. If I were an ancient astronomer, seeing the equilateral triangle followed by that in the same place 5 days later, I would certainly think something significant was about to happen.

My reply

You saw the conjunction on May 10. I finally saw it tonight, May 11. The marine layer has finally blown away from our sky. Strange. May 10 was Ed's mother's birthday. May 11 was her mother's birthday--she is the one I saw cooking in a kitchen in Heaven with kids all around her in a dream.

I was sure interested in The Working Celtic Cross.
By Crichton E M Miller

I can see how it could be used much like a sextant, which measures the altitude of a heavenly body and its angle with the horizon. Here are pictures of the two things I was most interested in:

The "protractor" is weighted so that part always points to the center of the Earth.

Another simple system for measuring angles that may have been used to build the pyramids. The plumbline with a circular weight on the end always points to the center of the Earth. Agape

My reply to FWD from 5 Doves site, excerpts only

Thanks for sending this to me.

FWD from 5 Doves site: Prophbuff (22 Apr) "Interpretation Of The Sights In The Heavens 4/16 - 5/18"

I am thankful to this writer for the URLs to see great pictures of the sky during this lineup of the planets and for pointing out that Saturn, Orion and Taurus are visually dropping to Earth. That started me thinking about what this could mean. I disagree with some of his interpretations, but mainly this statement:

> > Around April 29-30, Saturn (Satan) begins to drop towards the earth, as if cast out of heaven (Rev. 12:7-9). Through May 9th, Orion (Beast/Anti-Christ) also appears to be falling onto the earth

To me, Saturn does not represent Satan. Saturn is Shabbatai, like Shabbat, Sabbath, 7th day, Satur[n]day. Saturn's dropping toward Earth does not represent Satan's being cast out of Heaven. And Orion does not represent the Beast/Anti-Christ.

I think Saturn is Heaven, and Orion represents Christ. Saturn is marked by the encircling glory of the Lord, and the grip of Orion's sword has a lamb on it.

Orion is also holding up the head and skin of Satan, the roaring lion, as a winner's trophy. 1Pe 5:8 says, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." The brightest star in Orion is Betelguez, meaning the coming of the branch. Christ is the Branch. Another star in Orion, Bellatrix, means quickly coming. Christ comes quickly at the Rapture (Rev. 2:5; 3:11; 22:20).

Concerning Saturn's ring system, Eze. 1:27,28 says, "it (the planet that is amber colored from the equator upward and downward) had brightness round about. As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD.

Zech. 3:9,10 (LXX) says, "I will bring forth my servant The Branch (Jesus Christ). For as for the stone (planet) which I have set before the face of Jesus, on the one stone are seven eyes" (orbs, circles, rings).

It also was represented as the 7th light on the candlestick. The Sun was the western light. It was to be kept constantly burning. The other lamps represented Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn (Josephus Ant. III. VII. 7). During this year's planetary lineup, we can see all of these.

Orion, Taurus, Gemini (where Jupiter is now) and Saturn are visually dropping toward Earth. The story of Christ coming for his Bride at the Rapture is suggested. At that time, Christ will seat us together with Him in heavenly places. Eph 2:6 says, "And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus." The Bride and Bridegroom sit together in heavenly places in Gemini. This is the completion of the betrothal for those caught up in the Pre-Trib Rapture. Those "with him are called, and chosen, and faithful" (Rev. 17:14).

Notice the dropping in the following pictures. The 1st is the sky on April 30, 2002. The 2nd is May 14, 2002.

Note: besides all this, there are two comets in Draco (the dragon, Satan) on 4-30. I'll include one more picture from APOD some time ago. It reminds me of one ascending while Satan looks on. APOD called it Circle of Life.

Luke 21:25 "there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars (lit., constellations); and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring...And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." Agape

Incoming email

Re: Rare Alignment & Apparent Coming of the Lord for the Church
Thanks for the good work of receiving, answering, sharing and archiving of letters about Bible prophecy and the coming of the Lord.

I have written to you many times, and you have been gracious in responding. Now, I think God is giving us the greatest sign of all times about the coming of His Son and rapture of the church. According to the Harvard scientist during the midst of the greatest planetary alignment “When the Worlds Align” there will be an Isosceles triangle formation of Mars, Venus, and Saturn which will happen on May 5th, 2002. This formation will hang over the city of Bethlehem on 5-5-02AD, as it did on 4-1-2BC.

If the star formation on 4-1-2BC brought the Magi’s, then Jesus must have been about 2 years of age. We know that Herod went ahead and killed all the children in that district. However, Joseph took Jesus, and Mary to Egypt for safety. Drawing a parallel conclusion today, we know that the church “body of Christ” is about 2 years of age (2000 years). Therefore, given the similarity of this alignment to the old, it can be said that our Heavenly Father will also take out to safety via “rapture”, before the church is persecuted, just like Jesus was taken to Egypt.

As the other writer wrote to you, I am also at defcon 4+ spiritually waiting for the Lord’s coming, knowing all these signs taking place around us, and the situation in Israel. There can’t be much time left.

So, why aren’t the gate watchers of Christianity blowing the trumpet about this event? This must be the cry that is heard at mid-night which is spoken about in the Bible. God bless you!

My reply

Thanks. I hadn't thought of that tie in. God Bless. Agape

Incoming email

ZION's CRY Bible Prophecy in NEWS today

Zion Oil company is drilling for oil in ISRAEL in the area belonging to the tribe of Asher.

Of Asher he said, "More blessed than sons is Asher; May he be favored by his brothers, And may he dip his foot in oil." Deuteronomy 33:24

OIL could be 'HOOKS in their JAWS'?
Thus says the Lord God, "Behold, I am against you, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal. I will turn you about and put hooks into your jaws
DEBKA-Net-Weekly, 5-10-02
...Bush stuck to his guns. He argued that Arafat, who complains that his security agencies in the West Bank were disbanded by Israel, still has the chance to prove himself by ordering his still intact Gaza Strip security and intelligence agencies to fight terrorism. Moreover, the United States was ready to send in CIA Director George Tenet to shape the often-rival security organizations into a single, viable and effective force.

But Bush laid down two conditions: Arafat must move against terror and limit his governance to the Gaza Strip.
Note: My thought when I read the following: Mat 12:25 says, "Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand."

Bomb delivered Hamas message: no peace while Israel exists - Derailing peace moves is central to group's idea, by Brian Whitaker
5-9-02 The Guardian - Intifada's rising death toll
Palestinian 1539, Israeli 441
Deconstructing Yasser, By Amir Oren

...Bush's announcement that he was going to send the head of the Central Intelligence Agency, George Tenet, to the area, was not preceded by full Israeli agreement on the format of the unified security force that he is supposed to set up in the PA on the ruins of the previous apparatuses. Israel is interested in a force and a half: a uniformed police force that will be in charge of maintaining law and order, together with a secret service along the lines of the Israeli Shin Bet; there will be no army....
Not Afraid to Die, by Jim Sepulveda
...That evening I told my doctor what I'd experienced during the 8 minutes I was clinically dead on the operating table. "Jim," he said, "let me show you something you won't believe." He showed me the new pictures of my heart. Rather than being enlarged, it was now normal size. There had previously been 85 percent blockage in two arteries; now there was none. The main valve was functioning normally. My doctor looked at me, tears in his eyes. "Jim, this Jesus you've been talking about has either replaced or repaired your heart."...
Cosmic catastrophe 'a certainty,' by David Whitehouse
5-8-02 Eta Carinae will explode soon but luckily it is not pointing our way

by Frances Rolleston
"Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season?" — Job xxxviii. 32.


Signs - Predictions of fulfilment

ARIES, The lamb as it had been slain.
Rev 5:6 Cassiopeia, the Church set free, raised, enthroned. 1 Sam 2:8; Isa 60, 62 Rev 19:7,8, 21:9
Cetus, the serpent bound. Isa 27:1 Rev 20:2
Perseus, the Deliverer, breaking the bonds of the afflicted Church. Micah 2:13, Isa 54:11
TAURUS, The bull, once a sacrifice, now ruling.
Orion, the coming of Him mighty to save. Isa 63:1, Rev 19
Eridanus, the river; converted nations under the type of water. Eze 47
Auriga, the Good Shepherd and his redeemed flock. John 10:11,14 Isa 40:11; Eze 34:23
GEMINI, The Messiah uniting the Divine and human nature.
Lepus, the enemy under his feet. Psa 8:6 1 Cor 15:27
Sirius, He that cometh, as the Prince. Isa 9:6 Dan 9:25
Procyon, He that cometh, as the Redeemer. Isa 59:20
CANCER, The possession, the reward of his sufferings.
Ursa Minor, the lesser sheepfold, the Church before the first coming of Christ. Jer 23:3
Ursa Major, the greater sheepfold, the Church after the first coming of Christ. Eze 36:37
Argo, the company of travellers to the heavenly Canaan John 10:16
LEO, The Lion of Judah punishing the enemy.
Hydra, the serpent, the enemy. Rev 20:2 Isa 27:1
Crater, the cup of the wrath of God resting upon him. Psa 75:8
Corvus, the bird of prey feeding on his flesh. Rev 19:17
VIRGO, The woman with the branch.
Coma, the desired, the infant held by the woman; the seed. Isa 9:6
The Centaur, the King Messiah offering himself as a sacrifice. John 10:18 Matt 20:28
Bootes, the coming of the Branch as the guardian of the flock. John 10:14
LIBRA, The scales of redeeming.
The Cross, the finishing of the work of redemption. John 19:30 Dan 9:24
The Victim, of the sacrifice. Dan 9:26; Gen 22:8
The Crown, of his glory. Psa 8:5, 132:18 Rev 19:12 SCORPIO, The conflict of the Messiah. The Serpent, the enemy with which he contends. Heb 5:7 Gen 3:15
Ophiuchus, the Desired, holding the serpent, his foot on the head of the Scorpion. Hagg 2:7
Hercules, he who bruises, his foot over the head of the Dragon. Psa 91:13 Gen 3:15
SAGITTARIUS, The sending forth of the Gospel.
Lyra, the eagle holding the harp; the triumph. Mark 13:26 Matt 16:27; Rev 19:15
Ara, the altar of the completed sacrifice. Psa 43:4 Heb 13:10
Draco, the enemy who is to be trodden under foot. Psa 91:13
CAPRICORNUS, The slaying of the victim.
Sagitta, the arrow of slaying. Psa 38:2 Isa 53
Aquila, the falling eagle; his dying.
Delphinus, the pouring out of his soul unto death.
AQUARIUS, The pouring forth of spiritual blessings.
The Southern Fish, the Church drinking in the water of life. John 4:14
Pegasus, the winged horse, going to return again. Zech 6:7; Rev 19:11 John 14:3
Cygnus, the swan, the bird of passage who goes and comes again. Acts 1:11
PISCES, The multitudes of the redeemed.
The Band, uniting the Church before and after the first coming of the Lord. John 10:16
Cepheus, the branch, crowned King. Rev 14:14 Jer 23:5
Andromeda, the Church released by the Deliverer, who breaks the bonds of death. Isa 61:1; Rev 20:5

Incoming email

Hope you and Ed are doing well, and thank you again for your faithfulness!!!

You may already have seen this article, but 2 things really stand out to me. The name's of the people. The first being "Jacob's Family" and the Alzheimer's patient's name of Isaacson. As I was emailing the article to keep a friend informed my spell checker highlighted the name Isaacson and split it and showed me "Isaac son". I also just realized the date is Israel's national holiday. I think it might be called Jerusalem Day.

Now we know the enemy's tactics and how he tries to copy things to deceive. This should be a warning to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

We serve and Awesome God! He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! He sent His Son to save us. His name is Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah), the Name which is above every name!

Thank you for "publishing" everything God has shown you. Thank you for telling all who write to you that Jesus is Lord! And, thank you for taking the time to share with all of us. Shalom

Incoming email

Re: seven day warning?
Could the family getting "chipped" be a seven day warning?

My reply

Maybe. It seems to show the type of thing that will end up being the Mark of the Beast. It is strange that the date of the first ones to get this was so widely publicized. We'll know soon. If it is a 7-day warning, like Noah's 7-day warning, May 10 + 7 = May 17, which is Sivan 6, Pentecost. That's the day the 4-day old Moon and the Sun flank the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Agape

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